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Your Questions About Google Scholar

August 17, 2012

Paul asks…

How do you embed a “Google Scholar” search into a website.?

I need the code to embed a Google Scholar search. I’m guessing it’s similar to the normal Google search code but I can’t find it. Help?

admin answers:

Give your site the power of Google Scholar (from

The full instruction is explained in three simple steps.

Good Luck

Linda asks…

Besides google scholar, what other web sights are good for finding reliable and scholastically sound articals?

I want to know if there are other good search engines on the internet that help find scholastic articles that college professors would accept as reliable sources?
Is it

admin answers:


Helen asks…

Is there anyway to get google scholar to do a case sensitive search?

I’d like to find all instances of the word “GROW” in all capital letters.

admin answers:

No, all Google searches are case-insensitive.

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Your Questions About Google Calendar

August 16, 2012

Donna asks…

How do I transfer Google calendar to Yahoo calendar?

I need to transfer my Google calendar to Yahoo calendar so that I’ll be able to sync my calendar with my Blackberry. Please let me know how I can do that.
Copy the web address or file name ending in .ics.

I get stuck on this first step. I don’t know where to find this address or file name.

admin answers:

I believe you should go to this link. Http://

George asks…

Google Calendar – How to change the time interval from 1 hour to 45 minutes?

In creating an event, preset interval time is 1 hour preset between each event. I would like to change it to 45 minutes for my meeting time set. I have looked around but could not find an option for it yet. Please show me if you happen to use Google calendar as well. Thanks!

admin answers:

On this page you’ll get
the requested information.


Richard asks…

How do you set one calendar in Google calendars as a default?

I have a partner page with Google for my high school, Avalon School, and I want to make a calendar on my admin account, so that the schedule i put on the admin’s calendar is the default calendar schedule. Does this make sense to anyone?

admin answers:

Yes there is.

There are four types of calendars:

• Personal calendars (the default one you’re talking about)

• Public calendars (which others can access on the web)

• Friend’s calendars (imported from other people’s Google calendar webpages)

&bull & Holiday calendars (add national holidays into a basic calendar)

From the main Google Calendar page, click the + button next to My Calendars. Your first one will automatically be the default, but make sure it is set as a “personal calendar”.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

August 15, 2012

Sandy asks…

If i buy the rock band 1 bundle can i use those instruments for rock band 2 game?

hey im thinking about getting the rock band 1 bundle. but i also want rock band 2. if i buy the bundle can i use the instruments on rock band 1 for rock band 2? or do u need to buy a rock band 2 bundle? plzzzz answer!

admin answers:


You can use Rock Band 1 instruments for Rock Band 2 but I would prefer that you just buy Rock Band 2.

Because Rock Band 2 instruments are much, much better than Rock Band 1. But if you prefer to have both Rock Band 1 & 2, then yeah, you can use the instruments for both.

I found a website that could help you with your choice. The link is below.

Chris asks…

For those people who have offset Northern rock mortgages?

I have deposited a lump sum to offset my Northern rock mortgage – does anyone think I need to be concerned about it? I am effectively a saver and a borrower and it was arranged that I could withdraw the funds at any time. Should I?

admin answers:

That is a good point. If the bank goes down then they might say that you still owe the full amount of the mortgage, not the net amount.
You have to look at the fine print of your mortgage agreement, and possibly get a lawyer to take a look as well.

But my advice would be to take as much money as possible, because you have very little to lose.

Robert asks…

where can i find a really good acdc for those about to rock guitar lesson?

i dont want a cover, i want the real deal, no tabs, i want a video, id really appriciate it, i want to do a cover for it…or if yu already know a really good version of the some please make a step my step video…thank yu!!!!!!
or just the solo guitar lesson…thank yu!!!!

admin answers:

Have you tried youtube? Here is a video that shows how to play the Super Mario Bros video game music (simplified version):

and here is a video that shows how to play a simplified version of Fur Elise by Beethoven: I found those videos through youtube, there ought to be an AC/DC video or 2.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Take This Mission

August 15, 2012

Chris asks…

Call Of Duty Future Warfare?

