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Your Questions About An Impaired Driver’s Eyes

October 4, 2012

Sandra asks…


This Final Exam consists of 40 questions.
You must receive no less than 80% correct to pass this exam.
Your final score is recorded only as pass or fail.

1 ___ hours awake = same effect as .07 blood alcohol concentration.

2 Among those killed, teenage drivers have the highest death rates per miles driven among all age groups, followed by elderly drivers and young ________.
adult males
adult females

3 Fatality related to motor vehicle traffic is the number one cause of accidental death and motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death for people ages _____.
1 to 2
34 to 64
65 to 85
3 to 33

4 If you are stuck in a traffic jam and you can feel your anger rising, you are experiencing an emotional challenge called ________.

5 Safety belts are being designed_______.
with pretension
to fit the driver’s body automatically
to unbuckle automatically
to automatically buckle

6 Traffic engineers and lawmakers have designed our roads, laws and traffic controls to help drivers __________ what other road users are about to do.
know exactly
anticipate and predict

7 If you are involved in a collision and the vehicles are still operational, _______.
remain exactly where the collision occurred
move them out of traffic
move them to the opposite side of the road
move them away from each other

8 Alcohol is quick to find its way to the brain because ______.
the central aorta supplies it
the brain contains more blood
of the brain’s elevated location
the brain contains more oxygen

9 When you fully depress a brake pedal of a vehicle with ABS, you will feel______.
a pulse
a pinch
a pain
a vibration

10 One major advantage of push/pull steering from the low-hand position is________.
the elimination of reduced vehicle load transfer
enhanced vehicle control because the arms stay close to the body and maintain a more stable vertical body position
it combines control of steering and acceleration
it results in less leg fatigue

11 If you can see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights ahead, ______.
turn on your flashers to help the emergency vehicle
do not follow too closely
get as close as you can
make a u-turn

12 If you are driving an SUV or large vehicle, enter most entrance ramps__________.
expecting gradual banked curves
at low speeds
after merging
at high speeds

13 If you determine your driving risks associated with physical, ________, or medical limitations are too high, consider alternative transportation choices.

14 There are usually _______ collisions in a motor vehicle crash.

15 If you pack your vehicle full, you should_______.
reference your owner’s manual for maximum load weight
distribute items evenly, blocking the view through your rearview mirror
ensure your weight distribution has a high center of gravity
know the vehicle’s aerodynamics

16 If you have to drive on a long trip, wearing your seatbelt prevents your _______ from tiring so quickly.

17 In general, for males it takes the liver up to ________ to process approximately one drink.
3 hours
2 hours
1 hour
30 minutes

18 _________is one of the top three factors associated with fatal crashes.
Failure to maintain lane position
All of these answers are correct.
Driving under the influence

19 When another driver travels at erratic speeds, weaves in and out of lanes, and sits in unusual postures, these are indications that the driver___________.
is distracted
is not licensed
is impaired
is lost

20 One drink equals__________ in the eyes of law enforcement.
6 ounces of beer
12 ounces of beer
8 ounces of beer
10 ounces of beer

21 Over__________people were killed in 2005 in alcohol-related crashes.

22 A _____________painted on your lane at an intersection indicates the best place to stop your vehicle.
broad white stop bar
dotted white line
white triangle
solid yellow line

23 Traffic laws are in place to________.
regulate the flow of traffic
demonstrate public authority
force drivers to follow rules
slow drivers down

24 Combining two drugs can intensify the effects. This is called_______.

25 Begin to assess your risk related to the three main elements of driving before getting behind the wheel; evaluate your own well being, ___________, and your vehicle.
roadway conditions
external distractions

26 Slick or wet, low-traction surface conditions mak

admin answers:

All the answers are in the manual the state publishes. Go read it.

Susan asks…

Alcohol Quiz what do you think?

I posted this before but no one helped, so I answered them with an X do I have the right answers?

1. The following does NOT have the same alcohol content as a 12 oz. beer:

A. Depends on the type of beer X
B. 5 oz. glass of wine
C. 1.5 oz. of 80 proof distilled spirits (shot)
D.none of the above

Question 2;
Driving is a right all people have, just like drinking is a right, thus drinking drivers should not be punished if they do not hurt anyone.

False X

Question 3:
It is considered a DUI if the driver’s Blood Alcohol Content level is at or above .08. (4 points)

True X

Question 4;
One measure that can be used to reduce drinking and driving is:

A. making drunk drivers speak publicly to high school students X
B. making drunk drivers sign a contract stating they will never drink again
C. restricting night time driving by young people
D. none of the above

Question 5:
There are less alcohol-related fatalities for 18, 19, and 20 year olds than for the population over 21.

