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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

May 22, 2012

Mandy asks…

What should I title my short story?

It’s about a girl with a superiority complex (yes, it’s a thing) and I’m really not looking for suggestions. I know it’s crap and a lot of it doesn’t make any sense. I just need a title.

Title Goes Here

Amanda Reynolds was extraordinary. She knew that, and she considered it every day of her mortal life. Amanda was better than anyone else. Sure, she may have seemed normal to the naked eye. Every day, she woke up, brushed her teeth, ran on her treadmill, took a shower, and scarfed a banana-nut muffin before dashing off to her job as an investment banker. But her dirty little secret was that she was better than anyone else she knew, and, for that matter, anyone else in the world. Amanda didn’t mind keeping this a secret; it was not as if she couldn’t handle it. Amanda was perfect at keeping secrets. She found that she enjoyed the additional challenge of exercising her secret-keeping skills day after day. Her singing could send a baby to sleep for days; her sonatas could bring a man back to life. When Amanda drove, she drove with such precision that she had been questioned by the police as to why she wasn’t weaving. Her graceful movements far surpassed those of the most accomplished ballerina. She had all the potential to be the next great American chef, and she had once caused a hurricane merely by blowing out her birthday candles. She had memorized the encyclopedia in two days, but she could never express it to anyone. That was okay; Amanda knew that she was better than anyone, and that was all that mattered.
Amanda took the subway to work. In her company was an old man reading a book, a grungy-looking man in his thirties (clearly homeless), and a teenage boy who sat in the corner with a dopey grin on his face, listening to music with the most horrific orange headphones.
The old man sat peacefully on his seat, reading a novel far below his maturity level and expertise. Amanda had read the book years before. Then again, perhaps the man’s mind was going. He looked as if Noah gave him shotgun on the ark.
Amanda laughed at her hilarious inside joke.
Her glance shifted to the homeless man. His plaid shirt draped itself over his frail shoulders, exposing a horrendous thatch of chest hair. His shorts were full of holes that displayed so much more than Amanda was inclined to see. The man took a pocket knife out of the lining of his shirt and brought it up to his blackened, hollow, decaying teeth. He began to pick away at the mounds of tartar that had built up on and between his teeth, as if that would somehow decrease their ghastly visage. Amanda didn’t understand why the man didn’t just brush his teeth, dress himself properly, and go get a job. Well, it wasn’t so much that she didn’t understand. Amanda understood everything. She knew that the man was lazy and unbelievably unintelligent—probably psychologically challenged, as well. If she were the man, though, she would have pulled herself together, walked straight into an interview for a high-paying corporate job, and dazzled her future employers with an eloquent speech. Then again, everyone in the world couldn’t think like Amanda. A person of her caliber could only come about every once in a while.
Finally, Amanda’s gaze rested distastefully upon the intoxicated boy with the mandarin headphones. He sat in the corner, smiling and bobbing his head to the music only he could hear.
If he knew how ridiculous he looked, that boy would be bobbing his head to a different tune.
Then again, maybe he knew just how ridiculous he looked, but thought that it added some character to his persona. People could certainly be strange. Predictable, but strange.
As the subway pulled into its station, Amanda was approached by the disorderly homeless man. He drunkenly muttered a few words to her, his breath smelling of bad scotch, and asked her for her name. As the doors opened onto the station, Amanda hurriedly insisted that it was her stop and ran off the subway. The thought that a man of such filthy and despicable tendencies would approach a woman of her standing and social status was appalling.
Amanda arrived at work ten minutes later, covered in the distinct scent of Manhattan streets, and set to work. Her poise and charm persuaded each of her clients to switch from their old investment centers to InvestiCentral. She set to work on some clients’ paperwork, moved around some finances to appeal to the projected stock market trends, and finished her goal for today just in time for lunch. Some work friends invited her out to the local branch of a fast food chain, so she reluctantly accepted and went out with the three colleagues.
Sitting with the drab girls at their corner booth, Amanda couldn’t help but notice their many flaws. They considered themselves to be beautiful creatures, God’s gift to the people of Earth, really, but they were really rather boring. The plump girl ate her salad with far too much vigor; it looked as if she was attempting to inhale the thing, rather than eat it delicately, as a person should eat such a dish.
Amanda chuckled internally at her sparkling wit.
The arms of the girl across from Amanda hung limply at her sides as she placed her mouth upon the straw of her Diet Coke. Her paper-thin cheeks puckered as she noisily attempted to drain the remains of the soda from her icy glass.
Next to Amanda, the eccentric girl was blabbering on about some crisis with the cute guy at her yoga center. Her mouth moved a mile a minute, spraying spittle across anyone in the danger zone. The girl’s outlandish nature bothered Amanda more, perhaps, than any of the other girls’ glaring flaws. Her metallic stiletto pumps were paired with a skin-tight dress that stopped mid-thigh, and each time she dropped something, she stooped down to get it in what she thought was the most suggestive and attractive manner possible. Her gum smacked in her overly large mouth as she shoveled in her spaghetti while still attempting to carry on her long tangent about the yoga boy. She suddenly turned to Amanda, waiting for a response on some sort of supposedly jaw-dropping bomb she had just dropped.
“Well, if anything, that’s his fault,” Amanda said supportively.
Fueled by this dash of support, the flashy girl continued talking about the dull, insignificant details of her mundane life. Amanda f
found it surprisingly easy to carry on a conversation without listening at all. She only found it necessary to truly listen to a conversation if she was unable to predict what the person was going to say next, an instance which happened rarely. She pretended to listen intently to the girl’s dull story, interjecting in all the right places, while she mentally moved around the Henderson family’s finances and arranged a To-Do list for the afternoon.
After lunch, Amanda returned to the office and set to work on her To-Do list. She rearranged the Hendersons’ finances according to plan, went home, ate some home-cooked stir fry, and took a nice bubble bath. She alphabetized her cereal, so as to keep her mind active, and fell asleep promptly at 10:00, so as to get her recommended daily amount of sleep.