I was thinking about this so i decided to look online to see if anyone else was talking about it. There where a few but surprisingly not very many. I know that the idea seems pretty predictable and not very surprising but i think it would be a great idea. They probably shouldn’t call it Future Warfare though because that would be lame and make nobody want to buy it. It should just be another COD game based on some war that is kind of expected to happen right now or something. Not too far in the future though because that would be dumb and i don’t want them making stupid laser guns and stuff, maybe like 2040 at the latest so like 29 years from now.

I think it would give them a great opportunity to be more inventive with weapons, kill streaks and the single player campaign but not too far in the future that would give them enough room to go overboard.

I’d love to see a mission where like North Korea (or whatever opponent they choose) has taken over the space station which has been expanded on from these days a bit. You have to take out the enemies inside the space station and put a stop to there plan of broadcasting a signal over the earth that will wipe out all entire worlds technology, making it easy for them to send in their troops that were protected from the signal somehow out to take over.

If they want to make it really epic they could make it like a giant energy weapon, the first one ever created. They are targeting all the worlds capitals like London, Washington etc. They should show the energy weapon hitting maybe one or two places and then you play a mission as a soldier down in one of those cities trying to find survivors or something. Then continue your mission on the space station doing whatever. You eventually kill the mastermind by jettisoning him out of the station and you see his head explode out the window.

Yeah so what do you guys think?

admin answers:

That would be cool and I heard a rumor that its going to take place in the future in space and also show your pride of being an xbox 360 owner by joining the website I put as my source.

Sharon asks…

Has anyone talked to Canadian Soldiers who have been to Afghanistan about what they think about the mission?

Having a lot of friends in the Canadian military, the overwhelming consensus I hear is that they are doing an enormous amount of good in Afghanistan, much of which is ignored by the media back home and overshadowed by bias reporting or political spin doctoring (mostly by the opposition parties).

Reading some of answers from this forum, I’m curious if anyone has actually taken the effort to talk to Canadian soldiers about the mission.

People tend to think the Canadian Forces are like the US military, where soldiers can be legally forced into deployment. The reality is that Canadian soldiers, both Regular and Reserve can elect not to be deployed – which either ruins their career prospects or has them discharged from the military (not imprisoned, like in the US). Knowing this, what do you think about the fact that every Canadian soldier serving in Afghanistan knowingly and willingly chose to be there?

admin answers:

Check your information – US soldiers are not “forced” to
deploy as they are not forced to join. Every US soldier has knowingly & willingly joined the military & as such agreed to be deployed. There are no hidden clauses about where you serve – you serve where assigned.
What kind of soldier agrees to only serve where they want?
My son an Army Officer says serving you country is going where assigned. He is assigned Iraq.
Canda has around 2,600 troops & the USA has over 23,000 troops. Lets talk when you send 10,000 or when you could defend yourself.

I have talked to several US soldiers that served in Afghanistan & none felt it was against their will They are brave & honorable men who without the US

Nancy asks…

Mass Effect 2 question – after Reaper IFF mission, how long to complete side missions and assignments?

My main question is this, and I’ve been unable to find any answers on the internet.

I know that, after you complete the Reaper IFF retrieval mission, there’s a certain amount of time before it gets installed. I know that, when it gets installed, there’s THEN a certain amount of time before a cutscene occurs that advances the main storyline forward.

After that, I know that you have to make a choice between heading to the Omega 4 Relay immediately, or taking your time and doing missions. I know that, if you choose to go immediately, you save your entire crew, and if you choose to do missions, you lose some members of your crew.

My question is – AFTER that part, where you chose to either go to the Omega 4 Relay or not, and the fate of the crew is decided, AFTER all of that, are you THEN still able to complete assignments and loyalty missions, or are you then forced to go forward with the final, ‘suicide’ mission?

admin answers:

You are never forced to begin the suicide mission. You can do sidequests and loyalty missions for as long as you want.

