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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept It

September 25, 2012

Donna asks…

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it?

Today, Brisbane’s 92 point shellacking of the Giants was accompanied by the sweetener of a massive 241 point win to the Brisbane reserves over the GWS reserves. Yes, you read right, 241 points.
That is a combined 333-point demolition across the seniors and reserves. A fair afternoon for the Brisbane footy club I’d say.
Can anyone find a combined seniors-reserves margin to top this?
Final scorelines were:
Seniors: 19.18.132 to 5.10.40
Reserves: 41.28.274 to 5.3.33
Alright … if no one is brave enough to accept THAT challenge … would someone be so kind as to take the reasonably easier challenge of directing me to a game summary of the reserve’s game? All I can find is scores … I would love to see the leading goal kickers and leading possession winner, and best players. I reckon there would be a few pushing for selection after that performance.
That is fantastic Kam, Great to see Retzlaff and Ace getting goals, as well as Brad Harvey, hoping he gets a game, maybe after the bye? And C Bartlett. Lisle shuld be looking for a game in the coming months too…
What’s going on with Ben ‘The Peoples Beard’ Hudson? I thought he was injured?
Thanks heaps tho Kamootch.
Love the GWS article.
As far as I know, there is cap (I think 16 ) Lions players that can play Lions Reserves (I know, ridiculous isn’t it!) The remaining 6 have to be made up by local Queensland players.. The upside is that these players are getting a run with a strong NEAFL team, the downside is that Lions-listed players are not getting the experience they need! Clubs like the Pies and Cats get their own reserves team with unlimited listed players – why not us!
This rule is changed to unlimited listed players when we are playing GC Reserves, SS Reserves and GWS Reserves.
I am not sure why they gave Starcevich a run today … perhaps we are looking at hiim to draft next year? He is a potential ruckman, and we’ve already got a few of them. However players like him have to be played in most games because of the rule I mentioned before.
Sorry if I didn’t explain the rule too well. I’m not 100% clear on it myself.
Basically, there is a restriction on Brisbane listed players we ca

admin answers:

The Giants reserves were smashed by the Swannies in round 1 in both reserves and seniors but I don’t think it was anything near 333 points.

So disappointed I didn’t get to see the game today live….. Would have been awesome to be there.

But regarding the Q, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head so I might have to get back to you

Edit: Yeah man:

Goal Scorers -

B. Retzlaff 7, A. Cornelius 7, S. Sheldon 5, J. Lisle 4, B. Harvey 3, A. Buchanan 2, R. Newell 2, J. Starcevich 2, B. HUDSON 2, J. Dyson 2, C. Bartlett , S. Wrigley , C. Beams , J. Crisp , S. Docherty

Best -

B. HUDSON, S. Wrigley, R. Newell, A. Buchanan, C. Bartlett

Stiller although he wasn’t amongst the best today he has been playing quite well for the reserves so he might get an opportunity to play game 100 in the AFL for him in due course this season.

Btw I didn’t think it was possible to put a positive spin on article when your team gets beaten by 241 points but someone reporting for GWS did –

Edit 2: Yes, it’s definitely good to see so many contributions by so many players, Voss would be crazy not to give Retzlaff, Harvey, Lisle, Yeo, Cornelius etc. Games soon but guys like Zorko aren’t going aren’t going to give up their spot easily!

Also, Jackson Starcevich who isn’t even registered on the Lions list, today scored 2 goals for the Brisbane reserves. He has played only for Morningside so far this year in the NEAFL and is usually in their best but today he played for the Lions. What’s up with that? Can Brisbane just pick and choose players at will from other NEAFL clubs as independent contractors or something?

Edit 3: Nah cheers man that makes perfect sense. It would be good to see more Queenslander’s playing for Brisbane because we do have a lot of great talent it’s just sometimes our pathways to making it to the big leagues are confused and inaccessible to some so talent goes elsewhere unfortunately. It’s reassuring if there are pathway options for those who play in the NEAFL

Maria asks…

Here is your mission… Do you choose to accept it?

I’m meeting an old friend (male) tomorrow evening to hang out for a while. I need to find a cute shirt to go with my jeans that doesn’t look too ‘planned out’. I’m not sure what to go with here, people!!! I haven’t been out with someone of the opposite sex in almost two years. *Sigh*.