True X

Question 6;
Which amount of alcohol is safe for a pregnant woman to drink?

A. a small amount as long as the mother does not binge drink
B. No amount of alcohol is safe. X occasional glass of wine
D.It is safe after the third month of pregnancy.

Question 7
Which is not a sign of FAS?

A.small head
B. flat face
C. flat feet X
D. wide spaced eyes

Question 8
Wernicke-Korsakoff’s syndrome is caused by:

A. inflammation of the pancreas
B. a thiamine deficiency in alcoholics
C. brain degeneration X

Question 9
The Acronym FAS means:
A. Fetal Alcohol Signs
B. Fetus Alcohol Signs
C. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome X
D. Fetus Alcohol Symptoms

Question 10;
What is the leading cause of death among teenagers aged 15 through 19?
A. drug overdose
B. suicide X
C. alcohol-Impaired driving

Question 11;
If you are the driver of a vehicle, there is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

True X

Question 12
The best way to avoid a dangerous situation involving drunk driving is to:
A. Avoid alcohol and drugs altogether because you don’t need them anyway. X
B. Do what your friends tell you to do.
C. Drink just a little or limit your drug intake.

Question 13
Which of the following is a problem a baby may have if the mother drinks alcohol while she is pregnant?
A. motor skills problems
B. hearing and vision problems
C. premature birth
D. all of the above X

Question 14 ; What is the umbrella term that describes the range of effects that can occur in an individual whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy?
A. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder X
B. Fetal Disorder Umbrella
C. Alcohol Umbrella Syndrome
D. Fetal Alcohol Variety Disorder

Question 15;
Gender, emotion, mental status, and amount of time throughout consumption are a few factors that can change the effects each time alcohol is consumed by an individual.

True X

Question 16 ;
A person’s _________ can determine how quickly alcohol can have a negative effect.
A. size X
B. race
C. stomach
D. age

Question 17
All 50 states enacted a BAC limit of .08 as the legal limit for drunk drivers over the age of 21.

True X

Question 18
Females are more likely than males to report past month alcohol use. (4 points)

True X

Question 19
This law imposes potential liability on the host of a party if alcohol is served to an obviously intoxicated person or a minor.

A. adult liability
B. social host
C. MADD law X
D. minor party law

Question 20
___________ are more likely to become alcoholics.

A. children
B. adults X
C. woman
D. children of alcoholic parents

Question 21
When you get your driver’s license, you are automatically giving “implied consent” to take a breath test or other test to measure your blood alcohol.

True X

Question 22
What passes the ingested alcohol from the mother to the baby?
A. amniotic fluid
B. uterus
C. ovaries
D. placenta

Question 23
According to the NIDA, use of alcohol typically begins around age 18.


Question 24
Mandatory license plate revocation is ineffective against drunk driving.


Question 25
All of the following are symptoms of alcoholism except for:
A. craving
B. physical dependence X
C. tolerance (you have to drink more and more to get “buzzed.”)
I forgot to answer these

Question 22
What passes the ingested alcohol from the mother to the baby?
A. amniotic fluid
B. uterus
C. ovaries
D. placenta X

Question 23
According to the NIDA, use of alcohol typically begins around age 18.

False X

Question 24
Mandatory license plate revocation is ineffective against drunk driving.

True X

O and some of you that already just answered me Thanx a FREAKING LOT!!!

admin answers:


Joseph asks…

How much do the most popular contact lenses cost?

I’ve never had glasses but I know my vision isn’t very good, and that to ever get my driver’s permit or license, I’ll need to get one or the other. So my questions are:

First, how do you go about getting contact lenses? I’m assuming you need to see an eye doctor and have them prescribed. Do you need to purchases glasses to or can you just get contacts?

What are the most popular brands of contact lenses and what do they cost on average? Also, if you need stronger contact lenses does it cost more (like if you have worse vision will the contacts cost your more money than if you eyes aren’t that bad)? I just want the basic of the basic contacts, nothing fancy.

How long does it typically take from the time you decide you want contacts, go to the doctors to get a prescription, and actually receive them and start wearing them?

I’m a teen (and obviously wanting to get my driver permit. I don’t think I need to wear them regularly, just when I drive…because other than that my vision hasn’t impaired me much. I just need them for legal reasons :) So what do you think?

admin answers:

First, how do you go about getting contact lenses? Yes you need to see a doctor. Otherwise you will not know your prescription. You can buy it from your doctor , store or online.

You should purchase glasses. It is recommended to use your contacts five days a week only.