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Your Questions About Carnitine Benefits

August 14, 2012

Linda asks…

soy vs whey? loose weight and get lean muscles?

ok so im not trying to bulk up or anything just tone up and get leaner. ive been trying whey protein for the past week and a friend of mine told me to drink soy protein instead because its healthier and it has less fat because with the whey i’ll gain weight. in turn im trying to loose weight nothing big just five or six pounds, but will i still get the same muscle gaining benefits from soy??
oh and i do take a lot of supplements
fish oil

admin answers:

Two (2).Things
You need Willpower & Wont power
Wont eat Junk food
Wont drink soda’s
and Wont eat Ice Cream
Will Exercise everyday
Cycling, Swimming and Brisk Walking
Sound like hard work?
2 coin a phrase ‘just do

Charles asks…


15. Underweight
a. is always the result of an eating disorder.
b. is not a concern since people suffer no health risks.
c. is associated with an increased risk of early death.
d. is an unnatural condition that should always be remedied.

16. During exercise water performs all of the following functions except:
a. eliminate heat
b. transport oxygen and nutrients to the muscles
c. transport waste products away from muscles
d. remove excess potassium in sweat

17. When a person is exercising very intensely, most of the energy used by the body comes from ____________.
a. creatine phosphate
b. fatty acids
c. glucose
d. protein

18. During hot weather, athletes should consume fluids ___________ exercise.
a. before
b. during
c. after
d. All answer choices are correct.

19. During and immediately after rigorous exercise, sometimes a person experiences muscle pain and cramping. Metabolically, this usually results from an accumulation of________ in the muscles.
a. carnitine
b. citric acid
c. creatine phosphate
d. lactic acid

20. Amenorrhea has the greatest effect on which mineral in a female athlete’s body?
a. calcium
b. fluoride
c. iron
d. magnesium

21. Which is true regarding the overload principle?
a. When you exercise, you should work harder than you think is possible.
b. The body will adapt to the stresses placed on it.
c. If people exercise too much, they will not improve fitness.
d. Overload is to be avoided.

22.Endurance is greatest when the diet contains a higher proportion of calories from _____________
a. fat
b. protein
c. carbohydrate
d. alcohol

23. The health benefits of exercise include all of the following except
a. decrease blood pressure
b. increase HDL cholesterol.
c. decrease the sensitivity of tissues to insulin.
d. reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

24. The proportion of lean body tissue in one’s body can be increased by:
a. bee pollen
b. increasing protein intake
c. lifting weights regularly
d. vitamin E supplements

25. Which of the following could be considered an ergogenic aid?
a. hypnosis to overcome pre-game jitters
b. vitamin E supplements taken by female varsity volleyball players
c. magnets in an endurance runner’s shoes
d. any of the answer choices could be considered ergogenic aids

To determine how many kcalories are in a food item, the food undergoes combustion in a chamber surrounded by water. What piece of information is most important to know in order to establish the caloric content of the food item?

a. change in temperature of the water surrounding the chamber
b. the density of water surrounding the chamber
c. the surface area of the food item
d. the volume of the food item
27.To determine how many kcalories are in a food item, the food undergoes combustion in a chamber surrounded by water. What piece of information is most important to know in order to establish the caloric content of the food item?

a. change in temperature of the water surrounding the chamber
b. the density of water surrounding the chamber
c. the surface area of the food item
d. the volume of the food item

28.Which statement about BMI is correct?

a. a BMI of 16-22 is defined as a healthy body weight
b. BMI is an excellent tool for predicting health risks for every body type.
c. a BMI of 22-28 is obese.
d. a BMI over 30 is considered obese.

29.Our bodies need energy for three functions. These functions are:

a. BMR, energy consumption and protein metabolism
b. BMR, physical activity and TEF
c. BMR, resting and TEF
d. physical activity, sleeping and eating

admin answers:


Ken asks…

Weird feeling on my neck, should I see a doctor?

I’m 20 years old. I’ve taken 500mg of Acetyl-l-carnitine for 2 days. I bought it from the local healthstore for $120. I was initially recommended 1.5g from the assistant but I refused.

I took it because all over the medical site it says it’s very safe, natural and have many benefits and I could not find any studies that says it could cause harm.

But after I read people’s comments in forums it showed studies that says it could cause oxidation. I’m worried that I have caused pro-oxidation to my brain since Alcar easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

If it’s a powerful anti-oxidant, could it have become powerful pro-oxidant as well? Also I don’t know if this is from worrying too much but I’ve been having weird sensation on my left neck just above the collar which lasts the whole day. Should I see a doctor?


admin answers:

In all probability it won’t be anything serious, but it will be a good idea to get it checked.

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