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Your Questions About Google Maps

October 13, 2012

Susan asks…

How do I get google maps to stop rerouting my directions?

I am trying to make directions for a motorcycle ride and I want to make my own route by right clicking each turn. But after awhile google changes the route to a main road so it erases everything I’ve marked. Does anyone know how to make google maps not do this? Or do they know of a website where you can make your own route and get typed directions at the end?

admin answers:


Thomas asks…

How can i load maps to google maps on my Nokia 5530?

I have a Nokia 5530 Xpress Music, but no contract. Whenever I open Google Maps it always goes online, and here in Malta that costs a lot of credit. Can I load a map offline, or maybe can stop Google Maps going online?

admin answers:

Google Maps does not allow you to store Maps offline, you cannot use the application in offline mode.
If you want offline maps, check at to see if there is a version of Nokia Maps application available for your phone. That will run offline as well and you can use your computer to store offline maps on to your phone.

Joseph asks…

Google maps how to calculate lat long from point A to B?

I have been looking to navigate with google maps from point A to B.
So I have the latitude and longitude of point A & B and I want to be able to see after 10 minutes where I will be. I take travel time of a plane like 1000km/hour.

I can calculate the distance from point A to B.
But how can I find out the coordinates of latitude and longitude after the 10 minutes.
Is it possible to calculate it with the slope?
I know when I augment longitude + 1 it is equal to 96km which result in +-6 minutes of travel distance.
So I advance every 6 minutes my longitude + 1 and I calculate with the slope the latitude. I don’t know if this is right?

Is it possible to augment my longitude with 1 and to stay on the line?

admin answers:

Slopes will not work. Generally, you will not be changing latitude (or longitude) at a constant rate.

The shortest distance from A to B will be a great circle. You say you figured the distance A to B, and you want the point that is X distance from A, along the line to B. Here is a link to some formulas that will help.

Use the first set of formulas to find the A-B distance and the initial bearing. Then use the second set, using the initial bearing and the A-X distance, to find the point for X. These formulas should be accurate to a kilometer or so.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

October 12, 2012

Charles asks…

Can I get my teeth whitened without getting a deep cleaning first? Here’s why……?

I have serious valve damage from a bout of endocarditis contracted via a teeth cleaning 11 yrs ago (the prophylactic antibiotic didn’t work)
I currently have an impaired immune system, and am scared to death to invite more infection in via cleaning. I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in all that time, am a smoker, and if I’m not drinking coffee, I’m drinking Merlot! :( My teeth look AWFUL, but my gums seem fine. Your educated opinion (minus lectures), please? thanks…..
Umm, by whitening, I meant a dental procedure of some sort vs. a nifty new toothpaste or gel stuff….. thanks….

admin answers:


I have found this site to be use full. Check it out……..

Mary asks…

Is this something you would ever say in this situation? (please read details)?

Ok, so when I was 9 one of my best friends died. It was horrible. He was over 2 years younger than me and we had known each other practically our entire lives. Now no one had honestly expected my friend to live to be an old man, he was born with several birth defects including an impaired immune system. I’ll admit that I was in a kind of shock at his memorial service. But I was also hyper aware. As I stared at a poster-board covered in pictures of him, I overheard two ladies behind me talking. “If you ask me she ought to have aborted the boy while she could. Here we are just 7 years later and hes dead. Every cent they ever spent on him was a waste.”

Now there isn’t much of adult conversation that sticks in the mind of a nine year-old but that did. I had been taught to respect my elders but I stiffened in anger and looked at them. All I could feel then was pain and rage and disgust.

would you have said what I overheard? What would have been your reaction?

admin answers:

What a terrible thing for you to have heard at such a tender age, but unfortunately that is how some people view the world. A Life lost so young is always a tragedy but to equate it to monetary value is despicable and you should have told someone at the time and made these people feel as small as their minds

Daniel asks…

raw, good for dogs with mange?

I have a question about dogs with demodex.

I am currently feeding my dogs raw, I buy the meat from a butcher.
I’ve been feeding them raw for about 3 months now, because I “thought” it was good for dogs with mange, that’s what someone told me.
But now someone told me the opposite, the lady who is helping me treat my dog with mange told me that dogs with genetically impaired immune system should not eat it, it’s more than a dog with a genetically impaired immune system can typically deal with and you kind of open the door for all kinds of serious problems.

