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Your Questions About An Impaired Asset

November 30, 2012

Mary asks…

How can I find help for a disabled loved one who needs to find and transition to affordable housing?

My father is a diabetic who is visually impaired and suffers from neuropathy (nerve pain) and limited mobility. He is financially destitute, cannot afford his monthly expenses, and has exhausted all of his credit cards and savings. He lives in Suffern NJ and his only asset is a small condo, which is paid in full. He receives approximately $1,600 a month in disability, which must cover his maintenance, utilities, health insurance, food, and transportation to medical appointments. He can no longer afford his monthly bills, drive, or get around without help – and is alone.

We need to find him help with locating affordable housing in NYC (where he will be able to afford his monthly expenses, access public transportation, and be near family who can assist in the event of a medical emergency). He also needs help assessing his financial and legal situation re: his debt and current residence.

If anyone knows the right agencies or resources that can help him (together with his family) navigate through this, we would be incredibly grateful. Thanks to all.
Edit: To clarify, when I say “affordable housing” I don’t mean just a low rent apartment. Assisted living, independent living, or a continuing care retirement community are all options. We are open to whatever will get him the best outcome and let us worry a bit less. What I’m looking for is recommendations or contact info for finding him such an arrangement. Right now we are googling and calling whatever establishments we can find but it would be great to hear from someone with experience as to where we should really start.

admin answers:

Not going to happen He is not a resident of NYC for at least 2 yrs. Your father belongs in an assisted living environment. Sell the condo and move him into one.

Mark asks…

Help with this small accounting problem?

Amortization and depletion entries

Data related to the acquisition of timber rights and intangible assets during the current year ended December 31 are as follows:

(A) On December 31, the company determined that $1,240,000 of goodwill was impaired.

(B) Governmental and legal costs of $1,333,500 were incurred on June 30 in obtaining a patent with an estimated economic life of 15 years. Amortization is to be for one half year.

(C)Timber rights on a tract of land were purchased for $1,350,000 on February 16. The stand of timber is estimated at 7,500,000 board feet. During the current year, 2,000,000 board feet of timber were cut and sold.

1. Determine the amount of the amortization, depletion, or impairment for the current year for each of the foregoing items.

ItemImpairment, Amortization or
Depletion Expense

admin answers:

A. $ 1,240,000 Impairment
b. $ 44,450 Amortization ($1,333,500/15 x 6/12)
c. $360,000 Depletion (2,000,000/7,500,000 x $1,350,000)

John asks…

Your opinion on receiving SSI benefits?

Ok, I am hearing impaired, and I have been on SSI since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I am now 21 years old. I have graduated high school with high honors. I have a normal job that I have no problems with. I live life normally, I just don’t hear as well as others. Now, I understand being on SSI when I was a minor, but I just turned 21 and I dont consider myself “disabled”. My hearing problem has not kept me from doing anything. I just feel like I’m ‘cheating’ by receiving an SSI check every month that I don’t really NEED. Every month I’m suppose to report wages, and I have to report any kind of change that happens to my life. I’m working and saving up money, and I was told I couldn’t have more than $2,000 in assets without getting suspended from SSI. So, should I just remove myself from getting SSI? I honestly don’t need it and I’m not disabled. That money should be used for someone else who really needs it.
I’m already doing re-payments because my dad didn’t report wages or something at one time (he was my representative payee until now…they wouldn’t remove him until now). So I’m figuring since my dad is removed and I’ve reported my wages, that I’m going to get a letter saying I don’t qualify for SSI anymore…which is perfectly fine.

admin answers:

SSI, unlike SSAD, is a needs based program. It is both illegal and immoral to take money that you do not need and are not entitled to. Yes, you should tell them you would like to be out of the program…..otherwise, when they find out you are capable of working, they will request that the money be repaid.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

November 29, 2012

Lizzie asks…

is the mind really that powerful when it comes to health?

just wanted to know peoples thoughts because i have noticed myself that when i felt alive, in love and happy i never got sick or had anything wrong with me. even when other people were sick because of a bug going around i wouldn’t catch it. but when unhappy and pessimistic about life i tend to pick up viruses going around and get other problems health wise. i know stress can impair the immune system, so is happiness something that keeps it on top form?

admin answers:

