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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 10, 2012

Sandra asks…

Why did my SAT essay only get an 8? Can you give me suggestions in how to improve it?

Here is a copy of my essay. Please tell me what i did wrong or not so well in, and how i can improve it. Also, please tell me what i did well and should keep doing. Thank you so much! i would also appreciate other sat /sat essay tips!

Prompt: I spent some part of every year at the farm until I was twelve or thirteen years old. The life that I led there was full of charm and so is the memory of it yet. I can call back the faint odors of wildflowers, the sheen of rain-washed foliage, the clatter of raindrops when the wind shook the trees, and the far-off hammering of woodpeckers. I can call back the prairie—and its loneliness and peace.

Adapted from Mark Twain, My Autobiography

Assignment: Is it important for people to spend time outdoors and to learn to appreciate the natural environment? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

My essay(score of 8): Modern technology has made life completely spent indoors possible. computers can now perform the tasks that once could be only be accomplished by human travel and outdoor labor. Computers have also made it possible to communicate with people globally. Television allows to see the world while still staying put in our homes. however, such leisures that have allow us to stay indoor come with many negative consequences.
I was born with perfect vision, but now I am suffering from severe myopia. My condition is completely caused by spending countless hours in front of my computer, TV, and homework. Impaired vision significantly reduces the quality of life. It is recommended by experts to take breaks from near work, and ideally with nature, to prevent myopia, or its progression. Spending time outdoors can provide opportunities for our eyes and bodies to relax from the tension and stress modern life gives us.
In the ninth grade, I was persuaded to join the “outdoors” club” in my school. We went camping at the end of the year. i was initially very reluctant to go , as I had so adapted to my indoor life and its leisures. On the trip, walking was our only source of transportation, providing an opportunity for exercise. We had to think of ways to cook our food, which gave us a chance to exercise our brains in ways we usually don’t in modern life. I was very grumpy at first on the trip because I was forced by the leader to do “chores” and wake early At the end of the trip, I figured that I had lots of fun and I made lots of new friends. Also, my eyesight drastically improved! I had a chance to breathe fresh air, and I felt healthier than ever before.
Today, many problems arise from lack of exercise. An epidemic of obesity not only affects immobile adults required to sit at their office jobs, but also young children as well. Spending time outdoors can reduce the growing rates o f these problems. mankind was intended to spend time outdoors- modern technology cannot change that.

admin answers:

Yeah I had this question as well, I got a 10, but I didn’t have time to write a conclusion.

From one read through, you only included examples from your own life, and you usually need at least 3 examples to recieve a 10-12, from a multitude of subjects such as literature, movies, personal experiences, etc. It is good to switch it up, taking both of your examples from your own life is probably why they did not grade it very high, also on a second read through your last paragraph seems to be a last example, but it is too general and is not specific. You forgot a conclusion, should be at least 3-4 sentences.

Chris asks…

can anyone give me some websites that talks about eye exercise and alternative treatment for myopia?

I used to have a few eye exercises and alternative myopia treatment site on my bookmark but now I lost them, so I was wondering anyone can give me some links? not like infomercial sites.

admin answers:

Glasses, contacts and laser surgery are the only treatments which work.

George asks…

Help, question about shortsightedness (myopia) exercises!?

I’m 13 and I’m shortsighted.

I only got shortsighted a few months ago and my degrees is currently – left eye -1.25, right eye -2.00. I used to have pretty good vision until I got normal flu in February. I went to the eye doctor and they said because of my sickness, my eyesight deteriorated. I now have glasses but only wear them when I need to see something like on the whiteboard ect. I try to use them as less as possible.

I really want my eyesight back, I was wondering if there are any exercises I could do to get it back. I mean some exercises that could really help. Even if you think eye exercises don’t work, i would still like to do them, because I know I am at least trying to do something about it.

Please help, I really would like my eyesight back, I am only 13.

