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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

November 25, 2012

Ruth asks…

Anyone ever have a semi-auto malfunction? Buying a new handgun – revolver vs. semi-auto – advice?

I’m thinking about buying a new handgun for personal defense. I have a .38 that my dad gave me a few years ago, which I feel is about the right power/recoil for my wife to handle ok. Downside is the trigger pull, which reduces accuracy (or speed, if you miss and choose to cock manually).
Of course, the semi-auto is sexier, but have heard “stories” about jams, misfires, spring malfunctions, etc. I am wondering how much of this is just anecdotes or “theoretical” or if anyone has had first-hand personal experience of any significant problems with semi-autos. When it is ever brought up, everyone always says revolver is more reliable (in theory, yes). But at the same time, I just don’t see the police and military relying on something that has a high chance of malfunction.

Also, I know there is a difference between different brands/materials of semi-autos. I’d be willing to pay the extra money for a particular brand if it would make a difference in this kind of reliability

FYI – I live in the suburbs, and the thing is probably going to sit in my nightstand for 4-5 years without ever being shot. I guess I could rotate the ammo every year or so.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

admin answers:

I carry a semi-auto every day of my life. Has it jammed? You bet. But I fire thousands of rounds a year and its always been a ammunition problem, not a firearm problem. But with training and practice it doesn’t even slow me down.

I have nothing against revolvers, I own them too. Really its going to come down to what ever you are more comfortable with. A used S&W model 10 or 19 would be a great nightstand gun. The trigger pull isn’t ridiculous like some others I have tried and reliability is near 100%. Whatever you decide, just practice with it.

Robert asks…

Is staying calm the best solution to Argumentative people or are you always wrong?

Steps to Staying Calm

The first step to defusing that upsurge of angry energy is to realize that it is possible to be provoked into an argumentative situation at any given moment. Defiant, argumentative people do not really want to hear, listen or receive what you have to say. They are poised and ready to spring into defiance and disagreeableness. They are set to discount any, if not all, of your perceptions, thoughts or feelings. They are rejectors and life with them is usually punctuated with unpleasantness, fights and yes, even violence. These are the people that you just want to punch and throw through a wall. Real closeness and intimacy with them is virtually next to impossible.

The second step, if possible, is to avoid deep intimate relationships with such people. They will only cause you grief. Their attacks on your character will bring out sides of yourself that you will not like. It is best to form close relationships only with those people who do not trigger your intense, negative reactions. There are so many wonderful, agreeable, positive people in this world with whom you can get along. So why struggle! You have a right to receive as much happiness, joy and pleasure as you can stand. Remember, entering into relationships with provocative people will only make you unhappy and could injure your self-esteem. Put downs are not a positive experience, so avoid vexatious people. Learn how to control your angry/anxious reactions when in the company of such individuals. Your first response to such negative interactions may be to raise your voice. If this happens, it is an indication that you have a need that is not being met.

The third step to defusing angry energy is to realize that most provocative situations involve a competition for need satisfaction. You may feel that someone is being insensitive to your needs. The truth is, the other person also has needs to be satisfied you are both in competition. For example, there is a group of kids being very noisy in the next room. You are watching television and they are interfering with your need for relaxation and entertainment. However, in reality, they are only trying to satisfy their need for playful fun and are not being deliberately provocative. They only want to satisfy their needs, the same as you. Your anger rises, but you immediately let it go and remain calm. You choose to postpone satisfying your needs for the moment. On the other hand, you could have satisfied your needs first by gently telling the children to keep the noise down. Either way of handling the situation prevents your getting upset and allows the kids to keep playing without disturbing you. Everybody wins and you have kept your cool.

When I was a young boy I saw two neighborhood fathers fist fighting over their kids and a rubber ball. A simple dispute escalated into full scale warfare between grown men. The fight started with their children but soon involved the whole neighborhood. In my opinion the quarrel should have stayed with the kids. Parents should stay out of such disputes and only enter to remove their children if the action gets too hot and heavy. That way, you protect your child and you do not get involved with your rage and violence. The choice of not fighting fits into your philosophy of not being able to successful get what you want in this manner.

