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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

April 25, 2012

Ken asks…

Best website/book for vision improvement?

Alright, so I’ve done a little research on eye exercises that can improve your vision, and I would really like to give it a try! So I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a really good website based around vision improvement? If not, if you know of a good book over this, that will do too! thanks!

admin answers:


answer mine:;_ylt=AokqJHh_yAkUh5IDTqyz1Y3g5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20120215153030AAY4amh


Lisa asks…

VISION HELPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

what is the best eye exercise for nearsightedness??
plz dont tell me eye exercises dont work cuz my eyes got better from before and i want to know a way to improve it faster

admin answers:

Hi the following tip is from a website they have some good advice on natural remedies for improving vision. Try out the method below and see if it helps.

Eyesight routines are usually enormously beneficial for total eye health and vision because they assist the eye allowing it to relax and they also enhance eye muscle strength and overall flexibility. Simply by performing these exercises for a few minutes each day you can not merely maintain your vision but improve visual acuity to 20/20 and more. Why don’t we see a few simple eye exercises to improve vision:

- Look up and begin spinning the eyes little by little in a clockwise direction. Do this 10 times and then – 10 times in the opposite direction.

- Take a pen and hold it with your hand extended. Concentrate the eyes on the pen and keep it focused as you move it nearer to the face. Once the pen is around 7 ins off from your nose, begin moving it back.

- Blink quickly repeatedly and then shut your eyes plus bend your head toward your torso. Stay in this position for around 3 minutes and do it again.

The site has a lot more information on natural remedies for improving vision

hope this helps
Martin T Lane

Sandra asks…

Hypermetropia, exercises for eyes ? help me …?

hello ,i am a boy 23 years old, i have Hypermeropia, i see very good with the right eye,but i have problem with the left eye,I CANT READ WITH THE LEFT EYE, i have glass with number (+3 left eye and +0.5 right eye ), can i improve my left eye doing exercises for eye, Can you help me please, what kind of exercises can i do to improve my vision, THANK YOU.

admin answers:

Did you have fusion/crossed eye problems?

In general, common eye exercises(eye pushups, eye drills) don’t work. Eye exercises are based on the eyes being weak and needing to be strengthened. This is incorrect, people with blurry vision exert much more effort, strain, and tension to see clearly through artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery). So people with blurry vision have eye muscles that are many times stronger than they need to be.

Eye professionals don’t aknowledge that blurry vision comes from how we use our eyes, mind, and body together all day. If we unlearn blurry vision habits, reintegrate clear vision behaviors, and undo the strain, tension, and damage with self healing activities, most people can return to natural perfect eyesight.

A good way to start relearning to see is through reading the best books. The best way to return to natural perfect eyesight is with the help of a great teacher. Avoid things that talk about eye exercises and eye potions. Also eye professionals will say there’s no other options then them out of habit and training and self preservation.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

April 24, 2012

Susan asks…

are there eye exercises for ptosis?

I have mild ptosis of the upper eyelid of one of my eyes. Are there any successful rehabilitative exercises that can strengthen this muscle and lift the upper eyelid to normal height? It’s very annoying and unattractive. Thanks for any help.

admin answers:

Yes, you can try this one as it will strengthen the levator muscle of the upper eyelids.

First of all you close your eyes. Then place your index fingers on closed upper eyelids. Hold firmly and then try to open your eyes, but keep holding the eyelids firmly shut with your index fingers. So you should feel the tension of the eyelids trying to open against the resistance of your fingers. Hold for a count of 6 seconds and then release. Repeat this 20 times every day.

Maria asks…

What eye exercises can improve my vision?

See title.

admin answers:

Try the Bates Method. Unfortunately, there’s no free online information on the web, so you might want to check out the book in the bookstore.

Sharon asks…

Eye improvement experiences? Do eye exercises work?

Share your experiences of eye improvement with eye exercises.

Do eye exercises work?

Also, please star this question so everybody can see this question.

Thanks so much!
pixiegirl—-did it really work?

Like what was your eyesight number and after you do the eye exercise, what is your prescription number?

admin answers:

It depends on what the eye exercise is for. If you are just trying to improve your eyesight, like your glasses prescription, they won’t do anything. Your eyesight depends on the shape of your cornea and you can’t change that by rubbing your eyes or anything like that.

