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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

April 30, 2012

Thomas asks…

Tommorow is my eye test?

Hell, tommorow is my eye exam. I am so scared of it, because hell, I have “lazy eye“, and I have to exercise my eye. I do it, but sometimes I forget, and sometimes I just can’t, and the doctor always lectures me about this. Also, whenever I go to an eye exam, they put some sort of drops in my eyes, and that happens for like five times, and when they are ready, I can’t see a thing! Also, they’ve bought a new machine, and the numbers are far harder to read than before, and they are so so small! I am sure even the doctor can’t read them. Why I have to do this then?

And all this queue with ill or blind people, makes me sick.. and the waiting process too. Give me several ideas how to pass it and most importantly, survive this TORTURE?

admin answers:

Do your eye exercises like the doctor told you and the your doctor won’t lecture you. And maybe you will strengthen your eyes and the eye tests won’t seem so difficult.

Ruth asks…

eye drops that blur your eye?

OK so i have a lazy eye. i WAS cross eyed, but i got lazer and the muscles moved straight. my eye doctor said it was common for the muscles to lose their strength after 10 years. he told me to do these exercises, like hold the pencil away then move it closer till your eyes flicker, i did them for like a week, then my eyes stopped flickering. im thinking of asking him to give me drops to blur my left eye. do you think it will work?

admin answers:

Your doctors told you to do the right thing. The exercises he’s prescribed for you will help your eye muscle (if you were cross eyed, I’m assuming this would be your lateral recti muscles) keep their tonus, (keep nice and stretchy.)

About the drops that blur your eye, I think you are referring to atropine or a similar drug. (In different areas and countries different drugs are used, but in the UK we use atropine.) This will not help you. It wont help your muscles retain their tonus and although it would make your eyes straight while you blurred your left eye, as soon as the cream wore off they would go right back to being lazy. It’s not a good long term solution to go through life only using one of your eyes. :) In fact the atropine drops might even go on to give you double vision which is the opposite of what we are going for in your treatment!

This is why the exercises are a better idea, they will allow you to keep your eyes straight and keep using both your eyes together :) make sure you do them religiously, and you will see a improvement, I promise! Eventually you wont need to do them as often and you should be able to wean yourself off them, and only do them once every two weeks or so!

The exercises he’s given you is to help your motor fusion, which is your second grade of BSV. This one is the most important to avoid walking into things. Keep at it!

Mandy asks…

Health issues – Not sure though..?


I am a 17 year old male and I’m concerned about my health.

Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m constantly tired all of the time. I don’t get much sleep, because of when I go to sleep and when I have to wake up at 6:00am every morning for school. My weight isn’t all that great for my age. My body feels weak all of the time and sometimes I get muscle aches. I was told by my Doctor that I have “cluster migraines” from being overwhelmed. So now I take propanolal (however you spell it). Also, I am asthmatic.

I don’t drink milk unless it’s at school lunch or with cereal. Which I may think could be the problem why I get muscle aches. Possibly not getting vitamins? However, I started taking Centrum A-Zinc 4 days ago and haven’t noticed a change.

I was told from a relative I could possibly be anemic. But, I’m not really familiar with it so I looked up the symptoms and here’s what I feel…

Easy fatigue and loss of energy – Frequent
Unusually rapid heart beat, particularly with exercise
Shortness of breath and headache, particularly with exercise – I have asthma so frequent.
Difficulty concentrating – Frequent
Dizziness – Only when I get my migraines.
Pale skin – My skin is naturally whiter than normal.
Leg cramps – Here and there.

So that’s that. Now, here comes the other thing I’m worried about (laugh at me all you want)… but I read the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and some match up. I did have oral sex (girl gave me “head”) and Im still a virgin and I don’t know if she was clean or not?

AIDS Symptoms;
Lack of energy – Frequent
Weight loss – Nope
Frequent fevers and sweats – Nope
Persistent skin rashes or flaky skin – Dry hands / arms when it’s cold
Short-term memory loss – Nope. But I have a slower processing speed and on a 504 plan
Mouth, genital, or anal sores from herpes infections – Nope

So all-in-all, I don’t know what could be wrong with me. I’ve seen the Doctor for my migraines and they put my on medicine but I still get them throughout the day. I do have a lazy eye and do game a lot on the computer. But as far as the weakness and tiredness, I don’t know?