Thanks for helping!!
Thats just like squinting.

admin answers:

You are a very young but you understood everything. Keep using the glasses only when necessary, it’s the right thing to do. As for the exercises you are asking about, keep in mind that there are many methods that are just scams. You’ll recognize them because they promise wonders and cost a lot. Getting your eyesight back is definitely possible but it’s neither easy nor fast.
Last year I happened to found a book that described a visual training method and I decided to give it a try. I was intrigued by the detailed explanations about the eyes ,nearsightedness and its causes. It did not promise anything but hard work and I liked that because i don’t believe in those who promise miracles.
My initial condition was -3.75 (both eyes) and now I’m -1.75. I’m sure I’ll be able to throw my glasses away before the end of the year.

It’s sad that almost no eye-doctor knows about those things, it seems that they are only interested in giving you glasses.
It’s true that one of the most “famous” methods, the one by W.H. Bates, is not very effective but you can’t blame a man who was born in 1860. Many things have changed since Bates and recent methods are a huge improvement over Bates.
Even with more recent techniques, you have to be patient and you can’t expect to get your eyesight back in a few weeks.
I haven’t been particularly quick but I’m aware that I’ve been quite lazy and didn’t practice the method as often as I should have.
If you are more diligent than I have been, you’ll have better results and in less time.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 9, 2012

Sandra asks…

How many people has/had any kind of eye problems, and succeeded in taking care of it with eye exercises?

Please tell me if you succeeded with eye exerising, and what eye problem u had.

admin answers:

Found the free eye exercises for Myopia from Wikipedia.

I tried them for few weeks. Showing results slowly – but you need to be disciplined to do the exercises daily.

I didn’t follow all the eye exercises sequence. I only pick those that I like. Not sure if that’s the right thing to do. :)

Laura asks…

do eye exercises help your eye sight improve?

do eye exercises help your eye sight improve yes or know and don’t answer i you haven’t tried any exercises please. thank you. and if they work please give me names of the product and how much they cost and if there are different packages or bonuses things like that. please thank you.

admin answers:

**********Happy New Year!*********

Ken asks…

Does anyone know where I can find some free eye exercises online?

I have been doing research on them, and want to see if they work. Unfortunately I can only find advertisements for books. Any one know where I can find some ones online for free?

admin answers:


But if you google eye exercise there are many other webs with some.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

April 8, 2012

John asks…

is it possible for me to make my eyes wider?

I wasn’t always like this, but now for as long as I can remember, my eyes have been quite squinty. Not the Asian squinty, just lazy/tired looking. Even when I try, I can barely make them wide at all. It’s really difficult to make my iris not touch either of my eyelids. Is there a way I can make them wider? Like a daily exercise or something?

admin answers:

Sleep more
Follow this makeup tutorial video by Michelle Phan; she is the most viewed makeup artist on YouTube and in my opinion the best and most professional. Http://

Sandra asks…

I’ve got to deliver a presentation to my College Class, this week and don’t know what to do.?

I suffer from high blood pressure, and any sort of stress or anxiety increases it to Very High Levels considering it was 150 / 85 when i was totally relaxed and doing nothing.

Problem is my i get slightly nervous when standing in front of the class and My Heart Rate increases and Blood Pressure goes up, causing my Hearing to go, just a high pitch squeal; then I’ll get really bad shooting pains in my wrists and upper arm, sometimes in my chest.

Now my doctor told me not to do any Exercise or anything that will increase my Heart Rate too much, walking and stuff is fine.

Obviously not your usually you need to get out more and exercise you lazy bum :)

So can i still pass my College Course without doing my presentation? because i need it to pass otherwise i’ve done all the coursework for nothing :(

Mainly, can they allow me to pass without doing it, due to medical conditions?

Also suffer from Autism, Curvature of the spine, High Blood Pressure, My Cells have became abnormal however doesn’t really make much difference, they still work, slightly poor eye-sight and a Severe weakness on the whole of my left side; making standing-up a great challenge.

