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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 31, 2012

Nancy asks…

been 6 days sinse ive really used computer/xbox, but eyes are still really fatigued?

my computer vision syndrome is still pretty bad with my eyes being fatigue, i havent played any games and have been on the computer less than a half hour a day its been 6 days and my eyes still seem bad and not better at all. what am i doing wrong. i take eyedrops every day and go outside for a little bit but not that long because its cold, but i do eye exercises and stuff and watch tv and lift weights but my eyes have not improved at all. i have a computer class comming up in a week so ill have to use the computer for an hour a day or so but what am i doing wrong. my eyes wont fix. i played games over the summer and fatigued my eyes but now they wont get better what am i doing wrong how long will it take
my mom wont call she says “give it time give it time” bla bla bla. last time she called doctor just said stay off and i have been but nothing. anyone know maybe i really do need to wait longer?

admin answers:

Go and see an eye specialist, they will know whats best. But meanwhile cucumber slices on ur eyes are supposed to help. And maybe u need glasseS? They are the typical symptoms of short or long sighted

William asks…

Questions about eyes?

Ok im near sighted.
1.Is their any way i can make my eyes not get any more worse?(it has change .5diopers(i think its the spelling) in half a month) or get any better(without surgery)
2.I heard about eye exercises could you recomend me one?(list details of how do it and do not list the ones that you need to buy a book or online websites)
3.Is squinting your eyes bad(I heard it could make your nearsight vision get more worse)

4. Have you ever experience this. When i had just finish using a computer and go switch a light on i see white or yellow spots for a while like about to faint and then it goes away?(my eye doctor said nothings wrong with my eye and i only am nearsighted)what could be the problem?
5.How long should i rest my eye when using the computer(example every 5min for half an hour)?
6.Is it normal for your eyes when your out in the daylight and it seems your eyes can’t handle the sunlight(not looking directly at the sun)
Sorry for so much questions

admin answers:

Check this site for all the details

all the best

Lisa asks…

is there a chance i have cancer in my eye given..?

im getting somewhat paranoid, i would go see my local eye doctor but im not in town until for another week.

bad: my left eye is always red, even if i sleep as much as a i can, and when its not that red if i do something like exercising/working out it gets red, sometimes my left eye feels kind of how do i say, heavy?when its rly red
i noticed since maybe 5 years ago theres like a tiny small brown dot on my sclera
and just yesterday i noticed a brown patch of something thats basically touching the corner of my left eye towards the nose, its only been a day and i dont know if its going to disappear.

good: my vision isnt blurry at all

admin answers:

A malignancy of the eye would be extremely unusual.
A benign cause for your symptoms is far more likely.
Even if there might be a very low possibility of an eye malignancy,
waiting one week would not make a difference in the outcome of treatment.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

March 30, 2012

Laura asks…

Will I ever find love with these characteristics?

Here’s one of the possibly abnormal thing about me… I think too deeply, meaning which, if person starts to walk towards me, (Like a girl that I find attractive) I start thinking of all the reasons for her doing so. Questions rush through my mind such as: “Does she just want me to answer a question?” “Does she think I’m cute?” “Is she only coming over here to ridicule, and make an idiot out of me?” All these little “scenarios” are played out in my head, and I’m clouded with so many thoughts, that I can’t think straight, I lose my stature, I get tongue-tied, and don’t know how to respond, or what to say to whatever she does or says. But yeah… I’m a deep, philosophical, romantic, compassionate, committed guy… I mean, yeah, I’m sure there’s alot of “playa’s” out there that most likely say that to manipulate another girls mind into thinking he actually cares about her, and then just uses her for sex and tosses her aside like a wet towel… People like that… don’t deserve love. I mean, my motto for life for example: “I am only content with life… And until I find my one true love in this world… Can I truly say with the utmost honesty, that I am… “happy”.” Is it wrong to live for true love? to make it your utmost HIGHEST priority in life? I mean, yeah, I know I need an education, a job to support myself, and my own place to live in eventually, but no matter what I do, I just can’t stop thinking about holding my future significant other close in my arms, and hearing those loving words right before we fall asleep together… “I love you babe” I yearn for that… I mean, I’m not clingy… yes, I do love cuddling, and I’ll watch all those tear-jerking movies that most guys won’t with my significant other… And actually enjoy it. (Known as “chick flicks”) And… oh yeah, I’m sensitive. But that can be looked on a massive number of ways as well. I game from time to time, but I’m not addicted to it. (Maybe like 2 hours, 4 if I’m bored as HELL) I’m a bit of a tech geek, and the only reason I really game at all is so I can avoid all the feelings of depression and loneliness that come with being single. It’s hard not to think about being with the love of your life, when they put couples on almost EVERY COMMERCIAL and EVERY MOVIE. I’m hesitant, considerate, and loving. I’m also 165 lbs, and I just turned 18. I also started going to the local gym for exercise because I want to get rid of my disgusting fat on my stomach, and so I can just get in shape. I also have a slight lazy eye, people say they don’t notice, but I think they’re just being considerate/nice, or maybe I’m just too self conscious. But yeah, that’s me in a nutshell… I actually just had my heart broken about 6 months ago, and I gave that girl my everything… She was with me for a year, got over me in a week, and left me for another guy. Not only did she stab me in the back, but she also twisted it, and slammed it in further with the heel of her foot. I just haven’t felt right ever since. I’m over her, I just yearn to love and be loved. So… What do you think?