The fourth step is avoid becoming triangled into someone else’s quarrel and this method of choosing not to get angry keeps that from occuring. It is always better to send the antagonists back to each other in order to work things out. That way you do not make their problem, your problem. The rule of thumb: if two or more people are acting provocatively it is better to separate them by pulling yourself or your child out of the fracas. If you don’t, you will be in danger of being provoked. That situation will not get your needs met … your goal is to get your needs met without being provoked into rage.

admin answers:

Well, dear, it’s simple. Analyze their faults(see a pattern), make sure you are accurate, and roast ‘em by simply telling them what kind of person they are. If they deny it, stay the H away from ‘em.

Helen asks…

Video Game HELP! Don’t Know What To Choose!?

OK! So I’m pulling an all nighter, or all weekender if you will, and don’t know what games I should play. I have an NES, SNES, GB, PS2, Wii, XBOX 360, N64, and much more, but I’m mostly thinking of playing NES and SNES. I just don’t know what games I should choose. For NES, I was thinking about playing: The Mega Man Series, Startropics, Mother (JP ONLY), or Little Nemo: The Dream Master.

For SNES, I’m thinking of: Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III or VI, Secret of Mana, or Illusions of Gaia.

Which ones should I choose?! Obviously I can’t play, AND BEAT, all of them in one weekend, so I need your help. Pick only one or two from each list that you think are funnest, best, or just classics. Or, if you have any other great games I should consider, name those too. Although, I am leaning more toward RPG’s.


(I’m also going to play Persona 4 for the ps2)

admin answers:


Just wanted to say that.
I think The Mega Man Series and Chrono Trigger
Also for RPG’s I would suggest (these are for XBOX 360 since thats the system I am currently obsessed with):
Mass Effect 1 & 2 (Awesome story line if you like the space setting)
Fable 2 (2nd Best RPG)
GTA 4 (Challenging and its a laugh)

hope I helped :)

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Your Questions About Google Images

November 25, 2012

Robert asks…

is it illegal to go onto google images and print out a famous persons signature?

Is it illegal to go onto google images and find a famous persons signature and print it?

admin answers:

I guess so as if u wanted to get a famous autograph then it would cost but your not paying anything-

Lisa asks…

How can I make pictures out of pictures from google images?

How can I make pictures out of pictures from google images?
Well. I see a lot of awesome pictures of my favorite musicians and things from google images. But I was wondering if you could like download a picture onto your computer than make it up at like Walmart and frame it. Is that possible? Just wondering? Thanks for your help. Easy 10 points for best answer.

admin answers:

You certainly can. You save the picture to a convenient place in your computer. Then export or import it ot Photoshop or Picture Project and work over it for editing. Then You burn it on a CD and take it to your store where they print youtr photos. ASk them to print to the size that you want. Here in Pondicherry a size of 12″ x 8″ will cost little less than half a dollar.

William asks…

How to download all images on google image page simultaneously?

is there any way to download all images which are there on the google page screen simultaneously?

admin answers:

If you’re using Firefox, try the DownThemAll! Extension.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

November 24, 2012

Richard asks…

Poll:What will you say for those about to rock?

Full auto.

All I have to say.

admin answers:

We’ll salute them… But not just any salute…


Mary asks…

Why Are Some Musicians So Consistently And Thoroughly Overrated?

I mean what’s the deal here? Is no one else hearing what I’m hearing?

It should be obvious to Any Human with ears that…

Eddie Vedder is an atrocious excuse for a Vocalist

Keith Moon was a sloppy Drummer and wholly incapable of playing the same type of intricate Time Signatures used by greats like John Bonham and Neal Peart

Tommy Lee is way better at flying through the air and making videos with Barbie than He is at Drumming

Pete Townsend couldn’t reproduce 1/4th of Jimmy Page’s riffs if His life depended on it.

There is no way on God’s Green Earth that John Entwistle’s Bass Lines are more Complex than Geddy Lee’s. How do I know this? I have ears.

With the possible exception of George Harrison none of the Beatles were better than average Musicians.