What are the most popular brands of contact lenses and what do they cost on average? Freshlook (of course). It should be around 50 bucks for 6 lenses
See their new models or design:

How long does it typically take from the time you decide you want contacts, go to the doctors to get a prescription, and actually receive them and start wearing them? If stocks is available, within the day.
‘m a teen (and obviously wanting t…. Youll get addicted to it. Its very comfortable as if youre not wearing anything.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Driver’s Eyes

October 3, 2012

Donald asks…

I have impaired vision in one eye and I need to get a driver’s license in California. Can I get a license?

I have a condition in one of my eyes that reduces my vision to 20/200 in that eye. I can see fine out of my other eye and I have been driving with a New York license for 7 years. I recently moved to California and their state laws require 20/40 vision in both eyes to obtain a driver’s license. I would like to know if I am able to get a license or if I have to do anything specific to obtain one.

admin answers:

You sound like me..i have a weaker eye then the other.

You will propably have to get glasses,or a certificatre from an optomitrist,saying your eyes are ok for driving with out glasses.

I failed the test at the Drivers license place,yet passed at the optometrits.

I dont like in calfornia though..

Joseph asks…

Can a Visually Impaired 16 Year old get a Driver’s License?

I have Microphthalmia in both eyes (unfortunately).
I also have glaucoma.
I currently live in Sydney,Australia…

… I was just curious…
- i can only see light in my left eye…

admin answers:

I’m not sure about the laws in australia, but usually it depends on the severity of the visual impairment, and if it can be corrected or aided with the use of glasses, contacts, etc…

But you might want to research that.. Ask someone at whatever department is in charge of issuing driver’s licenses in australia… Good luck.

Michael asks…

Forfeit driver’s license for medicaid?

If a visually impaired person, taking medication for eye problems, wants to apply for medicaid would she have to give up driver’s license as “proof” of disability?

Just wondering as a driver’s license is a well honoured form of ID & many applications, (such as one to send a child on a field trip), require a person’s driver license to process.
To give up a drivers license, even if not driving, would make identification of self difficult.
So if one wants to apply for or collect Medicaid, due to visual impairment, does one have to forfeit drivers license?
L&P you inferred to much into the question.
I stated that the visually impaired is not driving & I thought it was clear that the license was being used only for purposes of ID. Nor did I say the visually impaired was unwilling to take a bus. How do you think she is presently getting around if she’s not driving? The bus, the visually impaired is presently using the bus. L&P you made erroneous negative & hostile inferences from the question.

admin answers:

In many states, the DMV can issue a personal identification card, which somewhat resembles a drivers license, but is issued as ID purposes only with no driving privileges. (This will at least take care of the ID requirement.)

If the personnel at the DMV do deem the visually impaired person fit and meets the visual requirements, that person could still hold a drivers license…one just has to pass the eye test at the DMV. If one fails the eye test, they can still be issue a state certified ID card.

As for this scenario, it depends on the level of disability and impairment. I would not think if a person is qualified to be considered disabled due to visual impairment could be also deemed fit to obtain a drivers license. I think they would be mutually inclusive…one or the other, but not have both.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

October 2, 2012

Nancy asks…

Can someone read over my speech for hearing loss?

I have to make a speech in order to this a scholarship money for the hearing loss association. I want to know if it’s good enough and if you can edit some trivial mistakes you see.