I need to be able to find it in your average department store (JC Penney, Macy’s, Belk, etc.).

CAN you help me please? Links if possible, whatever… Just help! I don’t want to look to dressed up – don’t want him to think I’m purposely dressing up for him, LOL

I’m 30… We are meeting up to have a few drinks and then we are going to ‘go from there’…

admin answers:

‘go from there’ says it all!


or you could try target, tjmax, or forever 21 for a cheaper one night fix. You’d be really suprised at what you can find at tjmax….and remember to throw in some cute accessories! New hair and new date…woooooo go johnny’s mama!

David asks…

Does applying for a credit card affect your credit score if you do not choose to accept the card?

I recently applied for a new credit card to take advantage of an in-store promotion. I applied and was accepted. A few days later, the card arrived in the mail.

Since the card’s arrival, I have decided that I would rather not have the card in the first place. **THE CARD HAS NOT BEEN ACTIVATED**

Should I simply cut the card up and throw it away? Should I call the credit company and tell them I would no longer like the credit card? Will either of those options affect my credit score? Or am I safe because I have not “Activated” the card?


admin answers:

Unless you applied for several cards all at once, you should not notice any significant change in your credit score.

If you really do not want the card, cut it up and mail it back via Certified Mail with Return receipt, with a letter telling them to cancel the account.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

September 24, 2012

Donald asks…

Can allergies effect you even though are not experiencing symptoms?

I was wondering if there are people who experience the effects of allergies even though they are not being acutely affected by them. What I mean is the sneezing, runny eyes, cough, itching etc is not there, and I feel pretty normal most of the time. However, I experience a lot of fatigue and brain fog. Can’t remember names or things I was just working on. Don’t feel like my whole concentration is always there. I feel very tired and exhausted especially in the afternoon. I feel run-down, lazy, no motivation, and have difficulty staying focused on anything. Now the things I can rule out is that I’m not depressed, I exercise twice a week, eat moderately well, and take vitamins. I am overweight and some of those symptoms remind me of insulin resistance, but I wanted to see if anyone else has ever had problems like these with allergies. Thanks for all of your imput.

admin answers:

Yes, I’ve had those run down feelings before with allergies. I think it has to do with the histamine level in your body. Allergy symptoms can vary widely, and brain fog is generally how my allergies start, followed by achy joints, itchy eyes, and runny nose.

Alavert tabs really seem to work for me, especially when I don’t have full blown allergies. For some reason, I seem to be growing out of my allergies! I wish the same for you.

Mark asks…

**Please help me** I feel like my family life is falling apart!?

I’m afraid I’m being an over-dramatic teenager but I really feel like jumping off a building right now.
My dad’s been away for 6 months, he CHOSE to go and sit in an office on the other side of the world, and know he’s just sauntered back and being really mean to me. I’ve got a perfect BMI and weight 7.5 stone, but he says I’m getting fat and he’s putting me on a stupidly strict diet and exercise routine. He’s constantly lecturing me about how he deserves a better daughter because I’m not sensible enough, smart enough, careful enough… I want to be a singer but he keeps telling me to get real because I “can’t sing and I’m too lazy to do anything so you’ll end up being a dish-washing housewife” which really hurt me because I have a lot of dreams in life. He constantly makes me feel like crap. Take our last conversation:

Dad: “Did you get the gift bag for the present yesterday?”
Me: “No, sorry I forgot.”
D: “Well you should have remembered, if you could be bothered.”
M: “It’s in the past now dad, let’s not over-react, I can pick one up today.”
D: “Don’t f*cking tell me what to do, you should have remembered instead of going on facebook.”
M: “Dad, it’s not my fault, I mean you didn’t remember either!
D: “I don’t have to remember you’re the one who bought the f*cking present! You’re so useless!
M: “Sorry, I’ll just get one today, I’ll walk to the shop, OK?
D: “How f*cking dare you speak to me like that, I wouldn’t speak to my parents like that and I’m 45. Just get out of my sight. I’ll sort things out, as usual, you insolent little *****.”

That’s how most of our conversations go, so I’ve just stopped speaking to him when I don’t have to, cos I mean why would I want to if that’s all I get? And now he’s calling me hormonal and moody and antisocial and I just can’t win. So then I chat to him and he rolls his eyes and goes “oh NOW you want to talk to me, what do you want, money?” (even though I never ask him for money.)