Yes a mind is the most powerful organ that can take over anything anyhow…just the way you use it matters…if you want to experiment, make yourself believe that you got flu because someone around you has it…and you’ll see that within two days you’ll be suffering with flue…another example, when you are sick, and you go to a doctor to seek help, you start feeling better after the check up before even taking the prescribed medicines…why? It is because your mind is relaxed…you go to a doctor with a perfect faith that you’ll be alright after you get a check up…and that is how it goes ;)

Thomas asks…

boyfriend has a TERRIBLE nail and cuticle biting problem?

my boyfriend now of 4 years has a terrible nail and cuticle problem, hes always constantly chewing on them. two years ago he had to seek medical treatment because his hand became so infected. He STILL does it. usually it doesnt annoy me, but with swine flu and flu season around it is my biggest annoyance ever. Since im diabetic i have a slightly impaired immune system and it takes me longer to get better so i find it so annoying how he opens his body to pathogens to then give to me. i am ALWAYS sick! is there anything i can do for this problem? hes a guy soo… I dont know about stuff like bandaids or nail polish, do you think its a form of OCD? Im at my witts end
mk well im glad you established my boyfriend is a guy, but ive been with him for four years, and i think he should quit doing what hes doing if his girlfriend has a impaired immune system and has contracted swine flu, multiple colds, bronchitus, and several stomach flus. I go to the university and I also have a job, i dont have time to get sick
and I do talk to him about, I dont hide my feelings towards it, and i told him why I dont want him to do it, and i still find him doing it.
and i do slap his hand and tell him to stop when he does.

ive explained to him 2098439208098324 times why i dont want him to.

we’ve been dating for four years.
we live together.

admin answers:

You could approach it a number of ways depending on you and his reaction.
1. Since Winter is coming on, get him a nice pair of gloves and tell him to wear them.
2. Give him an appt to see a hypnotist who might be able to subliminally reroute his tension.
3. Buy him some J&J First Aid Cream (Ebay). It has a local aenesthetic in it and it helps heal with beeswax.
4. Slap him every time you see him doing it.
5. Tell him he needs to either stop or get help. Share that he may be willing to compromise his health in this way, but you have to take control of your health, and you are not so willing to do the same. (Get a new boyfriend.) If he leaves and it cures him, you will both be better off. If he leaves and it cures him, you will STILL both be better off.
6. Don’t call it a OCD if it isn’t. It may just be a terrible nervous habit. But insist that he find out which it is and get help.

Laura asks…

Question About Nursing Diagnosis?

I have to do 3 nursing diagnoses about Diabetes Mellitus. There are three parts to it…..Stem, Related To, and As Evidenced By….but when it is for risk, there is only two parts and AEB is left out.

1.) Risk for injury r/t nerve damage and loss of sensation
2.) Constipation r/t intestinal nerve damage AEB prolonged periods without defecation
3.) Risk for infection r/t poor circulation and impaired immune system

I wrote these but I’m not sure about the R/T because I don’t know if it should be common sense answers (such as dehydration for constipation) or if I can write nerve damage even though I don’t know 100% because I’m not a doctor….I looked up the information online though.

Could you guys please help me? :) Thanks

admin answers:

A risk cant have a r/t since its still going to happen. And it doesnt require as evidence by and cues. Your intervention will be directed on preventive measures.

The constipation can be related to decreased peristalsis secondary to alteration of GI function, to make it more non-MD statement. The AEB is okay, but indicate the span of time or days since you cant say its constipation if its not 3 or 4 days without passage.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

November 28, 2012

Mary asks…

What do you think about Politically Correct (PC) language? How much is too much?

Obviously, we don’t to use blatantly offense terms such as the “n -word.” But, are we getting to a point where we use so much PC language that it’s difficult to ascertain what we are even talking about?

This question was somewhat sparked by the “r-word” debate. I can understand the offensive part, of course, but it seems to me that it’s more other people’s misuse of something that was initially a benign medical term. It is kind of like the use of the word “gay” and how people keep using it to mean something bad when that was not the original intent.

The PC jumble gets so confusing. Terms like “cognitively impaired” could mean any number of conditions. The technical definition for “retarded” is delayed/slowed and isn’t one of the PC terms “cognitively delayed.”? How is that any different in meaning from “mentally retarded”?