Ever since I was little, I had to deal with a severe-to-profound hearing loss in both ears. Why I had my hearing loss was a mystery since no-one else in my family had it except for my sister. Dealing with hearing loss was sometimes annoying and mentally agonizing when I was younger because I used to be shy and insecure about my hearing impairment. When mainstreamed into a regular class in elementary school, I felt like an outcast because I wore hearing aids. I would get a lot of curious stares from my peers. They asked questions like, “What’s that in your ears?”, “Can you hear me when I talk?”, or “Is your hearing loss contagious?” The most tension I felt was from those who just simply glared at me, speaking with unspoken words. When someone was talking to me, I felt embarrassed to ask a person to repeat what they said because I did not hear them the first time. I would tend to nod my head to pretend I understood them even though I was not sure if they were asking me a question or if they were just simply making a statement. My parents told me not to be afraid to ask someone to repeat themselves. They said I should be proud of who I am. I have one life to live so I should make the most out of it. As I grew up, I took my parents’ advices. I did not enjoy feeling uncomfortable around some people just because I was hearing impaired. So I changed my personality: becoming friendly and outgoing rather than shy and awkward. I tried to impress my classmates by getting high grades and gaining more confidence. Gradually I became socially accepted when people saw that I was not different from them. In fact, I became well known for my academic excellence in school. One of the benefits of my hearing impairment is my exceptional skills in mathematics. People viewed my hearing loss as a drawback to my academic success when it was, in fact, the reason for my improvement in schoolwork. I believe that the reason I find math easy is because I’m a strong visual learner. My increased ability to see things more visually, as well as my ability to see things from multiple perspectives compensate for the decline in my hearing. I also discovered that when my hearing aids were off, my focus would significantly increase because ambient sounds were blocked.
Over the course of my life, being hard-of-hearing not only helped me succeed in school, but it also allowed me to experience and interact with two different worlds: the deaf/hard-of-hearing world and the hearing world. Because my sister is deaf, I have good relationships with some of her deaf and hearing-impaired friends. My sister and her friends taught me sign language and I was quick to learn it. Sign language is a way of communication between those who cannot clearly identify sounds. I found sign language interesting, especially because it requires the use of body movements. Not only have I developed sign language skills, but I also learned how to read lips. Because I’m mainstreamed in public school, I frequently interact with hearing people. However, due to my hearing loss, I can’t always rely on my hearing aids in case of dying batteries or technical difficulties. I began to correlate sounds with the motion of lips. Developing this ability has helped shape who I am and made me more confident about myself. The more confidence I got, the easier it was to make friends and become much more sociable. I may have been shy during my early years, but as I became a teenager I developed my social skills drastically. I am now graduating from high school with a 98.6% average. I plan on going to Syracuse University: L.C. Smith School of Engineering. I plan to major in mechanical engineering and utilize my academic skills (especially in mathematics), social skills, and life skills to be successful in college. I would like to thank my parents for helping me come this far. I am grateful to have two loving and caring parents who are always there at my time of need. They always motivate me, telling me to pursue my dream and that they will support me no matter what. I love you mom and dad. I would also like to thank Ms. Giliberto, my resource room teacher who I had since elementary school. She would always push me to do harder in school and give me tons of great advices due to her immense life experiences. Also, I would like thank my sign language interpreter Dion for staying with me throughout my whole high school career. She is one of the best interpreters that I’ve had. I would like to thank Ms. Pope for giving me this opportunity to be here tonight. Thank you everyone for listening and have a great night.

admin answers:

I read the whole speach and there was only a couple spots that didn’t flow for me! Great overall! I wouldnt change in the sentence that went like “I would ask to people to repeat themselves because I did not hear them the first time” to “because I didn’t” didn’t sounds better than did not to me.(: Also at the ending when you say I plan twice, and I would like to thank a few times, I think it gets kind of boring when you repeat yourself more than twice in a row so maybe you could say, “Also I would like to..” Or “I’m also grateful for my teacher..” Hope this helps!:)


Donald asks…

I feel lost and confused, so much is going on?

I feel so lost and confused. I mean, I do see a future for myself, I’m going to be a concept artist and 3d animator. But theres just this sick feeling of hopelessness. I’ve never really had much friends because I’m simply not compatible with people around here. I only have a few friends, most of which are online buddies. My parents are on the verge of divorcing. Both my parents have cheated on each other, my father thinks its okay to screw a girl once in a while, my mom doesn’t show love to us. I’ve given up praying to God few months ago, but I should prolly start praying again… but yea. I love my gf, but I keep thinking she hates me and stuff. I feel like nobody cares about me at all. I’m so angry at why this is all happening. I’m fking language impaired and I can’t get my message across to people without sounding like an idiot. What the hell am I supposed to do? I feel like noone loves me! I try my best to please people, but I end up failing and snapping at them. Everything I run into a problem, my father expects me to solve it on my own, but I need help! My mother doesn’t even help me at all. I don’t get along with some of my sisters at all, they make me feel like sh!t even more. I fking masturbate everyday. I’ve done a lot of things that I regret doing. I’ve thought about being gay, bisexual, and a furry. I hope it doesn’t end up like that though. But wtf man.

People see me as a random and messed up kid. I say random crap that I find amusing. but others think its stupid and they call me retarded and stuff. I’ve been bullied for reason I don’t know of. I used to abuse my sisters. I’ve been abused by my parents badly when i was young, not anymore. I live in a basement with my family, on the verge of poverty. I’m always in my head and stuff, thinking about every sort of possibility, most of which are negatives.

I wanna stop this all and change, but I don’t know where to start. I wanna get rid of these stupid thoughts.Why do I keep thinking that noone loves me!? I’m not an attention seeker, its just this feeling that nobody cares about me makes me sad. What should I do?

admin answers:

First of all, your parents do love you. They just may not know how to express it. Or you can’t feel it. Or they’re too broken to allow it to flow from them, but they and your sisters love you.

