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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

March 21, 2012

William asks…

How can i improve my peripheral vision for hockey?

I need to improve my vision and i was wondering if there any eye exercises i can do or if there is a vitamin i can take.

admin answers:

The best way to improve your vision is to practice handling the puck with your head up. You should still see the puck a little in your peripherals, but with your head up you can see a lot more ice, and it’s much safer (eric lindros had his career ended by multiple concussions, mostly because he kept his head down when he had the puck). This takespracticee, but it is worth it. You could also try switching facemasks.

Helen asks…

how can i improve my vision with out glasses/contacts/or anything else?

i found a program on the internet that teaches you to do eye exercises so you can improve your eye sight in just 15 min a day, and its called, improve your this program really works. i’m able to see better, and i’m seeing the improvement on my vision. if you have glasses you should try this program.hey, i’m just trying to help you live easy with out glasses or contacts.

admin answers:

I am also doing eye exercises to improve my vision. I have a blog where I am recording my progress.

You can check it out here:

Good Luck

Mark asks…

How can I improve my eye sight?

Is there anyway I can improve my eye sight? Any way at all? I have heard of some exercises out there which help improve your vision, is there any way I can do this? It doesnt have to be exercises, just anything to improve my vision. Thanks.

admin answers:

Making sure you eat enough Vitamin A will go a long way towards keeping your eyes healthy.

If you want to strengthen your eye muscles, there’s a few things you can do.

Batting practice is one example. Baseball players train their eyes by using balls that have a small letter or number written on them. They might number all the balls, and choose to hit only the balls with even numbers. Or they might use different colored inks to write on the balls, and only hit balls with a certain color of ink. This trains their eye to focus more quickly on fast moving objects, and to help discern whether or not to swing in a game situation. This is a more recently developed training technique.

Another way, and its not very common, but it would very likely work, is to patch over one eye for a short amount of time – a couple of days or so, and then patch over the other eye for the next couple days. This is often how lazy eyes are corrected in younger children – their stronger eye is patched over to force their brain to use the lazy one.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

March 20, 2012

Susan asks…

What are some eye exercises I can do to help my eye work together?

I started having double vision and I was wondering if there are any type of exercises or anything I can do to help my eyes work together.
K I will try that with the qtip and floss. Also I’m going to see my Optometrist on Nov 1 and I’m going to see what he tells me.
Can this help too maybe?

admin answers:

See the eye doctor.

Exercises are great. Any exercise is great.

However, if there is a reason to wear glasses or contacts ? No amount of exercise will fix that.

It is genetic.


Thomas asks…

What are some eye exercises I can do?

I want to improve my eyesight and try to repair some of the damage done by computer screens. What are some daily exercises I can do for about 10 minutes or so?
I was actually looking for something that’s NOT bad for my eyes… Video games are. I frankly don’t want to stare at something for a long time again.

admin answers:

You could read books, shoot a target, get those DS games that exercise your eyes dang I can’t remember what it is called, Also this may sound stupid but playing a video games, because your eyes look for anything that moves same way in a movie.

Betty asks…

Are Brandt Daroff head and eye exercises good for anxiety and depression?

A nurse who works as a social worker told me to do these exercises daily as a cure for anxiety

Have any of you done so?

admin answers:

It is not designed for treatment of anxiety and depression, it is actually used to combat dizziness and vertigo. It’s effectiveness is disputed but as with all alternative therapies, it will help some and not others.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 19, 2012

Betty asks…

is their any therapy for aging eyes… an exercise …my vision is deteriorating….?

my optician is no good …he tells me what i want to eat carrots and juices with high amounts of vitamins c and d.

admin answers:

I have a friend who teaches yoga. She tells me that one of the exercises she has her class do is to have them visually focus on something far away in the room for a few seconds, then focus on something up close. Do this exercise a couple of times; it will strengthen the ocular muscles. Some blurriness is due to the changing shape of the eyeball due to aging and nothing short of surgery or glasses will correct that.