There are about 5,000 Rock Guitarists with more skill than Kurt Cobain.

All these facts seem glaringly obvious to Me

Yet You constantly hear that all these People are the Best and the Greatest Musicians, this boggles Me to no end.


admin answers:

IMHO: Rolling Stones ( any album after Tattoo you)

Michael asks…

How about a cheer for all those bad girls? And all those boys that play that rock n’ roll? They love it like..?

…you love Jesus. It does the same thing to their souls.

What are your favorite lines/quotes that talks about our dear friend rock n’ roll? The above is taken from the Tom Petty song Have Love Will Travel.

admin answers:

“All this machinery
Making modern music
Can still be open-hearted
Not so coldly charted
Its really just a question
Of your honesty”

The Spirit Of Radio – Rush

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Your Questions About Carnitine

November 23, 2012

John asks…

Does it matter if you take the PS, L-Carnitine, and Fish oil all at once or should they be spread out?

like instead of 200 mg of PS in the morning, should it be 100 in the morning and 100 in the afternoon

or instead of 1700 mg of fish oil in the morning should it be 850 in the morning and 850 in the afternoon?

how much of a difference is there?

admin answers:

Phosphatidylserine in that kind of a dosage would be best in 2 separate doses as 100 mg is the normal recommended single dose. Same thing with Fish Oil… It’s normally recommended to take 1,000 mg (with each having 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA) up to 3 times a day. The main reason is because the body can only handle so much of certain nutrients at a time and taking a full day’s supply all at once would be like trying to drink a gallon of water all at once… It’s just more than the body can handle and can make you sick if you do too much at a time too often.
As far as the L-Carnitine, I assume you mean Acetyl L-Carnitine as that’s the one for brain health (whereas straight L-Carnitine is more for weight loss and muscle benefits)… That is recommended 500 mg 1-2 times a day.

Phosphatidylserine, Fish Oil, and Acetyl L-Carnitine can all be taken at the same moment as long as you take them with food (the Fish Oil should be taken with food, the other two can be taken with or without food). I personally take Fish Oil and Acetyl L-Carnitine daily along with other nutrients… Those are perfectly safe to take together. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Michael asks…

Does L-Carnitine have effect if not followed by exercise – or are there sideeffects to that?

Does L-Carnitine have effect if not followed by exercise – or are there sideeffects to that?

admin answers:

Well L-carnitine is used by cells to process fats and produce energy.,,will have effect without sport of course,

main effects of it: protecting against muscle disease and stamina during heavy excise,, improving performance, improving heart function in CHF(CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE),,improving male fertility and the increase of sperm count,, nutrient supplement in vegetarian,,,,,,Carnitine transports long-chain acyl groups from fatty acids into the mitochondrial matrix, so that they can be broken down,,, so it is also a help to get rid of fat in the body,,

some side effect; HEADACHE rarely, diarrhea, transient nausea and vomiting lack of sleep(too much energy not used in sport),,,,

Linda asks…

Where does L-carnitine take the fat from inside your body?

I was planning to start taking L-carnitine, but I’m worried of where it might take the fat from to transfer into energy. I’m a teenage female, and would like it to mainly take away from my stomach where there is some excess fat but I know I can’t control what it will specifically do. Does anyone have an idea of where it tends to take from? Or at least knows if it goes for a specific kind of fat?

admin answers:

I think it takes it helps metabolize the fats you eat, not bodyfat.

Regardless, you don’t need to take it as a supplement. Your body makes its own using protein and vitamin C, as explained here:

It’s also present in lots of foods, mentioned here —

I doubt eating large doses of carnitine is a way to lose weight. Avoidance of processed foods is the only way.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept It

November 22, 2012

Ruth asks…

What do you call those types of poems and paragraphs?

Where the first letter of each line actually comes together to spell out a phrase or a word, like a hidden message inside the message?

If you know the answer to that then your next mission if you choose to accept it….is to make a poem for me that in the end spells: LAURIE AND JOHN with the first letter of each sentence.