Secondly, (and even better) God loves you, son. You belong to Him. He’s the real father you keep wishing you had, so the LAST thing you should have done is quit praying. I suspect your situation got gradually worse as you gradually fell lout of touch with your Creator. Remember, He is Hope, He is love. He is light. He is all of the things you seek. He is also living in you at this very moment. He wants you to come to Him.

My advice for tonight, (since you have a relationship with the greatest healer of all time) is to talk to Him tonight. Get on your knees and offer all of this pain up to God. He’ll take it off of your hands for you.

My advice for tomorrow is to find yourself a church and ask for help in finding counseling.

David asks…

How to Communicate With A Deaf Person?

I am a profoundly deaf female and my parents tell me I have been deaf since 1970, when I was about 2 years old. As you can imagine, the biggest challenge for deaf persons is communication with people with hearing. I have encountered much impatience on both sides, but with a little patience and understanding, communication can be achieved.

Remember that each deaf person is different. Some may be able to speak, most deaf people do not. Some deaf people can speech read, others cannot. Now, me, I can speech read very well. Through great patience, I did learn to talk but my speech is rather impaired. (Think of Marlee Matlin). I primarily use ASL. Some people think ASL is a signed version of English. It is not. It is as different as English is from Swahili! When I write, my mind must make the transition from a visual language to a written one as I think visually with ASL. So sometimes my wording may seem a little odd. Here are a few guidlines that will help you should you need to communicate with a deaf person. They work for me but remember, each person is different.

1) If the deaf person can speech read, remember to slow down a little. Just a little. Say your words clearly, but don’t over-pronounce your words. Don’t shout because that distorts your words and I can’t speech read you. Use short words and sentences.

2) During the conversation, ask me a few open-ended questions. That way we both know we are understanding each other. Remember, even the best speech-readers still lose a part of what you’re saying.

3) If speaking through an ASL interpreter, remember that the interpreter is just that. Speak to me as you would a hearing person. Remember to look at me because you are conversing with me. Don’t ask the interpreter, for example, “Does Robin like the color red” or “Ask Robin if she likes the color red”. Ask me directly and the interpreter will sign it. I know that it is natural for you to look at the person talking, but do try to remember that you are communicating with me.

4) Of course, there are times when the interpreter is a part of the conversation. That is something to keep in mind. So for example if my friend ‘John’ is part of the conversation and is also interpreting, say John’s name when you want to want to shift the conversation to him. He will still “sign” so I can follow what is being said.

5) When you want to get a deaf person’s attention, a simple wave will do. Do this if you see me and a friend having a Sign Language conversation and you need to get their attention. Also if you see us having such conversation, remember that the other person may have hearing.

6) Notes always work. But never, ever simply shove a note in my face! That would be like me interrupting you by shouting. Get my attention first and then hand me the note.

7) Of course, if you want to learn a language, learn ASL. It is a fun language to learn.

admin answers:

Ok? Nobody cares.

I had a deaf friend once and he carried around a little hand held chatting device he used to talk to people with. He would type out what he wanted to say and if they needed to respond they’d respond on the device. Nobody should have to adapt to you, you are the minority.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

October 1, 2012

David asks…

Challenge Rant: Layla El vs. Luna Vachon?

I’m experimenting with a line of questioning here. Answer and tell me what you think of this type of question:
A shooter on Youtube made a video against Layla El, saying that Luna Vachon is WAY better than Layla:

In case you don’t want to watch, this poor speaking shooter (named Monoxide) says Luna is better than Layla because:

-Layla forces her sexiness on the fans
-Layla cannot wrestle
-Layla’s ugly
-Layla is forgettable and has no point; Luna had a point as a manager and wrestler. She was in the first Bra and Panties match and a feud with Sable

Your mission, if you choose to accept: counter Monoxide’s argument (as there are arguments against him) and make his reasons look bad, all in favor of Layla. In other words, argue in favor of Layla, and against Luna
Best rant gets 10+ points.
Yeah, I want people to try and argue Layla over Luna. It is just an experiment right now.
thorn’sgurl KTC: You missed the point completely. Read the details

admin answers:

Let me just start by saying…’ahem’ (clearing throat)…

Ok, now that I got that outta my system, let’s move on.

OMFG, that dude is a freakin’ DORK!!

I mean, he made some valid points but, Layla El & Luna Vachon are two very different Types of WWF/E Divas!

One was a manager/valet and a wrestler.
The other is just an entertainer/performer.