I’m only 16 and this is a really bad time for me :( got a few weeks to decide on a spinal operation, Heart Scans, MRI Scan, Blood Tests an Eye Specialist to look at why my eye-sight has been going down hill rapidly since easter this year.

admin answers:

Typically you need to register medical disabilities with an office at your school if you want to receive some sort of accommodation such as doing some alternative activity instead of the presentation. These offices have different names at different schools. At my university, it is called the Disability Resource Center. Check with your academic adviser or the Dean of Students Office if you cannot find the name of the correct office at your school.

If you have not done that already, you may be at the mercy of your instructor this semester. If you can provide documentation for your medical conditions, and you speak honestly with your instructor, you may be able to work with him or her to do an alternative project.

Chris asks…

IS Gatorade Really G00d to drink after an exausting 23 minute Run?

IM a 19 year Old Male…………………………..
I’ve been working on loosing pounds for the past month
and Its working ! ! ! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I FEEL
ALOT BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! in skool we never ran the mile we walked it the entire way lol juzt hanging out but now I really wanna be thin and built later. I’ve never exercised this much in my life. I run about 2 miles on the treadmill ever other day. When I dont have the chance to run its because my mom comes early and to me its embarassing running while she and my sister are home. I’ve been drinking plenty of water, eating VERY little or no fast food or unhealthy snacks i know are bad like chips sodas candy etc.
I work at a jamba juice so yay! I feel like that is also helping me.
I’ll sneak Carrot Juices and I hope it helps my body other than
my eye vision and skin pigment. The Irony is that a Burger King is down the Street and I get hungry! The good thing Is I’m able to control my appetite and if I buy something, I’ll buy a SPICY CHICKEN chrisp and a small Fries…. NOTHING ON THE SPICY CHICKEN. No MAYO, NO KETCHUP, nothing but plain & lettuce.
and I’ll make sure to wash it down with Water. Hey, I used to eat like 2 spicies, fries, and a small coke…. Sooo I’ve been HELLA cutting down.
At home I havent eaten much, I’ll eat fruit n shyt, and little stuff.
I kn0w I should eat proteins like fish, meat, and all that good stuff, but my mom is always working, and barely ever cooks, and IM too lazy or tired to cook. ohhh and I also take Stacker 3 Pills for energy before work so I’ll be constantly alert and moving. I kn0w they wont loose my weight but I feel like they do help at some level.

Soooo Yeah I juzt Finished my 2 mile run on the Treadmill
and im sipping on Gatorade!

I LOVE GATORAID that shyt is king.
but Im reading that theres 50 calories per Bottle
and 4 SERVINGS per bottle. 200 TOTAL CALORIES…
I burned almost 300 on that run…. I feel soo much better tho,
I actually ran the entire way without stopping cuz im getting better at running! I feel like I get stronger with every run. Before I couldnt run 5 minutes without gasping for air…. IM not super fat but I want to be un good shape now. I kn0w I’m loosing weight because I’m seeing a bunch of Stretch marks on my arms, stomach, and back! Isnt that a good thing”?

I’m still afraid of getting a scale, because I kn0w I will be shocked at home much I weight even after the 5-10 lbs i’ve lost.
I dont need a scale. I juzt need to keep focused on this goal of mine.

Can u guys give me tips/advice?

Ohhh and since I work at Jamba Juice, I get my *employee meal
at the end of my shift (like at 9-10)
and it supresses my hunger till I go to bed! If I didnt start doing taht, I’d probably drive tru Burger king for a couple snacks lol.


Sooo yeah, I kn0w that gatorade gives u energy or an extra boost
and the electrolytes or whatever… I love it. but I dont want it do the opposite of my objective. I kn0w atheletes drink it, but they are on a whole nother level. I dont wanna turn my fat into muscle. I wanna loose my fat, then build new muscle!
At jamba juice, we have WEY PROTEIN, which is the same shyt as Creatine. We Also Have Soy Protein… I’ve never used any of them because I dont want more fat! lol
But Should I? Which would be better? Soy or Wey?
Or Should I wait for when I hit a real gym to use that?


admin answers:

Well, it’s a good drink to drink but i wouldn’t suggest it right after exercise. They’re good and give you back the minerals you sweat out but they also dehydrate you. Drinking some with water as well shouldn’t harm though, as you’re rehydrating and getting the minerals back.
To be honest, i’d suggest you try supplements and water rather than energy drinks. They have caffeine loaded in them which can damage your eye sight, apparently. Drinking a lot of water will help more as it also flushes out your system. You sound like you’re doing right other than that though.
If i were you i’d just keep exercising healthily, eat about six meals a day. Small ones with a right balance of protein, carbs and fibre. Those with regular exercise should work a treat. They did for me and i lost three pounds in a week. :)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 7, 2012

Donna asks…

Help with eye exercises!!!??? ***Answer only IF you believe they help your eyes!!!***?

1. I confirmed that they infact DO improve your vision.

The problem:

2. I do them and it makes my eyes vision better, but whenever I blink, it goes away? Why? Do I have to do them like thousands of times or something like that?

admin answers:

Being as you only want to hear from BELIEVERS and not the facts…you are seeing for yourself why it is all baloney.

You can trick your brain for a few minutes , but exercises won’t change the shape of your eye, which is what is causing the refractive error to begin with.

OOOPS, sorry…you don’t want medical facts.

Mark asks…

How can I improve my eyesight?

I already have really bad vision. I wear glasses with strong lenses too. I want to improve my vision so I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time. I don’t want to get contacts or have eye surgery- I’m only a teenager. I’ve hear about these books where you learn about eye exercises, which can improve your vision. Has anybody heard about it or actually tried it?
Thanks for your quick repose guys. :)

admin answers:

This is a fact that if you eat ALOT of carrots it will help but not drastically

Paul asks…

Do I do this eye exercise with my glasses on or off?

I have worn glasses for over 2 years and recently read some articles about improving vision naturally through eye exercises. I was just wondering, am I supposed to do the eye exercise in which you stare at a distant object with my glasses on or off?

What about exercises like focusing on something close and the focusing on something far, palming, zooming, etc.?

admin answers:

The idea of eye exercises is to help bring about normal function of the eye and the mind. Sure its possible to find one person, insist that they try eye exercises and find out after one year their prescription was totally unaffected.
Then again its possible to find examples of people who couldn’t drive a car without glasses, getting help and later improving their eyesight so much that they can now legally drive. ( )

One therapist (who appears regularly on tv) is well known to have been born with cataracts, glaucoma and a few other rare conditions and was declared legally blind. His name is meir schneider if you care to look him up. He was introduced to ‘eye exercises’ at the age of 17 and nowadays can be seen on tv or writing in books describing how giving up and neglecting any part of your body will definitely lead to deterioration and/or illness.
Being legally blind and then being able to drive is a clear example of how holistic methods have had a positive effect on a person’s life.

Anyway what are the issues involved with eye exercises? Technically nearsightedness is defined as having eyeballs that are elongated front to back. So if this shape remains the same and the lens and cornea remain the same then the prescription has no chance of changing.

However what is indisputable is that the muscles of the eye are there for a reason. If we had none of these muscles then our eyes would be pretty much useless. There is the extraocular muscles with which your eyeballs can turn around in their sockets (to look up down etc.) There’s the ciliary muscle which is vital for your eye to change from seeing the distance to seeing something close up.
Does everyone need these muscles in order to function normally? Yes. Is there a guarantee that EVERYONE in the public is using these muscles correctly or have them in a workable state? No.
Since when did we live in a 100% healthy population?

Sorry I forgot the orbicularis muscle. This is crucial for closing your eyes and for blinking.

So if you are sure all of these muscles are working 100% ok for you then eye exercises won’t be helpful in this area.

The other issues are how you use your eyes, stress and the mental process of eyesight.
The eye has the simple job of refraction. This means the rays of light enter the eye and are then concentrated/ pointed in the right direction. The process of actually SEEING starts with the retina and ends in the brain. This area can also be prone to problems or failure. If the existence of stress is acknowledged then we can establish the possible cause of the problem.
Does everyone suffer the same amount of stress? Is it the true that noone actually suffers from excessive stress in their lives? Well if we lived in stressless world why does the word ‘stress’ exist.

