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Your Questions About Google

August 31, 2012

Carol asks…

What android phones is google maps with navigation available?

I just got a motorola cliq and have seen articles all over advertising the new update to google maps allowing navigation but when i go to google mobile it says to access the android market through my phone and download the latest google maps but when i do that google maps does not appear in the market. Is this becuase i am not on the Droid or is there some other problem that is not allowing me to find this new update?

admin answers:

The new phone google just released will be great for it

Michael asks…

How to fix google human check when sharing only one internet line with many user in an office?

Please help me how to solve this problem. I find that when using Google with many users in an office, google blocks us. I can’t use Google search anything now. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

admin answers:

Be honest with you, I never heard Google blocks people. Sharing one internet line and user Google is totally not related. If all computers in the office can’t use Google, check your router setting or consulate your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If only you can’t use Google. Try to clear your browser history and check you firewall, or spyware software setting, or just talk to your network administrator if you have any in your office. He blocked your access to Google?

Sandra asks…

Is Google’s announcement it will stop censoring the internet in China and possibly pull out a marketing ploy?

Or do you think Google has good intentions or a bit of both?

Keep in mind, Google does not make much money in China and this kind of publicity will probably increase revenue better than regular Chinese annual revenues for the company.

admin answers:

Google has to censor the internet in America now.

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Your Questions About Carnitine

August 30, 2012

Mary asks…

Relationship of Carnitine in Heart disease and hypertension?

Can anyone explain (in layman’s terms) the relationship between l-carnitine, anemia, and inflammation (c reactive protein)? Is it related to the intake of Carnitine or the utilization of carnitine? I know they were doing studies on this, but don’t understand the results.

And am I to understand that anemia is a possible symptom of high c reactive protein and inflammation? And low carnitine levels are the cause or symptom of heart disease/ hypertension/ some anemia related to that/ inflammation related to c reactive protein, etc?

admin answers:

Thank you for the question.

To my knowledge, there is no relationship. At least a “relationship” that has been born out in controlled clinical studies or promulgated by any advisory committee from the FDA.

In my practice, carnitine has never entered my decision making or counseling.

Joseph asks…

Can someone explain the link between low muscle tone and carnitine?

My almost 4 year old has low tone-his neurologist thinks its cerebral, not a muscular, anyhow he saw him today and he ran some labs but assuming they come back okay he wants him to takke carnitine twice a day. Its one of those situations where I would like to ask more (not because I don’t trust this guy, he’s incredible) but just wanting to understand a bit better.

admin answers:

Carnitine is a substance that our body produces to make energy from fat.
Some times body can not produce enough of it cause of reasons
as it is antioxidant it can be used for many conditions treatment (prescribed by doctor).
The oral carnitine improves muscle weakness may be for this reason the doctor prescribed it may be with other medications

wish him get well soon..

Sandy asks…

Is Glycocarn and Propionyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride the same thing?

Its just that, I am going to purchase some in bulk quantities, and the Glycocarn i already have at home says that its chemical name is “Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCl” and the place i wanted to purchase says just “Propionyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride”.. The Glycine is missing, so does it mean chemically there is no Glycine in it?

admin answers:

Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine (GPLC) = glycocarn
looking up both chemicals, it looks to me like glycocarn is gplc as well as gplc without the glycine

look, no matter what i have to say about this, think about putting extra crap into your body. This “purports” to help blood flow to the muscles so that you can increase nutrient flow to the muscle and waste removal that is faster. Nothing builds blood vessels faster than muscle use. Adding this is not going to increase the rate of blood vessel synthesis. This will not increase the size of the arteries and veins going to and from your muscles. Carnitine is derived from an amino acid that we all have in our bodies, more than enough to suit our needs. Carnitine plays a critical role in energy production. It transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be oxidized (“burned”) to produce energy. It also transports the toxic compounds generated out of this cellular organelle to prevent their accumulation. Given these key functions, carnitine is concentrated in tissues like skeletal and cardiac muscle that utilize fatty acids as a dietary fuel [1-2].