Sure Luna could wrestle and Layla can not!

But that is the WWE’s fault!

She was picked to win the Diva Search Competition, and it was the WWE who failed to train her as a wrestler!

I mean, why is Brooke & Kelly Kelly training to wrestle in Florida while Layla El does not?
I don’t get it.

Hell, I voted for Layla bcuz I thought she was sexy and I liked her accent and her spunkiness.
And she was Different, and that is why she made me want to vote for her!
She wasn’t another ditzy blonde or another dumb bimbo.

I had no idea that the WWE would just use her as a dancer/choreographer-but maybe that’s what they wanted/needed.
Who knows.

And Layla is not ugly.
She’s quite attractive I think.
And Layla Does Not try to force people into believing she is sexy!
That’s f*cking stupid!

Layla has talent and has potential,
it’s up to the WWE to Do something about it.

Ken asks…

Can you finish this?

For the sake of this question, we’re gonna say Khali is really good at wrestling. He and Bigshow have formed a tag team and have been undefeated for several months now even having won the tag championships. They’re heels and have kidnapped Trish Stratus. So far everyone that has tried to rescue her has failed. They’ve even previously left the Hardyz and Dudleyz a bloody mess in the middle of the ring.

You‘re mission should you choose to accept is to have 2 current or former wrestlers (They would of course be at their best) challenge them one month ahead of time to a match at Mania. The special stipulation to the match is if Show & Khali win, they keep Trish. But if your team wins, Trish goes free.

You must build up the hype to this match telling us which wrestlers you chose and why. Then when the match occurs at Mania, it must include a Mania moment. The match must be memorable.

Do you accept?

admin answers:

Hell yeah

I would pick Andre the Giant and The Undertaker. Andre the Giant could defeat The Great Khali and The Undertaker could defeat the Big show. There would be so much hype because week after week both teams meet up in the ring and each week on team was on the floor and one team was standing tall.

When Wrestlemania begins Vince McMahon makes the match into a Chicago street fight. Then the match begins………. But before the champions got to the ring Andre and Taker start attacking them outside the ring. Andre takes the Big Show and Taker takes Khali. Andre lifts Big Show up and hits him on the rails then he goes backstage. Taker just hit Khali with 4 chairshot and he didn’t go down then Khali gives Taker a boot.

Andre goes backstage he comes out with a dumpster and charges it at the Big Show, it hits him then he starts bleeding. Khali then brings out the tables, and a ladder, Taker gets a ringbell underthe ring. Taker goes into the ring but Khali threw a ladder at him, then Khali run with a ladder then hits Taker int he head then he is bleeding. Andre just lifted Big Show up the threw him in the dumpster. Jim Ross is screaming his ass off right now.

Taker some how gets up after a ladder was thrown at him the he runs and spears Khali, Khali gets up then Taker hits him with the chairuntil Khali grabs the rope then Taker clotheslines him and Khali out of the ring. The Big Show starts to punch Andre now then Big show did a backbreaker to Andre on the hard floor. Khali is destroying Taker right now with punches, Taker gets knocked down. Khali back suplexs taker on the hard floor, Taker and Khali are moving closer to the anoounce table now. Khali just throws Taker to the ground. The crowd is cheering Taker, when Khali is about to double chokeslam Taker but Taker kick Khali then spears him over the announce table.

The Andre goes into the stands, he eventually goes to the Parking Lot. Were Andre throws Big Show out of the arena into a Parking Lot. Big Shows tends to find a garbage can and runs into Andre with it.Big Show gets a fire hydrent and smashes it against Andre’s head, now Andre is has blood all over his face like veryone else in this match. Show pushes Andre against the wall then he hits his head. Then Andre Irish Whips The Big Show into a honda then when Big Show bounces back Andre chokeslams him and breaks the window and the car goes down. The Big Show is on a honda car then Andre starts climing up the ladder from the WWE superstars truck. Andre does a frog splash from the superstars truck onto a Honda.

By now Taker and Khali got up and they are on top of the stage. Khali throws a few jobs to Taker but Taker then grabs Khali and gives him a Last Ride powerbomb off the stage. Andre then moves a little and gets a pin on The Big Show. The Big Show is out cold so it is a 1,2, 3. The crowd goes wild and Jim Ross had a heart attack.

Andre the Giant and Taker go out to the ring and hold up theit titles. Khali and the Big Show are taken out on 2 extra large stretchers.

Ruth asks…

Is this a gothic story?