Paul asks…

How to improve my crappy eyesight?

I have a vision of 20/100 and I think -3.75. I used to have a vision of 20/60 when I was in 5th grade or something but now I am in 7th grade. The reason why my eyesight worsened was because I didn’t put them on much when I was in 6th grade because I could see a little bit words on the board. I squinted a lot and it made my eye strain. Now I have a performance coming up in about 2-3 months and I do not want to be wearing my glasses when I go on stage, it’ll make me look like a fool. I CANNOT get contacts because my mom does not approve of my getting them. Please help. I hate wearing my glasses and I regret the moments before I got glasses that made my eyesight bad. I don’t want to be as blind as a bat. I’m too young for Lasik surgery and with no doubt I cannot take any pills because my mom will also disapprove of that too. Eye exercises, nutrition, foods, anything that will help? Please. And IF my eyesight does get better, and my vision is to 20/90 or 20/80 and so on. Would I need a new perscription? If i do, I need faster ways to improve my eyesight to about 20/30 please (that’s my goal!) so that I don’t need to pay. My family’s insurance will not be covering anymore please help me. I am 12 by the way.
♥~ Thank you ~♥
And for you people who think that this is a stupid question and that there is no possible way of enhancing eyesight do not answer. I bet there is a way to all of this.
People who think that this is impossible and that I should get contacts or cannot help me…Why are you even answering this anyway?! Read the stupid paragraphs and look at the spots where I put the DONOTS. OMG!!!!!! If you’re not going to help me don’t bother answering. So far the best answer i’ve got is eat carrots!!!!
To umdbhik (why would somebody have a name like that?)
the reason why people are wearing glasses or contacts is because they could not afford surgery and other certain types of miracles. For me, I am definitely too young to get surgery and now I am trying to improve eyesight. AND YES there can be ways to improve eyesight such as eating good nutrition and eye exercises. IT TAKES TIME. And by the way, why would I do that procedure of yours when leprechauns do not exist, and angels are too high up in Heaven.
You’re just wasting your time in which you will not have much of since I am much younger than you!!

admin answers:

You could try this.

I bought a pair a glasses yesterday because am having trouble now with the computer ( I do not wear glasses nor need) and I instantly could read the monitor when I could not anymore (bought cheap glasses at the dollar store). They are supposed to improve your vision and correct your brain/eyes.

I do not know if they would work for you though..actually I do not know if they will work for me long term.

I sure do not want to wear glasses nor contacts at all…so am giving them a try. It is kind of amazing really. Whatever was blurry before became instantly readable. The cons are it is a pain really because you cannot read very fast.

I found them at a health store.


Sharon asks…

I’m 26 years old and I want to be a special operations combatant.?

- I haven’t ran (jogged, sprinted, etc) in over 6 months.
- I have glasses, although my vision has gotten better within the last 6 months due to an eye-healthy diet and eye exercises.
- I can do 50 pushups in 2 mins and 50 situps in 2 mins.
- I cannot do more than 2 pullups
- I weigh 150lbs.
- I’m a British Citizen living in Canada for the past 16 years. I’ve applied for a PR Card (3 weeks ago) AND Canadian Citizenship (5 years ago).
- I’m gonna walk/run (1 mile) after I post this question.
- I do not have a high school diploma (with absolutely NO intention of getting one), BUT I do have some college (1 successful course completed).
- I’ve never swam before, but to me, it doesn’t look that difficult to master and I’m not afraid of the water.
- I’ve completed 3 solo static-line jumps at 3000 ft, 4 years ago.
- I believe I have an above average IQ, though I’ve never been formally/officially tested.


(1) Is my objective realistic?
(2) Is my objective acheivable within the next 2 years?
(3) Where do I start with regards to physical training? Don’t say Army, I know that and am working on my Citizenship.
(4) What is an equally challenging, equally rewarding, civillian occupation that might serve as an alternative to Special Forces, IF ANY?