Oh yeah, I also made this at about 2 AM, so I’m sorry if my grammar or whatever is perfect.

admin answers:

OMG I can so totally relate to you in quite a few ways, and I have some answers for ya! OK- The thoughts racing and all that, I get that way just recently but only when I am actually trying to hang out with someone new not if I just see someone. I think we do that because we so desperately don’t want to embarrass ourselves so then we do just that, because were not really calm and acting like ourselves because we aren’t use to these people; I mean any girl you see just randomly- is a stranger & you even getting the edge to approach any girl you didn’t previously know definitely deserves some acknowledgment! No guys ever talk to me unless they’re trying to bum some money of me at the gas station- It’s really weird, but people seem to be getting a lot less friendly, that too makes us hesitate cause a bad reaction can throw us of course- sense we are sensitive, we don’t want to feel dumb at all.( I think) Ok,
What I do to help with That is I actually like talk back to myself (In my head- I say No Stop That! C A L M DOWN, No biggie, be yourself, stop trippen,) I swear, call me crazy but when I feel scared this tougher side of me is there to say “stop it, shut up, it’ll be fine, and if its not good riddens to that person!” So you should try it,…OKAY Next thing< Living only to meet your true Love, well I must say to just be looking for that has got to kind of put you in a fog, might make you susceptible of falling for the wrong person because you're so eager for that-.. That you'll settle for someone undeserving of that kind of devotion, I hope that doesn't happen to you but it did to me, and left me realizing I had to stop trying to rush into things before really getting to know the person completely.Make sure you don't scare anyone away either< esp. Since most guys are pretty much opposite of you! Lol I think that's great, and a major compliment to you< you're special and don't you forget that. I yearn for the same things, someone to call babe, and someone to cuddle with and talk to pretty much :( .
But I keep being patient hoping It'll happen when it's suppose to, when I was focused on "Love" and not getting it I found myself getting more & more disappointed. So that's why you shouldn't ONLY LIVE FOR LOVE. Plus you're young and women in your age group …well….there's almost always drama to deal with, they're confused and dramatic and well not at where you are. They'd probably get you all upset all the time. Maybe you should date some older chicks if possible, look for women in their 20's (wink wink) they'll be more eager to actually have a committed relationship.But not all women are alike so don't think every 18 year old is like that (but most)
AS FOR THE HEART BREAKING BLEEP- I'd love to just slap the hell out of her for about twenty minutes, just One Bitch slap after another until she broke down and asked me why? Then I'd say for making women look bad and for ALMOST ruining a Great guy!…then I'd probaby just take your hand and laugh as I walked away with you. You didn't deserve that! And I know my reaction isn't going to be like anyone else's because Im not like many other women, but Trust me, I'd lay the smack down (((WA_PISH! Lol) You also are prob. Yearning because it left off on such a bad note when you had expected it to go so differently. Feel free to email me ok? Good Luck, Men like you are what I am searching for, so plz don't change.

Carol asks…

I have a number of things i want to change about myself but i don’t know how.?

