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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

July 13, 2012

Charles asks…

Spanish words to For Those Tears I Died?

admin answers:

Por esas lagrimas yo morí!

Mandy asks…


I am in complete tears right now. A friend of mine just told me that his dog got in a fight with another dog and is so severley wounded that he cannot move. It’s been three days and he is not eating or drinking or even MOVING. MY FRIEND REFUSES TO TAKE HIM TO THE VET OR GIVE HIM TO THE ASPCA. I NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE. AS AN ANIMAL LOVER I AM OUTRAGED. We’re both in highschool and with my dog, I have no money to pay for his dog. PLEASE HELP. WHAT DO I DO? HE IS DYING!
I have no idea how I can take the dog to the vet, I‘ve asked him and he said no. I don’t know where he lives either. I‘ve already explained that vets do down payments or he can hand the dog over to the ASPCA but now he’s pissed at me. I‘ve told him how f*cked up this is, excuse my language but I am OUTRAGED. THE DOG IS OUTSIDE IN THE COLD RIGHT NOW, NOT MOVING, NOT EATING, AND DYING. THE STUPID GUY REFUSES TO TALK TO ME NOW. Our friendship is definitely ruined. He claims that his sister will b*tch at him if he treats the dog since it’s her dog, BUT WTF. I FEEL SO STUCK RIGHT NOW.

admin answers:

You could always call the police or animal control, but most likely they will only put down the dog and get your friend into a heap of trouble. I don’t really see what other options you have.

Sandy asks…

what would you do, would you do, you do? not or is it a poem…?

He stood, brown and handsome knocking on my door
my heart leapt, then hit the floor, as I walked
methodical, sure footed yet mind reeling
trying to shake that feeling boiling in my veins
some one left the taps on, my heart seemed torn
died on my lips the scornful words, the fight in me
had gone, and left me standing there with tears
flooding down my face, looking in those warm
blue eyes my pain would not erase the past we
shared was not prepared to lay down, disappear
and I feared if I gave in, I’d take him to my bed
I conjured up from deep within the strength
that I keep hidden, I put my arms around him
held him close and cried, what closure to
my love insane, would this act provide
and when he kissed me it was that of
my last torn remains, warm but distant
I restrained myself from giving in,
to the love that cursed from its birth
still beckoning and reckless
Can I allow my heart to bleed if only for
this night, or will some comfort come to me
this ill timed failure chafes
my bruises blue and black and green
and every lovely shade between
unseen by naked eye are hidden
my tear stained face
a vision for the crows and ravens

admin answers:

Wowwza! Is that a POEM or what..?!
And when I say POEM I don’t mean poem..
I mean POEM Meaning…
It’s a very good one!

I see whats going down..
Or up is it?

I haven’t cried in a long time, this makes me want to cry just to cry since I haven’t cried… I wanna cry for not crying. Share your tears and they will go away…eventually!

I’m rambling aren’t I?

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

July 12, 2012

Chris asks…

most punk rock lyrics are about politics and making a change….?

well how do they expect you to make a change if you can even understand what they’re saying in their lyrics half the time?

am i the only person who has ever wondered this?

why put those messages in your songs if you aren’t going to sing them clear enough for everybody to hear and understand you?

admin answers:

Punk music isnt all about politics some is about sex and violence but usually the name of the song is all they shout through out the songs 1.5 minute

Charles asks…

Favourite Glam Rock lyrics?

Note that I’m asking about glam rock lyrics, not glam metal/hair metal lyrics.
I’m compiling a sort of list of glam rock lyrics… I need to fill 2 sides of A4. I chose Glam Rock for my theme, see, for my current fashion & clothing unit.

If you can, either state specific lyrics you like or give the name of a song with good lyrics.
Thankyou :)

admin answers:

“Bang A Gong, Get It On!” – T.Rex
More in to glam metal ‘ Hair Metal but Glam Rock is a good one to chose

David asks…

Can Someone Write Me Some Rock Lyrics?

Me and my friends just started a rock band called spirits of the dead. were all about 15 and 16 and we need some good lyrics. Were recording a demo cd and we have a ton of intrumental things but are lyrics suck. if anyone out there has any lyrics for rock or can write anything email them to me at were all poor so we cant pay but were willing to give all lyrical credits to your songs and slap your name all over are cd. anything is welcome and i will run every song submitted through my band and we will come up with the top 9 lyrics to use for our cd. you have untill december 25th to submit all the lyrics for the cd but we will take others after that and maby put them to a second cd if we make one.

Thank you everyone.
i decided instead of 9 songs it will be shortened to 5.


admin answers:

Ok…i sent some to you

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Your Questions About For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice

July 11, 2012

Carol asks…

What is the translation for For those i love, I will Sacrifice in Latin?

I have been told it is “Illis quos amo deservian” please help!

admin answers:

Its “Illis quos (ego) amo, sacrificabo( or deserviam not -an)

Sacrificabo is I will sacrifice, but deserviam is like I will serve or devote myself to you

Richard asks…

what is a good quote the would relate to “for those i love, i will sacrifice.”?

i need a meaningful phrase for another tattoo. im a firemen also soon going into the army and i already have “for those i love i will sacrifice” but now i want something close to the strength of that meaning.

admin answers:

I love this one, but it might be too close to what you already have.


