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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

August 4, 2012

Helen asks…

This is your mission, if you choose to accept it…?

Name a Disney character for each letter of the alphabet, starting with A. It has to be their REAL names. Winner gets 10 points and a nice e-mail! Good luck!

If you can, also state which movie they are from (in case I have no clue whom you are talking about)

admin answers:

Esmeralda(Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Happy(Snow White and the Seven Drwarfs)
Mickey Mouse
Oogie Boodie(Nightmare before X-mas)
Robin Hood
Victor(Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Wall*e(Its coming out this summer 2008)
XR(Buzz Lightyear)
Yzma(The Emperor’s New Groove)
Zero(Nightmare Before Christmas)


Nancy asks…

This Is YOUR MISSION…………………….. If you choose to accept?!?

Answer This Question………..

Does Mission Impossible Suck???

I think so…..

NO I will wait till After I pick a Best answer!

admin answers:

Keep the theme song, ditch the rest.

Mandy asks…

Your mission…if you choose to accept it?

make a meal out of the following (you do not need to use them all, and please be sensible cos this is likely to be my dinner the idea is to stretch the ingredients as far as possible.

500g pork mince
basic spices
tomato nd garlic spaghetti sauce
shredded cheese
herbs/spices (ie cagun, steak spice, mixed herbs, oregano etc)
taco sauce
sauces – bbq, mustard, tomato, sweet chilli…
and $2.50 to spend at the supermarket…

im pretty sure thats about all i have in my pantry


admin answers:

Uy some mushrooms (fresh, canned or even frozen) if youlike mushrooms. Saute some chopped onion and garlic. Add the pork and cook if it’s still raw, then cook it up. If it’s already cooked then just add it in. Add the tomatoe sauce or spaghetti sauce, and add a little etxtra orgeno and othe itallian type herbs, and mushrooms. Serve over the spaghetti, and top with melted cheese.

Or cook up the garlic, onion and pork. Add a shake or two of steak seasoning, and some b-b-q simmer for about 20 minutes. Serve in a sandwich. If you need bread use your 2.50 for that.

Buy a couple of baking potatoes, and a can of corn. Toss in oven and start to cook. Or buy some taco shells and a can of refried beans.

Cook the onion, garlic, and pork. Add 2-3 tbsp of the spaghetti sauce or tomatoe sauce and the taco sauce. Serve over the taters, sprinkle with corn (optional) and cheese. Or serve with refried beans in taco shells, with cheese.

Make pork patties-
Buy 1/2 a carton of eggs, bread (look for clearence bread) or crackers.

Chop some garlic, onions and toast the bread and chop it up. Mix with the pork, add a little mustard some cajun or steak seasonings. Pat up into patties, and fry. Eat with more bread, grilled and a little shredded cheese. Or roll it into balls bake or fry and then simmer in the spaghetti sauce or the tomato sauce with the herbs. Simmer for at least 20 min and serve over the spaghetti.

You could even stuff a little cheese in the meat balls or patties .

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died Lyrics

August 3, 2012

Sharon asks…

Name those song lyrics! Rock and Pop?


1. Hunt you down without mercy. Hunt you down All Nightmare Long.

2. I swear that you don’t have to go. I thought we could wait for the fireworks. I thought we could wait for the snow to wash over Georgia and kill the hurt.

3. Master..master…master of puppets is pulling your strings. Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams.

4. Go get your shovel, and we’ll dig a deep hole to bury the castle. bury the castle

5. My cock is much bigger than yours! My cock can walk right through that door. With a feeling so pure its got you screaming back for more.

6. Jealousy is an ugly word but your don’t seem to care. Converse behind my back but i dont care.

7. Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost its empty and cold without you here too many people to ache over.

8. “I‘ll try” she said as she walked away, try not to lose you. two vibrant hearts could change. Nothing tears the being more than deception unmasked fear.

9. TNT

admin answers:

1all nightmare long-metallica
2.theecheers for five years- mayday parade
3. Master of puppets-metallica
4.brick by boring brick-paramore
6burn it down-a7x
7sieze the day-a7x
8unholy confessions-a7x

i highly suggest you listen to more avenged sevenfold than their singles, go buy waking the fallen and be amazed.

Helen asks…

i was wondering if those are the real lyrics for Judas from Lady Gaga Born This Way unreleased album?

You never ever never
ever really ever loved me more,than I
but Nemesis is watching over-high
and this is your time,
Judas,lie on lie,write
tears drop cause I cry
the echo truth killed you so you may finally die

Master Judas,
My Judas you’re all mine
I spent my nights healing from your damaging bites

My Judas,
My Judas,you’ll be fine
I slept over your hard stoned shoulder
I domestic flighted for you,baby
murdered as you might find me cooler,honey

I‘m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel,
he’s the one who will make me a liar,
make my speech nothing worth
but I‘m still in love with Judas, Baby
I‘m still in love with master Judas, Baby

Jude If my love is a sin,if no man seems to fit
As I trust the world,to put me back on feet

I‘m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel,
he’s the one who will make me a liar,
and make my speech nothing worth
but I‘m still in love with Judas,since his birth
I‘m still in love with Judas,Oh Judas
you bring me mirth

Jude If my love is a sin,if no man seems to fit
As I trust the LORD,he’ll put me back on ship
is it the shoe heel or the size of my feet

I‘m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel,
he’s the one who will make me a liar,
and make my speech nothing worth
but I‘m still in love with Judas, Baby
I‘m still in love with Judas, Baby

Jude I promised you,I won’t bother you
As I crossed my fingers back from North
I‘m still in love with Judas,Oh Judas
you bring me mirth

admin answers:

Could be

Laura asks…

“Look in those beautiful eyes and know shes lucky cause”…Lyrics. Help?!!?

