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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

July 27, 2012

Ken asks…

What is appropriate language to use when discussing disabilities?

What terms are okay and not okay to use?

I thought “paraplegic”, “mentally retarded”, “deafblind”, “deafmute”, “Mentally challenged”, were all nice or proper ways to refer to disabled, but they are offending?

There is a person who cannot hear who comes into my place of employment. I was told that it is not nice to call him deaf and to say hearing-impaired instead. Then someone else said that is also demeaning and to say he hearing difficulties instead.. anyone could have “”hearing difficulties”" though.

and people in wheelchairs: you kind of have to point it out to accomodate them properly. You cant say they are paraplegic because that word gives a bad impression. You cant say they need a wheelchair. Disabled is also demeaning.

People without much mental ability – every word for it is used improperly to describe people who are not disabled but did something stupid, so you have to say they have special needs. others say special needs is demeaning. even “downs”, which i thought was the medical name for it, is used as an insult.

how do you know what is appropriate language to use?

admin answers:

It is really quite easy.

1. Forget all the trite words people use to pretend disability does not exist like differently abled, physically challenged, mentally challenged, special needs, etc.

2. Don’t use words that describe the disability to describe the person – like a paraplegic. If you aren’t using a verb (has) its probably offensive.

3. People have disabilities they are not disabilities – so a person has a disability, has Down syndrome, has paraplegia, has a vision impairment, has an intellectual disability. Two exceptions – people are blind, deaf, or deaf/blind.

4. Handicapped and disabled are what happens to people with disabilities. People become handicapped and disabled when there are no curb cuts, no ramps, no Braille signage, no amplification system, no sensitivity to how people feel – it is done to them – it is not a part of them.

I am a person with multiple disabilities. I raise two young adults who each have their own disabilities. We three are disabled by a society who is unable to accommodate fully what each of us needs to be full and productive citizens.

The easiest thing to do is to fall back on “person with a disability” – it may not be everyone’s personal choice, but very few are offended by it.

Added: Downs is not a medical term. Down syndrome is a medical term. It is an intellectual disability. Mental retardation has become offensive because of the way it has been used – retard, retarded.

James asks…

What is the best way to learn a foreign language if you didn’t do so hot with foreign languages in high school

I am gonna graduate from high school next month and I took Spanish as a freshmen and I didn’t learn a thing. All I know is the numbers 1-100. Since I got discouraged with Spanish I switched to French and the same story. I actually wanted to learn French but I don’t know, maybe I am just language impaired. But I REALLY want to learn German and Italian. Either one first. What do you think is the best approach for me? I don’t have the money to spend time in Germany or Italy. Do you think I should try the computer program Berlitz German Premier or use Pimsleur CDs and books, or take a class. I do have somewhat of a stutter problem so maybe thats why I didn’t learn Spanish or French, maybe I concentrated more on having fluent speech than the target language. You are more than welcome to send me a message if you have any questions.

admin answers:

Here are some ideas many second language learners don’t normally realize.

FIRST: Completely eliminate idioms when you speak. We use a LOT of phrases that are not understood in other countries, and they use ones we don’t understand. Examples: Get to first base. Flip the switch. Hitch a ride. Hit the road.
Put yourself in the place of a new learner of English and ask yourself if you would really understand the meaning of ‘hit the road’ when you heard it, or would you litterally try to ‘hit the road’?
Even between England and North America, for example ‘knock someone up’. In North America it means get someone pregnant. In England it means knock on their door. So you can see how embarrassing it might be should you stumble on an idiom that means something else.

SECOND: Realize that it is not ALWAYS a one-for-one word exchange when translating. Some languages can express an idea in as little as one word compared to a few, and vice-versa.
Hand in hand with this, understanding that the idea being expressed is what’s important, not the way it’s said. Just because the sentence wasn’t constructed the way we would have said it doesn’t make it wrong.

THIRD: Pronunciation can be improved by reciting the names of things you see as you walk about, and holding conversations with yourself in the absence of friends to practice with. (Warning! Don’t do this in the vacinity of mental institutions.)

LAST: I cheated. I learnt the worlds easiest language first and now I find I understand English better (my native tongue) and I’m in a better position to learn more languages. I’ve provided a link below to better explain this.