If you have an eye turn (and you’re young) or a binocular problem (your eyes don’t always work well together), then eye exercises can help with that. Sometimes you can improve the way the eyes move, but you can’t improve how well they see with exercises.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 23, 2012

Ruth asks…

how to improve my eye sight?

actually i am not wearing any glasses or contact lenses,i have problem when i am in 6th class now i completed my engneering, when i am in 6th class i have -0.75 eye sight and at 10th class i am having -1.5 eyesight,upto 10th class i used to wear the glasses,from inter i am not wearing it,now i am having -3.25 eye sight,i dont want to wear glasses please suggest me any exercises and diet to improve my eye vision,ya one way is there i know that laser operation but it costs a lot,i cant able to bear huge amount i belonged to middle class society.

admin answers:

Good vision is a vital part of feeling your best. We rely on sight more than any other sense to enjoy life to the fullest. Your vision changes naturally throughout your life. There are also three steps you can take to help take care of your sight:

Visit an eye doctor regularly.
Make changes to help yourself see better.
Take care of yourself.

Donna asks…

What should i do?eye problem?

i am on playing computer for like 12 hours or so a day for about 3 month and now my eyes are really and tired and sometimes they really hurt …what should i do is there any eye exercise or something…i want to improve my vision but i don’t to do those laser ,operation etc. when i was small my eyes where super good and now i ruined them can someone help me?i want eye exercise to improve vision and heal eyes…10Q
i said eyes you know the 2 balls on your face under forehead

admin answers:

Well, firstly, 12 hrs in front of a computer game, unless that is your job (and even still) then this is pretty unhealthy for your eyes and the rest of your body! Never mind exercising your eyes, try some actual exercise!

Cutting down the amount you sit in front of a computer screen ought to help first, you are probably straining your eyes.

You may need glasses to stop the strain, im not sure about exercises though, im no expert but i doubt there is anything you can do other than stop straining your eyes as much

I have to be on the computer a lot due to studying a lot. I make sure I have a 15 min break for every 45 mins. In that time i shut down the computer and do something completely different, like close my eyes and listen to some music – thus giving my eyes a rest

Maria asks…

Bates method of perfect vision?

I was reading online about bates’ method to improved vision through eye exercises and diet etc. And I want to know how true it is. I mean it seems pretty easy to do and if it’s true I will definitely try it.
What is the medicine called?

admin answers:

Yes, I used a similar method that worked well. Improving the muscles helps with eyesight as long as that is the problem.

There are also supplements to help the eyes repair themselves.

Don’t buy into the “no cure” ideology pushed by many doctors who only use drugs. Of course a drug can’t cure anything, it can only handle the symptoms.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

April 22, 2012

Jenny asks…

So lazy…every little thing feels like so much effort…?

I’m 19, a full-time uni student (finance and accounting double-major), work 40 hours a week in addition, living on my own.

This is a normal, manageable life load, but lately I’ve been so exhausted, physically weak, and lazy.

I take Ritalin for my ADD, I eat healthy (2 bowls of granola cereal for breakfast, various candy bars or french fries as snacks, fast food lunch, and a bowl of salad for dinner). I get plenty of sleep, 4-7 hours every night, usually around 6 hours. I exercise daily and drink lots of water.

But I’m still so drained. I just flunked a finance test, I went over my credit card limit, and I have huge projects I’m worried about, and I’m freaking out about the viruses in my personal computer.

I cannot even read one sentence in a textbook. My eyes skim the words, but my brain is absorbing nothing. It’s like my brain is out of battery. I can’t even walk a few steps up the stairs without stopping for breath.

Has nothing to do with my “cycle”, had a clean bill of health at a recent checkup…

How can I get over this laziness? I’m completely disgusted with myself. Even caffeine doesn’t do the trick (for long, anyway). I’m not depressed. I’m not sad about anything, and I don’t cry.

admin answers:

You have a clean bill of health physically, per your last checkup, but they can’t always tell you about your mental state. You don’t eat as healthy as you think, it seems. From what you listed, you could knock out the candy bars and french fries and also the fast food (depending on what it is, some is actually fairly decent) and possibly gain more energy that way.

The big thing that I suggest that may help is mentioning to your primary doctor or your therapist/psychologist about the change in your behavior. It could be that you’ve adjusted to or are having an adverse reaction to the ritalin. It could even be depression or anxieties like it is with me.

Donna asks…

how can i fix a lazy eye.?