The body makes sufficient carnitine to meet the needs of most people.

No where that i’ve read does carnitines properties purport to grow more blood vessels. It is a transport protein, that is all, not a sythesis protein. You are eating this for the wrong reasons and if so, just take carnitine prior to working out and after, you don’t need all the extra shit that is found in all of these “muscle” builing supplements or powders.
Do it natural

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

August 29, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Can you write an entertaining story (for creative fun) and include these zany phrases?

1) I’ll have the fava beans and a glass of chianti.
2) Why that’s the lovliest____I’ve ever seen!!
3) Your mission if you choose to accept it is_______
4) I’m Snow White and this is Rose red………
5) Silence Earthling!!!
6) Oh BROTHER!!!! Not AGAIN!!!

admin answers:

Dodge City,Kansas
Circa 1875

PART ONE WENT LIKE THIS:;_ylt=AqXqyAuCxzJnNCeh9T6TB.Lty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090425103234AAmRu0d&show=7#profile-info-AA11728993

And now……..



Sunshine swung around and stared wide-eyed…..”If it wasn’t YOUR hand, then whose WAS it?!”

Matt thought for a moment…..” MAybe…..Maybe……”

“For GAWD’S sake stop stuttering!!” Sunshine yelled.

“I don’t care for the way you speak to me when you are upset,ya know!!”

Sunshine grabbed him by the collar……”FINISH THE SENTENCE!!!”

“Well…..MAybe it was that ghost that Kitty has complained about. You remember….”

Sunshine laughed. ” Have you been into the liquor cabinet,again,baby? Haha.”

“No; But now that you mention it…..How about some dinner?
1) I’ll have the fava beans and a glass of chianti.”

“”Uh huh….And I suppose you want ME to cook?!…..6) Oh BROTHER!!!! Not AGAIN!!! Didn’t I just do that LAST night?!”

Matt glared at her. “3) Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to act like a woman and feed your man!!!”

“Ohhhhhhh…..myyyyyyyy……GAWD!!!! I was up at the crack of dawn, just like you, working my ass off….the only difference is,I wasn’t paid to do it!!!” Matt tried to cuddle her but she pushed him away.

“Baby Cakes…..2) Why that’s the lovliest dress I’ve ever seen!! Is it new?”

“Gawd you are so pathetic .” Sunshine smiled at his feeble attempt to calm the waters.

He tried ,again………….”I know!!! Let’s go to town and eat at DelMonico’s!!”

Sunshine grabbed her shawl and was out the door in a flash!

By the time they reached Dodge, DelMonico’s was in full swing.

The waiter: “I’m sorry,Marshal Dillon…..No room at the inn , as they say.” Kitty motioned to them to join her at her table that she was sharing with Doc and Festus.

She leered when she saw Sunshine, clutched to Matt’s arm.
” ‘Lo, Matt.” She nodded at her adversary ……….”Moron.”

Sunshine,accustomed to Kitty’s sarcasm, smiled and waved hello.

“Matthew? Miss Kitty was jest a’tellin’ us ’bout that incident over at her place, the other night. ‘Lo ,Miss Sunshine.” Festus smiled as he held her chair for her.

A still shaken Kitty …….” The FIRST time I was visited by the ghost, I tried to be friendly, in hopes of dissuading him from haunting me.”

“What did you do? Offer him a snortful of that rotgut that you so dearly love?!” said Doc.

Everyone laughed…..everyone but Kitty. She slowly turned towards Doc…..”NO!
I simply said,’ Hello, good looking.4) I’m Snow White and this is Rose Red Sparkling Wine………Care for a nightcap?”

Doc chuckled…..”To which he replied……?”

Kitty’s face went pale as she remembered …..”He spoke in a voice that sent shivers down my spine. He said…..5) ‘Silence Earthling!!! Speak ONLY when I tell you, to’!!”