Please be serious and give your best advice.


admin answers:

Sounds like maybe thyroid disorder………….
Have you had your thyroid tested? You need testing for thyroid ANTIBODIES as well as TSH. TSH ‘norm’ should be .3 – 3 (w/ most feeling best at < 2) but, for diagnosis, may not mean much if ANTIBODIES are present which is indicative of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis (cycles between HYPER & HYPO at start)…it is the main cause of eventual HypOthyroidism but worse (…OR Graves Disease – HypERthyroid).

WARNING: Doctors seem not to want to find/treat thyroid disease. You may have to go to more than one doctor before you get the right tests, interpretation, and treatment. Best wishes.

Ck these:


God bless you

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

April 29, 2012

Daniel asks…

Advice for a nearsighted teenage guy?

Hey so I’m 17 years old and I’m pretty nearsighted, I wear -3.25 contacts. I’m already noticing my distance vision is starting to get worse, but I dont want my prescription to keep getting stronger. I’m noticing that my eyesight is better some days than others–sometimes it’s spot-on (with contacts) and sometimes it’s a little blurry. Is there anything I should do to keep my eyes on the right track, like foods with good eye nutrition or eye exercises I should do? Should I wear glasses and only wear them for distance things but not reading/computer…my eyes are at the point where I have to kinda lean in to see the computer uncorrected/hold the book pretty close to my face…is it better to do those things with or without correction. Thanks so much for any advice!

admin answers:

In school wear glasses. Take your glasses off for reading. See an optometrist.

Mark asks…

drifting eye, got exerices but any others i can try?

Hey well first off, i have perfect vision, i can read signs that my other mates (who have normal vision) cannot and ive had my eyes tested etc, but well i went to have my eyes tested because i was having alot of headaches while at the computer, the optician assured me that my sight was perfect but my left eye had become some what lazy, and drifted off while i was trying to focus in on something, this made sense to me as my computer screen was always at the right side of my body and im on the computer from morning till night as i study and work with computers.

anyways his given me some exercises but their not giving me much help, and lately ive been trying the old fashioned way off covering up my good eye and spending the day only using my lazy eye, but is their anything else i can try?? thanks.

btw i have an appointment with opticians again for a check up in november so want to try and correct it by then. cheers.

admin answers:

Now it depends on what is causing the eye to drift – as you say – and your age – but chances are it can be corrected with glasses using prism, which forces the eyes to focus.

You need to go to an Optometrist – an optician cannot diagnose the problem properly. If there is more to be done, then they can refer you to an ophthalmologist.

Hope this helps.

John asks…

Blackout in vision after exercise?!?!?

Today in conditioning (weight lifting class) we worked out for the first time this semester in the weight room. It was the first time ive worked out in awhile but it wasn’t overly hard or anything. Anyways after the workout when i was standing up my stomach started feeling weird and i suddenly felt hot and cold at the same time. since i couldnt sit down(one of the rules while in the weight room) i started feeling unbalanced and i felt like i couldn’t move along with the other symptomes. It was after this when a ring of black appeared around my eyes and it eventually spread until i couldnt see at all. During this time i could still hear perfectly clear and felt everything fine but i just couldnt see and i felt extreamly dizzy by this point. When i was finally guided to a bench by a friend my vision started clearing up again but i still didnt feel right for about another 10 minutes. Im a sophmore in high school and play a couple sports and i’ve never had this happen to me before and im actually pretty skinny and in good shape so i have no idea why this happened. If anyone can help me out with this i’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

admin answers:

Wow um you where probably dehydrated and didnt eat breakfast and your gym coach should let you sit if that happens again tell your coach and sit and drink water or you could really injure yourself. This has happened to me before but it was combined with vertigo (feels like your spinning) i was in the shower post workout i slipped and could have really gotten hurt.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 28, 2012

Richard asks…

Eye Exercises know any?