I’ve been unhappy with who i am for a while now. but i’ve never really put any effort into changing anything. until now. I’ve recently got a boyfriend online, and i want to go meet him in exactly one year. money is not a problem, but i do want to change somethings, not to impress him, but to make myself fell better. I know at least one of you will say “your perfect the way you are, you should be happy!” but i’m not! i’m not, and thats why i want to change so i CAN like myself.

i’ve put together a list of things i’d like help/advice on changing:

Hair: i’ve dyed my hair a few times in the past, bleaching it once. i’ve got naturally thick hair, and its long and straight. thing is: its REALLY frizzy and the thickness is killing me in this heat. my grandmother took hairstyling school and has thinning shears, and my mother advised me to ask her to thin my hair. should this work to get rid of the frizzy? my hair is also so dead feeling, like straw. i’ve been useing head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner, but its not helping. what brand would help? (note: i’ve a history with dandruff as well, but i’ve gotten that under control.)

Acne: oh yes, every teenagers worst nightmare. i have a TON of acne on my face, mostly on my jawbone, chin and cheeks. i’ve tried some cheep acne ointment from wise, but its not helping. i don’t like putting things like that on my face either, but i’ve been trying to get used to it. i don’t want to buy really expensive stuff, but is there any good brands that would help for a decent price? or would any home remedies i’ve heard of, like toothpaste or sugarwater, help?

small unknown weird skin bumps: this is really weird, and i have no idea what they are. but on my shoulders and lower back, i always feel these small, pebble-like bumps on my skin. they annoy me, and i normally scratch like crazy to get them off, and they do come off when i do that. when i was a child, i did get second degree burns on my back by staying out in the sun too long and bundling up at night. could this be a long term reaction to that incident? i don’t have the world healthiest skin, but these things are really annoying me. any idea what they are or how to get rid of them? also, speaking of healthy skin, how do i get healthier skin? my skin always feels dryish and weird, but it doesn’t look like anything is wrong. would a normal moisturizer every day help?

body hair: i dislike any hair other than the hair on my head. i’ve tried bump-away, but it didn’t work because my body hair is kinda thick (especially my arm hair). i really don’t like body hair, and i want a nonexpesive way to get rid of it and keep it away. (Note: duck tape doesn’t work: i’ve tried that. it also tends to hurt..).

flimsy nails: i’m lactose intolerant, so i don’t really get any kind of dairy. this really hurts my nails, and they are really flimsy, i also tend to bite and pick at them. how do i get my nails stronger and longer, while also breaking this habit?

saggy breasts: i’m really hesitant to add this, but alas, its one of those things i want to fix. i am obese, and my breasts are rather saggy. i don’t really excersise, but i’m going to be putting up a home-made punching bag (filled with old stuffed animals XD) to gain muscle and reduce fat. (my mother also has a bowflex, but i’m not sure i want to use it just yet.) other than surgery or any other radical advice, how to i get my breasts to look kinda normal?

baggy eyelids: my top eyelids are droopy, and it makes me look like i’m always squinting. i really don’t like this. i have a somewhat lazy eye and i wear glasses. other than surgery, is there any way to fix this?

obesity: as said above, this is one of those things that i want to fix. i don’t eat all that healthy, and i haven’t exercised in years, ever since starting cyber school. i want to start getting into better shape, because i’m fearful of what my obesity will do to me in the long run. but i don’t know the first steps. i don’t know how to start.

i just weighted myself a few minutes prior to posting this, and my current weight is 227-228. i’m 16, and i’m home all the time because i go to school online (best decision i ever made: my grades went form d-fs to b-cs).

should i make up some kind of diet or talk to my doctor? i see him in a few days anyway for school papers that need to be filled out. i want advice and tips, not the “your perfect the way you are” bs. could you please help?

admin answers:

Thinning out your hair will help with the frizz and the straw like feel
also use leave in conditioner and try dove anti-frizz after the shower.
Drink lots of water it helps keeping your skin smooth and moisturized.
When you change your diet and eat healthy your body changes so eat less greasy foods and it will help with the obesity and acne wash your face daily and use cleansers and google home remedies.
The unknown bumps might be eczema so talk to your doctor about that.
Rub galic on your nails it seems to work for my nails and keeps me from biting them and are really strong now ohh and get a grooming kit keep them looking nice it will take your mind off of picking at them.
Walk veryday start small and add 10 minutes everyday til you can jog instead of walk and watch what you eat.
For the body hair try shaving it or trimming it and then you can try the bump away again or wax it hurts but it works also laser surgery but it can be expensive
google is really good with home remedies for anything you may have questions about i hope it helps and good luck

Linda asks…

Believe It Or Not?