I dont technically have lazy eye, but not sure how else to describe it. I dont know if anyone can help me. Several years ago I lost vision in one of my eyes. The optic nerve is damaged with scar tissue. I basically cannot see anything out of that eye. It always seems to veer off. People say they can’t tell, but I can really tell in pictures. I would have to make my good eye look almost completely to the left, to make my bad eye look straight. I have read a comon exercise for lazy eye is an eye patch…but since I can’t see, this would not help. I wonder if there are any other exercises or anything else i can do to help.
Makes perfect sense. Thank you. :(

admin answers:

This often happens when vision is lost in one eye. In a normal visual system, the eye strain or double vision that results as one eye begins to turn out serves as feedback to keep your eyes straight. If vision is lost in one eye, this feedback is lost. You can have surgery to make your eyes straight again but the effect will be temporary.

Daniel asks…

Surgery for 9 yr old for a lazy eye yes or no?

My daughter has been seeing an eye doctor since she was 5. She has a lazy eye. They recommended glasses to correct the problem. And though the glasses make the eye straight when she wears them her vision is not improving in her lazy eye. Not matter what the prescription. They think eye exercises will work. I am very doubtful about that. I have heard from people that surgery is the way to go. Even though the doctor has not brought it up. My mother said when she was about my daughters age that she to had surgery to correct her lazy eye. My mom still wears glasses. But her lazy eye is gone and she can see 20/20 with glasses. What should I do? Can anyone relate to this?

admin answers:

I would ask for a consultation from your Family Doctor for another Ophthalmologiststs’ opinion.
Their advice may vary, but lazy eye can be surgically corrected. No time like the present to help your Daughter. Best of luck.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

April 21, 2012

Maria asks…

my eye vision is -4.75!! how can i restore to 2-1 or even 0?

Hi there,
My eyesight is going bad and worst since i was 8. I wear glasses and now im 15 and my eye vision is from -2 to -4.75!! Is there any eye exercise for me? i know there is something about finger or pencil thingy or palm on your eyes. Is there anyway to “clog” this endless process or to see better?
o btw i got more eye strains in the years because of sitting too much on computer.

Any tips??

admin answers:

There is no evidence taht eye exercises , eating the right food etc. Makes any difference to your eyesight. These methods mainly ask for yoru money. If there was any way of improving yoru eyesight noone would wear glasses.

Eye strain is a problem with working on computers but tehy do not damage your eyes. If they did then all computer professionals would have degenerating eyesight and this is not the case.

Your eyesight gets worse as you grow as its about the shape of your eyeball. Typically it stablizies in your early 20′s.. -4.75 is actually better than my eyesight was at 15, and whilst I know its really upsetting when your eyesight keeps getting worse it will be fully correctable with glasses/contacts. You may also have the option of lazer surgery when you are older and new things do come out all the time.
Having bad vision hasn’t stopped me doing anythign but becoming an astronaut – I do many sports, trek, camp, swim , sail etc. All courtesy of contacts I can’t find the door of the bedroom without glasses.

Charles asks…

How to get better vision?

Okay, so, I’ve heard about things like the “Bates trick”
and stuff.
On how you exercise your eyes and blah.
That doesn’t help me.
I tried going to the eye doctors and they said it’ll improve or something.
Or maybe I’ll have to get eye surgery.
My eyesight is a 5.00
for both eyes and I’m 13.
I’m blind.

admin answers:

Typically your eyesight won’t get alot better on it”s own. Now im not an expert so you might want to keep researching but one of my friends got eye surgery and she swears by it. She says she sees really good and doesn’t need her glasses or contacts at all.

Carol asks…

Why did this answer get such a low rating?

I recently have been using an eye exercise routine to get better vision and its working really well for me so when i saw a question about eye exercises i spent ages typing it up, i then saw several questions like it so i copied and pasted the same answer about 4 times each time putting that i had used the same answer before. On all of the questions i answered i then got 5 or 6 thumbs down!? it didn’t have anything rude or offensive in it or any links to websites wanting money, i made it myself using stuff from other websites so it wasn’t a copyright infringement and it actually works!! why did it get so many thumbs down????? :

admin answers:

I have found that thumbs down are usually meaningless. Other people who answer use them to make their answer look better. What really matters is the number of votes you get.

You may also want to shorten your answer and do not start by referring to a video course. Someone doing a quick scan can think it is spam.

Look at your first paragraph:
“I wear glasses and a few weeks ago i read an article about eye exercises. I looked at a ‘free video course’ and tons of eye workouts which all turned out to want a ‘token’ sum off $100000000000!
After looking at a lot of stuff i came up with with an eye exercise routine which i’ve being doing for a week now and my eyesight has got better, i only have to wear my glasses sometimes now! :)

If I read no further I would think you are selling something.

ʎəɿʞɹɐq  ̊ ͜͡● ̊

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