Best one gets BEST ANSWER!

admin answers:

Love will
Always keep
Us together
Remember the
Expirences we will

Always share
Night and
Day I am

Just mesmerized
Over your kind caring
Heart that I
Now realize loves me as much as I love you

Sandy asks…

Can Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit see everyones future in exact detail?

This question is meant in the context of – can Jesus see everyones future like he could see Lottery number results or is it unknown to him? My understanding is that he is lord and can do anything, but then Im no bible student. I know he has plans for people if such people choose to accept him and follow him, however, does he actually *have* the power to give you a detailed future log of exact events or is it mysterious even to him despite the plans?

admin answers:

Yup. He knew everything about us even before we were born.

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Laura asks…

please answer!! this story any good?

When I woke up, I could feel it was too early. So, I lay in my bed and listened to the bird’s cheery song from outside my bedroom window. Whilst I listened, I tried to think through the last couple of days and what had been happening to me. I couldn’t make any sense to it; there was no point in even trying to anymore. I felt like my own sanity was at it’s end.

I checked the time on my phone, it said it was just after five a.m. Great. I sat up straight, knowing that there was no way in hell I was going to be able to get back to sleep. I headed for the bathroom hoping that a hot shower would remove the grogginess I felt.

I stood under the steaming, hot water, letting its jets remove the knots and kinks of sleep from my stiff body. I stood in the shower until the water began running cold, then I hastily stepped out and began getting ready for the day ahead.

It was coming up to six when I was finished drying and curling my hair and was dressed in my horrific school uniform. Pulling back the coats that I had hung there, I looked at myself in the full length mirror that I kept on the back of my bedroom door. I stared at my reflection, looking for any signs of a change. I didn’t look any different.

I still had my eyes. They were the same blue-green colour that could never decide whether they wanted to be blue or green, still big and round with a bold frame of thick, black lashes. I still had my hair, long golden locks that I curled every day, my cheekbones, my strong but female nose, and wide-ish mouth. I looked exactly the same. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I mean, what did I expect? That I would change over night into to some freaky monster or something? I took one last look at myself before turning away. Nope, still me.

It sounded as if I was totally insecure about my self or something, when in reality (unless I really am going crazy) my body had been changing. Taking advantage of my spare time, I logged onto my laptop, hoping I might find a cause or some medicine or something.
Symptoms- Paling, anger, rock hard muscles when angry, dreams, when talking to someone have visions of hurting them, heard voices when near someone

I sighed as I clicked search, thinking I would find mental help services or something like that. The first few results where ads, selling anxiety medicines and mental help sessions. The Rest was more helpful, sort of. I clicked on the first link-
Are you feeling tense? Like you’re going crazy? Come and talk to Aunt Rosie! She’ll help you sort things out without judging you! Just £100 pound a session!
This was not helping me feel hopeful at all; too expensive and not helpful! I clicked on the next link, expecting more of Aunt Rosie.
Instead, I found list of terms and conditions:

I choose accept, slightly wary of these strange rules but curios as ever. I was sure what to expect, but when a chat room called DISCOVER appeared on my screen, I was shocked. A chat-room? The choice of servers available to chat on where even stranger.

*Blood lust (14 posts- 17 online)
*Physic (2 posts- 3 online)
*ghostly (32 posts- 68 online)
*where at full moon (74 posts- 0 online)
* Symptoms (9 posts- 21 online)
*Bitten (34 posts- 23 online)

I stared, dumb struck at the screen for at least five minutes, until snapping into reality. Was this… for real?

admin answers:

There is no ‘advanced’ vocabulary, however it kept me interested which in my opinion is all that matters for a story.
The only things i would change are : I couldn’t make any sense TO it ( should be OF )

They were the same blue-green colour that could never decide whether they wanted to be blue or green
(Blue and green twice in the same sentence is abit to much, try something like) They were the same blue-green colour, that could never decide exactly what hue they wanted to be.

Im not the best writer so im sure you can come up with a better sentence then that though lol.

The final bit is : YOU MUST NOT TAKE THIS UNSERIOSLY. Unseriosly is not a word, although in your story it could be seen as part of the ‘is it real’ scenario, but id probably just change it anyway.
Either You must take this seriously, or, You must not take this slightly.

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