She is not against it, she just don’t reccomend raw for dogs with weak immune system.

I would like to know what you guys think. Does anyone here with a dog with mange feed raw?

I am really curious now, I wanna do whats best for my dog, she also suggested me to homecook for her.

Some things that I noticed is that my dachshund looks much healthier with raw, her coat is perfect, more energy. my pits coat is not so great,

admin answers:

I would contact Marina Zacharias. If there is anyhing that can be done, she would be the one to know. I have asked her permission to post contact info on this forum..She replies quckly to emails, and if you phone, she is in PST zone. Her consults are free>
She has helped me many times over the past 20 years.
Marina is a holistic practioner, and she really knows canine diet, and adheres to raw..
She would be happy to give you an expert opinion..

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

October 11, 2012

William asks…

How to brake with an rc car and other questions! I will choose best answer carefully!?

I got the DF Hotfire Brushless (
and I’d like to have these two questions answered:

-When im driving, and I pull the trigger the other way (to make it reverse) is that bad for the car? If so, how do you brake correctly? Is there some sort of in built system that makes it brake while driving, but reverse when standing still?

-My car always goes a bit to the left. The front wheels are a little turned to the left. I tried to trim it, but its already trimmed to go right, and its at the maximum! It must have been like that when i got it! So now how do i make it go straight?

Best answer goes to the one that answeres these two questions best!!

admin answers:

When you push the trigger forward, its not bad for the car. But do you push the trigger forward after coming to a complete stop? If yes. Then its ok. If not, then that will do some harm to the ESC, motor and your drive train. The built in system you mention is called “drag brake”. That is when you start from full throttle & go to neutral slowly. The ESC will start engaging the brake more when you are getting close to neutral. It should be programable on your ESC & or your transmitter.

Now for the front wheel alignment. Make sure the transmitter settings are in the middle / centered. No trim what so ever. Now, make sure the steering turnbuckles are evenly built, equal length. Now make sure the steering servo is installed in the center of the chassis. Turn it on so that it will find dead center. Now install the servo saver to make sure that it is centered. Now install the steering turnbuckles. There might be some adjustments for them to be straight. Hope this helps.

Susan asks…

If you were head of the CIA and had a choice of water boarding or another 9-11, which would you choose?

Choice #1. Water boarding is torture, let the jet liners hit.
Choice #2. Thousands of American lives are more important.

In the real world there are: black and white choices to make:
Either or.
Yes or no.
Do it or not.
Turn left or right.
Apply your breaks or crash.
Pull the trigger or not.

Law enforcement HAVE to make these decision all the time. The upper levels of government do as well. They have to in order to protect the public. This call has ONLY TWO choices. What would your choice be?

There IS credible evidence that water boarding has elicited usable information which prevented a terrorist attack on the Brooklyn Bridge.
QUOTE: “KSM’s revelations helped authorities identify and incarcerate at least six major terrorists” “Ohio-based trucker Iyman Faris pleaded guilty May 1, 2003 to providing material support to terrorists. He secured 2,000 sleeping bags for al-Qaeda and delivered cash, cell phones, and airline tickets to its men. He also conspired to derail a train near Washington, D.C. and use acetylene torches to sever the Brooklyn Bridge’s cables, plunging it into the East River.”

admin answers:

In my opinion there is no choice in the matter, American lives are much more important than the perceived rights of terrorists who intend on murdering Americans! Also as the head of any intelligence agency, I would keep to my oath of office which is basically protecting and preserving our way of life and our country, for if we are ever defeated the rights of terrorists we have violated become a moot my opinion

Mary asks…

If you had to troll one section, which would you troll and why?

There are evil murderers pointing a gun at your head and telling you that if you don’t choose one of the following sections to troll, then they will pull the trigger and kill you. Which of these sections would you troll and why?

United Arab Emirates

admin answers:

I would be killed then,

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Your Questions About For Those Who Think Young

October 10, 2012

Donna asks…

Question for those who married young, under 25?