I realize I myself am often not the most socially aware person in the world, but all this just seems a little unnecessary to me and I wonder what terms are going to be changed next. How are we going to keep up with all this?

Your thoughts please….no fights though. :)

admin answers:

What may be benign to you hurts others to the core of their being. That should be enough to not use it. Forget about what is PC or not – think about what hurts. The R-word hurts the people it is used to describe. No one wants to be called that. It has become hate speech no matter what its original intention was.

Daniel asks…

discrimination or not ?

My friend and I were at our local k mart when we were approached by the security guard and told to stop trying to shoplift ( which we weren’t doing ) and he walked away we found the store manager and told him what had happened we did not appreciate what we were accused of the manager then talked to the guard and came back to us the guard told him that we were using signals with each other to steal I told the manager no we weren’t we were using sign language which we often use with all of our friends ( we had to learn it for a play in high school. ) to communicate the manager did nothing to correct the situation. Now is this discrimination on the hearing impaired (even thou we are not.) I just don’t want this happening again especially to the real hearing impaired or should I just leave it alone and do nothing what should I do?

admin answers:

Absolutely – it happens all the time. I’ve been denied service, given poor service or just plain ignored when using sign language. I know people who have had service people try to rip them off – ring up items twice, charge them for items they didn’t eat in a restaurant, and worse – because someone saw them using sign and assumed they were an idiot who didn’t know better. Many Deaf people have stories of being out with a hearing friend, talking in sign, and having the hearing friend report that the employees of a place were saying awful things about them because they were using sign. Some of this has gotten better in recent years, but there is still far too much discrimination.

FYI: This is called audism, which means discrimination against a person or group due to their status as Deaf or hard of hearing.

Charles asks…

IEP test accommodations on standardized tests?

We are giving all of our students Aimsweb tests. This is a standardized test. I have special ed students in my class and have been told that I cannot allow them to use any accommodations because the test is standardized. I have asked and was told that my visually impaired (legally blind)student who cannot read anything without a very large font and a magnification overlay must take the test in point 12 font as it is provided. Also I was told that a student who uses sign language must read the test out loud even though he is deaf, uses sign and has no speech. Is this a violation of IDEA law or is their stand legal by stating it is a standardized test and allowing accommodations will skew with the results. It seems unfair to insist that students who need accommodations be denied these in testing situations. particularly when the accommodations are part of the IEP

It does not make sense to me either nor does it seem fair

In the state that I teach we are required by the “higherups” who sit in power, (Department of ED) to give these tests. They are used to determine if the schools and/ or district are making adiquate yearly progress.
It does not make sense to me either nor does it seem fair

In the state that I teach we are required by the “higherups” who sit in power, (Department of ED) to give these tests. They are used to determine if the schools and/ or district are making adiquate yearly progress.

admin answers:

It is absolutely a violation..

Their 504 plans or IEP should stipulate what accommodations are given for the test

the only thing you can’t do is alter the CONTENT of the test..
It can be given orally, in braille, on a special magnifyer..a person can use sign language..

They can take the test in a separate room, have extra time, ahve someone write the answers they give

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Your Questions About An Impaired Asset

November 27, 2012

John asks…

Accounting Adjustments?

How would i make adjustments to these if any, i just need help with what accounts to use really, any help would be appreciated

1) the compant wrote off an A/R for 1000

2) At the end of the year the manager estimates that bad debts expense will be 2% of credit sales revenue, while the administrator estimates that 7% of the balance in A/R will prove to be uncollectable. Credir sales are 75% of all sales

3) The company made only the following two (2) merchandise purchases during the year: 1000 units @ 25,000 and 2000 @ 64,830
A total of 2,500 units were sold during the year, at an average selling price per unit of $73.35 (rounded to the nearest cent).

4) The Capital Assets were purchased on January 1, and the company estimates that they will have a useful life of 6 years or150,000machine hours with a residual value of $3,000 The company is trying to decide between amortizing it on a straight-line basis or a units-of-activity basis (I.e., using the “production” method). During 2008, the Assets were used for 15,000hours during the year.

