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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

November 3, 2012

Sandy asks…

Christians, since atheists send themselves to hell, was it your choice to die if you refuse to give money…?

to a mugger?

Mugger: “Give me your money or I`ll blow your face off!”
Muggee: “But I don`t have any money…”
Mugger: “Why did you choose to kill yourself?” *pulls the trigger*

Weeks later…

Judge: “Why did you kill that man for refusing to give his money to you?”
Mugger: “I didn`t kill him… He chose to die by refusing”
Judge: “That`s makes awesome sense seeing as though I`m a Christian! You`re free to go”

admin answers:


Revelation 20:10-15

King James Version (KJV)

10And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

11And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

12And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

13And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

14And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

15And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Sharon asks…

You could win 1 million dollars, under one condition?

If someone laid 10 guns in front of you and a case filled with 1 million dollars on another table and said
“1 of these 10 guns are loaded, I want you to chose one, aim it at your head, and pull the trigger. If the gun you chose wasn’t loaded you win 1 million dollars.”

Would you do it?

Why or why not?
Now what if 2 guns were loaded?

admin answers:

I’d smile, pick up a gun, shoot at the person (because I bet all the guns were loaded) and take off with the 1 million.

Donald asks…

How do you remove the grip for a JG M4A1? extremely urgent. will choose best answer?

I need help!! Alot of it.
Well today i was just a little curious so i tried to take my JG M4 apart. I started with the upper reciever removing the pin, But when it came to the lower reciever, the pin wouldnt come out as easily as the upper, and i didnt want to force it. So i just said the heck with it, theres no need for me to take it apart if theres nothing wrong with it. Then I decided to check out the motor. Here is where the problem is.
I unscrewd the bottom of the grip, and i could see the motor. I tried to pull it out, but it didnt come out easy, and i didnt want to damage the gun, so i just left it in. I screwd the bottom of the grip back on, and then i decided to go shoot off a few rounds to see if anything at all was damaged while i TRIED to take the gun apart.
Everything seemed fine for a few rounds, but when i fired the gun on semi, the trigger locked up, i switched it back on auto then the bbs flew out, After that semi worked fine for a few rounds, then the trigger locked again. I did the same thing as before, then semi worked. I figured i needed to charge my gun, so i dry fired a few rounds to clear the chamber, then a tiny screw fell from the grip. It was the tiny screw in the middle of the other two big screws at the bottom of the grip.
I figured i needed to tighten the screws a little more so i took the bottom of the grip off, there i saw the motor, and then this little tiny silver washer, idk what its called, but it is small, silver, and belongs somewhere near the motor. Now heres the problem, the small washer thing somehow fell up into the grip, now i cant get it out. I can see it but it wont come out. I basically need to take off the entire handle or grip of the rifle and flush the washer out. But again I dont know how to do this. Can some one please tell me how to remove the entire grip of the rifle so i can flush this piece out!!! also if anyone knows exactly where i can place the washer in the grip when i get it out, i think the washer is suppose to be touching the little screw that fell out but im not sure. also can some one tell me if i really messed up my gun? I dont think its a serious problem but i just want to make sure.PLEASE HELP ME THIS IS EXTREMELY URGENT, I HAVE A BIG AIRSOFT GAME COMING UP THIS WEEK I NEED MY GUN IN TIP TOP SHAPE!!!!
I promise I will choose best answer.
Thank you

admin answers:

A) Relax.
B) unplug both wires from the motor.
C) holding the gun by the grip in your right hand, smack the grip down into your left palm. The motor should begin to slide out. Sometimes there’s a piece of foam wrapped around it. When you can get ahold of it, pull it out.
D)recover the small silver disc.
E)slide the motor back in.
F)Plug both wires back up.
G)Take small silver thing, (actually a bearing surface), and put a small drop of something sticky, (syrup, thick oil, wax) a TINY drop, one one side of it.
H)place silver thing in indentation in center of inside of grip cap so that the sticky substance will make it stay in the indentation..
I) Again, holding gun by grip upright, place grip cap in place and push up into grip(hopefully keeping silver thing in place).
J)replace all screws.