So anyway if you never suffer from stress and have a consistent level of relaxation allowing you the time and freedom to take in visual information and process it then again….eye exercises won’t do anything for you.

There is something worth noting though.
Nobody claims eye exercises are a risk to your health. Nobody claims they help or contribute to eyesight getting worse. And doing eye exercises will possibly be something that will just take up one hour of just one day of your life. There’s no price to pay and there’s always the option to go back to glasses. Being honest I made a big deal in my head whether commiting to the idea of doing eye exercises was a waste of my time. But having done that first exercise and not seriously having worn glasses since then I can say it was a pretty lousy predicament (looking back at myself). Being unprepared to experiment with anything is a very ineffective way of approaching life.

BTW its worth pointing out staring is anti social and will be a cause of strain. On your eyes as well as other people. Everyone is familiar with magnifying glasses and binoculars. We stare into them. Glasses are no different.
See for some advice in this area.

Why are there people online here spending every day of their lives trying to tell people they waste their time with eye exercises? If eye exercises were proven to never work then there is a non-issue here. A complete non-event that is not worth anyones breath. There would be no logic for anyone to put effort into attacking the idea.
The question then becomes why is it only people who SELL glasses that are the ones (online) that try as hard as they can to convince people to avoid it? Quoting from a previous answer: ‘nobody uses eye exercises because they dont work. That’s why everyone wears glasses or has lasik.’ Well if everyone is buying glasses right now this issue would then not be in dispute. However I don’t understand why there are people spending all their time online devoted to a crusade which apparently has no relevance to their business.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 6, 2012

Nancy asks…

i need a good exercise that improves your eyesight?

I been wearing glasses for 3 years and now i want to see better without them. I been doing some random exercise from the internet and it helps me little bit, so if you guys know 1 pls tell me cuz i really wanted to restored me 20/20 eyesight

Also during the exercise when u turn ur eyes to the left then right. its like there is something inside my eyes and some wierd noise. Anyone knows what causes this and what is it? i really want to know pls
and I nearsighted (myopia?) so please tell me if you know a good exercise. i been doing a lot of exercise from last 2 weeks.

10 point for the best answer. sorry bad english

admin answers:

You are just wasting your time. There are no exercises that are going to reverse your nearsightedness.

Moving your eyes from left to right or in circles, or whatever, are only using the muscles that control eye movement, which don’t need exercise. We move our eyes all day anyway.

Those muscles being used have nothing to do with your vision , just eye movement.

You say you have been doing random exercises that ” help a bit”….I think your imagination is all that has worked a bit.

If you can still wear your glasses,and not find them too strong, then nothing has changed.

If it was as simple as doing some exercises to reverse a visual problem, millions wouldn’t still be stuck with glasses…think about it.

Ken asks…

I’ve been seeing something weird after my laser surgery?

I know I should be asking my doctor about this but the retina office is closed today since it’s the weekend. Well anyways, I had a very small retina tear. My doctor explained that I have bigger eyes than normal and that i have myopia (near sightedness) which caused it to make a small tear. Something like that. He said that laser surgery should probably do the job and fix the retina tear and that if it doesn’t work then I would need to do the surgery involving blood and that band thing.

Anyway. So I had the laser surgery during mid July and for these past few days I’ve been seeing something strange. He told me not to exercise or jump for a few days but I didn’t. I did however this month and I’ve been seeing these flashing spots the color of lightning. It usually appears in the same spot and it comes and goes really quickly. Yesterday I saw it a couple times like maybe 6 times in a day. I had the retina tear in my periphal and i saw the spot on my bottom right of only my left eye (where I had my surgery). Is anything wrong with this? Of course I’ll go to doctor but I just want an answer because I am very impatient for waitign three days just to ask my doctor about my health lol.

admin answers:

Sounds very suspicious to me. Does your eye doctor or the retinal specialist have a phone number where they can be reached in an emergency? If they do, then call and ask them. If not, your local hospital may be able to connect you with an on-duty ophthalmologist who may be able to help.