I want some exercises to improve my vision over the coarse of couple of months or sooner. You know something I can do every day.

admin answers:

I don’t think there are any you can do to improve your vision in the way glasses would.. Y’know, just general vision.. But there are some that well improve your eye reflexes and things.. I have this game called ‘Sight Training’ for DS, which is alright.. Basically there are some exercises that will -apparently- help with things like reflex and uhh.. Well, I don’t know what else, I stopped playing it xD
But yeah, try playing games that require you to move your eyes quickly? If those are the sort of exercises you want, anyway.

Otherwise, things you shouldn’t do are things like go on the computer with no light on (like I am now, hah) or read with a book too close to you.. That’s what my optician used to tell me, anyway.

Michael asks…

Is there anything I can do to improve my vision?

I’m starting to worry about the effect of working on a computer all day will have on my eye sight.

Is it true that working on a computer can damage your eyes? I have no choice, it is my job.

Is there any “exercises” you can do that will improve vision?

admin answers:

Include fresh vegetables in your diet, that contains vitamin A. I do not know of exercises that improves eyesight. Get plenty of rest, don’t strain your eyes, and get a yearly checkup. Wear glasses if needed. I have been at a computer since 1992 and so far have had no problems. Eyesight normally does not improve, it gets worst as times goes. That is natural. On most computers you can enlarge the text size if needed. That would ease the strain on your eyes. I have not heard of computers damaging people eyes. Get a better monitor if that’s causing problems.

John asks…

eye exercises for bad eye sight?


I have bad vision now becuz i used 2 spend alot of time infront of the computer and i now wear glasses to see distant objects. I wanted to know if eye exercises can help me regain my vision or even improve my vision? Has any1 tried eye exercises and seen improvements in their eyesights?

admin answers:

I started getting blurry vision when I was 14 years old. I hated the thought of imperfect eyesight or wearing glasses. I did some research and found books on eye exercises. My eyes felt different in the beginning but I eventually got used to the eye exercises and nothing changed. For most people eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) don’t change the way we use our eyes, and don’t address the real issues of blurry vision.

My awesome brother, being aware of my interest in eyesight, came across a book by Dr William H Bates. He discovered that we interfere with our eyesight. I perfected my eyesight by stopping staring and diffusion, and by centralizing, moving, and relaxing my vision system.

I have a link to one of the best books on Natural Eyesight Improvement on my website. It contains most of Dr. William H. Bates book and explains Natural Eyesight Improvement very well. Finding a good Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher near you is most helpful. I have great a link to Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers around the world. I would be glad to interview teachers for people to make sure they are teaching the correct principles.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

April 27, 2012

James asks…

Is the Lazy eye curable?

Is it possible? I know for adults its harder. Theres eye exercises, how do they work? Is there another way to cure them?

admin answers:

Yes with either vision therapy, or muscle surgery’s, or with a reposition.
Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is seen to bud in early childhood. Eye exercises for amblyopia are known to improve the vision of the lazy eye and lead to better coordination. To know more about eye exercises for lazy eye, read on…
Lazy eye is not a disease and cannot be corrected by using glasses or lenses. The human brain, due to some reason, does not respond to any one of the eyes. This eye is said to be amblyopic or the lazy eye. The brain does not totally acknowledge the images that are seen by the lazy eye. Usually, lazy eye is observed in one eye. However, in some rare cases, amblyopia is observed in both the eyes. The symptoms of a lazy eye are that the eye wanders inward and outward, the lazy eye does not work along with the other normal eye and depth perception becomes poor. Before we get to know the eye exercises for lazy eye, let us get to know the causes of this eye problem known as lazy eye.

Causes of Lazy Eye
The major cause of lazy eye (Amblyopia) is strabismus. Now, what is strabismus? Strabimus is an imbalance in the muscles that are positioning the eye in the right position. Strabimus is responsible for the unusual inward and outward movement of eyes. This is the reason why the eye is not able to capture the images correctly and send them to the brain. This is one cause of lazy eye, the second being due to blockage in the eye due to trauma or a lid droop. A wandering eye is the primary sign of a lazy eye.