The misfires were caused by silver thing shorting against motor contacts. It is a bearing surface between the motor shaft and the grip cap. The gun ought to work fine now.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

November 2, 2012

Donna asks…

How to find friends that really care about me?

I am 31 years old and am somewhat good looking. I am a little overweight and am 5′ 1″. I wear glasses and am hearing impaired/deaf. Anytime I strike up a conversation, I get shy. I tried fighting it, but many people make fun of me anyway. I tend to not hear what is said. I do not get invited to many outings and I am a moral person ( I do not sleep around, do drugs or smoke, or use bad language– I never have). I have walked up to girls and guys and tried to start up conversations, but they never lead anywhere. I try changing the conversations to different subjects, but people are never very interested. I have one advantage over most men in that I have been around the opposite sex longer ( I was raised in a all-girl family). However, many of them pick at me and dominate me. What do I do about trying t make friends? Do not just sy to forget about everything because I tried that; it doesn’t work. I start back at square one. I tried calling some of the people up at home to talk and it is always an inconvenient time ( no, not at four in the morning). Any advice would be helpful. By th way, I can speak English rather well for someone who is hearing-impaired and I am fluent in American Sign Language.
I just realized I have misspellings. No, I am not retarded; I just do not type very well.
To jlb: Thanks, but I already do that. I already think that may be part of my problem. I just wonder if that kind of attitude is wrong.

admin answers:

Are there hobbies or activities you have that involve other being where other people are doing the same thing? Shopping? Certain movies? You might have better chances of meeting people with same interests who would be more eager to meet new people. I know one thing is, I started to attract more people into my life when I became inspired to just have fun and be myself no matter how “weird” it may seem to others. I ended up in the psyche ward (again!)…only this time, since I had such a “screw-it-i-don’t-care” attitude, I just began to speak my mind…mostly in a fooling around way….not in a way to offend others…but in a way to just be silly…I found that in doing so, I could make myself and others laugh. People really really do get a kick out of pure HONESTY….You don’t see honesty anymore so now it seems like people just appreciate it and wanna be your friend. I know a guy who goes to AA. He was all bummed out about falling off the wagon again and was all worried about facing his AA group again when he got back to going. A guy came up to him and said, “Hey! Whereya been?!” And my friend just blatantly said with NO qualms..”Drinkin…” And the guy got such a kick outta his honesty that he became really interested in being his friend. HONESTY is very attractive. Showing people that you have no interest in putting up any kind of front. When people get the sense that you are not trying to impress them, they feel relaxed, I think. I dunno. Give it a try sometime. Be blatantly honest about something that most people would probably try to hide about themselves. See what happens. See if it breaks the ice.

George asks…

Does Obama have the autism?

impaired ability to make friends with peers (he is enemy with all conservatives)
absence or impairment of imaginative and social play (he is trying every tired capitalist trick in the book with fail)
stereotyped, repetitive, or unusual use of language (“CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE”)
restricted patterns of interest that are abnormal in intensity or focus (the repetition of that phrase in his campaign, not to mention he has an abnormal interest in destroying American society with lassiez-faire free-market hypercapitalism of the Wall Street flavour)
preoccupation with certain objects or subjects (capitalism)
inflexible adherence to specific routines or rituals (he urinates and pisses all over Marx’s works and runs all of these Conservative sock-puppets on Y!A all day in the White House while doing nothing)

admin answers:

Who isn’t a enemy to most all conservatives ? Considering Reps /Cons provoke that reaction.
Actually I think Obama panders far too much to the so called Right ( Reich ) Wing .

Betty asks…

Conflict with my brother & sister-in-law is hurting my parents?