That language was ESPERANTO. It is designed such that you MUST understand sentence structure, which helps to understand other languages. It has 16 gramatical rules… With NO EXCEPTIONS!
Plus you end up with a multitude of Esperanto friends; oh the burdens we bear.

Not to understate it of course, but listen to and read as much as you possibly can, whenever you can.
Immersion, immersion, IMMERSION!
I listen to Esperanto music all day long, just to tune my ear to it.


Charles asks…

Receptive and Expressive language scores in a 2 year old.?

My daughter is 2 years old and is seeing a speech therapist 2 times a week. Her pediatrician and her speech therapist are both concerned that she is showing signs of autism they want her to go to a children’s hospital a few hours away for some more testing. . Her speech therapist did a receptive and expressive language test based on the Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Scale 3rd Edition (Reel-3). the results are as follow:

Receptive Language:
Standard Score 66
Percentile 1
Test scores indicated that the patients ability to understand spoken language was severely impaired. The patient does not follow commands such as “give me five” or “show me your shoes”. She is also unable to ID major body parts, and she does not respond when people call her name. However, she does enjoy listening to music, and attempts to move to the beat. She imitated motor skills such as building a tower out of clocks and rolling a car during the evaluation. She smiled at the clinician and used limited eye contact throughout the session.

Expressive Language:
Standard Score: 62
Percentile <1
Test Score indicates that the patients ability to use spoken language was severely impaired. Patient does not participate in games such as “peekaboo” or “pat-a-cake”. she does not imitate language that she hears from people within her environment.

Communication Diagnosis: Severe expressive and receptive language impairment.
Functional Limitations: Severity of the deficit
Recommendations: Speech therapy was recommended 1-2 times per week for 30 minute sessions.

For those who know this test that they used what do u think? She barely says 2 words and those are not very often at all even after 4 months of speech therapy. I am a stay at home mother and I work and play with her all the time. When you read the word “SEVERE” it scares you no matter what the problem is.

Any input would be appreciated…and no stupid comments either. this is serious and not about stupid “points” for answers.

admin answers:

Does she have eye contact? Does she like being hugged/touched? Does she cry because of loud noises or shy away from them?

My son will be 5 next month and is diagnosed “severely autistic” He just recently started copying words that we say within the past few months. Even though he is diagnosed severely autistic, he has taught himself to read by playing on He has only started talking because words are familiar to him and he feels comfortable with them. He only speaks when it is written in front of him or when we have him copy us, but it’s a huge start. There is so much hope even if you daughter is autistic. My son at 2 seemed like he didn’t understand anything we said, did not play peekaboo/ any of those things you mentioned. He was receptively at lower then 12 months just 6 months ago from a report I received. To be honest those reports really mean nothing because they can’t possibly understand what your child is taking in. My son has been taking everything in since he was tiny, but just had no way to show us what he knows. We have learned he also understands where each music note on a piano is and can correlate the note to the correct key. He also has learned how to add and subtract numbers all from apps on his Ipad/ tablet. He learned all of this before he could talk. If you have any more questions, please contact me at

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

July 26, 2012

Joseph asks…

Hearing impaired people who use sign language typically….?

A) demonstrate greater mathematical competence than people without hearing impairments
B) process language in their cerebral hemisphere
C) recognize facial expressions of emotion with their left rather than their rightcerebrall hemisphere
D) have a slightly smaller corpus callosum than people without hearing impairments

admin answers:

Umm…I would say A, just because that’s the one that makes the most sense to me.

Robert asks…

How does culture impact language use?

Naturally, the initial culture to use the language (for example: the people of England, English) have advantage in using the language then the succeeding cultures to adopt the language.

I’m an English speaking Filipino. And I feel the only culture I have is Catholicism. Am I disadvantaged to an Englishman and this English World, until I abandon my culture? Or must I put up with the discrimination of my culture, and make me verbally & economically disadvantaged without impairing my integrity?

Or must I have an album about Economics and Catholicism to prove my point?
Note that album is a Latin word for white.

admin answers:

I don’t understand how Catholicism is your ‘culture’ or how you mean you would have to abandon it? You are not speaking Latin, like in the old days of the Mass. How does being Catholic put you at a disadvantage? Many Catholics in America are well educated in the Catholic School system. I don’t know much about England. There are some in America who don’t like Catholics, from a theological standpoint, but little out and out discrimination today.