The title of this question is a lyric from Taylor Swift’s brilliant song Teardrops on my Guitar. Its a song that is becoming more and more true to me and my life’s current situation and i would appreciate a little bit of advice on it (:

I have a boyfriend. Ive been with him not all that long. About 8 weeks.
I‘m finding it hard to be in a relationship with him, we were brilliant friends but again, not for all that long, but we talked alot and in the short space of time (about 5 months) got to know eachother fairly well, but now i can barely talk to him and as much effort as i make to talk to him or kiss him or take things in the relationship further nothing happens, he is just in my opinion messing me about and i do not want to be in this relationship any longer as him doing this to me for about 5 weeks now has made me lose the initial atraction i had for him (one that tbh wasnt even that strong back then never mind now). So i‘ll be ending this relationship…how should i do it?

BUT. The plot thickens. There is a guy named Paul. He is one of my boyfriends best friends however as horrible as it may sound i like him. more than i do my boyfriend. And im not a big romantic, im not one to say oh i believe in love at first sight, infact until i met Paul i didnt believe in love at all, ive been in 7 proper relationships and none of them ive felt any hint of love towards, just a feeling of fancying them then it dies out. I get bored i suppose. However i met paul, got to know him and the feelings i have for him i would actually describe as loving him which i have never done before. He recently got with this total w h o r e and its killing me, we sat outside of the pub we were in (me in tears for a completley unrelated to this question reason that i wont go in to) on friday night all snuggled up together holding hands and he kissed me first on the cheek and then nose then properly, i felt the butterflies. I‘d never felt them before in kissing anyone. It gets even weirder that i feel this way about him when i think of all our similarities, especially us being born on the same day in the same hospital on the same ward within 45 minutes of eachother :|
But when i see him with this girl my heart aches, and i could possibly describe it as though its slowly killing me and my emotions.

I dont know what to do anymore, do i go after Paul? Do I let him be with this other girl even though its killing me, do i tell him that shes cheated on him (as in full on sex) in the 1 week they’ve been seeing eachother…or do i just walk away and “fake a smile so he wont see”?
thanks in advance

admin answers:

I take back what I said a while ago, if you already saw that.
Unless Paul likes you back (I mean, really like), just…walk away. I’m sorry to have to say this but, don’t stick your nose where it’s not your business and where it might not be wanted.
The guy has a relationship of his own; it’s best if you let him be. If his girlfriend’s cheating on him, it’s actually his problem, no matter how insensitive it must sound to you. It’s his problem that he chose the wrong girl, and it’s a lot better if he finds out about it on his own, and not through somebody else.
Are you really a FRIEND of his? Or you’re just concerned about him because you fancy him?
If somebody really has to tell him about it, I think that the only person who is in proper position to tell him about it is his FRIEND, who is in fact your current boyfriend.
Work on your own relationship, ’cause it obviously needs a lot of work for it to improve. Unless your boyfriend finally tells you that it’s all over, that’s the time you move on and find somebody else. But, until then, work on it as much as you can. That’s what couples do if it seems like it doesn’t work out between them: they try to make it work out…together.
Believe in commitments to one another. You said you once loved him; so it’s not impossible to love him again. You don’t just say you love him, start a relationship, and end it after a short while, just because you grew bored of him.
That’s one of the reasons why there are plenty of failed marriages. People just aren’t patient and sensitive enough, and they tend to act single again, even if they aren’t, actually.

I’m sorry to have to say these things; I know it must sound pretty hurtful to you, but I think these are the most appropriate things to do, unless you want a heartbreak.

You must have noticed that I changed my answer so suddenly. I thought about it for a while and realized that I gave the wrong advice. I really thought about it, so I hope you do, too.:)

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Your Questions About For Those Who Have Heart

August 2, 2012

Thomas asks…

Where can i buy a For Those Who have Heart poster by a day to remember?

Where can i buy a For Those Who have Heart poster by a day to remember online at a store were?

admin answers:

You can make your own for cheap just take a pick of what you want over to Kinko’s or a photo shop and have them blow it up for you. I have the same album hanging on my wall right now along with homesick.

Laura asks…

Christians whose hearts are filled with the spirit of Christ: Is it God’s justice that those who ridicule us ?

and say we are delusional for believing in God are the same people who are under the false illusion that they have free will?

Having had the spirit of Christ in my heart all my life has brought me closer to the truth. I realize that a loving and just God would never be as stupid to just give free will to anyone after killing his own begotten son. A thing like free will must be earned, and I know that path for me is to have Christ in my heart. I think it is funny how many people think that if they go out and do moral acts, that they will be entrusted with free will.