My family got along pretty well up until recently. My brother and sister-in-law recently decided to stop speaking to our side of the family because of something I said to them and they wont let my mother and father see their grandson and my father blames me. We used to babysit my nephew (1.5 yrs old). My sister-in-law decided that she would teach him sign language (He is not hearing impaired). We did not have a problem with it until one day she dropped him off and told us that he was sick. She said that if he doesnt sign for food then we werent to give him any food. I asked her why she is choosing to use sign language & she told me that she was sick of him whining at her. I told her (while we were sitting at the table and I was doing some paperwork) that she needs to be careful to use sign in conjunction with verbal language so that he doesnt become dependent on sign. She told me that she didnt need the opinion of someone younger than her telling her how to raise her kid. I told her that she needed to grow up and just be careful. She called my brother at work, & he left work early, rushed to our house, picked my nephew up, and left with little word (my mom had no idea what was going on). He later told me when he came to the house to pick up a rifle that we werent to babysit anymore and that we need to apologize to his wife. I told him, (quite arrogantly), that they needed to get off their high horse because no one yelled at her or was attacking her and just sit down and talk to us because my mom thought they were blaming her and she really needed to see our nephew right now, (my grandmother just passed away a few days after the incident). I saw her and my nephew at a community activity and she kept picking up her son and walking away anytime we met eyes. It has been a month, and my father was talking about what happened and told me that if I hadn’t run my big mouth, he would be seeing his grandson right now. He told me that I ruined the family. What gets me is that I have always been supportive of my brother’s relationship with her and was always on their side. When I disagreed, I always kept my mouth shut. I have never raised my voice to her and told her that the reason why I brought it up was that I noticed my nephew wasnt using words as often and would sign instead of verbalizing. I am not a confrontational person and feel guilty that my mom cannot see my nephew. My father is about to disown me, and for some reason I cannot bring myself to simply tell her Im sorry and that I had no reason to bring it up. I need some help to sort this out. Thank you.
Wow, I think I need to mention that I was not telling her that she couldnt DO something, I told her to be careful OF something. In addition, we were the assigned babysitters and I noticed a difference in his behavior and progress. Oh, I am an Education major (Childhood education). She has no problem listening to the advise of her sister-in-law on the other side of the family and it was the first time I had said something…I dont think some of you are feeling me on the situation, but then again I am biased, lol…
So far, you guys are telling me that its ok for us to babysit, but if we see a change in behavior, Im supposed to keep my mouth shut?

admin answers:

This is, of course, an extreme reaction on their part. But it’s clear that, if you want your parents to be able to see their grandson, you’re going to have to kiss up. That’s the decision you have to make: Is it worth it? If it is, simply tell her, “I’m sorry I overstepped my bounds.” I wish I could say this is going to get better, but that’s unlikely.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

November 1, 2012

Ruth asks…

rock lyrics?

i am a songwriter for rock music. but i really don’t know what to write and it has been getting a little frustrating. so what can i write about for rock music? what are things that i can write about, give me some subjects please.

admin answers:

Your life experiences……

Thomas asks…

rate my rock lyrics i wrote please?

this is a hard rock/alternative rock song

this song is called Crooked
its pretty self-explanatory
(if you dont understand it your a retard)

verse 1:
im the proxy
that no one knows about
an agent of prudence
carefully prowlin’ around
anything remotely out of place
im a dirty crook myself
who is also quite two-faced

where your loyalties lie
or you’ll be next
to testify on the rickety stand
then materializes
the long lost evidence
that remains unknown
you better take out
and yield the sufficient loan

verse 2:
absence of malice
well, who would know?
sure we can find
a mutual cross-road
hurry the h*ll up i wont wait
my patience wont be renewed
so if i were you
i would get my priorities straight


verse 3:
i dont wanna
have to revert to my last resort
we’ve already been through this before
you should know by now what’s in store
be prepared to grab a shovel
if you wont meet my demands
“call the prosecutioner to the stands”


thanks for reading
and if your wondering
“prosecutioner” is a merge
between the words prosecutor
and executioner (its poetry)
im 15 btw
the reason im using unique types of words
is that it gives the song more personality and makes it more unique

admin answers:

For a 15 year old it is excellent. My constructive criticism is that it is a little too wordy and self explanatory. Try revising and being a little more metaphorical; you don’t need to tell us everything. A little interpretation by the listener goes a long way. Tightening up the rhythms a bit too.