And now he’s getting all like “oh claudia, you don’t love me, you got bored of me whilst I was gone, why don’t you go f*ck off back to your new dad” (my mum has got a new partner) “because he’s better than me anyway isn’t he?”

And I’ll go “of course not dad, he’s not my dad, you are.” And then he’ll just change the subject and go off on something else, like he always yells at me because I quit boarding school to live at home and go to a local school, saying “you’re so rebelious and too stupid to appreciate something good, go and do drugs with your new chav gang-mates from the chav pit you call your new school but don’t come crying to me when you end up being a bin lady.”

I just can’t win! He won’t leave me alone so when I try and go to my mum’s house he starts like, getting all emotional and trying to kiss me and say he’s sorry and that if I was a better daughter I wouldn’t try and go and stay with my mum instead! It’s evil cos I missed him whilst he was gone but now I just wish he’d go away again!

And now my mum has split up with my stepdad. I really loved him, possibly more than my real dad (!!!) but now he’s got depression so my mum broke up with him, I’m never going to see him again probably, or his dog who I now saw as my dog, or his son who I saw as my brother. We’re moving out of our fabulous fairytale house and what I had of a family is wrecked all over again!!! We’re going back to another shitty apartment and I just feel suicidal because I feel like wherever I turn there’s a dead end. I knew my mum and stepdad would break up eventually, cos I don’t sugar coat things, I know there’s no such thing as a love that never lasts, I mean everybody breaks up the end, but maybe I was hoping to be proved wrong.

I just have nowhere to escape to and all I want to do is run away but I don’t know where’d I go or anything! I know I’m being ungrateful because I have such a good life and everything but right now all I’ve got is tatters of what was a promising new family, and a dad that hates me. The only person I seem to have right now is my best friend, and she’s moving to scotland in two weeks! What the f*ck am I going to do with my life? Sorry for being a whiny teenager etc etc, but PLEASE help me?

admin answers:

What you need to do is build up the motivation to distract yourself with extra curricular activities and do the best you can in school. Make new friends, and try to build up a positive attitude. If your mom asks you to do something, do it and don’t be afraid to open up to her about your frustrations. As far as your dad, do as he says as well but if he complains, let it go in one ear and out the other. Seriously, don’t take what he says seriously, and if it does become a bigger problem, tell your mom about it. Tell her how he makes you feel and that you want to stay with her.

You need to keep in mind that life will always be a challenge, because life IS suffering. What’s important though, is how you handle those challenges, and keeping yourself busy by doing productive things will help immensely. Help with the move, pack and organize while listening to your favorite songs, sing as much as you want, and dance as much as you want. DON’T let anyone tell you, you can’t do anything either. If you want to be a singer? Go for it, but you can’t get anywhere with a negative attitude and a negative outlook on life. There are famous artists and actors that have had a tougher life than you. How did you think they got where they are? Motivation and a positive attitude.

I honestly believe you can turn this situation around, and wish you the best of luck.

James asks…

My Rat Terrier has allergies…?

My Rat Terrier is always itchy, we’ve tried every type of food, she gets lots of exercise, we’ve treated her for demodex mange and ringworm thinking that might be the problem but didn’t help. I give her her flea and tick stuff every month. She scratches under her armpits, her chin, her eyes and she drags her belly across the carpet. These symptoms, I’ve read, are characteristic of allergies and not parasites… She’s not in terrible shape or anything but I can tell the itchyness makes her depressed and lazy. Are there any Rat Terrier owners out there with similar problems? At this point I’m thinking of putting her on a daily anti-allergy medicine, I don’t want to be giving her benadryl every day. Is there a dog equivalent of something non-drowsy like claritin that I can give her every day, that way I can ask the vet about it when I take her in for her rabies shot. I don’t have the money for allergy tests, plus like I said we’ve tried all different kinds of food with no improvement. Please, no smart aleck or holier than thou posts, I take good care of my dog.
Sorry If I sound like a jerk, any ideas are welcome I just don’t want answers like “you shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t afford the allergy tests, you are a horrible person”… thanks in advance to anyone with any ideas!!!
BTW right now I am feeding her Evangers Beef Dinner w/ Chunks canned dog food.

admin answers:

Humm- the itchy witchies as you have found out can be caused by any number of things. We are going through the same at our house, it is high allergy season & even I am having a difficult time this year.