admin answers:

How about Flawless? Abnormal?

Mark asks…

How can people possibly be born gay? And not have chosen to be gay?

I am a straight man, who is trying to gain a higher understanding of gay people, because there are so many things that just do not make sense to me. Recently I just found out that most gay people seem to believe that gays are born that way, rather than choose to be that way. But I’m wondering how that can be possible? Some questions in particular

1. How can someone possibly be born gay? Since gayness is a behavior. Its not like being born with blue eyes, or dark skin, or something genetic like that. Behaviors are learned. People pick up good habbits, bad habbits, learn to have different sorts of attitudes. A robber isn’t born a robber, he learns to be. A writer isn’t born a writer, he learns it. So since being gay is a behavior, rather than something physical, how can you possibly be born with it?

2. There are so many indicators that being gay is unnatural, but few that say its natural. Gays seem to try and say that its natural, because some animals do it. But how does that make any sense at all? Since animals aren’t necessarily gay, they are just too dumb to know any better. Look at a dog for example, dogs hump your leg, they hump stuffed animals, they hump the floor, they hump other dogs heads, they just hump everything, so if a dog humps another male, its not because the dog is gay, he’s just a straight dog that was too stupid to know any better and accidentally humped another male dog.

3. Don’t a lot of people become gay after being molested? I met a gay guy about 10 years ago, and people told me that’s why he became gay, was he was molested. So although I’m sure they didn’t choose to be molested, its still a choice to become gay right, because they weren’t born that way and weren’t gay before they were molested.

4. Is it possible that some gay people just think are gay because they simply are not able to get any action from the other sex? Like a guy who simply wanted to get layed by women, but never could get one in bed, and was a virgin for so long that he started sleeping with guys?

5. Similar to above, Perhaps lots of gays are actually straight, they just don’t know it because they never had the chance to be straight?

6. Is it possible that some gay people aren’t actually gay, they are just too lazy to be straight? Kind of like fat people for example. Now sure, there is a very small percentage of fat people who do have some sort of condition, and sure genetics do affect metabolism making it easier for some and harder for others…but still 95% of fat people are that way because they are too lazy to exercise and eat proper. Of course they all want to have some sort of excuse why thats not the case, but the bottom line is the vast majority of fat people are simply too lazy to not be fat. Is it possible that maybe many gay people aren’t actually born gay, but are simply too lazy to try and not be gay? And saying they were born gay is just an excuse rather than the truth?

7. Isn’t it possible that many people are not born gay, but rather are simply confused? Perhaps a woman has been walked over by too many men, and because all the ones she met treated her bad, she just thinks that she doesn’t like men. And when she becomes friends with a girl, and really they are just best friends, perhaps she confuses it for love since the girl was nicer to her than the guys? But in reality she is straight, and would like guys even better than her lesbian lover, she just never gave a chance to meet that right guy that is nice to her? Perhaps a lot of gays confuse friendship for love, because they never experienced straight love?
Thanks for the responses so far. A lot of information to digest. Its just soooo hard for a straight person to comprehend.