Eye Exercises for Lazy Eye
Eye exercises, besides being good for eye health, are also meant to improve vision. Eye exercises are important to develop and maintain normal vision and to increase depth perception of the eye. Here are some of the eye exercises for amblyopia that you can use to treat the lazy eye of your child. It is strongly recommended that you should consult a doctor before you use these eye exercises for lazy eye.

Eye Patching
Eye patching involves disabling the healthy eye with the help of an eye patch. In this exercise, the lazy eye is forced to work and helps to establish a communication between the brain and the eye. The time period for which this patch is to be worn by the child is decided by the doctor. It is advisable to ask the doctor when and for how much time the patch should be worn by your child.

Focusing Skills
Focusing is one of the eye exercises for lazy eye (amblyopia) which involves quick shifting focus when looking from near to far. Kids with a lazy eye face this problem in schools when they have to look at their boards after looking in their books placed on the desk. The eye exercise for lazy eye which involves focusing can be done at home. Take printouts of numbers from 1 to 30 on a sheet of paper and then ask your child to read these numbers and then read the numbers from the calendar which is hung on the wall. You can give your child any random number and ask him / her to find out the number on the calendar.

Rolling the eyes, so that the muscles of the lazy eye work. This is done by patching the stronger eye. The rolling direction and time must be confirmed with the doctor.

Another eye exercise for amblyopia is tracking. Tracking integrates the central and peripheral vision of the child. The central vision tells us about the object we are looking at. The peripheral vision helps us to locate the objects. A good integration of both these visions renders a good vision. The exercises that use tracking involves tracking the outline of a circle, clown or any other figure. Tracking these images must be done continuously without looking in any other direction

Paul asks…

possible to fix my lazy eye?

Right now I’m 14 and 2 months old, and I have the slightest lazy eye. As a kid (1st Grade) , yes they made me wear that patching thingy but I hated glasses and almost NEVER wore them (until 7th grade, but they removed the patch in 5th grade) I researched that apparently at a certain age, patches and exercises doesn’t help anymore?

Anyway my lazy eye only happens when I try to look at one thing where it requires both eyes to turn in/out the same way. For example, if I was told to look straight at a pencil in front of me, it would require alot of effort just to look at it together. I also observed this in the mirror, if I relax a little, my strong eye is on the pencil in front of me but then my right eye drifts a little to the right so that it’s “parallel” and when I look through my right eye, it’s not really on the pencil anymore but on the side. Of course this doesn’t happen with far away objects because they’re usually in the same direction

I was wondering if just closing my strong eye and doing exercises with the right eye will still help/work or is it too late? (closing my strong eye is always a hassle because unfortunatley, my strong eye is near sided while my weak eye is far sighted -.-) Also, if fixing it is impossible, is there any surgery to fix this? (and any more information on this would be appreciated)

(p.s. Although my lazy eye doesn’t seem that serious, I am very bothered with it, and I have no self confidence so I’m spending my first year in high school fixing everything about me I can. So, if you intend on telling me “your eye is fine../you don’t need to do this/why the heck are you talking about surgery?!?” it probably won’t persuade me.)
Went researching again. Apparently, since the brain can’t process two visions at once, it started a habit to ignore the weaker eue which made it lazy. So, some people say that if the vison becomes better in the weaker eye, (like if your lazy eye is far sighted and it becomes better so that it’s easier for you to see near sighted) the brain will eventually pay more attention to the weaker eye which will lessen the “lazy eye“.

Is this true, so does that mean I just need to wait it out or something? Not really sure what to make out of this, especially considering eyes cannot get better sight overnight…unless you get normal eye surgery. (also I saw that lazy eye surgery was very unreliable?)

admin answers:

I’m forced to have an eye specialist check up every year for my lazy eye, and if your lazy eye is really that minor, there’s probably no need to fix it. Sometimes my lazy eye is so weird that when I’m really tired, I see two different visions from two different eyes at overlapping each other. But even with that, my eye doctor hasn’t deemed my case so bad that it’d need intervention. You’re probably fine.

Yes, there is surgery, but you need to have it before you’re around 18 – 21. It’s also pretty bloody I’ve heard, and I’m not kidding.