Do you think your life would have gone a much different path if you had not married so young? Would it be a better path? I married young and am now divorcing and since the separation my life has taken a whole new path, a good one, probably the one it would have if I hadn’t married young!

admin answers:

Wow 3 marriages by 36, OK Elizabeth Taylor … LOL !!

I disagree … It does get better with age … And age plays a H U G E part !!!!

What you want out of life at 22 is not the same as say 27, 30, 35, 40 etc …
You have to find that person you can grow and change with …
And not the party every weekend, live by the sit of our pants guy …
Also … Everytime you are “in love” doesn’t mean you have to get married !!!!

Charles asks…

What do you think of young girls who want do date older/bad guys?

Do you think those types of girls are immature, picky, somewhat naive, or otherwise?

PS for those who are familiar with my questions: Do you have an issue with me posting childfree and interracial topics?

admin answers:

Absolutly. I think it is absolutly stupid when girls my age to try and get off with older/ bad guys. Thats why Im not like them.

Mary asks…

What do you think about young girls who wear makeup?

I mean girls who are under 15 wearing all this make-up like base, foundation, and just everything?

I think its awful trying to look older than you are but more important putting chemicals on your face at that young an age is SO bad for your skin! By the time you get around 20 you WILL start getting wrinkles and such and age faster. Trust me I’ve seen it like everywhere.

Mascara, eye liner, and a little blush is okay. But even know I avoid other make-up and use it only on some occasions.

admin answers:

Children under the age of 16 have no reason to be wearing foundation, base, or any goop on their face. At that age, they have just beautiful, clear complexions that get ruined by all that. Sure, eye makeup is fine (i wouldn’t really go with eyeliner) but wrinkles will happen. If you are young and have acne or bad blackheads, concealer and powder are perfectly fine. But wearing foundation is bad. Also, usually when you’re young you tend to put too much on. You just end up looking orange. So no, please don’t wear makeup underage. It should be illegal.

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Your Questions About Carnitine

October 9, 2012

Sharon asks…

What is the difference between NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) and Acetyl-L Carnitine?

They both support brain function. I usually take NAC, but bought the Acetyl-L Carnitine by mistake.

admin answers:

Carnitine works like an amino acid, but it’s actually related to the B vitamins. It’s a major source of energy for the muscles, helps increase the use of fat as an energy source, prevents fatty buildup, may be useful in treating chronic fatigue syndrome, reduces the health risk from poor fat metabolism in diabetes, and inhibits fatty liver caused by alcoholism.

It also enhances the effectiveness of vitamins E and C, working as an antioxidant to slow the aging process. It is also helpful to the immune system.

NAC is a sulfur containing amino acid that aids in the formation of skin, hair and nails and is important for detoxification. It’s one of the best free radical destroyers, and works best when taken with selenium and vitamin E. It helps to protect the liver and the brain from damage due to alcohol, drugs and cigarette smoke.

Ruth asks…

What else should I do? I workout 6 days a week and take l-carnitine, bcaa in multivitamin, and a whey isolate.?

I run on a elliptical and alternate days in lifting for different parts of my body. I just started and want results. Please help me

admin answers:

Don’t you think 6 days a week is too much for beginner? If I understand correctly, you want to lose weight, right? If so, you should not only exercise, but keep attention on your daily nutrition – find out how many calories you need per day. I recommend you to visit dietitian – he will make an individual diet and you’ll successfully lose weight. If you don’t want to go there, just do not eat fat food, forget about desserts. You should dine until 6 p.m., later ( 2-3 hours before bed time) you can eat one of your favorite fruit.

Laura asks…

What does L-carnitine do in terms of weight loss?

In my biochem class I’ve learned that acylcarnitine can be turned into L carnitine when an acetyl CoA group is added on. however, I remember my prof saying that people use this as a drug for weight loss, but is not really realistic for long term weight loss. Why is this so?

admin answers:

L-Carnitine has been shown to increase the amount of fat you burn during both anaerobic (strength training) and aerobic (cardiovascular) workouts.

So combining workouts with L-carnitine intake, it should work long term too!

Check out The Carnitine Miracle, by Robert Crayhon, M.S. ISBN: 0-87131-825-3

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