There have been many good responses, keep them coming. So far the best example of lack of choice, that I understand most has been Will’s example of “I have chosen to like this food”

But one other question isn’t it possible many gays just think they are based on wrong information, or learned it subconsiously. I mean people can be mislead into making wrong decisions and think they are right.

For example a mortgage lender can give someone a bad loan, but trick them into believing they got the best loan in town.

Perhaps many gays are actually straight, but have somehow been given bad evidence to make them think they are gay when they are not?

Also, tastes do change, people can hate coffee when they are young but love it when they are old. Is it possible many gays grow out of it, and become straight?

admin answers:


This homophobic view is now outdated.

George asks…

How to lose weight when I can’t exercise Sorry it’s a block of words, I had to get it all in there.?

It’s not that I’m lazy, but recently, about a month ago, I stopped being able to go to sleep at night. Like, one day, I just stopped being able to. I sleep in the day, but the problem is, I work in the day from 7am to 4pm. I walk 8 miles to work (yes, it’s long but when you have no car and no ride, you do what you gotta do) and I fall asleep during my classes due to lack of energy. So exercising would wipe me out completely (before I could even get anywhere) and I don’t want to miss a day of work (can’t afford to). There’s the weekends, but I may as well be doing nothing if I can only get two days in (I still do them, though, when I’m not struggling to keep my eyes open). Yeah, I know, go see a doctor. Easy for someone who has insurance to say. I have none and am waiting on my healthcare coverage from work for another two months. I can’t afford to go to the hospital, but I’m a blimp and I hate it. I have been eating less, but too much less and I know it’s bad but I’m scared and desperate. I also suffer from Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and messed up both my knees when I used to run earlier this year. I have no money for a gym membership and no access to any gym equipment of any kind, and I don’t want to be restricted to muscle building exercises (I have more than enough of those, somewhere, under all the fat). So what should I do? I know my BMR is 1300. I make sure to eat no more than 800 cal a day to keep a 500 calorie deficit. I know it’s bad all over, but I was only going to do it for five weeks until I go to visit family who have gym access to share with me, then back to school with the free gym (can’t wait). Still bad, I know. Anyway, they say 1200 is best, but if I ate that I would not be losing weight. At all. I do not want to maintain, I want to lose. No, I don’t have a eating disorder. It’s hard to eat so little, until, of course, I enter starvation mode (been there, done that). Am I doomed to be fat for as long as I have these sleep issues? Eating also does not give me any energy to go on whatsoever, it’s like I’m eating the food simply for the taste. Caffeine puts me to sleep, so that doesn’t work. OTCs don’t work (tried a bunch, including Unisom). Exercising in the past only gives me agonizing abdominal cramps (which for some reason I can’t avoid no matter what I do but always suffer through anyway) so I don’t even like exercising if all I can do is writhe around in my bed for hours in agony thereafter (literally, not exaggerating, can’t stand, can’t even drink water, which I drink a lot of but seems to contribute to making me sick sometimes).

All in all, I’m asking if there is a way to not starve myself (not that I’m starving, but I’m never satisfied and I may get there yet) when I can’t exercise? Walking is not enough because I take the bus back and to be honest nothing in this house is healthy for me, so I don’t eat it, even as much as I want to. I could eat them, but they are tiny, unfulfilling meals (like, for example, a PB&J or ham/turkey/bologna and cheese sandwich, with or without mayo, bananas which are healthy but have too many calories for my liking, cooked food, which is near impossible to quantify without the tools and I don’t like to eat things I can’t count, etc) with loads of calories and I’d have to eat at least two of them just to feel satisfied, not even full. Even if I buy the healthier versions, I still have the same problem, it’s still like eating next to nothing in one serving and it’s darn hard to find filling low calories food. If it has low calories, it’s ridiculous in sodium and I’m more afraid of sodium than I am of calories. I’m not losing sleep due my eating habits, they have been the same forever up until a month ago, so don’t go there. When I eat 1200 cal now, down from 1500 when I was exercising (almost 2 months ago), I gained 5lbs in one week (I wish to g0d I was exaggerating). This is counter-intuitive as all heck. I have no clue why it’s happening (and unless I’m the virgin Mary, I’m not preggers). My caloric deficit stayed between 500 and 900 at the time I was exercising. I was doing everything right. That didn’t work, so I’m on to the wrong things. I don’t know what to do. Please don’t waste my time and tell me that my caloric intake is too low. I have a brain and I already know this. Also, don’t tell me I have to see a doctor, I know I should, but if you pay for it, maybe I can, otherwise it’s not possible at this time. By the time it is possible, I’ll be fat enough to hang myself at the rate this thing is going. When I do it right, I’m wrong. When I do it wrong, I’m wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but that’s why I’m here. I would like to know what is right and what works? About ten minutes ago I realized I was crazy tired but can’t go

admin answers:

You say you can’t exercise, but then just how do you walk 8 miles to work? Those who can’t run walk for exercise. How long does it take you? A good walk that will help to promote weight loss should take you around or a little under 2 hours for 8 miles. You might find it is more beneficial to take the bus to work and walk home. This way you can increase your pace and shower when you get home. Start from your current level and just try to make progress.