5) The company registered its trademark at the beginning of the year, and management believes that it is increasing in value as it becomes more widely known to the public. However, some of the members of the Board of Directors think that actions taken by competitors during the year have impaired the value of the company’s trademark by about 60%

6) The company sells its products with a one-year warranty. Estimates of the costs which will be incurred under the warranty vary from 2%to 6% of the Sales revenue. There have not yet been any claims under the warranty.

admin answers:

It is not clear what exactly you want. However, here goes:

1 Debit Bad debts expense and credit A/R 1000
2. In the absence of figures for sales and accounts receivable, I would suggest you work out both the figures and determine which amount is more prudent, the use that method
3 Calculate average purchase price for valuation of inventory. The balce will be cost of goods sold to get profit
4. Deciding a depreciation method is a subjective matter. Use the one that can be more realistically estimated.
5. Revaluation of an intangible asset needs to be assessed from the point of view of future cash flows expected to be received from the trade mark. You need to analyze the nature of the action taken by competitors and how it affects the trademark. Choose the one with prudence
6. Since no previous experience exists, there is np constructive obligation to meet warranty costs and therefore it is not necessary to make any provision or create a liability

David asks…

acounting help Balance sheet?

Van den Brand Inc. is a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services.

The following is stated in the 2007 Annual Report. In December of 2007 we reviewed our long-lived assets. We
decided to take a highly specialized truck out of order and as a result of this we conducted an impairment evaluation, which resulted in the following:

December 31 2006
Cost of PPE25860
Accumulated Depreciation10987

December 31 2007
Cost of PPE26600
Accumulated Depreciation12470
Capital Expenditures1985
Depreciation Expense1785
Cost of PPE sold332
Accumulated Depreciation on PPE sold 302
Cash Received for PPE sold123

Based on the preceding information, compute the amount of property, plant and equipment (both cost and accumulated depreciation) that Van den Brand Inc. wrote off as impaired during the year.

admin answers:

Isnt this your accounting homework?! As well is that all the information you where give?!

William asks…

Living in the shadow of the ex wife?

My boyfriend got a divorce 2 years ago after 5 years of separation. He went through a lot of marriage counseling during that time to no avail. His wife however did not want a divorce and she tried dragging it out as long as she could by demanding an exorbitant divorce settlement. Finally, he had to sign off more than half of his assets for his freedom. After the divorce, his ex wife still sends him notes signed with a heart. They have a mentally impaired 27-year old daughter that requires parental supervision. So my boyfriend is still in frequent contact with his ex wife over the daughter’s affairs. He feels guilt often about leaving his emotionally unstable ex wife behind and is therefore protective of her feelings. He does not want her to know too much about our relationship, fearing that she might “tip over”. I know he is not in love with her anymore. But he does not seem to be able to clear himself of the relationship. What should I do?
Thanks for your advice.

admin answers:

If he has a mentally disabled child with this woman, he many never completely “clear” himself of the relationship. I think you are just going to have to take him how he is.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

November 26, 2012

Sandy asks…

Has Discovery ever done a show about people with blindness/visual disabilities?

I watch Discovery! Health and TLC (The Learning Channel) a lot, and they often have good shows that show people the reality of people with different disorders and diseases (Exampls, “Little People, Big WWorld” about a family with parents and one child who have dwarfism). Have they ever done a show or series about people who are blind/visually impaired? People always seem so ignorant about the reality of blindness, and Hollywood often portrays blind people as being unable to take care of themselves, unable to do much of anything for themselves, etc)…I am often asked how I can even use a computer or cook my food…it is rather sad that people don’t even begin to understand the basics of life as a blind person. Lots of people know about the Deaf culture, sign language, TTYs, hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc…but there are so many people who don’t even know what a white cane is, the most basic of tools for a blind person, let alone knowing what the White Cane Law is.

I would like to see if they are willing to do a show or series about someone with blindness or a family where one or both parents are blind, or where the children are blind, or a combination of different families and single epersons…a show/series about the reality of blindness and the challenges that blind people face on any given day. I think it’s important that people stop being so ignorant and learn what it’s like…there’s no reason for people to be so blind to the reality (yes, that was an intentional pun).

Has Discovery ever done a show/series like this, and if so, what was it called? If not, who should I present my idea to, and how should I present it? I think it would be a great thing to do, but I don’t know where to start with presenting the idea.

]Note: This question written using JAWS screenwriter, a program for the blind and visually impaired. This note brought to you by all the ignorants who keep asking how I write/read questions and answers.]

admin answers:

I don’t know what channel, but there was a show about a boy who used tongue clicks to see things. It was called echo location.