Please answer ALL of my questions. Rudeness is not called for and I won’t be phased by it, so please save me the time I would waste reading it.

admin answers:

Just Jeremy is an idiot and a liar .. He was never a Scout Sniper for the Marine Corps and nor was he Recon.. It shows in your “confirmed kill” claims and your verbage, Jeremy. Try being what you were and not what you wanted to be.
I’d discount everything he says.

As to your question, I’m not from Canada but I’ve worked with Canadian Special Operations Forces .. Very professional and top notch individuals.

Keep tabs on the status of your citizenship, you’ll need a clearance for any SOF work and therefore citizenship to the country’s military you’ll be joining.

Your PT scores are not horrible, but they are at the low end of minimum for even regular military. You will need to work very hard in order to improve upon them. Giving yourself 2 years to prepare physically is realistic and more than possible. Focus on all around fitness not just passing PT tests. Ie, work on strength, endurance, stamina … Run for distance not so much for time, esp. Your first year. Start rucking (walking very quick paces with a ruck on your back, no more than 35lbs and NEVER run, it increases your risk of injury) .. This will get your body used to weight on your back, also try to acquire a good pair of boots to do it in.

Lift weights and worth on your strength .. Alternate between heavy weight and short repetitions and light weight, high repititions. This will improve your strength and endurance. Don’t forget your core exercises either, push ups, sit ups, pull ups .. Many of these are simply based on muscle memory so the more you do .. The better you get.

Try to take a land navigation course, this is the biggest killer (knowledge wise) for Special Operations wannabes internationally.

I would recommend getting some type of educational equivilant to a HS Diploma, in the states we have GEDs .. I don’t know what Canada has. Also work on getting more college under your belt, you don’t want to fall short of any educational requirements. In the US, without a HS diploma, your jobs are limited .. I am not sure of the requirements for the Canadian military on that. You will need to check.

You will need to learn to swim and become comfortable in the water, take a swimming course .. Then perhaps take a diving course. These things will help you and raise your confidence level.

There are many rewarding civilian occupations, however, none will offer you the same experiences as life in Special Operations. You could look into becoming a Police Officer, RCMP, or join a SAR organization (Search and Rescue). The last one will offer you A LOT of challenges and while not military, it will keep you pushing yourself constantly.

The key to careers like Special Operations is that you have to be willing to push yourself do to things you may not want to do to achieve your ultimate goal. You have to be able to motivate yourself even when it’s easier to just quit or take the day off. You need to keep focused on your goal and not let anything distract you from it.

I don’t know the requirements to join the Canadian services as I’m from the US .. But the things I’ve told you are all general and common to militaries everywhere. For the specifics on how you can join and what qualifications you need to join, you will need to contact a Canadian military recruiter.

Good luck.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

March 18, 2012

Jenny asks…

How good would I be at martial arts or fencing, and how effective would they be as an exercise regime?

Since the age of twelve I have been enamored to the idea of taking some form of martial arts, including fencing or broadsword fighting – at the time I can’t deny that it was mainly the thought of being able to kick the bullies arses/being vaguely connected to the escapist fantasy literature I read through having some of the skills. Unfortunately, having appalling balance and spatial coordination due to a lazy eye that wasn’t discovered till 16, or, as I would have put it at the time, ‘being crap at sport’, I never did.

Now I have reached 30, still being crap at sport, I realize I just can’t put off any longer – it’s time I started doing some of that dreaded exercise for my own good.

So: as a 6’4″ large man (think rugby player size) with poor coordination which would be best for me? Unfortunately it comes down to more than just what is most fulfilling for me: being this tall but also mild mannered sort of prints a great big sign on your head saying “short angry men with something to prove: I AM YOUR TARGET”, thus I have to defend myself far to regularly for my liking, and I have heard that the eastern martial arts actually put tall men at a disadvantage in self defense by training them in protocols of fighting that don’t allow them to use their height, weight and reach to the full advantage.