It sounds as if you have worked yourself into some rigid definitions of what “exercise” is and perhaps what you can and can’t do. In this way you are mentally defeating yourself before you even start. Start with a list of positive things you can do. Then start picking things from the list to do that may be of some help to you. This is far better than concentration on what you can’t do.

Best of luck to you.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 21, 2012

Mandy asks…

Can exercise cause low blood sugar in a non-diabetic?

I play racquetball 3 days a week and it is VERY strenuous. The other day about an hour afterward I got dizzy, felt very warm, heart pounding and just felt like something wasn’t right.

It then led to blurred vision in 1 eye and confusion. I called my doctor and left work. He’s doing some blood work and was going to give me a CT-Scan but hasn’t yet.

I forgot to tell him that I hadn’t eaten anything before or after playing, which is unusual for me. I only had a can of carrots after playing.

Could this have been hypoglycemia caused by the exercise??

I’m 30 years old in good health and not diabetic. Anyone have this happen to them after a hard workout?? My buddy was trying to tell me I might have had a minor heart attack or stroke?? The doctor took my blood pressure and it was normal by the time I got there.

admin answers:

I’m going to side with Jack, this may not have been just low blood sugar. If your doctor has ordered a CT scan and blood work, it’s because the symptoms can mean something more serious.

If it were just simply low blood sugar, he would have asked if you had eaten before playing and/or prior to the start of the symptoms, and if the symptoms went away after you ate..

Low sugar would generally affect both eyes. Other conditrions would affect only one. The vigorous exercise may have accelerted an existing problem (blood clot or detatching retina) or resulted in a new one. The appearance of good health is not a garuntee. This is why pro and many amatuer sports require a medicall exam before one can partiipate.

Mary asks…

What illness does this sound like to you? What do I do?

Ok so I definitely know I have anemia & anxiety but this has been going on for 2 months with no relief:
1) blurry vision especially in one eye & I see black & white flashes spots. I went to the eye doctor everything looked normal
2) severe dizziness I’m so wobbly it feels like I’m on a boat
3) tired all the time
4) numbness in my arms & legs it really varies which side
5) pain in one of my arms, I thought I had a blood clot.
I’m so anxious, I’m scared something is wrong with me or I’m going to go blind :( I can’t sleep thinking about it :/ I just want my life to be normal again.
Someone said sinus infection. I had walking pneumonia could that be a factor? My nose isn’t runny though.
Someone else said diabetes but isn’t that unlikely if it doesn’t run in your family & you are thin? I’m not going to lie though I don’t eat a good diet & I never exercise. Other factors:
Went to the doctor 3 times, blood pressure is’s not my thyroid either. I’ve also lost some weight.
Help? I’m really a nervous wreck. Also I’m 18 if that helps. Ive been a hypochondriac in the past so no one seems to take me seriously, not even my doctor or parents
4 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Also sometimes I’ll shake especially if I don’t eat.
2 minutes ago

One more thing i’ve been lying to my parents about taking my perscribed iron pills cause I get really hot & more dizzy
1 second ago

admin answers:

It sounds like a combination of anemia and anxiety, and possibly low blood sugar if you’re shaking when you don’t eat… Especially if you’re not taking your prescribed medication for the anemia. Your anemia symptoms are probably causing you more anxiety, which in turn is making your anxiety symptoms worse.

Trust me, you’d know if it were a sinus infection. Your head would feel like a spike was being driven into it right between your eyes, and you wouldn’t have any airflow through your nose. If you’ve never experienced a sinus infection, be glad. They’re not pleasant.

And no, diabetes is not limited by family history. There are two types of diabetes. One is generally considered to have a genetic component but doesn’t necessarily have to run in your family, the other is environmental. That said, whomever told you it was diabetes hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about. Very little of what you describe are symptoms of diabetes (and the few things that are can be ascribed to several conditions).

Laura asks…

I’m 18 & I’m really concerned about my general health but no one will listen?