A show other than the oversized families would be a good idea.

Mary asks…

Why can’t we just be allowed to live our lives without being scared about being wrong with our religion?

Bear with me, this is a rather long rant.

This is mainly an argument against Abrahamic religions. Other religions could apply here as well but I am mainly talking about Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Life is short and we as human beings with inherent rights and worth should be entitled to live our lives as we see fit, as long as we do not cause harm to others. We should be able to enjoy our lives and take part in activities that we enjoy as long as they are of no detriment to other people.

We should not be asked or expected to “know” what the correct religion is nor follow its practices/superstitions. For example, the taking of bread and wine like the last supper or a mandatory pilgrimage to Mecca (if your conditions allow it) or praying 5 times daily facing the Kaaba or not being able to have relationships with people that are not of such-and-such faith, not ever allowed to drink alcohol (even in moderation), or believing in witchcraft and magic, that demons make people sick, thinking that women on their period are “unclean” and should be avoided (or at least avoid having intercourse with), etc.

If God really wanted us to know that a specific religion was the truth wouldn’t he be a little more straightforward about it? Why would he allow there to be so many aberrations of the truth? Even if he would allow for so many aberrations why wouldn’t the truth stand out clearly if someone really looked (which some countries don’t even allow)? You can know that something is true and refuse to follow it. The Christian New Testament says that even demons know there is a God and fear him yet they don’t obey him. Why aren’t we as humans given the same knowledge and the same choice? Why would a believer in a certain faith (for example Islam or Christianity)have to have an PhD in history, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, and law to make sense of their scriptures by explaining seemingly problematic verses of superstition, unjustified/questionable violence and so on (this is an exaggeration but you get the point)? Even more so, why couldn’t God talk to people directly instead of talking to only a select few and then have their encounters written down? Couldn’t the God of the universe use a better medium than stone, pots, parchment, papyrus, paper?

Why would he have a slew of verses referring to war, slavery (or “indentured servitude” as some would say it is), treatment of women, inhumane punishments for “wrongdoers”, etc. and then want us not to look at it literally but as “well in that specific historical context, at that specific time, I let that happen/told them to do such-and-such”? You know it wasn’t until recently that a significant amount of people could even do that. Take into account the fact that many people were illiterate in ancient times and it makes this even more of a problem. Yeah, the ancients took a whole lot of time memorizing scriptures and were rather good at having things committed to memory, but still, how reliable can oral tradition be? People can forget things, people that have the verses memorized could have died or their memory could have been impaired, people could insert variations of it (and if there is no written text there is nothing to compare it to) and even if other people rebuked that individual and said they were making things up it could place doubts in someone’s mind and possibly alter their memory of the specific verse. I have read many apologetic arguments from Christians, Muslims, etc. and they go back to the historical context, literary context, reference philosophy, and use many other techniques to explain questionable parts of their scriptures.

Apologists for various religions might say “well, the word in its original language was “such-and-such” and looked at in its historical and literary context it means “this-and-that.” One might say “well, stoning didn’t REALLY mean stoning, it was a metaphor, or the stones were pebbles and the “death” didn’t mean physical death but the feeling of spiritual death. After they were stoned for their crime they were given food and drink and accepted gleefully back into society.” Or, the person rationalizing the verse or event could simply say “God/the gods intelligence is much greater than your own and there is a divine reason for that that makes perfect sense if you had infinite knowledge.”

First of all, history is subjective. History is generally written by the winners; there are almost always two (or more) viewpoints to a situation and many of those viewpoints are likely to be lost. For many events there are only a handful of artifacts that talk of the event and the farther you go back into history the fewer and fewer artifacts there are. Any oral tradition that was not written down is forever lost. The winners of military conquests could come and burn entire cities to the ground, destroy literature/pottery/whatever, tear down temples of worship, etc. Documents can also be altered by forces other th
Arguments to rationalize problems can’t be entirely trusted because so much of history is lost. History is also ALWAYS biased. Apologists that rationalize problems like slavery may cite numerous sources but how do we know what their bias is? How do we know these sources are completely accurate? Are we going to read every source, discern the level of bias, and evaluate how factual the information is?

