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Your Questions About If You Choose To Answer This Question At Random

September 30, 2012

Paul asks…

Probability question. will choose BEST answer…need help :( ?

If you could give me an explanation of how to do this I would GREATLY appreciate it. Will choose best answer

As part of its quality-control program, the video cartridges produced by Starr Communications are
subjected to a final inspection before shipment. A sample of 7 cartridges is selected at random from each lot of cartridges produced, and the lot is rejected if the sample contains one or more defective cartridges. If 1.7% of the cartridges produced by Starr is defective, find the probability that a shipment will be accepted.

admin answers:

W need to find out the size of the lot to compute the defectives. Then we subtract defectives from the the lot size and divide by the lot size , multiply by 100 to obtain the %of a good cartridges per lot.
Y= lot size

7 samples per lot are taken so what is the size of the lot?

Y / 7 -1 = 1
y = 14

the % defective is 1.7% , 14(1.7)/100 = 0.238 defects per lot

14 – 0.238 = 13.76 good cartridges, —-> 13.76/14*100 = 98.3% good cartridges per lot which is the
probability of success in any one trial. So the probabilities the shipment will be accepted are unknown.But there is more on the calc.of the probability of acceptance of the shipment.For we have to make use of a formula called the Binomial Probability Formula which give the probability of sucess given the values already calculated.

P(x) = nCx *p^x *q^(n-x) where the definitions are:

n = number of trials = 7
x= number of succees among trials = 6
p = probability of success in any one trial = 98.3%
q= probability of failure in any one trial ( 1-p )
nCx = combinations of n items , choose x

from here is a matter of substitution: nCx = 7C6 = 7! / 6 !(7-6)! = 7*6! / 6! (1)! = 7!

So we have, P(6) = 7 *(0.983)^6 * (0.017)^(7-6) = 6*(0.9022)(0.017) = 0.107 = 10.7% which is the
the probability of the shipment being rejected, then 100- 10.7
= 89.3 % being accepted.

Betty asks…

If you are a witness/victim in a court case can you refuse to answer a question?

So, I have court tomorrow morning, and I’m stressing obviously. But I had a question about if your aloud to do this. So I am the victim in this case which I won’t get into details and it’s a juvenile case just so you know if that changes anything , but when I go to testify, if the offenders public defender asks me a question that has NOTHING to do with the case at all, that can’t help the case, has literally no connection to it can I CHOOSE to not answer the question? Can I like object? Or is that illegal and will I get in trouble? Because I honestly have no idea and when I talked to the District Attorney for the case he said that the public defender may ask some questions that are random that don’t have a lot to do with the case like for example: she may ask about me cosplaying (dressing up as a character from an anime) because the fact that I do could make me look bad or something.
So for a question like that would I be aloud to withhold an answer?
They didn’t tell me and at the time I didn’t ask so if anyone knows about anything like that, please answer or if you even have a thought on it or just your opinion on if you THINK it would be acceptable not to answer, please tell me. Thank you!
ADD: okay, since I can’t refuse to answer my main main concern is if they ask a question like per say “did your ex-boyfriend hit you,” or something to that effect (this person not being the person in trouble) could they get in trouble if I answered “yes.” ? Even if I didn’t want them to get in trouble?

admin answers:

If you think the question is unfair – say so and explain why you feel its unfair.

You ask ‘Can I like object?’ – no that will be for the do, where he must give reason such as – relevence to the case –

The question of ‘did your ex-boyfriend hit you’ the question would be ‘How many times did your former boyfriend hit you – and where di they hit you?’ The significance of the question esablishes the assault, – the physical contact as well as the number of times it happens. This forms a pattern of actions as well as a history.

I think you are getting worked up with out reason, but you can always talk to a court official about your concerns.

Carol asks…

Repost, random questions, answer the ones you can, 10pts!?

Thanks to everyone who posted before, I just had to revise some wording in the questions to clarify.

1) I rode English for the… third? time yesterday in a hunt saddle! I loved it! I ride quite well western, and I have been riding western for 4-5 years, so I understand walk trot canter cues, sitting deep, heels down, etc. I could use advice on these two issues:
a. The stirrups slip back from the ball of my foot to the heel of my boot! This NEVER happens to me western, although sometimes I put my heels down a bit too much. Has anyone heard of putting your heals too far down in English stirrups so that not enough weight is on the ball of your foot, and the stirrup slips back? Could this be the problem? Any tips?
b. I am MUCH better at posting and keeping my stirrup when traveling counter-clockwise than clockwise. Is it normal to be better in one direction?
Any other advise is much appreciated! *NOTE* I DO NOT want a western vs. english debate here. I respect both types of riding, and honestly don’t care if you think that english is abusive, or that western doesn’t take skill.