John asks…

what exercises can i do daily for the eye, almost like therapy?

I want to know the step by step process of strengthening the the muscle of the eye, my eye is started to become lazy and I dont want to be cock eye so what can I do to make my left muscles strong

admin answers:

One way to help a lazy eye is to patch or cover your good eye, and use your lazy eye.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

April 26, 2012

Steven asks…

Have I found the cure for near-sightedness?

Hey everyone. So basically I’m 18 years old and I’m -4.00 in each eye. Over the years I looked into how I could cure myopia (which is near sightedness) and what I found out is that myopia is cause due to the eye muscles tightening too much and therefore squishing the eye and the lens within. I read about eye exercises and there are soooo many people who keep saying they work and that they don’t, and how eye doctors would have proved if it worked by now, but I think that eye exercises may work…
In theory, if myopia is caused because of contraction of the eye muscles, doesn’t that mean that if you do eye exercises and relax the eyes, they would eventually return back to their original state?
I understand people might think it’s a hoax, but I wanted to get people’s opinions on it.

And for those who would say that eye exercises won’t work, think about this. If it were true, and eye exercises did work, do you REALLY think that eye doctors would expose that to the media? In doing so, they would be destroying their own careers, profession, and their extremely high salaries. You can’t really trust eye doctors 100%.

But yes, in theory, wouldn’t eye exercises work?

admin answers:

I admire your intentions. However, your idea on how myopia works is distorted.

No one knows entirely why myopia develops, or if there will one day be a treatment to stop it.

Here are the things we DO know:

Myopia is not caused by eye muscles tightening.

Myopia IS caused by uncontrolled AXIAL ELONGATION (growth) of the eye.

Myopic eyes grow to be longer than they should. This is well documented and peer reviewed and repeatable and is the one thing I can say for sure about the develop of myopia.

What leads to this axial elongation we dont know. Genetics certainly has a significant role, but there is good evidence that some environmental conditions contribute too.

Near work is one environental factor that is strongly linked to myopia development – but it isnt because of eye muscles tightening.

Why near work may lead to axial elongation of the eye is the question that thousands of scientists around the world are working on.

Eye excersizes to reduce myopia is a quick fix that only makes sense to people with a poor understanding of how the eye and myopia works.

You’re 18, great you should go to university and study this further

Nancy asks…


ever since i was 11, i have been wearing glasses -> and i started at -3 for both eyes
and due to the optometrists’ orders, i have been wearing them all the time, even when i
didnt need them.. rite now im 15 and my eyesight for both eyes is -7!
This is terrible and i feel my eyesight is deteriorating at an incredible rate.
what makes me wonder, my friend who had the same eysight as me in grade 6,
and it has not increased one bit.. but she only wore them when she needed them
(for copying notes in class) im soo scared and i know my eysight is extremely
severe myopia! :( i want to save/improve my eyesight PLEASE! dont mention
glasses, contacts, lasik.. i already know that.. i also heard bout eye exercises
(dont rlly know much bout it though)
please anything would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
thank you so much in advance!

ALSO: its not genetic (no one in my family has glasses, except me and my brother)

thanks so much!!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
P.S. if anyone has past experiences with poor eyesight and how
they improved it naturally, that would be amazing! no scams pls :)
thanks again!!!!!!
woah, the additional details kinda went over the line there.. weird :S
anyways, nate and david, srsly i wouldnt spend a penny on anything and
be ‘cheated’ on the internet and w/e. also, ofc i dont think that the
optometrists are hiding anything from me.. thats the dumbest think ive heard
not trying to come off as rude but im looking for someone who is willing to help me
ALL im looking for is some eye exercises that might have worked, thats it.
maybe not improve my eyesight exactly, but maybe stop the rapid deterioration
or possibly making it better SLIGHTLY.
thanks again! :D

i do appreciate ur advice though :)
kay i better stop w/the additional details

admin answers:

Myopia (nearsightedness) is when the physical length of the eye is longer than its optical length. The eyes do not focus light directly on the retina and this results in blurred vision.