I know England and Ireland have had disputes about religion, but I don’t know if the British discriminate against Catholics.

I’m not finding fault, but I just don’t understand what the disadvantage is.

Ken asks…

How can I use sign language in my presentation?

I am presenting a seminar on the effects of deafness and how Australia has implemented organisations and support for the hearing impaired. I am in grade twelve and I would like to present my seminar by both speaking and signing it as there is a deaf girl in my class (and my teacher said it would get me extra marks). Can anyone help with teaching me sign language or giving me a site or organisation that could somewhat ‘translate’ my seminar into Australian sign language?

admin answers:

It is a lovely idea but be aware that it takes a while to learn a signed language. It is like deciding to do the presentation in Italian. Perhaps you could use some signs.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

July 25, 2012

John asks…

Is sulfer involved in the immune systems of plants?

Is sulfer, in any way, related (in a somewhat direct manner) to the immune system of a plant. If I stop all sulfer intake into a plant, would a side effect be an impaired immune system?

admin answers:

Sulfolipids and secondary sulfur compounds (alliins, glucosinolates, phytochelatins), play an important role in physiology and protection against environmental stress and pests. Sulfur compounds are also of great importance for food quality and for the production of phyto-pharmaceutics. Sulfur deficiency will result in the loss of plant production, fitness and resistance to environmental stress and pests.

Daniel asks…

Is it true that the swine flu is only deadly to those with weak immune systems?

I read that the most reported deaths as a result of the swine flu have occurred in people with either severe long-term diseases or impaired immune systems although there is always risk of anyone becoming infected. So does this mean that swine flu is fatal to the elderly and to young children?
Apparently, there have been 141 deaths out of 27,737 cases.

admin answers:

That is completely correct. I currently have swine flu and I am a 14 year old American so i am expected to recover and be good as new. From my experience it has been worse than the regular flu but just the same symptoms merely stronger. But unless you have a weak immune system you should recover well

Paul asks…

What causes the symptoms of a common cold?

Is it the direct effect of the virus causing sneezing, excessive mucus, inflammation, sore throat, streaming eyes, shivering and fever, wheezing etc, or is it the immune response going into action to prevent the virus doing more serious damage, or over-reacting against the invasive pathogen, or is it neutral or pathogenic bacteria causing disease, or is it an allergic response to the toxins produced by bacteria?

Or is malignant spirits, pollution in the atmosphere, the weather, not doing enough exercise, impaired immune system, laziness, laying in bed and moaning, smoking, drinking too much, not enough chicken soup?

admin answers:

It is not typically the virus DIRECTLY. Viral infections in teh respiratory tract induce massive immune responses. Cytokines such as interferon alpha and beta, as well as various interleukins are released into the blood stream. These cytokines are immune modulators that recruit various immune cells as well as change function(s) of epithelial, endothelial, and other immune cells already present at the site of infection. For instance, mast cells (a specialized type of immune cell) release granules containing histamine. You recognize the term “antihistamine?” Histamine causes a number of problems including sneezing, watery eyes, etc. Virus infection of various cells can kill the cells, however, and lead to some problems such as excess mucous, pain, and cough. But in general, the answer is that the immune system is responding to the presence of the virus, which is where the bulk of the symptoms come from. It’s a double edged sword.

Oh and by the way, there are multiple viruses that cause ‘the common cold.’ Coryza, is not one of them as someone said earlier – it’s not even a virus. It’s the term given to symptoms of a cold. The main culprits are human rhinovirus, human coronavirus 229E, human coronavirus OC43, and parainfluenza viruses including respiratory syncytial virus.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Asset

July 24, 2012

William asks…

What accounts would be effected in the trial balance due to an asset being impaired?

Fixed assets are stated at cost in the trial balance. In the directors opinion the carrying value of equipment has been impaired (in excess of accumulated depreciation) by $3,900,000 at 31 jan 2010. equipment balance in trial balance at 2010 is 77,100,000 and accumulated depreciation is 54,200,000
depreciation expense is 8,100,000

admin answers:

It means you should add 3.9 million to the depreciation expense.