2) My 4H horse quiz bowl team won Regional, State, and now we are headed to Nationals!! Nationals are in Lexington, Kentucky, and the Breeders Cup will be going on during the event, so we get to hang out there!! But anyways, has anyone been to the Breeders Cup? What’s your experience? Any major events that you recommend!?

3) *OK, please READ. I don’t want to be yelled at or lectured.* So, I might lease a horse over the summer that my instructor recommended. He is a English and Western pleasure horse, which is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! He is well trained in both, and I’m a fairly good rider, but I’m wondering if he could be too advanced for me. What I mean is that could I be able to handle him fine, and actually look rather nice on him, but harm his training by not challenging him to his full capacity? Can I handle him well, and look nice on him, but damage his training by not always demanding the best from him, because I am not at that level to compete?

Thanks, I WILL chose a best answer. If you don’t know all of them, just answer the ones you can!

admin answers:

1- Definately shorten your stirrups.The correct position for english riding is to push your weight down into your heels.That will help to keep your legs in the right position. Everyone,very much like horses has a stronger and a weaker side,so its very common to ride better on one particular rein,meaning clock wise or anti clockwise.Unfortunately you`ll always find that your weak side is also the horses weak side usually due to the rider not riding the horse evenly balanced,and lets be honnest we are all i think gulity of that. 2-No,never been. 3-Do you trust your instructor? Surely they wouldn`t have recommended this horse if they didnt think you were capable of riding him.I really do understand your predicament,and I understand the worry of you ruining him but I would be more worried that someone who didnt have a clue what they were doing but thought they were an expert would ruin him.You are obviously very compassionate and its lovely to hear someone being totally honnest regarding their ability but I think that you could maybe learn alot from this advanced horse.We are all on a learning curve.Trust me,I`ve been riding 21 years and Im still learning.I`d say go for it! You wont know til you try him and if need be you`ve always got your instructor to help should you run into any teething problems

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Take This Mission

September 29, 2012

David asks…

What old PC game is this?

I’m trying to remember the name of this old PC game I used to play with my granddad as a kid. Apologies in advance for the limited info but it’s all I can remember!

1. It used to run on Windows 98.
2. It was a tactical war/shooting game set in the future.
3. It was a 2.5D (two-and-a-half-dimensional) game I think. The camera angle was similar to the one used in Commandos.
4. You would control a squad of soldiers, each member of the squad would have different coloured armour based on their skills (I think). This was customisable at the start so you could choose what types of soldiers you wanted to take on a mission.
5. The game would take place in a city if I remember correctly. You could go into different rooms.

Feel free to list a bunch of possibles. I don’t mind researching them all individually! Thanks!
The gameplay looks very much like Shadow Watch except that it’s not a turn based game. Also Shadow Watch seems to have better graphics than I remember this game to have.

The opponents in the game, if I recall, looked very much like the soldiers that were controlled by the player.

admin answers:

What kind of weapons?

What kind of opponents?

It’s not XCOM. Sounds vaguely like Shadow Watch

EDIT: Would it be… Syndicate?

George asks…

Is it selfish if you don’t want to spend your whole life going on mission trips?

… Stupid question, kind of…
… And before I start, I’d rather not talk about this is any kind of ‘religious’ way, (as that may be some people who might answer) it makes me mad that people see helping people = religion, I’m not atheist or anything, but because of stereotypes, I’d rather talk about it in a general sense…
I’ve been depressed … it’s not really a constant thing and it’s not that I’m never happy… but kind of…. for more than 2 years. I have low self esteem and there are things that I really hate about myself, which is mostly why I am depressed.
…. I’m going to college, and I guess you could say I have to start thinking about ‘what I want to do with the rest of my life’. Whenever I think about this, I always think about it in an ‘if‘ basis — like IF my life turns out to be any good, then…. And I really don’t know… I love psychology … or I did in high school … although I’m not sure about it, like I don’t know if I would be any good at talking to people… When I finally have to choose a major it will probably be between that and something in science… as I might actually be better at that.
And, as it is, a lot of things that most people chase after, like being popular and facades of wealth and the ‘successful’ job like business or s/t… don’t make me happy ( I don’t admire rich, powerful people)
.. This sound really dumb and cliche, but… I’ve always sort of wished I could change someone’s life for the better… in a way. I don’t know… I might want to help people who are depressed see things in themselves…as I don’t think they are just being stupid and whiny and I can see that in myself.
And they say what makes you happiest is giving to others, instead of always seeing what you can get for yourself.
……..But recently, in religion class (I went to private high school) and in books they make us read and speakers that come and stuff… there’s all this about other people in the world. … Like all the starving children in Africa and all over the world, and all the third world countries and places where people are oppressed… and they say other people in more privileged countries should be doing more to help…
That makes me feel kind of guilty…. But for the people who do do stuff… it’s almost like…. an ‘all or nothing’ kind of thing… Like if you help at all you have to spend your whole life being a missionary or something….
Maybe I’m selfish for saying this, but I really don’t want to spend my whole life being a missionary trying to rebuild a country and putting in all that effort and becoming exhausted beyond reason just to see millions and millions more of desolate, hurt people every day… I mean, you‘re doing something really good, but it’s almost like your whole life is going by working, and it’s not really doing much good… in the long run or in the big picture or whatever.
Maybe I’m selfish for saying this too, but I want to experience other things, like falling in love and just being with that person (hopefully :) ) ,and just having fun, and having a good time with friends, and taking walks at night, and going outside on a lovely day, and shopping for clothes and cool stuff, and dancing in my room while blasting my music, and watching a good movie, and swimming, and yummy ice cream, and stupid stuff like that.
…….It’s not that anyone has ever told me that I MUST do this with the rest of my life or anything…
Normally, I wouldn’t have thought about it, but it made me wonder… why other people’s lives could be so unfair as I see a lot of injustices in my own….
So really, for me and the other 99% of people who choose not to make mission trips the sole basis of their lives, is that selfish?