Sunshine murmurmed…..”So THAT’S how to shut you up!!!”

Matt rocked back in his chair in fits of laughter.

Just then the door blew open……There was NO wind.

Everyone in the restaurant stopped talking and watched as a shadowy figure approached Kitty’s table.

“HellOOOOOOOOOOOO, Miss Russell !!!!”

Sunshine…… Screamed and spit out her bite of buttered bread………..and her hair stood straight up!!

Matt ……. Went for his gun and started shooting.

Doc ……. Stared in disbelief.

Festus soiled his pants.

Kitty ……… Wiped a chunk of buttered bread from her face and grabbed her emergency bottle of Randy Scouse Git Rotgut that she kept in her purse.


CAst of Characters:

Miss Kitty …….. Http://
Festus ……. Http://
Doc ……. Http://
Sunshine …… Http://
Matt ….. Http://

Charles asks…

Can you write an entertaining story that includes these lines for wordplay fun?

1) Your mission if you should choose to accept it is_____________
2) I’m inviting Donald Trump, Simon Cowell, and_________
3) He does look rather pale doesn’t he?
4) That is SO not true about vampires…they don’t_______
5) Merlot, pomegranite juice or _________?
6) What is eye of newt anyway……?
7) They have their own version of_______

admin answers:

Dodge City, Kansas
Circa 1875

“Eye of Newt,Toe of Frog and Brain of Festus”

Festus:”Doc? 6) What is eye of newt anyway……?
What in tarnation are you talking about?!”

Doc winked at Kitty.

Doc:” Festus…..I will try to speak slooooooowly….”

Festus:”Shoot! Jest git on with it, would ya?”

Doc:” 1) Your mission if you should choose to accept it is to shut up and pay attention.”

Festus:”That’s it !! I don’t give a good ding dong iffn’ you DID go to some fancy school. I’m not gonna sit here and let you consendend to me.”


Festus squinted his left eye:” That’s what I said.”

Doc:”Kitty. One must forgive Festus for his ….ummmm…..lack of traditional schooling.”

Festus:”I done went to school, you old scutter!! Whyyyyyy ,I’ve a good mind…..”2) I’m inviting Donald Trump, Simon Cowell, and Madame Dubarry to come to Dodge and testify to the fact that I’ve been learned.

Doc: ” Taught.”

Festus emitted a low growl. 7) “They have their own version of my book larnin.”

Doc:” Learing.” Doc rubbed his face, as is his wont, and tried little to suppress a smile. “Festus…… Trump is doing time in Leavenworth for embezzlement. Cowell was shipped back to England for failure to file income taxes and for Madame DuBARRY!!!! She runs a brothel in Tucson.”

Before Festus had a chance to reply Kitty stood up:” 5) Merlot, pomegranite juice or beer? ”

Festus was so upset that he grabbed the beer and downed a mug in one long sip. Unfortunately the majority of it went down his windpipe. He grabbed his throat.

Kitty:” DOC!!! What’s wrong with Festus?!!”

Doc turned his head :”Hmmmm…..3) He does look rather pale .Kinda looks like a vampire, doesn’t he?” He started to put on some latex gloves.

Sunshine overheard the conversation as she and her boyfriend, U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon, ambled into the Longbranch. “4) That is SO not true about vampires…they don’t turn pale because of CHOKING!!!” She immediately adopted her “Cowgirl On A Mission “persona and administered CPR to her friend. Kitty watched in amazement as Festus started breathing normally and color was restored to his face. Due to Sunshine’s rather bold maneuvers( she did, after all, learn her techinque from Matt), Festus’ dentures landed on Kitty’s lap.

Matt beamed with pride and broke into song:

♫ ” That’s why I call her my Annie Oakley. Okie Dokie.
Cowgirl with unlimited charm.
She can take your breath away. She can get you breathing.
I’m so proud to have her on my arm…….”♫

Kitty flicked the dentures off her lap, put her hands over her eyes and finished off everyone’s beer as she watched Matt grab Sunshine and kiss her passionately.