We are bathing with a Tea Tree & Aloe Vera shampoo and rinsing with a 50/50% solution of Raw Apple Cider vinegar (found at health food stores). I have seen a dramatic difference in all of them this week. We will repeat the cycle next week. Additionally, Hylands (also found at health food stores) makes a anti itch pill for hives that I have used in the past.

You may want to revisit the food allergy issue. Here is an infomative link about Rat Terriers and itchy skin. Http://

Dealing with the itchy witchies is very frustrating. Hope she feels better soon.

Susan Nejman
Afghan Hound Rescue of California

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Your Questions About An Impaired Asset

September 23, 2012

Michael asks…

Audit: Potential financial reporting issues?

(Before reading, what i’m trying to figure out is what are the potential financial reporting issues?)*Please*

FDL is a global public company that researches, develops, markets, and sells prescription drugs. Revenues and net income are down this year partly because one of the company’s competitors, BDI, has created and is selling generic versions of two of FDL’s best-selling drugs. The drugs, known as FD1 and FD2, are still protected by patents which will not expire for another 3-years. Normally, when a drug is patented, other drug companies are not allowed to sell generic versions of the drug. This practice of patenting new drugs allows the companies that develop the drugs enough time to recover their large investment in research and development of the drugs.

In recent years, however, generic drug companies have become more aggressive in producing and selling generic copies of drugs before the patents expire. FDL refers to this practice as “launching the generic products at risk” because, legally, the competitors are not allowed to sell them while the patent is still in force. Currently, FDL has about $2 million in development costs capitalized on the balance sheet. It has launched a lawsuit against BDI to cease and desist selling the generic drugs. These types of lawsuits are very long and very expensive. By the time the lawsuit is settled one way or the other, the patents will have expired. So far, legal costs incurred for the lawsuits are $300,000.

During the year, the patent on a third drug, FD3, expired and several competitor drug companies began actively marketing generic replacements. FDL still has $500,000 worth of development costs on the balance sheet. Although the increased competition may result in this asset being impaired, FDL feels that it can holds its market share based on the past success of FD3 in treating patients. So far, sales of FD3 have only declined by 3%. On the other hand, the company’s share price has declined significantly because of the uncertainty surrounding future sales. Company management is not happy with the drop in share price, because a significant portion of their remuneration is based on stock options.

The company gives volume rebates to some of its larger customers. Under the terms of the sales agreements, the more purchases that customer makes in a certain time frame, the larger the rebate percentage is on these purchases. The length of the time frame varies. Three large contracts are currently outstanding at year end with new customers. The time frames on these contracts extend beyond year end. FDL must estimate the volume rebates by considering what the total sales will be under these contracts. The company has a history of basing this estimate on past experience.
It is now early January and the auditors are coming for an audit planning meeting.

Again, what are the potential financial reporting issues?

admin answers:

The main accounting issue is are you reporting the fair market value of all the items being sold by the firm. The volume discounts are legal but make the accounting more difficult..

James asks…

accounting help please?

15. Costello Corp owns a large factory machine which originally cost $1,000,000 but the current book value is $500,000. The fair market value of the machine is estimated currently to be $400,000. Because of technological changes, Costello is concerned that the value of the asset could be impaired. Costello believes that the machine can be used to manufacture products worth $45,000 per year for the next 10 years. After analyzing the situation, the company should conclude that:
A. there is no impairment loss
B.there is an impairment loss of $50,000
C.there is an impairment loss of $550,000
D.there is an impairment loss of $150,000
E.there is an impairment loss of $100,000
F.there is an impairment loss of $450,000

admin answers:

In order for an asset to be impaired, the future cash flows of the asset must be less than the carrying (book) value of the asset.

Book value = 500,000
Future cash flows = 45,000 x 10 = 450,000
So there is an impairment.
The amount of the impairment is the amount the carrying value exceeds the fair market value.
500,000 – 400,000 = E. There is an impairment loss of $100,000

Laura asks…

Asset Impairment / Fair Value?