Therefore I will go with my second fave:

And as for a life savior, you may like this one:

Hope you gonna like some of those ;)

Sandra asks…

Can anyone help translate the following phrase from English to Latin please: For those I love I will sacrifice?

I have looked online at translation sites but they seem very unreliable and it is important that I get the correct spelling/order etc. If any Latinists or language experts could help that would be great. :)

admin answers:

Illis quos amo iacturam faciam.

Avoid anything using a Latin word staring with sacrific-. Dictionaries will show sacrificium as a noun and sacrificare as a verb meaning ‘sacrifice.’ But in Latin, those words were used solely in the sense of a sacrifice to the gods. For sacrifice in the sense of giving up something for someone else, Latin used an idiom – iacturam facere.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

July 10, 2012

Thomas asks…

Any songs about not wanting to be a booty call?

So I know this guy named Jake. I met him through my best friend Justin. We met one day and had a semi deep conversation about god, because I didn’t believe and he did, and he wanted to know why. I say semi deeep because I kind of laughed everything off. Then we didn’t talk at all for a few months. I saw him one day with Justin and we started texting each other, the next night he invited me over. And things got sexual.
He rarely ever textes me, and when he does, it’s out of the blue, and very short. And then a couple times he’s invited me over at night again.

I’m just looking for songs that relate to this situation, and about sort of not wanting to be a booty call. About wanting either something more or nothing at all. Just about being sick of it and deserving better.

I prefer country, acoustic, indie rock, rock, pop, and almost anything BUT rap.

No advice, and no judgements, other wise screw off.

admin answers:

When You’re Lonely – Jana Kramer
Alone With You – Jake Owen
Wanted You More – Lady Antebellum
Now You Do – Katie Armiger
More Than Friends – Jesse Jennngs
More To This Than You – Jessica Harp
Last Call – Lee Ann Womack

Ken asks…

Those alternative rock songs that really make you think and remember?

I just want those songs from the 90s alternative rock that just make you smile and remember when you used to hear them.. I don’t know if anyone gets what i mean, but sometimes i get so excited to hear a song i forgot about. Anything like the goo goo dolls or the killers or something like that. I also like oasis and soft rock. Thanks so much for your time and answers! I just want the songs we all forgot about.

admin answers:

The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
Vertical Horizon – Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Mornings)
Semisonic – Closing Time
Eve 6 – Heres To The Night
Barenaked Ladies – One Week
Blues Travler – Run Around
Live – Lightning Crashes
Collective Soul – The World I Know
Soul Asylum – Runaway Train
The La’s – There She Goes
Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life
Greenday – When I Come Around
R.E.M. – Man On The Moon
Blink 182 – Adams Song
Filter – Take A Picture
Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me
New Radicals – You Get What You Give
Hootie And The Blowfish – Only Wanna Be With You
Foo Fighters – Times Like Theses
Pearl Jam – Better Man
Radiohead – Creep
The Cranberries – Dreams

Helen asks…

Can I rent Rock Band and transfer those songs to Rock Band 2?

A patch was released that allows Rock Band owners to transfer 55 songs from the disk to Rock Band 2 for 400 ms points (about 5 bucks).


Anyway… Will I be able to rent Rock Band to transfer those songs to Rock Band 2, or will there be some sort of limit to one transfer per disk?

admin answers:

I don’t see how they would know that you didn’t buy the game, but i’m sure it’s not encouraged to do so. But i say do it, i don’t see why it wouldn’t work. And i apologize if i was wrong, but i haven’t seen anything saying that it can’t be done

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Tab

July 9, 2012

Michael asks…

I need the time signature and speed for For Those About To Rock guitar tab.?

admin answers:

4/4 time around 140bpm

Lisa asks…

How to learn playing guitar?

I have an acoustic guitar. I always dreamt about electric guitar. I love rock. But at first i have to learn playing guitar that i have. The problem is that i dont know where to start. I want something like rock for acoustic guitar. Solo or powerful chords bould be really nice. I dont know where to find tabs. I know many tabs websites, but cant find exactly what i want.

In shorter words:
I want to find rock tabs for acoustic guitar but also good for electric guitar, because i am planning to get it later. Can you give me tabs and advice me how to become good on guitars, because i love them.


admin answers:

Well, what are your favorite songs?

The way I learned how to play is I just found a few of my favorite songs, got the chords from a website, and strummed along. Too hard to play? Skipped it.

Learn your chords before you learn lead guitar. I’m trying to teach my dad guitar, and he’s not interested in strumming chords, only playing solos or complex rhythm parts (Dust in the Wind for example.) Once you figure out, “AH! Fret D and then pick the strings like this!” it’s much easier than flying all around the fretboard trying to fret each string individually.

Charles asks…

Rock Guitar tabs?

I’m a 12 year old guitarist playing for about 5 months, I like to play rock and metal, does anyone have any good guitar tabs That I could play? i’m alost intermediate player. I can still learn harder songs though.

admin answers:

If youre looking for specific songs….hm

just to go


there are some tabs at

:) good luck

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