Anyway, after that mouthful I’m greatfull for any advise, thanks!

admin answers:

Hey, I had a slightly different dilemma, but I feel it will probably help you.

I am very uncoordinated and I considered myself mild mannered. I do, however, go to the gym a lot and I’m a fairly muscly guy. At university, this led to a feeling of dissatisfaction because I wasn’t really taking advantage of my strength and I considered myself a bit (ok, a lot) of a pussy. I went to a beginners MMA class and it was actually really good fun. No way near as brutal as the UFC is on tv, but good enough so that you can throw your weight around and get used to getting bashed around a bit. Now, i’m still uncoordinated and not as aggressive as I need to be to succeed in the sport properly, but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it and i’ve toughened up no end. I understand that your concern may not be to ‘toughen’ up, but MMA was good fun. Might be a wise call to check out the club you’re going to join, though. I joined a different one and all I can say is, I was quite literally a bloody mess!

George asks…

What do you think of my writing? lol?

I’m bored lol, so i made a fake journal entry..what do you thinK?

Never have I realized the intensity of my hideousness. I’ve been hiding it from myself so long, I’ve been tucking my inner but outer thoughts away, denying what I see in the mirror. How could I have been so foolish? The size of my nose, my asymmetrical droopy eyes, my female moustache, my body! How dare I say I’m cute and how dare they say I’m beautiful! They’re nothing but liars, accountable for the fluctuation in my slowly dying self esteem. I’ve cried so many times, so many nights and days I have wished and longed to be beautiful. So many times I have thought I was beautiful, but my pictures and my boy’s attention scale are starting to tell me otherwise. I am becoming miserable and the thought of me being beautiful seems so far fetched. It’s impossible for me to ever be gorgeous and now it seems damn near impossible for me to be cute. I am cursed with the features of a man, my father, who’s not here and who happens to resemble an ogre. My mother is beautiful with long, curly, shiny, beautiful hair with chestnut brown eyes that hide between thick framed glasses and a body shape that is the envy of many. Her features compliment each other, her keen nose and normal shaped eyes and lips sit quietly and daintily on her smooth tanned skin. I on the other hand, am not a person of physical beauty. My skin is covered with acne and my acne grows as if it’s on steroids. The scars on my face are round and hideous, small but abundant, and growing by the day. My hair is dry and nappy and now is choppy because of a bad haircut. My forehead is wide and big, a sure place for pimples to come and go, leaving behind their marks of pubescent injustice. My eyebrows are thick, like hairy arms that extend across my pimple written forehead. My eyes are slanted and brown and appear to be half way open. Unfortunately, my left upper eyelid seems to be weaker than than the other, so it hangs closer to my lower eyelid, giving me the lazy eye appearance. My nose is prominent, giving me the appearance of a Samoan man. Pimples seem to travel across my broad forehead and occasionally land on my huge, round, flared nose and stay there, causing me major embarrassment that not even makeup can conceal. My lips are small and dark pink and seem to be the only normal thing on my face. Above my decent lips are small tough follicles of hair that persevere through sharp razors and waxing. My chin, like the rest of my face, is covered in bumps. My cheeks are wide and unattractive and they give the appearance of having Braille on my face. If a blind man were to walk up to me, he would probably be reading, “ugliest chick alive.” From my neck down harvests extra fat that is holding on and staying strong like my upper lip hair.. I’ve exercised, ate healthy, and I’m still as thick as a regular buffet goer. I’m quite unhappy with my appearance and I should stay that way until I’m a sight of beauty. I will be beautiful, I will be wanted, I will be loved. I tell myself this but goodness knows this transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan is going slow. I want to be beautiful! That’s all I ask for, that’s all I want.
i search for no compliments! i just want to know if you like my writing
the reason fake was put there so you wouldn’t think it was a pity party!! I just want honest opinions on the style of my writing and if I’m actually a competent writer.

admin answers:

The lol in your title said it all

this drivel made me lol.This is nothing but a pity me diary entry

Linda asks…

What type of doctor do I see for facial drooping?