Steven asks…

Which publicly-traded companies are buying all of the written-down mortgage derivatives & impaired asset?

I know that billions upon billions in assets (CDOs / stripped-down mortgage back securites) are being marked-to-an-all-but-collapsed-market or conservatively valued using conservatively-weighted models. The vast majority of the assets’ cash-flow streams are Ok, but original holders are being forced into a fire-sale. Which publicly-traded companies are buying this stuff up at pennies on the dollar?

admin answers:

Currently none en masse. The US Government will pass laws allowing it to purchase these securities until this mess blows over and then start selling them back to the market.

Laura asks…

What is the meaning of “assed” in financial context?

I have the following phrase:

“The treatment of asset relief measures by Member States under Article 87(3)(b) of the Treaty is assed on the basis of the Impaired Asset Communication”

What is the meaning of “assed” in this context? I suspect it’s a spelling error.

admin answers:

I imagine they meant “assessed” but “assed” passed through unnoticed by the editor and the spell-checker since it’s a valid word in some dictionaries (vulgar, slang adverb) as well!

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died Lyrics

July 23, 2012

Laura asks…

Which song I wrote is better?

This one is about a guy who I really liked, who really was into me first, but then didn’t care.

You warm up to me like a fire
Inside the depths of your charm
Flying in expectations
Keeping the love from showing
It glows more everyday
That is a lie
So fake
Like watching a ghost smiling
Never happened
Close my eyes to see you
Open my eyes
To see the sad disappearance
Of your other self
Fooled by pure wites
I laugh
Fighting you
Trying to see past everything
To see that fake person
Even though it was a lie
Nothing more
My heart sees it
Deep inside
Maybe a part of your soul
But the other part
Says that you have disappeared
I see tears on the floor
For, you were never really ever there

Then this one is about my ex bff.She recently died.

Laying alone thinking of everything
Making sense in my head
What led to this
Wondering why
Like a shadow above me
Couldn’t see
The pain and hurt inside
You came so late in my mind
The color I think of
Is black in my mind
When I think of the whole thing
It was all in my mind
Just a ilusian
Couldn’t see through the fog
Only a lie
Only a fade
You arrived way too late
And go the exact opposite
Your body always curved up
Too bad
Had much more potential in my eyes
Way to young
To really understand
You were always better than that
You didn’t deserve to go out that way
Hearing you around
I saw something more
Than just that woman
More like that little girl that was lost
Much like me
I found
Nobody could have fixed me like you did
I‘m sorry
You spent time with me
Instead of yourselves
You were what I needed
I couldn’t see that
I see now
I see
Yes I do
You left to soon

Which one do you like more and please tell me why.

admin answers:

I need a nude woman to sing them for me.

Sandy asks…

Do you like my lyrics? (Song about being depressed.)?

I‘ve kept away from emotion now,
But going back is hard somehow.
You strive to see perfection here,
When nobody’s near and dear.

Depressed and drained, angry and a-lone.
Finding time to be unknown.
Making up for lost friends,
Familiar faces round every bend.

Sitting in my room of tears,
Dying alone is my biggest fear.
Sun goes down, sun comes up,
Watching life just pass me up.

Depressed and drained, angry and a-lone.
Finding time to be unknown.
Making up for lost friends,
Familiar faces round every bend.

Going out on my own,
Seeing now that I‘ve hit my low.
Cry for help, you’ll need it quick,
Cause depression and alcohol never mix.

Depressed and drained, angry and a-lone.
Finding time to be unknown.
Depressed and drained, angry and a-lone.
Finding time to be unknown.
Cry for help, you’ll need it quick,
Cause depression and alcohol never mix.

admin answers:

I thinks Very Good.

Paul asks…

What band do these lyrics remind you of? I wrote them and I want to see what band my style is like.?

Some of my main influences are Hawthorne Heights, Bullet For My Valentine, Atreyu, and things like that

Kiss my lips and say goodbye
Kiss me now before I die
Sick of tears, I watch you cry
In my Casket, I will lie

admin answers:

Makes me think of Escape the Fate… They’re one of my favorite bands, so i’m probably biased.

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