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.
A snail can sleep for three years. Also snail has 4 noses.
All Polar bears are left-handed.
An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.
Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.
If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.
If you keep a goldfish in a dark room, it will eventually turn white.
Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.
Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.
The average human eats eight spiders in their lifetime at night.
The sentence, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English language.
You will have to walk 80 kilometers for your legs to equal the amount of exercise your eyes get daily.
Your hearing is less sharp after eating too much.
Turtles can breath through their bottoms.
On average women speak 7000 words per day, where as men speak just over 2000.
Four out of every ten people who come to a party in your home will look in your bathroom cabinet.
The Queen termite can live up to 50 years and have 30,000 children every day.
The life of an eyelash is about 6 weeks.

Termites are affected by music; the termites will eat your house twice as fast if you play them loud music

Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the extreme fear of Friday the 13th
Your skin weighs twice as much as your brain
Disney World is bigger than the world’s 5 smallest countries

admin answers:

That is cool, long and interesting. The spider thing at night is gross though, but now when people ask if I ever ate a spider i can say, only about 8. Lol!

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Your Questions About Google Scholar

March 29, 2012

Ruth asks…

Google scholar?

In one of my assignments, we’re required to find 3 articles that provide ideas about Google and its impact using ONLY Google Scholar. Although this sounds remotely easy, i couldnt find anything useful as opposed to using ordinary search. Thing is, we need to provide proof that what we search is actually done so using scholar so i dont have much choice. Help please? Any ideas how should i go about finding it? Or if u happen to come across one, how did u do so? Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Click on google scholar

type in quotes “ideas google” gives you 14 results

also just type in google in the search

Susan asks…

What should I typed into google scholar to find an article?

So basically my essay is about how creativity levels can benefit things later in life such as business, inventors, etc and even though other countries like china score much higher on standardized test, its only because the kids have no other choices in school but text books.
so basically what should i type in google scholar to find an article about how creativity benefits many things later in life or something else to relate to my essay.
or maybe you have an article in mind already? thank you!

admin answers:

Skills knowledge
thinking learning skills research
difference learning facts thinking implementation knowledge

Michael asks…

Apart from google scholar, are there any good search engine for free professional and good academic resources?

Apart from google scholar, are there any good search engine for free professional and good academic resources like some papers or works?
Iam going to write my paper (12000 words) in this summer but I only know how to use google scholar and sometimes it is not enough.

admin answers:

Many of them depend on the specific field. I could point you to one for astronomy and physics, but that might not be helpful. You could stop by a university library and ask the reference librarian to help you find papers.

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Your Questions About Google Earth

March 27, 2012

James asks…

Google Earth?

On google earth, when zooming in i can get good clear pictures pretty close up in some places particularly in the UK and some cities eg, new york, but i cant get a clear close up of other places around the world. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something to make it better? please help.
Thanks, thats a bit of a bummer as i don’t want to look at populated areas.

admin answers:

Google Earth is a “moziac” of the latest satellite images it finds on the web. Some are weeks old while the black and white, blurrier ones could be 15 years old or more.

Bottom line, you can’t fix them. As GE finds newer images, it automatically replaces the older ones.

Mary asks…

google earth?

Do you think some people are able to find lost cities using google earth imaging like i did.

admin answers:

That is an interesting question.
Sometimes I like to just head slowly out across the sea in the general direction of, say, Asia. I will just relax and watch the world slide “under” my window. Occasionally a very small island may pass beneath me. I do the same on land, crossing over desert or forest or plain until some village town or city will appear. It gives me the slight sense of being an explorer.
Now it is, I would imagine, probable that somewhere down there are numerous “lost cities” yet to be rediscovered. Whether the Google Earth images are detailed enough for this I don’t know, but it wouldn’t really surprise me to find that you did find something from various clues like foot-worn paths or lanes and the odd building foundation here or there.

Jenny asks…


I want to download Google Earth, but I don’t want my computer to get a virus. Has anyone downloaded this program and had problems with it?

admin answers:

I use it from time to time. I think you can trust Google. Always remember not to download something you did not ask for or did not search for. That is what my computer lab instructor said. Sometimes I get these weird “Your computer may be infected run a scan now” don’t run them.

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