I wouldn’t wait on this. This could involve your sight, especially if you see a lot of floaters with the aura. Call NOW. It would be very unfortunate if you awoke on Monday morning and were blind in that eye.

ON EDIT: What you also can do is email “Princeidoc”. He’s an actual optometrist and he may be able to give you better advice. Just click on his name on the general optical questions section (he’s number 2 on the list) it will take you to his personal section and email him and see what he has to say. But in the meantime, don’t wait around. Get some professional advice.

Charles asks…

Type II diabetes question about glucose levels?

I just found out I am Type II diabetic. My A1c is 6 and I just had a baby 3 months ago, I had gestational diabetes that did not go away after delivery. My question is about glucose levels. My doctor told me NOT to check my glucose, but instead follow the diabetic diet and exercise every day for at least 30 minutes and go back in 3 months to check my A1c, peptides (something like that, not sure), and cholesterol levels and that those will be an indicator of my glucose levels during the past 3 months. BUT, since I am very depressed and sad about the diagnosis, I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing, so I have been checking my glucose levels at home once in a while regardless of what my doctor said. My readings every morning (fasting) are between 102-110, never below that. My levels 2 hours after meals are usually around 130-145, never below that. Does anyone know if these readings are dangerous for me? I mean, if they are causing damage to my organs. I am following the diet and doing exercise but I can’t get lower readings. I won’t see my doctor until 3 months from now, and I am concerned about the probable damage that these high readings are doing to my body. I already had myopia (nearsightedness) and floaters in my eyes, and I don’t want to lose my eyesight due to high readings…Please help…sorry if I am ignorant, but I am new to this and don’t know what to do. Thanks.
I’m 31 years old, not overweight, just appropriate weight

admin answers:

You’re concerns are valid, but it seems like this is just a case of your provider not adequately explaining glucose monitoring. From what you’ve listed above, if your fasting (preprandial) and after-meal (postprandial) readings are in those ranges, then you are actually doing quite well. . I’ll explain each one separately as well as the A1C, peptides, and cholesterol.

I’ll start with fasting levels. As you can guess, this is the amount of glucose in your blood when there hasn’t been any glucose ingestion. Typically, we say that a goal range for patients with diabetes is to have their fasting levels in the 70-130 range, according to the American Diabetes Association. This is the range that someone without diabetes would tend to fall into if they were fasting. Much farther below the 70 and people tend to exhibit symptoms of hypoglycemia (i.e. Racing heart, sweating, hunger, lethargy, etc.). This type of glucose level should be done just before eating.

Postprandial, or after meal glucose levels, are done two hours after eating because that is how long it should take for your body (or the insulin you’ve injected) to bring your glucose back down to the optimal range, which is less than 180 (again from the ADA). When you eat, the glucose you have taken in causes a spike in your blood glucose – this happens to people without diabetes as well. The reaction to this spike is what differentiates people with diabetes to those without. So anyone who eats (everyone!) gets a glucose spike, so we realize that if your postprandial level is 150 that an hour before that it was higher.

In short, each testing time has its own importance and as you can see from the goal ranges, that your levels are not “too high”.

While individual blood glucose readings are snapshots of your glucose at that specific point in time, the A1C gives an “average” blood glucose for the past three months. So while you may have a few elevated individual readings, an A1C tends to give more insight into your glucose levels long-term. The peptides that your doctor was most likely referring to is c-peptide. This is a byproduct of insulin production and helps measure the amount of insulin your body is producing. They will also check your cholesterol (also called lipid panel) because people with diabetes are at an elevated risk of cardiovascular as well as other diseases, so it is important to keep your cholesterol in check.

You can go the ADA website for a lot more information about lab testing, blood glucose levels, etc. Good luck and don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor about any of your concerns. Knowing what you are doing is big part of managing diabetes.

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