Ok so I definitely know I have anemia & anxiety but this has been going on for 2 months with no relief:
1) blurry vision especially in one eye & I see black & white flashes spots. I went to the eye doctor everything looked normal
2) severe dizziness I’m so wobbly it feels like I’m on a boat
3) tired all the time
4) numbness in my arms & legs it really varies which side
5) pain in one of my arms, I thought I had a blood clot.
I’m so anxious, I’m scared something is wrong with me or I’m going to go blind :( I can’t sleep thinking about it :/ I just want my life to be normal again.
Someone said sinus infection. I had walking pneumonia could that be a factor? My nose isn’t runny though.
Someone else said diabetes but isn’t that unlikely if it doesn’t run in your family & you are thin? I’m not going to lie though I don’t eat a good diet & I never exercise. Other factors:
Went to the doctor 3 times, blood pressure is’s not my thyroid either. I’ve also lost some weight.
Help? I’m really a nervous wreck. Also I’m 18 if that helps. Ive been a hypochondriac in the past so no one seems to take me seriously, not even my doctor or parents
4 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Also sometimes I’ll shake especially if I don’t eat.
2 minutes ago

One more thing i’ve been lying to my parents about taking my perscribed iron pills cause I get really hot & more dizzy
1 second ago

admin answers:

Anxiety and stress can cause over 100 health problems as in

Natural anxiety and stress remedies include meditation, herbs, vitamins and others as in

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

May 20, 2012

Sandra asks…

Eye exercises for weaker eye?

I’ve noticed it as I been getting older, my left eye tends to be much stronger than my right eye. I can see perfectly fine out out both however I know for a fact I am unable to wink out of my right eye. I tend to have less control over it too. Most noticeably in pictures where one eye seems to be cooperating with the camera and the other eye is just plain deer in the headlights.

Is there anything I can do to help improve the strength in this eye. I don’t necessarily think it’s a lazy eye, but more of a lack of muscle control. I heard wearing eye patches can help.

Any help or advice is appreciated.
I don’t need glasses nor do I wear contacts. I have 20/20 vision.

admin answers:

Lazy eye IS a lack of muscle control. See an ophthalmologist for an eye exam.

Linda asks…

squint(strabismus) reknowed hospital in india?

my son(Harshil Jain, 5 year) was having hypotropia and had surgery done(in right eye) which improved cosmetically. As per dr advise we are patching his eye(left eye patching) for 4 hrs a day(since last 1.5 year). As per last examination by our optholmologist at Ahmedabad, now his vison in the lazy eye is comparable to the normal eye. But still binocular vision is not there. But the main area of concern is to gain binocular vision. Our optho doctor is advising for binocular exercises,prism therapy,cheiroscope etc. Kindly advise what should we do now?
What is your opinion about vision therapy?
also best doctor/hospital in india with best results of treating squint eyes,
pls help

admin answers:

U have to get this information from an Ophthalmologist.

Sandy asks…

what type of guy would go for a girl like me?

i have long dirty blond hair, green/gray eyes, 5’2, healthy weight, kinda curvy, light skin. i have my own style, i shop at stores like love culture, pacsun, hollister, and forever 21 but i mix and match and i lovee accessorizing. i usually straighten and sometimes tease my hair and have a brown smokey eye and i always have my nails done and its not just plain white french tips, its always something more creative. like right now my nails are pink and gold and they all look different the way their designed.
one day i wear dark clothes (black leggings, black leather jacket, a dark colored shirt and black accessories and long boots) but the next day i wear bright clothes (a colorful skirt with matching accessories and a one colored shirt thats one of the colors of the skirt and some flats or toms.) or sometimes people say i look like im going to the club. in a short dress, flashy rings, and some eye catching necklase
my favorite accessorie are rings, i love big rings, small rings, colorful rings, 2 finger rings, just all rings.
i also like to wear bows and flowers in my hair
and sometimes i do more dramatic makeup
and i loove animal prints, and i like to wear high heeled boots sometimes too, i love dressing up. but sometimes i wear something simple like a yellow tank with a grey sweater, jeans and yellow vans. thats on my lazy days
now about my personality,
im nice to everyone thats nice to me, i could be the nicest person you’ll ever meet but if you do anything to piss me off, i’ll be the biggest bitch ever, idc about what people think i do my own thing, im down for a fight if any hater wants to fight, i love to dance and i love going to parties, i listen to rap, i exercise daily and take care of myself, im full of makeup and hair tricks and advice, people usually describe me as outgoing and loud. i dont have too much fears, like im not scared of simple things like spiders
im not that into sports but i like skateboarding, soccer, volleyball, hockey (my favorite) and badminton.
so what kind of guy do you think would go for a girl like me?
and what style do you think i have?
im a leo

admin answers:

Me. Post pics


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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 19, 2012

Sandy asks…

Do I have diabetes, please help?