Jenny asks…

Are these rock lyrics I wrote any good?

This song is called Dawn Circle
It’s a hard rock song

Verse 1:
I’m a catastrophe in the makin
An nightmare unnatural disaster
Peerin at the world
Throught the eye of the hurricane
No structure can support my strain
Nothin at all
Stands in my way
I’m mixin my ignorance
With a spike of belligerence
All the while fakin my innocence
Caterin to my self-indulgence
I’m so careless

I’ve come so far
To only take one step back
And fall right on
To my own faith
Now I’ll only be
Forced to contemplate
Whether or not
I should set myself straight

Verse 2:
My head-lined disobedience
Is the catalyst of it all
With “contradiction”
Tattooed to my exposed forehead
I’ve become an unstable train-wreck
With only a
“one-track” mind
About to tumble over
The rails at anytime
I refuse to believe that
Everything in the end will
Work out fine


Verse 3:
This is my story arc
The unauthorized
That was unfortunately
Not at all
Written by me


Thanks for reading
I’m 15btw

admin answers:

LOL what a morbid song! Must be the teenage angst phase, eh?

But don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty good for a start. If your band has a distinct sound and performs good quality music with consistency, I can see this song gaining an underground following in certain circles. Having said that, you’ll definitely need to grow and mature as a songwriter in order to last long in music.

I’d leave the lyrics of this song as it is, because it’s already well written and communicates clearly what you intend to say through this song. We all need some angry songs that simply serve as an expression of the doom and gloom we feel every now and then.

However, for writing more songs in the future, I suggest that you start reading the news and developing certain interests in issues that the world (or certain people groups) are wrestling with. Then write songs that serve as a sociopolitical commentary to these things that are happening. It will help you connect with your audience better, because by doing so you establish a common context in which your audience is involved. People are mostly touched by songs that say something about their world, and prefer not to hear too much of self pity when talking about these things.

I have two friends who are in the indie-rock scene, and both of them still keep their 9-5 day jobs as non-musicians. One is an accountant at a legal aid NGO, so he’s always in contact with people who are actively in the struggle to uphold justice. This job is the reason why he’s writing easy-listening rock songs with such compelling, hefty lyrics about corruption, teenage delinquency, the government’s silence about the murder of an innocent political activist, and so on. And his band has quite a cult following in my country.

The other guy is a feature journalist in my newsroom and highly esteemed both as a witty arts critic with authority as well as a fiery rock singer with a great stage presence. As a journalist he’s always up for making relevant and intelligent sociopolitical commentaries that stimulates the readers, but he always does this by relating it to pop culture and entertainment. Then when he’s moonlighting as a musician, he writes musical/poetical interpretations of those commentaries into electrifying songs that keep his fans utterly star-struck.

So yeah… Keep doing what you’re doing, I think you have the potential to be a great songwriter. But keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, cut back on lyrics with indulgent self-pity themes, and expand your horizons so you can keep growing and maturing in the right direction as a songwriter.

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

November 1, 2012

George asks…

Will you save me from this silent darkness?

Okay, I wrote this poem, The Silent Darkness, because I read this article in a Seventeen magazine about abusive relationships. The article moved me, so I decided to write a piece on it. What do you think about it? Should I add more? Is this okay? All suggestions, comments, and/or ratings are welcomed. Thanks! <3

The Silent Darkness

My tears die as they hit the winter’s ground,
Freezing into small icicles.
My brittle hands shake with each gust that passes,
Stealing the fragments of heat.

Someone, take my hand,
And promise me the light.
Someone, take my hand,
And promise me the sound.
Lead me through this –
Through this silent darkness.

The screaming, shouting, and moaning
Kill me.
The cries, weeps, and groans
Are my only hope.
The punches, fists, and pushes
Scar me.
The pleas, begging, and prayers
Restore pieces of faith.

No one understands the pain –
That lies behind my wounds.
No one listens to my words –
That lie behind closed doors.

If anyone can save me now –
Save me from this silent darkness,
It would be you –
The you I fell in love with.