But my bravery soon fades as I enter the roof basement. I have not told my parents that I’m going up there because I know that they’ll forbid me to go up there. They always prevent me from participating in ‘dangerous’ activities just because my old cat climbed a tree that my parents’ thought was really dangerous and went ‘splat’ (literally) on the hard cement ground. My cat was like another child to my parents; sometimes I thought they loved the cat more than me. Ever since my cat fell out of the tree and died, I’ve always been held back. If my friends were going to the shops with no parental supervision, my parents would come with me because they didn’t want me to be kidnapped. They are always embarrassing me like that so I am never going tell them about my adventures to both basements. I turn my torch on and keep the door open. Suddenly, I hear the door slam shut. I’m scared. I quickly look for a light switch but I can’t find one. I give up on my pursue for a light switch and instead begin to focus on my hunt for the mysterious man. My torch flicks on and I scan my surroundings before I turn left, around a corner. I’m not quite sure why, but I started walking backwards like people do in crime and mystery movies. I collide with something. It’s cold and rigid like how the man felt in my dream. I quickly turned around and saw him. I stuttered and started retreating. His arm grabbed my shoulder with a tight grip. I tried to get out of his grasp but nothing I did worked. I kicked him but he didn’t flinch. I tried to scream but nothing came out of my dried out voice box. …………..“ I’m a vampire but I’m also part zombie. Isn’t it obvious? I’ve got one arm, tattered clothes and I’ve got cold, pale skin accompanied with red eyes,” he spoke, “ Now your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to visit the graveyard next door, go into the mausoleum and climb into a tomb, preferably empty. There, you will wait for a cold presence to collect you. Once this happens, you will travel to the ghost realm. From there, it is up to you to stop the invasion. You will know how when the time comes,”
What I didn’t realise was that while he was speaking; I was participating in the mission without agreeing or disagreeing with it. I went into an empty tomb in the mausoleum next door and a cold presence collected me. Now I am in the Ghost realm and I’m freaking out. I didn’t want to take part in this mission, I don’t want to visit the ghost realm; I only wanted to tell the vampire-zombie to stop invading my dreams. My second immediate thought is that I don’t know what to do. He said that I would know when the time comes but I’m not quite sure that that will happen.
To avoid further thoughts, I begin to walk around the Ghost realm and discover that the ghost realm is exactly the same to the human realm. The only difference is that there are ghosts that are trying to take over the human realm. Many ghosts I saw said “hi” to me. None of them seemed evil to me although they did have an evil look to their face. I’m here in the ghost realm and I’ve just realised that he is absolutely correct; he told me that I would know how to stop the mob when the time comes; he turned me into a ghost so I can feel apart of the realm to know how to stop them from ruining Earth forever. But I still have no clue on how to stop them; all I know is that the human race is counting on me to prevent the end of human kind.

While chewing on this thought, I find a nice hotel, for ghosts, and decide to sleep on the idea that I’m a ‘ghost’. When I sleep, I have the same dream with him in it; he tells me that I’m a ghost and that I’ve been captured in this dark, gloomy town. My dream person rebuts him and tells him that I’m not a real ghost, I’m a fake one but he denies it. He says that once I’ve done the job, he’ll bring me back to life.
I wake up with a jolt and realise that I’m a ghost. I now understand that I’ve been a ghost since the day that I met him. He killed me with his tight grasp on my left shoulder. I don’t know why he would kill me but he did. He seemed friendly for a vampire-zombie but I guess he isn’t. I feel really stupid for believing he was nice and truly thought I was able to do this job. He’s blackmailing me; I have to do stop this invasion or else I’ll be a ghost forever.

admin answers:

I wouldn’t really call it a Gothic story. A ghost story maybe? Not a Gothic one. It does seem like it needs some work though. Maybe proof read it or have an editor look over it? Or just a friend who’s really good with English depending on how old you are. I’ve learned its easier to spot mistakes if you’re reading it out loud to yourself. If it doesn’t sound right when you hear then think about why it doesn’t sound right and fix it. Not sure if this is a school project or if its just something your working on for fun. Either way I hope it goes well!!

OH before I forget. It’s a bit awkward to have your character say what he looks like out loud like that. I’m not sure if there’s a deeper reason for that. If there is it wasn’t conveyed well. If there isn’t I’d think about revising it. Maybe have the girl say he grabbed her with his only arm. Something like that. Know what I mean?

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died Lyrics

October 1, 2012

Joseph asks…

What does the song Hello (For You I’m Dying) by 4LYN mean? Lyrics included.?

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting

Love starts with a smile
And grows with a kiss
It always ends up in tears
And someone to miss
I’ve been there before
I’ve been there before

And even if you say “It’s better this way”
Maybe it’s better for you
But what about me?