Eye exercises only exercise the muscles that surround the eye – they do nothing to change the shape or length of the eyeball. Neither does any food, supplement or drug. No eye exercise has ever been substantiated to work for these conditions.

Sorry but your options are glasses, contacts and maybe surgery.

Lisa asks…

What about Orthokeratology ? Other methods of “treating” myopia?

Lately, I searched about the methods of correcting myopia. One of the methods I found is the so called “orthokeratology”, or “Ortho-K”.
I know that those are contact lenses, worn at night, and that they reshape the epithelial cells of the cornea .
However, I still have some questions about them… Mainly , those are:

1) Approximately , what is the price of those lenses? I found prices that varies from $200 to $2500. What is the correct price? I have -1.5D LE and -1.75D RE. Also, I am slight cross-eyed (I asked for surgical intervention, but the doctor told me that the deviation is too small, and is most likely a neurological cause for the deviation |am I crazy? xD| . And also, there is the risk that by not wearing my prism lenses, the strabismus would come back at full force, making me look like a weird person…).
2) Except from the infection problems, common for any contact lenses, are any other risks involved? I am quite skeptical with the whole “pressure on the eye” thing.
3) Are there any doctors outside UK and US ? I don’t live there, and if I have to travel thousands of miles to the closest doctor …
4) I guess age isn’t a problem, is it? I’m 15, turning 16 next month.
5) How often do I need to change the lenses? Once a month? Once a year? Less?

I will be grateful if any of you (who are wearing these type of contact lenses) would tell me about your experience with them.

Also, I found a lot of other types of correcting myopia, varying from surgical interventions, to contact lenses, even looking to the sun or making certain “exercises” with the eye.
The LASIK, or, mainly, any other surgery , sounds too much for me, as it is too invasive and irreversible, and they have too many complications.
Contact lenses are OK with me, but not with my parents, since they are afraid of eye infections.
I currently wear glasses (and I wear them since 3 yo), and I got bored with them, plus they are in way of about any activity I want to do. Sports? If I get a ball in my face they would break, if I don’t wear them I can’t see the ball. Playing with my little sister? She would slap them off my face (… >.>). PLUS they get scratches all the time, they get dirty, and I also had enough of the “tunnel view” (since I can only see clear through the part where the lenses are) and the aching nose…

All in all, that’s all I have to say, and I will be grateful if you could tell me about orthokeratology, or any other correcting methods.

admin answers:

Congratulations on your research. It is not easy to always find the information one needs.

You can find a lot of information about Ortho-K at

Cost does vary, just like it varies for something like braces for your teeth. The $200 figure you found was probably just for the material lens, maybe a replacement of a lens known to work. Most doctors are in the $1500 to $2000 range (including the cost of the lenses) for “normal” eyes and your prescription looks like it might fit that category if all other factors are normal.

The eye deviation is something that would have to be determined by your doctor. If the only way to correct it is with prism in your glasses, then ortho-k won’t work well for you. Often the necessity of prism can be compensated for by specific vision training exercises, but you need professional advice. Not all doctors provide vision training and sadly many don’t refer for it either. I’m not saying it would work for you – just something to determine.

To find a doctor outside the UK/US: If you are in Australia/NZ, check out this web site to find a doctor:
If you are in South Africa, try

Your age is no problem as long as you have healthy eyes and are responsible, meaning you are mature enough to take care of the lenses and your eyes as directed.

The lenses last somewhere between a year and three years on average. Some doctors have you replace them every year to reduce problems and some wait until the lenses aren’t working correctly and replace them. The only problem with waiting for problems is that the problems are then sometimes more time consuming to fix than if the lenses were just replaced routinely. Sorta like changing the oil in your car when the car is running fine.

To see other ideas to correct myopia, take a look at It talks about keeping your myopia from getting worse, which is different than making it go away.

Your parents are correct that eye infections are the biggest risk factor for contact lens wear. That’s part of the reason why I said you had to be responsible. But the risk is low and the long term complications are rare. I’ve never had a contact lens patient lose any vision from their contacts. Yes, they do occasionally get infections. You stop wear and treat the infection. No guarantees, obviously.

Good luck!

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