Take this explanation of slavery for instance:
Look at the sources:
Some of them seem to be biased as they include the phrases “Bible history.” Again, even if we look and evaluate that all these sources are fairly accurate and that his explanation of slavery could be reasonable why did it require so much research? Wouldn’t an omniscient being that wanted us to follow him make it a bit clearer? Or is it that society made laws that it saw as helpful to their society?
The problem is once you start redefining terms such as “slavery,” “stoning,” “flogging,” “sex,” etc. you are struggling for an answer.

Ex: “Flogging really isn’t “flogging,” it is actually hitting with a wet noodle; the person can only lift their arm so high and the recipient has to be in such and such position so really it is ok.”

Or, “well slavery isn’t really slavery. The “slaves were actually workers and the slave owners were their bosses. It wasn’t much different than the work we have today.”

These arguments are just evasive maneuvers to try to rationalize something that doesn’t make sense. Also, if someone brings up free will then you say “well, what about [such and such god] being omniscient?”
What about in the Torah when Moses has a personal encounter with Yahweh? Yahweh appeared to Moses, why can’t he appear to more people? Jesus appeared to the 500. Allah appeared to Mohammed. Buddha found enlightenment. Seriously, why are only a handful of people given good evidence?
t1great, even though some religious groups use the “charity tax” poorly the idea of setting aside some of your money (10%, 2.5%, whatever) to help others isn’t a bad practice. There is a good side to that at least.

admin answers:

Actually they want you to be scared of doing wrong to support the church. They say to tithe, actually what they should say is give me your money or you will go to hell. And it scares the weak minded people into giving. They in turn control them

Robert asks…

Deaf Alaskan applying to Rice, chances?

Hello! So I applied early decision to Rice University and I’m having trouble dealing with the anxiety of waiting!! If anyone can give me a clue about my chances I would really appreciate it, I’m kind of a different type of applicant.

-Hearing impaired
-From Alaska
-Spanish Immersion program since kindergarten

Freshmen year- Freshmen year I didn’t do very well, I got mostly B’s, a few C’s and a couple of A’s. I still didn’t know I was hearing impaired at that point and was hating my new school where the teachers didn’t wear microphones. High school was also just a shock.
I was taking all honors/highly gifted courses though

Sophomore year- I got hearing aids and life improved drastically. Both semesters I got all A’s except for two B’s. Still all honors level

Junior year- I got straight A’s first semester including IB English and AP Spanish. Second semester I got all A’s (including the AP/IB) and two B’s.

Senior year- I didn’t have a senior year because I decided to graduate from high school in three years. So right now, I’m living in Brazil and fluent in Portuguese, and in 2 weeks I move to Ecuador to be a volunteer English teacher high in the Ecuadorian Andes for 6 months.

Tests: SAT: 2120 M700/W730/R690
SAT IIs: Spanish 770, Literature 730
AP tests: English Lang and Comp: 4, English Lit and Comp: 4, Spanish Language: 5
IB test: Spanish Higher Level 6 out of 7

Extracurriculars: Varsity Tennis and JV Soccer
Spanish tutor to 4 middle school Autistic boys 3 hours a week all three years of high school
Sophomore and Junior year volunteered as a math tutor to hearing impaired kids for 4 hours a week
Spanish club officer
Model UN
I also have taught myself Portuguese using Rosetta Stone and am currently learning German, French and Arabic with Rosetta Stone (+2000 hours over 4 years)
Sophomore Class President
Student Intern at my Otoneurologist’s office 60 hours Junior year

Essays: I wrote my commonapp essay about how my hearing impairment has taught me to view challenges rather than obstacles because I learned Spanish as a little kid when no one knew i was hearing impaired but if I had known I was hearing impaired I would have been told not to try

Supplement: What will you bring to the Rice community? And I wrote about how I’ve spent my life integrating myself into new communities, the Alaskan community, the spanish speaking community, Deaf and hard of hearing community, global community, etc. and how I have learned from my past experiences that to appreciate a community you have to immerse yourself in its culture and truly experience it (meaning I will give my all at college and be an extremely active member of the Rice community)

Future plans: I’m going to school to study Cognitive Science (psych, neuroscience, linguistics and philosophy) and then I will go on for my masters and PhD because i want to be a college professor conducting research in language acquisition particularly studying primates, deaf children, and bilingual children

admin answers:

Good Luck.

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