Assume US GAAP. A factory (or other property) has book value of $5 million. Its expected undiscounted cash flows are 4.5 million, so it is impaired. The present value of that 4.5 is, say, 3.3 million. However, suppose the factory could be sold for 3.8 million. So I believe the accounting impairment is only 1.2 million, not 1.7. I guess my question is: how often does that happen? How often does it happen that the fair value in exchange is higher than the fair value in use? Is it somewhat unusual? (Also, you could verify that the impairment is 1.2 and not 1.7).

admin answers:

There is an impairment when the asset’s carrying amount exceeds its recoverable amount. Recoverable amount: the higher of an asset’s fair value less costs to sell (sometimes called net selling price) and its value in use, so in your case, that would be $3.8m. So the impairment is $5m – $3.8m = $1.2m.

It’s hard to say how often this happens, as fair value depends on several factors, most of which involves estimates and judgements. It’s hard to estimate cash flows from a building unless it’s rental income. Otherwise, in a factory scenario, you’d break down the assessment to the individual CGU (cash generating units) to estimate the cash flows which will be generated. Also, don’t forget the estimate involved in depreciation. Theoretically, your depreciation is supposed to reflect the pattern of usage of the asset, so if this was well done, your carrying value would be close to the fair value.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

September 23, 2012

Susan asks…

can anyone find this picture?

i need the rikku fan-art from this psp background but i cant find it anywhere:

your mission if you choose to accept it is this-
i need you to find the picture for me i don’t care where you find it just so long as you do. Ii will reward the first person with a successful link to the picture with ten points!

Good Luck
(rikku is the one in the middle)

admin answers:

Nice pic!

William asks…

New Look Buisness outfit?

Ok so here’s the deal, i’m a 14 year old girl and our school is having an ‘enterprise day’. For this we have to dress in a buisness outfit, think smart office worker.
So your mission, should you choose to accept is to find me an outfit to wear, i can only get to my local town and this is literal the only store i can get too.

so if you have any ideas can you post links.
Nothing super tight or revealing, this is school you guys :L

admin answers:

Do you have a topshop?





get some plain or floral patterned black tights and tuck the blouse into the skirt and black shoes






wear with plain black tights and black shoes

Joseph asks…

need to find this pic?

i need the rikku fan-art from this psp background but i cant find it anywhere:

your mission if you choose to accept it is this-
i need you to find the picture for me i don’t care where you find it just so long as you do. Ii will reward the first person with a successful link to the picture with ten points!

Good Luck
(rikku is the one in the middle)

admin answers:

Here is some kool pics of her

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

September 22, 2012

Nancy asks…

what does it mean when i dream in sign language over and over?

i’m considered profoundly deaf (40% hearing in each ear). as a child i had normal hearing but over the years (i’m 25) i slowly lost it. i stopped using sign language by second grade because i no longer needed it after i was moved out of the class for the hearing impaired. i needed it to communicate with the other students. i have never had dreams of using sign language before, but recently i keep having them.

in the dream i’m always speaking while using sign language which is common for those who use it and can also hear. i’m always using it with ease and i’m totally relaxed in each dream. i have noticed that when i use it in the dream i feel like the person understands me better than if i had only spoke to them.

i’m a firm believer in paying attention to my dreams because i believe it’s way of communicating with myself what i’m not immediately addressing while awake. this one has me stumped though. i can’t tell if i’m wishing i was signing on a more regular basis because i’ve always cherished that i could sign or if i wish i was a kid again (only time i used sign language) or maybe i’m trying to show people who i am and it’s part of who i am.

any guesses or theories?

admin answers:

For the same reason that I dream in French sometimes.
English is my second language, but I’ve spoken it (without an accent) since I was 5 years old. In fact no one ever seems to know that English is not my first language, that’s how hardwired it is in my brain.
Yet sometimes I dream in French.
I think this is perfectly normal. It’s just the parts of your brain that use sign language are being activated in your dreams.

Laura asks…

Please check my essay?