admin answers:

Wow. There’s way more than one question here. :-)
People get depressed for many reasons, but the main ones are lack of purpose in life and not being true to themselves. The definition of selfishness is being concerned only with your own needs at the expense of others’ needs. That doesn’t sound like you if you feel you want to make a difference in people’s lives. That being said, you don’t have to take on an entire third world country. Mission work is not for everyone, just as one-on-one care is not for everyone. The world needs all kinds of people so you need to find the niche that fulfills you while helping others and being a part of something bigger than yourself. That includes falling in love, having friends, and nurturing your psyche – what comforts your soul and cheers your heart enables you to share your happiness with others.
This time in your life is one of soul-searching to discover what career and life path is right for you. Consider taking a Career Exploration class at the community college. Maybe being a high school or college counselor will give you the satisfaction of helping people like yourself figure out what life path is best for them. Ask your friends what they think your best qualities and strengths are and think about where you can use them to do the most good.
You are asking all the right questions about your life. Good luck!

Richard asks…

Please help me to choose good value red wine from my local supermarket!?

Please take you time and help me i will give you the link please follow the steps and you will see the choices of my local supermarket red wines i want something with good value,quality staff from medium body to full body so please FROM my local list of supermarket choose the one would be the best value and recommend me please

FOLLOW this steps:Please take you time and help me i will give you the link please follow the steps and you will see the choices of my local supermarket red wines i want something with good value,quality staff from medium body to full body so please FROM my local list of supermarket choose the one would be the best value and recommend me please

FOLLOW this steps:Please take you time and help me i will give you the link please follow the steps and you will see the choices of my local supermarket red wines i want something with good value,quality staff from medium body to full body so please FROM my local list of supermarket choose the one would be the best value and recommend me please

1)FOLLOW this steps:

2)Start shopping now, Auckland CBD Downtown, Auckland GL, type red wine

3)click red wine

so there you are now which one do you recommend best value quality etc.. and WHY?

Also i might drink it with food like steak but probably i will drink it on it’s so yeah 90% i will probably drink it on it’s on without food so yeah

Prices in New Zealand dollars

Somebody answer me with this answer so what do you think about it do you agree or disagree or do you have any other choices any other ideas

Of the Cabernet sauvignon, I saw, understanding that you want a medium/full body, I’d recommend anything from Penfolds, Jacob’s Creek or Mission Estate (they’re all available here in Canada and they’re all good). If I were picking this up for myself, I’d order the Jacobs Creek Cabernet sauvignon reserve, especially since it is on special at the moment.

One last note, Cabernet sauvignon is intended for food, especially to balance out it’s tannins. Again, if it were me, I’d order the Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Merlot or the Wyndham Estate Cabernet Merlot bin 888 for sipping by itself. Merlot mellows out the Cab.

I just want pick something good quality good for sipping and chatting something that is not for a new wine drinker i will drink with my friend who loves red wine not sure which exactly but he likes dry and he been drinking a lot of red wine in moderation so i need something that will suit for any body at nay day or at least most of them and will not brake my bank so yeah i need something like not for beginner something like medium or little bit better quality but at the same time non of like professional quality staff if you know what i mean

admin answers:

Try the “Barefoot” wines. Decent and very inexpensive.

Also, try “Banrock Station” from Australia. Very good Shiraz and Shiraz blend.