Okay, so in the past year, I have noticed that my “lazy eye” turned more into the “lazy side of my face.” I do suffer from TMJ and the side that has the problem is the side that droops.

I just noticed it being really bad when I had to review a speech I gave and now it’s really bothering me. It seems to be worse at different times.

Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not Bell’s Palsy or anything like that because it has been gradual over a few years and not once and then better. I am 23, in good health, a vegetarian, on a healthy diet, and I exercise… so what’s up? Who do I see to fix this? A TMJ doctor? My regular doctor?

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated!
I should also add that the dropping begins with the bottom of my eye down to my mouth… my forehead and brow are not affected at all.
Also, my sister-in-law works for a dentist and she said they see a lot of strange bites and asymmetry from things like car accidents affecting the spine/bone structure. I did have a pretty rough wreck in June of 2007…

admin answers:

Start with your GP (family doctor) and go from there. Your doc can evaluate you and decide if you need evaluation from a specialist and if so, what kind.

As you said, it’s unlikely to be something acute (like Bells Palsy) because it’s developed over a long period of time. But your symptoms are obviously bothering you so it’s time to take action. Your doctor may refer you to a TMJ specialist or perhaps a neurologist, but let him/her help you make that decision.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

March 17, 2012

Mandy asks…

How can I prepare for an eye exam?

Is there a way to make my eyesight temporarily better or clearer for my next eye exam? I’m thirteen and I have nearsightedness AKA Myopia… Any exercises perhaps?

admin answers:

I am a Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher. I work with an optomotrist that is open to natural ways. He had me teach one of his patients who was measuring 20/40 on the eye chart. Within 10 minutes the young man was reading 20/20, measured by my optomotrist. His father who was listening and doing also noticed an improvement in his sharpness.

Why would you only want to improve your eyesight temporarily? Why not want to get rid of the crutches of glasses and artificial corrections permanently. So many people are giving up to artificial corrections and lowering our nations eyesight on a grand scale.

Kids do need to see the chalkboard and their world fairly clearly. A 20/40 prescription is plenty strong for most things. If one gets glasses they can remove them when they are not needed. Then 20/20 contacts can be used for special occasions like plays. 20/20 prescriptions tend to encourage strain and can lead to stronger blur and stronger prescriptions, so their use should be minimized.

Avoid anything that talks about eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) they do not deal with the real issues of blurry vision and are often counter to natural eyesight. Also avoid programs that don’t have teachers teaching students face to face. People don’t have a clue about guiding others to Natural Perfect Eyesight without being accountable to real people.

We can return to Natural Perfect Eyesight by upgrading our vision software for these complex times. We need to unlearn the incorrect vision habits, reintegrate the correct vision behaviors, and undo the damage of artificial corrections and blur.

Helen asks…

Blurred vision after studying do I need an eye exam or glasses?

I am in my mid 20s and have recently been studying for professional exams. I have found that at the start of each day my vision has been fine and I have been able to easily read projected slides from medium distances in the classroom but by the middle of the day after regularly combining near work I have found it difficult to see the projected slides which appear increasingly blurry. I have tried to sit marginally closer but the same thing happens, it is very frustrating not being able to see clearly.

I went to an optician a few years ago about a silmilar problem where I could not see slides from near the back of the classroom and was told my vision was fine and that it was not uncommon when studying hard and being tired that distance vision could become blurry, but it would return after rest.

I have been reading up on the problem and I think it is some sort of nearwork induced transient myopia (NITM) also called pseudo myopia, where close work causes the eye to accomodate and get locked into close vision so distance vision become blurry.