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting
And maybe will you say “It’s better this way”
But I don’t believe you
For you I’m dying

Don’t think that I’m heartless now
I already know the why and how it came that far
Because we are what we are
It starts with love
And grows with patience
And ends up in greed
And isolation
I’ve been there before
I said, I’ve been there before

And even if I hate myself from this day
It’s maybe easy for you
But what about me?

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting
And maybe will you say “It’s better this way”
But I don’t believe you
For you I’m dying

I throw away something I love
And force myself to quit because
I want to let you know…

For you I’m dying
Cuz I’m so tired of fighting
And even if I say that it’s okay
I’ll always love you
For you I’m dying

^Youtube link.

admin answers:

It’s a love song I guess but also a sad one about how he’s sick of the fighting and anguish that couples go through?

Mark asks…

What do these lyrics mean from the song Fear by Drake, and do they have any relation to the illuminati?

here are the lyrics:

I never cried when Pac died.
But I probably will when Hov does.
And if my tears hold value, then i would drop one for every single thing he showed us.
And Ill be standing in a puddle.

So, who are Pac and Hov???
I KIND OF have an idea of who Pac/Tupac is, but it’s pretty hazy still. He’s the rapper that supposedly died a while ago and that’s all i know about what was supposed to have happened. i know that there’s a conspiracy that the Illuminati killed Pac for his lyrics in songs that were very revealing…? I personally believe that. and i‘ve been doing alot of research on the topic of the Illuminati/media/masonry/symbols/etc. but anyway, i‘m confused about what Drake is saying by those lyrics. And i have no idea who Hov is. Is Drake referencing the illuminati at all?
~I‘d really like your thoughts on this, especially from people who also believe that the illuminati is real/etc. thank you in advance~

admin answers:

Hov is Jay – z and Drake is saying that Hov is like the best rapper in the game to him right now and that if his tears hold value hed cry 1 tear for every thing that jay-z has done for hip-hop and he’d be standing in a puddle because he’s done so much for it .

Susan asks…

What do you think of my story? I know it’s not lyrics but yeah…?

Late at night I hear a soft voice. I close my eyes and listen to the lyrics
Sing me a lullaby, sing me to sleep. Make me want to dream, I don’t wanna be like them. I wanna be special. So just sing me a lullaby, I really wanna dream. I just wanna be me.
She sings to only the lonely darkness, but I feel that she thinks of it as more. Her words encircle me, call to me. I wonder if she’s singing to someone or just the air. Every night her child-like voice seems to set me toward dreamland.
Sometimes I feel as though she is singing to someone lost among thousands. The sadness she puts in these songs tell a story of her hopes and wishes. Sometimes even her tears.
Her songs seem to guide someone to her, someone she has yet to meet. Her songs seem to make me feel hopeful again. Almost…alive again.
She sings a tune so lonely, yet so lovely, that it makes me shed a tear. Such beautiful lyrics and such a beautiful voice. I guess we all need something to make us feel wonderful and I guess this is just one of those things.
As long as her beautiful voice continues to sing such unexplainable lyric, I will continue to forever be bewildered by why. Funny thing, I do not want to find the girl who sings for I fear she might stop.
That is something that I would dread most horribly. I feel now that I need her to sing, I feel addicted to her voice. I would die without it. Yes, I would just die without it. By now I‘m sure you fancy me mad. Crazy, if you will. But I‘m not mad or crazy. Just in a trance by that beautiful voice..

The softness of her voice leads me. I don’t know where I am. There are greens, reds, yellows, purple, and blues surronding me. Terror strikes me, then solitude. I could listen to her voice forever.

Listen to my crying heart, listen to the tears, in my mind I hear. Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop, Drip…

I smile and lie among the shadows of this spinning room. Forever I could listen. She is an unwanted sould, a soul filled with crushed hopes and dreams. I never want to leave. Maybe my obsession with her has grown or maybe I was just this was crazy from the begininng. I don’t have a clue how crazy I really am. Maybe I just don’t care. Yes, I just don’t care. I have her now. All to myself. Mine. Mine. Mine. Wait. Where am I? No more colors…just white and black. Things are changing with her song. This time I suppose I‘ll just explore the place. Yes, I‘ll just exlore as I listen to the soft, beautiful voice…
I‘m only 13 so don’t be too harsh…
its just a prolong

admin answers:

Actually, that’s very, very good. I wouldn’t say it’s a story, it’s almost like free-verse poetry. Keep writing, by the time you’re my age you’ll be a phenominal lyricist.

I love people who love music, and i feel like your ‘story’ really encaptures the passion of listening to someone sing.

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