No one feels the loneliness –
That lies behind the fake smiles.
No one sees the truth –
That lies behind the opaque mask.

The laughs, memories, and kisses
Leave me hanging on.
The threats, rage, and aggression
Destroy me.
The hugs, love letters, and sincerity
Overshadow the misery.
The fighting, words, and terror
Change me.

Someone, take my hand,
And promise me the light.
Someone, take my hand,
And promise me the sound.
Lead me through this –
Through this silent darkness.

My dreams disappear in the winter mist,
Vanishing under new snowflakes.
My heart cracks as the temperature declines,
Falling into sidewalk creases.

By the way, if this changes anything, I‘m a 13 year old girl. Thanks for reading! <3

admin answers:

Before I say anything, I really liked it. It’s very good. I could almost feel what was going on in your poem. It was awesome!

But, it does need some work. Not a lot. I just have a few suggestions, okay?

1. Try to get some rhyming in there. It will make it flow better(even though it already does)

2. The part where it says, “lead me through this- through this silent darkness,” should be changed to, “lead me through this- this silent darkness.” Otherwise, I like it.

You are an awesome writer. (And, if you want to help me with my writing, can you answer mine?);_ylt=A9FJujGIUeNJH3QAkgfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090411180723AAKzkdM

Good luck and good writing!


Thomas asks…

Owning a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (apartment)?

Okay, I am going to give you guys the low down. I had my dog Spanky who I loved to tears die last November. I loved him so much but he was my dads dog really, kind of the family pet. I have wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi since I was 5 and don’t get me wrong, I love all dogs but the Pembroke is my dog. Let me tell you how bad this is, since I have been out of high school any time I see my teachers they always ask me if I have gotten my dog… It has been about 3 years since then. I have always been in love with them, now I am moving out into an apartment with a room-mate who is fine with the Corgi and everything that comes with it (hair and hyper haha). I work M-F 7:00 am until 3:30 pm, it has been like that for almost 2 years now. I am wanting to adopt an older dog 3-7 years old, age really does not matter. I am wondering, what are some of the things you all do for your little guys to keep them happy. No I have not gotten her yet, I want to be ready for everything: training, destructive behaviour, barking, food, health problems. I am an active person so the dog will get plenty of exercise also, my family does own a lake house with tons of land 2 hours away so plenty of room to run, also plenty of dog parks. I have been waiting for this dog as long as I can remember and it is going to be treated right. I am not going to go out and get a dog right when I move out, the last thing I want to be is stuck with a wonderful dog I cannot provide for or care for in the right way. Any one with a dog can answer but Corgi owners would be great!
Thank you all for replying, I figured I would mention I have turned down several apartment complexes because they did not allow dogs. I finally decided to settle and go for one that just allowed my bearded dragon and was almost about to get the apartment which I thought was a good deal (400 per person) all bills paid and in Edmond Oklahoma thats cheap, we both got approved but something happened and everything fell through… A deal popped up for a 2 bed 1 bath for 509 which per person is 255, God is sittin there sayin. Hun, don’t give up your dream of owning a corgi just because you are impatient to move out. I cannot believe I almost gave it up for another year lol.
Yes, I want a fostered dog

admin answers:

While I certainly can see how much you want that Corgi, I wonder if your adoption centers will adopt if you don’t live in a house. I am in a large city in the midwest, and no one will adopt a dog to an apartment dweller.

Michael asks…

I was wondering if loosing a mother is the same pain as loosing brother, sister dad, or child?

I just lost my mom almost 2 weeks ago. She was 62. She suddenly died from a torn heart artery following a stroke. Suprisingly the doctors commented that when a heart artery tears they die instantly and he was suprised she died 2 days later. But to me that makes it more painful. I had my mom for 36 yrs, but i was just wondering if can the pain be the same when loosing another family memeber or are moms different. Its a horrible feeling and frustration to go through.

admin answers:

I think it depends entirely on how close you are to each member of your family. If you and your mom are best friends but you and your brother rarely speak, obviously your mom would hurt more to lose.

I’m really sorry for your loss. I wish you peace and strength.

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