I have tried to rest and exercise the eye and they seem fine when away from the classroom, though sometimes blurry with a high correlation to if I have been studying. I am currently away from the classroom and doing much computer work but my eyes do not seem to be suffering too badly but I am worried when I go back to the classroom the problem will return.

I don’t think an eye test or glasses will help as for the majority of the time my eyes are fine and last time I was told that it was normal and my eyesight was good and I should not worry.

Has anyone suffered something similar and is there something that I can do to stop the blurriness at distance.
Thanks for your help. I have heard about this wearing of reading glasses, and understand the logic, though it would be really annoying to have to take them on and off at work.

Do you think I should go for the eye exam while my vision is good or when it is likely to be blurry and explain my problem again to the optician and say I need something done?

I am worried that if I go and they think I am short sighted, either from what I say or the results, they may give me a prescription for it and I will then have to wear glasses for everything including driving which I think you have to do legally even if the prescription is slight. I have heard stories of people becoming dependent and vision getting worse. Is there anyway to make sure this does not happen and I get prescribed glasses for reading (longsight).

admin answers:

Your problem can be easily fixed by using glasses with positive lenses, but just for near work, not when you look in the distance. They are also called reading glasses and although they are often used by older people, they can be extremely useful to young people in order to prevent problems like yours . They do one simple thing: they shift the focus of the light rays which get into your eyes exactly as if you were farther from what you’re looking at. In other words, if you want to prevent your eyesight from deteriorating, you should avoid (or reduce a lot) near work, such as computer, books, and so on. It’s not always possible, especially in your case , but reading glasses can do that for you. When you wear them and look at close things, your eyes have to accommodate much less.
As you said, the cause of pseudo-myopia is over-accommodation, i.e. A prolonged and intense effort made by the eyes to focus close things. The ciliary muscle sometimes reacts to such an effort with a spasm and that’s why your vision gets blurry. If you eliminate over-accommodation your problem will be solved and positive glasses is just what you need.. Since your eyesight is usually good, you can wear at least +1 glasses when doing near work. You could even try +1.50 and see if you can comfortably read a book or a magazine without staying too close. They are sold in drugstores and you don’t need a prescription.
You’re right, there’s one thing you must NOT do: don’t wear glasses for nearsightedness, that’s the worst thing you can do for your eyesight. They would only worsen your pseudo-myopia because they increase accommodation and it’s very likely that your pseudo-myopia would last much longer and it would probably become permanent. If those glasse are used to look far away they are not that harmful, because the farther you look the less your eyes have to accommodate (unless ,of course, you’re given glasses that are too strong). However from what you said there’s no reason whatsoever for you to wear that kind of glasses.
You may go to an optometrist or ophthalmologist (they’re better than an optician in a case like yours) and tell them about your problem. If they’re reasonable , they would never give you glasses for nearsightedness, even if in that precise moment your vision is not perfect. But if they do, tell them you refuse to use them and explain why.
In any case it’s certainly better to have an eye-exam while your eyesight is good.
If you can find a behavioral optometrist it would be great. He would surely give you reading glasses and could teach you some simple exercises to improve your condition.

Thomas asks…

Improve my eye sight?

I have myopia, near sighted -0.75 R -0.75 L i really want to get rid of this myopia as im only 13. I will consider laser eye surgery in the future but now im under-age and want to improve my eye sight. Can you tell me some exercises for my eyes or things i can do to help it. Many thanks

admin answers:

Given your very young age and your mild myopia, it’s extremely likely that you have just pseudo-myopia, i.e. A spasm of the ciliary muscle, while actual myopia is caused by the abnormal length of the eyeball. Since it’s quite difficult to tell myopia from pseudo-myopia, glasses are always prescribed, but that’s the worst thing to do.

Use your glasses only if and when you really need them but never when you’re doing near work. Whether you have actual myopia or pseudo-myopia you can definitely get rid of your problem by doing the proper exercises and by using your eyesight properly. I find the De Angelis method very useful and I’m having excellent results. The title of his book is “The secret of perfect vision”

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