Festus…… Http://
Matt and his Sunshine……

Steven asks…

“The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia”?

This was actually a hit song from Vicky Lawrence (Carol Burnette Show and Momma’s Family). You mission, if you choose to accept it is this….

1.Name a hit song from a TV Star
2.Name a hit song from a Movie Star
3.Name a movie that was based on a song (and shares the same title as that song)

admin answers:

In keeping with your 70s theme…

1.Don’t Give Up On Us- David Soul
2.The Rose-Bette Midler
3.You Light Up My Life

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Tab

August 28, 2012

George asks…

rock guitar tabs for a beginner?

i just recently began learning guitar, and i love it! but, i wanted some songs that are easier to play.
and i know about already, but i need specific songs please :)

also, id prefer tabs that have just the melody, no chords, i just like lead guitar better than the others!

admin answers:

Aubrey, sweetie, if you’re gonna learn to play, learn to play. Don’t sissy foot around playing chords. Can you sing? It’s hard to sing over single notes. That being said,

You were meant for me – Jewel
Zombie – Cranberries
Don’t Cry – Guns n Roses

Have fun.

Also, most tabs that only have a melody are either bad tabs, or just the solo….just a hint.

Mary asks…

Beginner tabs for electric rock guitarist?

i started playing electric guitar about a month ago, and im still pretty bad. the only song i memorized and is decent at is obviously smoke on the water. but i want to play more popular rock songs that are pretty simple. thanks

admin answers:

Hey Joe is one of Jimi Hendrix’s easier songs to learn, and when you learn to improvise it’s also easy to solo over. The basic chord progression is C, G, D, Am, and either E or Em…I can’t really remember exactly. But it’s one of those. Someone correct me if i’m wrong.

Ruth asks…

What are 3 rock songs that I can learn by Friday?

I havent played guitar in about 3 years and need to know three rock songs by friday. I need three easy ones and the tabs or sheet music for them and i cant pay for the sheet music cuz im 15.

admin answers:

These are easy should get them down in three days and there avilable on utaimate guitar .com
lithium nirvana
bush comedown
seether fine again
theese are all preety easy songs and all are available in chorded versions or tab in some form on the net

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Your Questions About Google Calendar

August 27, 2012

John asks…

How do you sync a shared google calendar in outlook?

My wife and I are both using google calendar. When she enters things on her calendar, which she has shared with me, I see them when I’m online on my google calendar, however when I open my outlook I only see my events. Is there a way in outlook to see her events as well?

admin answers:

Try this link below for information and details

Sharon asks…

How to get my iPhone calendar to sync with my Google calendar on my PC?

I’ve been using the calendar that comes standard on the iPhone 3G and would like to be able to sync it with the Google calendar I have on my PC (I have a desktop PC running Windows 7 64-bit). Is it possible to do this? I’d like to have the events on my iPhone calendar show up on my PC calendar and vice versa. Please let me know! Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Check out Google Sync. It lets you sync your iPhone to your Google calendar (as long as your iPhone software is version 3.0 or later). You can get all the details + screen captures of how to do it on your iPhone at

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

How can I sync Microsoft Outlook calendar’s over the internet without using google?

I have a small office, and two satellite offices. We all use Microsoft Outlook 2010, and we want to have the calendars sync with each other. We use Google Calendar right now, but the sync is very unreliable. We are willing to pay for this service, but do not want to spend thousands of dollars. Are there any reasonable services that allow us to sync calendars over the internet?

admin answers:

Office 365 is still beta as far as I know and it’s a complicated and complex office cloud service based on Office, Exchange and Sharepoint. Don’t you think that it’s a bit to much for sharing just Outlook calendars over the internet?

Have you tried using NetCalendars? It’s a freeware. You can get it from here:


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