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Your Questions About Carnitine

September 28, 2012

Chris asks…

Which is the most effective to help metabolize the fat (into energy),L-Carnitine or a-lipolic?

I want to take a dietary supplement but i dont know which one is the most effective.Dietary Supplement with L-Carnitine or Lipolic Q10? or some goodway to help metabolize the fat.(coz im busy to my job no time to exercise or workout)

admin answers:

From what I get the only thing is exercises, Ask the Dr. If there is anything, I would like it too.==

Mary asks…

What does the “L” stand for in L-carnitine and L-tryptophan?

These are naturally occurring chemicals in nature but also can be produced. Which is what I think the L stands for, Im just not sure. I have also seen D-carnitine, which is banned in the US apparently.

admin answers:

It goes to the concept of stereoisomerism: Stereoisomers are isomeric molecules that have the same molecular formula and sequence of bonded atoms (constitution), but which differ only in the three-dimensional orientations of their atoms in space.

One form of an isomer may bend polarized light to the right, and is labeled the D- form (D for dextro-, Latin root for right). The other isomer bends polarized light to the left, and is labeled L (Levo- or left).
Many such stereoisomers are biologically active in only one form, usually the L- isomer, such as L-DOPA.

Of interest historically, Louis Pasteur was the first to describe this, but he became involved in other matters.

David asks…

Is it safe for me to go over the recommended dose of triple strength l-carnitine?

I was thinking about taking 2 tablespoons a day, instead of one. What would this do?

admin answers:

No, you should not do that.

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Your Questions About Google Docs

September 27, 2012

Joseph asks…

How do you add html to a google docs document?

I want to add html or javascript to some google docs documents. How? Not sure if this is possible.

admin answers:

Above reply is accurate and in this case, google docs works like WYSIWYG type editor. However, this is true only for HTML I suppose. For JavaScript, you’d do as suggested by above user and put your JavaScript code separately at proper place of the HTML.

Hope it helps!

Steven asks…

How to synchronize data between Google Docs and Basecamp?

Basecamp is a web-based project-management tool. Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, slide show, form, and data storage service offered by Google.
How to transfer data between two application?

admin answers:

Google Docs synchronization with Basecamp is implemented by cloudHQ service ( ).
The cloudHQ service tries to completely integrate Basecamp, Dropbox, SugarSync into Google Docs.

David asks…

How to make a powerpoint into a hyperlink using google docs?

I have a powerpoint presentation on my computer for an online class. I need to make a live hyperlink with google docs so my teacher can view my presentation. I have searched google, but can not find anything.

admin answers:

In this article you will find the answer on how to share your PowerPoint with others using Google Docs:

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Your Questions About Google Images

September 26, 2012

Steven asks…

How to put photos from google images to facebook?

Hey, i started a new group on facebook, and dont know how to get photos from google images, to the group’s profile picture thingy? I am new and dont really know how at all….Do I like have to download the picture from google images to my hard drive and stuff like that? Plz help!

admin answers:

1) Go on image, Click see full size image right click save as save it onto your computer somewhere

2) Go to group, Hover over the profile picture of the group you have created when it says Change Picture

3) click on change picture

4) Click Upload Picture

5) Click Browse

6) Select the image file youve saved


1) Go to image, view full size… Go to the adress bar at the top select all and Ctrl C (or just right click coppy up to u)

2)go to group Hover over the profile picture of the group you have created when it says Change Picture

3) click on change picture

4) Click Upload Picture

5) Click Browse

6) Select the image file youve saved

then click OK… And then your done

Linda asks…

How do you remove a picture from google images?

I recently tried googling my full name and I saw my picture.
It was a photo I posted on facebook.
I want to remove this photof rom google.. How do i do that?
By the way, i removed the picture from facebook, but it still apears in google images..
And why out of all the pictures of my on facebook, google chose that particular one to have in their image results?

admin answers:

You can’t. Google updates its search every so often- usually every couple of weeks, i think, to include new images and delete old ones. A representation of your picture is stored on google servers, and will continue to show up for a while longer.
As for why it did it, its a result of google’s mysterious algorithm. If anyone figured out how it worked, and why, they’d be rich. Just goes to show you how cautious you need to be on the internet.

Robert asks…

How to remove my picture of google images?

i uploaded some images to fanpop of me, then i realised they were all over google images (i’m so dum sometimes). i wanted to remove them from google images. so i removed the images from fanpop, and reported my own group to get it removed. the page is gone. but there are still images of me on google images. and the pages are still available to see on google search. any help to remove them completly?
i deleted the page 1 week ago
need them deleleted ASAP

admin answers:

Unless someone is going to be searching your name into google images I doubt you need them removed.
Anyway yes they will come off in time.

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