All in all, I think that a quote by my son Jayden sums it up; he said, “No person who is single or closed minded will ever be able to change the future.”

Thank you and God Bless!

admin answers:

Maybe they believe this for a reason. We don’t know what God has planned for them.

We should just pray for them.

Richard asks…

To those non-believers who may think that we are just phisycal beings,believers coment too-thanks?

Some people may believe we are nothing more than this physical or biologocal body.Well I want them and others to read this completely and share their views.
Normal people(wether religious or not,believer in god or not) become happy after they do a good act, even if their action can’t be justified by materialistic laws , for example sacrifising one’s self for another person, or to give your kidney to someone else for free.
And they will get sad in their hearts when they do something evil , even if they make a good money(that their actions are justifyable by materialistic laws) ofcourse I am talking about ‘normal’ people whose heart hasn’t changed dramatically.
So if we read between the lines it proves there is something more than this physical world it proves reward and consequence for our actions. >>
this is a feeling so deep in our heart(deeper than one can say because they were taught it in the school when they were child), it is deep there.
Just like we love and want the beauty , we love good acts( even if they dont make sense with materialistic laws).
you know, when something is in our heart there is a response outside, if there is the hunger inside ,there is food outside. if there is the need of love inside ,there is marriage and love outside.For every natural need or tendency or feeling that we have inside our hearts ,there is a response a satisfaction outside. the response to this feeling is that there is more than
this world, there is reward and consequenses.
Things make sense.
If we admire sombody when he get killed, trying to rescue somebody else which doesnt make sense by the physical laws,it means our hearts knows that there is more than this physical world.even if some people has become unbelievers and consciously deny it while their hearts unconsciously act in according to spritual laws.
and yes when god created us he put this in our heart.
Note that I dont say non-belivers dont do good acts,some of them do,beacause the truth is in their hearts but they consciously deny it.and sometimes they act in according to spritual laws without paying attention to it.
peace to you all
a muslim friend.
well I should add that I am saying that God will forigve nonbelievers because of their
good deeds. but I just said these things about their actions to prove my point, that
there is more than just this world
I am saying God will forgive =I am not saying ….
in above
Sorry I had a typing mistake:
well I should add that I “”"”NOT”"”" am saying that God will forigve nonbelievers because of their
good deeds. but I just said these things about their actions to prove my point, that
there is more than just this world
I am tired I meant
well I should add that I am **NOT** saying that God will forigve nonbelievers because of their
good deeds. but I just said these things about their actions to prove my point, that
there is more than just this world
to scif Guy:
look I made a typing mistake and corrected it. by my correct statement ( I am not saying that god will forgive….)
you cant draw that “God will ignore those acts” , nor you can draw that “it is enough that God forgive their sins with it”.
“I am not saying” .. means the aim of this
question is something else….that i explained it is to show that there is another world.
I just did not talk about that matter in this question

admin answers:

I like it, a bit long, but, it is good.
A fellow believer. (Christian)

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept It

August 1, 2012

George asks…

Atheists living in the west, if it wouldn’t bother you that your kids might choose to accept God?

Why are you all in a twist that there are people who aren’t your kids that have accepted God?

you guys sounded so progressive and open minded when answering the question about your kids accepting God, I was really proud of you guys.

admin answers:

God doesn’t exist, dude.

Nancy asks…

Your mission if you choose to accept is – pick a subject name 1 for each letter of the alphabet do you accept?

can you do it
OK didn’t explain well – a subject (ie) rivers and name 1 for each letter of the alphabet

admin answers:

Avocado’s – good for you or just plain horrible?
Butter or margerine?
Cats or Dogs?
Dogs or Cats lol?
Elephants – do they reallt remember evrything?
Flying -is it safe?
Grass or concrete?
Holidays – where is best to go?
Internet – where does it go from here?
Jackass – where do they think that stuff up?
Kites – who can fly one? (i can’t)
Love or lust?
M&M’s which one is your fave?
Noddy – will he ever look any older?
Operations – whats the worst one someone has had?
Patties – ewhat is it with chippys in the N.E of england selling them they are disgusting!?
Question – whats the daftest one you have seen on here?
Romance – is it dead?
Stupid – are boys really?
Time – do i have too much of it?
Umbrellas – why do mine always break after 5 mins?
Vans – why are they mostly white?
Weather – why is it so rubbish?
Xylophones – whats the best tune someone can play on one?
Zoos – are they cruel


forgot y – yoyos- why don’t kids play with them these days?

Betty asks…

If you choose to accept a cheater back what did you do to get over the affair and let it go?

admin answers:

You need to know why it happened. This is really important if you want to do your best and make sure it doesn’t happen again. You need to find out what was missing and what he went outside the marriage looking for.

Forgiveness is key. Without it, you’ll keep yourself in pain and won’t really be ready to have him back with you. And he’ll know it, which will work against you.

And finally, trust. If you’ve done your homework and know the cause and can do your best to make sure that need is fulfilled he won’t go looking elsewhere for it.

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