Okay soo ive read up on some of the symptoms of diabetes, however these are my problems. Let me know if I should go to a doctor to get this checked out:
- I have gained alot of weight over the last year mainly due to poor eating habbits and lack of exercise.
- ive had tinea for almost 4 years. Ive used many creams but it still hasnt gone away.
- lately ive been very tired even when I get a good night sleep still feel tired.
- recently ive experienced itching and burning in the genital area (its not sti im not sexually active, never been)
- for awhile now I get these red and white halo shaped lumps on my fingers, that come and go and are sometimes itchy.
- and ive had really good vision all ny life however im realising its not as good as it use to be.
- also been getting frquent headaches espically behind the eyes.
As far as I know my grandma has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Do those symptoms seem serious, should I get them checked out??

admin answers:

No one can give you a diagnosis on the internet. These symptoms could have many different cause, and you should seek medical attention if YOU think you do. The poor eating habits and the weight gain may or may not eventually lead to type 2 daibetes. It is said to have a hereditary pattern, but don’t fall into statistics, start living a healthy balanced lifestlye today! Diabetes all types are nothing to hang tight around for, if you suspect something, or just want to ease you mind, make an appointment. The only symptom I had was blurred vision, frequent thirst, and frequent urination, my sugars were so high, I was put on insulin instantly. My doctor told me that if I hadn’t of made an appointment to the optometrist because of my sudden blurred vision (which then turned into heading to the lab, for bloodwork, immediatly after, the diagnosis, and syringes and insulin) I would have ended up with a condition called DKA or in a diabetic coma. My body was trying so hard to tell me something was wrong, and I took action, and I saved my own life. So do the same, take action, listen to your body, and most imoportantly start taking care of it. Hope this helped!

Maria asks…

Hi, does anyone else feel fatigued even a week or so after ejaculating?…dont have energy to do anything.?

Well i stopped masturbating for about a week and a half (which is the longest ive gone in years)…i usually do it every other day and i noticed that i felt remarkably better then i had for a long time…i had an exercise routine going everyday and my depression and anxiety where getting hardly noticeable. But when i decided to masturbate a few days ago i noticed i have been feeling very fatigued, dehydrated, slight headache, loss of focus and concentration, and i even stopped my everyday workout routine. i have also noticed that i complained alot about feeling tired all the time for several years and have suffered with anxiety and depression… could this be because of some sort of nutrient deficiency or something?…this is ruining my life and i am too embarrassed to talk to someone about it in real life and they will probably not believe that it is because of masturbation anyway…i have also got the taboo eye floaters and blurry vision that over masturbaters complain about and noone takes seriously. i would appreciate any reccomendation of herbal remedies or anything that i can try help me. thank you

admin answers:

Wrap scotch tape around it. This worked perfectly for me, it doesn’t hurt and when you have an urge to masturbate the extra blood won’t be able to pump into your penis to enlarge it and this actually makes watching porn less enjoyable.

Other ideas that I haven’t tried yet are super glue, wound sealant, and topical anesthetic. I’ve also heard that taking anti-histamines can inhibit erections and that eating things like soy, cabbage, sun flower seeds, and cuccumbers can reduce sex drive. Anti deppressants and other drugs can reduce sexual desire.

Also I’ve been taking concerta for ADD and it significantly curbs both my sex drive and food drive.

Mandy asks…

diabetes scare? please help!?

I am a 14 year old girl that actively particapates in sports. I play volleyball and softball. I am pretty fit, but recently was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma like a month ago. I have been dealing and coping with it even though i usually have frequent attacks or feeling like im going to have an attack. I now have an inhaler and medicine. One day I was at volleyball and i asked to sit out becuase i wasn’t feeling well. I was extremely tired to the point where my eyes were rolling back( this was not the feeling of passing out and i did nothing out of my routine schedule like eating or drinking less/more) when my dad picked me up i was really dizzy and tired and he said i looked extremely pale. i continued to feel this way until i ate some peanuts about 10-15minutes later. (once again i was full and i wasn’t hungry so this was odd to me) my dad said that the asthma wouldn’t be helped by eating food. He then said i probably have another problem and suggested diabetes or something. So naturally i read up on diabetes and i noticed i had most of the symptoms. I had been experiencing this tiredness a lot lately, i had been drinking a lot and urinating a lot, i am extremly hungry a lot yet for no reason i am losing weight(3-4pounds in a week or two) i have had two cuts on my knees for a month which is very slow, really dry skin. on the other hand i do not believe i have gum, bladder, or skin infections do not have numbness in my hands or feet. I do have really good vision 20-15 but at random times it does get blurry. My dad doesn’t really think i have diabetes but ive convinced him to go to the doctors on monday.
What do you think, is it all just coincidence?Could it be diabetes?
Please help, Thanks :)

admin answers:

Could be, but like everyone else says, ask your dr to screen you for Diabetes and ketones in your urine. I hope you are o.k., cuz have Type 1 is no fun at all! I’ve been thru all your symptoms, been in a coma, slight kidney failure, DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis-ketones in urine), proteinuria (leaking protein in urine, and scars on my arms & legs for over 20 yrs without fading. When your tired, do you feel like vomiting or actually do vomit? You feel so sluggish that its too much work to move? Sounds to me like it is Diabetes, although I pray its not. Usually, with hyperglycemia, you don’t feel like eating. Does your vision stay blurry for a few days while you are feeling sluggish? My best wishes are with you.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 18, 2012

Lisa asks…

Convergence insufficiency (CI). PLEASE, help me!?

As of November 2010 I started having some symptoms like eye strain, pain on my eyes and serious difficulties whenever I tried to read. At the moment, I saw a doctor in order to see what was happening to me. The doctor prescribed me new glasses but it didn’t solve my problem, I returned there twice more and took new glasses and eye drops but it was useless. I still had serious problems to read.
Three moths later I went to another city and saw another doctor. This doctor also precribed me new glasses and told me that the muscles of my eyes were weak. He asked to make pencil pushups and said it would solve my problem. I got new glasses for the third time and started doing the exercices. A month later I returned to my doctor’s office to tell him I wasn’t felling better. At the moment he asked me to make an orthoptic test with another doctor who worked in the same hospital. I did it at the same day but nothing was found. The doctor told me I had tendency to develop strabismus but it wasn’t important and he also told me my problem might disappear in a few months.
After that, I visited another doctor who suggested me to use contact lenses, it was horrible and useless. I also saw general practitioner who discovered that my blood pression was a little high, probably because I get too stressed with my vision problem.
About six months ago I finally found a doctor who diagnosed my problem, convergence insufficiency. Nevertheless, the treatment prescribed by this doctor isn’t working. He asked me to do do some exercises in a doctor’s office and at home too, I did it but it didn’t help me.
I have searched about this disease and it’s treatment. I discovered that some doctors use prism reading glasses, training spactacle lenses ( I don’t know what it is.) and even surgery to treat this disorder. But my doctors say that these methods are not good. In their opinion, orthoptic exercises is the solution for me.
At present I’m doing more exercises in another clinic, actually I’ve done only one session there yet. I’m not sure it will work and sometimes I get desperate when I read about people who are trying to get rid of this problem for 5 years or even more.
It’s even harder for me because I’m a student and the only thing I do is to read. I love reading but my vision problem is stopping me from doing that. If you have already had this problem or if you know someone in anywhere who can help me, please tell me!

Thank you for reading it.

My name is Paulo Ricardo and I’m from Brazil.

admin answers:

My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn’t find the answer. If it’s possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it’s possible. This can be pretty important.

I saw a forum with this online, but I didn’t have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I’m not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I’m not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck!

Linda asks…

could anyone correct this writing for me?

I’m quite tall and had lasic surgery.

So I have very good eyes.

I’m a little thin(or I’m not overweight)

I have middle hair.

I currently work for a Sam Techwin.

I’m a secretary of the CEO.

I really enjoy what I do.(working here)

I’m not married(or I’m still single) and have one sister.

I live with my sister. My parents live in Jecheon.

I am a little introversive person who has a positive attitude.

People around me say, I’m quite calm.

I think I’m a little indecisive. so I wanna be good at decision making.

Let me tell you about my boss. His name is Kim.

He is the CEO of my company. I assist him for five years.

He moved to Sam Techwin from Sam Electronics.

He is very smart and has strong leadership.

He is a very caring person.

Many people respect him and want to be like him.

He is 170cm and average build.

He has a round face and wear glasses.

He exercises everymorning and has a healthy body.

He is very good in his self- discipline and has positive thinking always.

I work for Sam Techwin. Our headquarters is in Pankyo.

All employees are about 5,000.

Our businesses are robot, security, energy, defense and so on.