Writing essay is really hard because I lived in different country and writing essay in english is really hard. But I have to do it :( Can you check my essay so I don’t miss anything like grammar and stuff that don’t make any sense. Three things I want you to make sure I don’t have any missing grammers or words, Information clearly relates to main topic which include several details or examples and transition words, and must include introductory sentence, explanations or details, and concluding sentence. Thank you so much for helping me out :D

…..Have you ever seen a deaf person? Well, I saw a lot of deaf people who use hearing programs and use sign languages. Heather Whitestone is the first deaf person who crowned to be Miss America. She has a lot of interesting childhood, personal life, and accomplishment. Do you want to know all about Heather’s life then stop thinking and start reading!
…..Heather Whitestone was born in February 24, 1973 in Dothan, Alabama. In fact, she is deaf when she is 18 moths old because of diphtheria-tetanus vaccine. She is using hearing impaired to help her hear. When she is eleven years old, she is struggled in regular school and sent to special school to help her success. Heather loves to do ballet because she is using her body language to express her emotions. She also knows sign language and meets a lot of deaf people from different countries.
…..Heather Whitestone won the Miss America Pageant in 1995 by showing the world her amazing ballet. She is working hard to prove that she could do it. She also had a 3.6 grade average in Berry High School. Heather is married to a hearing man named John McCallum. They got married on June 1996 and live in Atlantic, Georgia.
…..Heather Whitestone went to different places and made speeches about believing in yourself. She wrote three books Listening With My Heart, Believing The Promise, and Let God Surprise You. She also tells kids to think positive and it helps them to be successful. Heather is a spokesperson for the Helen Keller Eye Reseach Foundation and the Starkey Hearing Aid Foundation. She is important because she is proving that anything is possible with God’s help.
…..I admire my deaf champion, Heather Whitestone. She helps a lot of people to stop giving up and go to your dream. She is the first deaf “Miss America” and always believes in herself. She is in business helping make people’s dreams came true. Her Life story inspires me and I want to be like her. Believe and be first at something special!

admin answers:

Here you go. I’ve corrected your tense, spelling and punctuation errors and written the correct ones in bold. I also edited in some stuff to make it sound better. :)

…..Have you ever seen a deaf person? Well, I HAVE SEEN a lot of SUCH people who use hearing aids and sign language. AN EXAMPLE IS THAT OF Heather Whitestone, the first deaf person TO BE CROWNED Miss America. She HAD AN interesting childhood, personal life, and MANY GREAT accomplishmentS. IF you want to know MORE about Heather’s life, stop thinking and start reading!
…..Heather Whitestone was born ON February 24, 1973 in Dothan, Alabama. She LOST HER HEARING when she WAS 18 moNths old because of A diphtheria-tetanus vaccine, and USED A hearing AID to help her hear. When she WAS eleven years old, she struggled in regular school and WAS sent to A special school to help her IN PERSUING AN EDUCATION DESPITE HER HEARING DISABILITY. Heather loves ballet because IT ALLOWS HER TO USE her body language to express her emotions. She also knows sign language and HAS MET a lot of deaf people from different countries.
…..Heather Whitestone won the Miss America Pageant in 1995 by showing the world her amazing ballet SKILLS. She WORKED hard to prove that she could do it. She also had a 3.6 grade average in Berry High School. Heather is married to a hearing-IMPAIRED man named John McCallum. They got married on June, 1996 and live in Atlantic, Georgia.
…..Heather Whitestone HAS BEEN to different places WHERE SHE HAS MADE speeches about believing in yourself. She HAS WRITTEN three books: Listening With My Heart, Believing The Promise, and Let God Surprise You. She HAS ENCOURAGED kids to think positive in order to succeed in the future. ALSO, Heather WAS a spokesperson for the Helen Keller Eye Reseach Foundation and the Starkey Hearing Aid Foundation. She IS AN INSPIRATION because she BELIEVES that anything is possible with God’s help.
…..I admire Heather Whitestone- SHE IS LIKE A CHAMPION TO ME. She HAS ENCOURAGED a lot of people NOT TO GIVE up and PURSUE THEIR dream. She has also helped TO make people’s dreams COME true. Her life story inspires me and I HOPE to be like her SOMEDAY. SO AS LONG AS THERE IS HOPE, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Donna asks…

Compare animal communication and human communication?

especially washoe, a chimpanzee who are taught of ASL by psychologist, just using english sign language..
How monkeys communicate? and if compare to ear impaired person who just using sign language who is better, washoe or ear impaired human?

if you have site to offer pls include..

admin answers:

You can train a dog to bark until you command it stop…it is NOT communicating!
“Clever Hans” was a FAKE too.

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