Our company’s vision is The Global Leader of Safety & Energy Solutions

Our primary industry is Safety & Energy area.

admin answers:

I’m quite tall and I have had LASIK surgery, so my eyes are great.
I’m a little thin.
I have middle hair. (I don’t know what middle hair means)
I currently work for Sam Techwin.
I am secretary to the CEO. (if you are giving your job title this sentence is fine. It’s formal.)
I really enjoy what I do. (nice, natural sentence. “working here” is good too)
I am not married and have one sister. (still single is ok, but “not married” is a fact, and is simple. If you use “still single” it sounds like you have some feelings about being single)
I live with my sister, and my parents live in Jecheon.
I am a little introverted. However, I have a positive attitude.
People around me say, I am quite calm.
I think I am a little indecisive. So I would like to improve my decision making.

Let me tell you about my boss. His name is Kim.
He is the CEO of our company. I have assisted him for five years.
He came to Sam Techwin from Sam Electronics.
He is very smart and he is a good leader.
He is also a very caring person.
Many people respect him and want to be like him.
He is 170cm tall and has an average build.
His face is round and he wears glasses.
He exercises daily and likes to stay healthy.
He has self- discipline and he is a positive thinker.

I work for Sam Techwin. Our headquarters is in Pankyo.
There are about 5,000 employees.

Our businesses are robot, security, energy, defense and so on. (This sentence is unclear and I don’t know how to relate your business to robots, security, energy, defense and etc)

Our company’s vision is to be the Global Leader for Safety & Energy Solutions. (Safety and Energy Solutions is not clear. I think most native English speakers will be uncertain, and have many questions. Safety solutions for what? Making clean energy? Or providing safety solutions for employees working within the Energy producing sector. It’s unclear to me. )

Our primary industry is in the area of Energy & Safety solutions. (Same, unclear to me)

George asks…

Help understand!?

Please explain wat this means(today!)

When the room light is low, your eye adjusts in several ways. First, the rod and cone cells on the retina begin to produce more light-sensitive chemicals. These light-sensitive chemicals are the first step in detecting the light, converting it to an electrical signal and transmitting that electrical signal to the brain. Second, the iris muscles relax, which causes the opening of your eye, the pupil, to become very large. This allows your eye to collect as much light as possible. Finally, the nerve cells in the retina adapt so that they can work in low light. These three changes take about 20 minutes to 2 hours, but they increase your sensitivity to low light by about 10,000 times.
When you read, your eye must be able to focus an image of the words onto your retina. To do this, the iris, as well as the muscles that control the shape of your lens, must contract to keep the focused image on the retina. If you read in low light, your visual muscles get mixed signals: Relax to collect the most light, but at the same time, contract to maintain the focused image. When that object is poorly lit, focusing becomes even more difficult because the contrast between the words and the page is not as great, which decreases the eye‘s ability to distinguish visual detail. That ability is called visual acuity. Your eyes have to work harder to separate the words from the page, which strains your eye muscles. Consider this to be strenuous exercise for your eye muscles. So your eye muscles will ache, much as your arm muscles and leg muscles become sore after strenuous exercise.

When your eyes are working this hard for a long period of time, the strain may cause a number of physical effects. Symptoms of eye strain include sore eyeballs, headaches, back and neck aches, drooping eyelids and blurred vision. Because you often don’t blink enough when focusing on a single object, you may also experience uncomfortable dryness in your eyes. None of this damages your eyes, and all of it eventually goes away after you stop straining them. Many eye doctors leave it at that, but some note that eye strain may contribute to nearsightedness. Most people who are nearsighted were born that way, but there is evidence that prolonged eye strain can make it worse.

If you are comfortable reading with a flashlight (or other low light) and don’t experience any of the above symptoms of eye strain, it’s probably fine for you to read this way. It’s certainly easier on your eyes to read in good light, however. You can also avoid eye strain when you’re reading by blinking frequently and taking a moment to focus on something out the window or across the room every 15 to 30 minutes.
thanks soomuch

admin answers:

Ok basically what it’s saying is that there are muscles in your eyeball right around your pupil that control whether it is big or small. These are also the same muscles that make an image (whatever you are looking) stay in focus while you are looking at it.

When you read in low light, the pupil muscles want to relax to open up the pupil more and let more light in so you can see better, but at the muscles also want to tighten and contract (making the pupil smaller) so you can focus better. This causes strain on your eyes because they are trying to relax and contract at the same time — conflicting desires basically.

It is also saying that by causing this strain on your eyes, you may be causing eventual slight damage, but probably not. If you are comfortable reading with just a flashlight (aka in low light), then your eye is fine and your muscles are working together well .if this is a problem, then don’t do it. The advice about taking breaks or looking away while reading is just good advice in general, especially if you are looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time.

Google search for stuff about eyes and eye muscles and whatnot. It should help add detail if you want it.

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