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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 4, 2012

Mark asks…

How do I improve my eyesight?

But I know a lot of people whose eyesight actually improved naturally. I don’t know why/how that happened. How come it’s not happening for me? It even happened to my sister, who’s supposed to be genetically similar to me
Seriously I tried everything to improve my eyesight but nothing worked. My eyesight is about -6 for both eyes. How can I improve my eyesight and is there any way that I can have perfect eyesight again? P.S. I tried neck rolling, which eliminated my neck tension a lot, but I’m not too sure about eyesight.
Actually I did have 20/20 vision up to grade 3, but then I got a contagious eye disease that infected half of my classmates, and afterwards I started wearing glasses and then my eyesight deteriorated rapidly until they became extremely myopic. I saw the photos of my eyeballs and my eyeballs were very elongated and not round the way normal eyeballs would look.

admin answers:

I am a massage therapist and we did learn a little about massaging for eye site as well as exercises for eye site. There are many factors for restoring eye site naturally and for most people the amount of work put into restoring your eye site compared to the amount of benefit is considered not worth it. Things that may help are finding ways to rest your optical muscles. There are also exercises. The basis for the exercises is to think about how we used our site in nature. I would recommend purchasing something like yoga for the eyes.

I do have 20/20 vision and I am the only person in my family including my extended family that has 20/20 vision. I have always had it and I am at the age that most people do not have it. All my family even had problems as children with glasses so I know this stuff does work.

Steven asks…

Has anyone improved their eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

See the Bates method

Carol asks…

Eye exercises can improve eyesight ?

My daughter wants to get rid of myopia. She insists on improving this problem naturally. Can myopia be fought by doing eye exercises? If so, how to do them ?

admin answers:

Yes the eyes can be trained, and vision can be improved through exercising them. It is best to avoid things like TV screens and monitors to ensure that the natural healing works most efficiently.

Strokes in the eye have been cured through Indian yoga.

You don’t need to pay for yoga, it can be done at home..

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

February 3, 2012

Joseph asks…

Is there any eye exercises to improve my vision?

admin answers:

Here’s a link…it has worked for me

William asks…

i’m sportsman?I’m gettin blurred vision now?Want eye exercises to improve my vision?i dont want to wear SPECKS?

help me i want few eye exercises to get gud vision

admin answers:

First of all if you have permanent blurred vision you need to see an optician, if it’s occasional you need to see your doctor.

If your eyesight is deteriorating naturally you have only two options, firstly contact lenses, many sportsmen wear them or secondly corrective eye surgery, your optician is the best person to advise you.

There are no eye exercises that can improve your vision.

James asks…

any eye exercise to improve vision naturally?

can i get my vision back by any exercise?
i’m 18 yr old and i have near sightedness.there is -7 dioptre in left eye and -3 in right eye.can i cure by any exercise.

admin answers:

The first 3 people who answered are ignorant on this subject. I can say for sure that it is possible because I am in the process of restoring my eyesight. I’m using the natural vision improvement program. There are other books/programs available but I wouldn’t recommend anything else since I am not familiar with it. The thing that you have to know is you can’t just do a few excercises and throw away your glasses. It takes time and dedication.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 2, 2012

Sharon asks…

How to improve eyesight naturally!!?

I need to know how to improve our eye sight naturally and i would like to get feedback from people who have actually done that..

I really believe it is possible

admin answers:

Try PVS system

Linda asks…

How to improve eyesight?

I’m nearsighted and I aspire to fly jets for the air force. I read somewhere online that any sort of corrective eye surgery automatically prohibits you from being a pilot. Is there any way to enhance/improve eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

Check out the articles at Natural News. Never mind what you read online. Check with the Air Force.

William asks…

How can I improve my eysight without using glasses?

I had very good eyesight but now I am 13 and my eyesight is at 20/100. I want to know how I can improve my eyesight naturally without getting glasses? I really hate not being able to see things from far away.

admin answers:

You are near sited and that has to do with the shape of your eyeball.
Last I heard, there is nothing short of surgery or glasses to improve that. Nothing you can eat or exercise will have an effect on the shape of your eyeball.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Astigmatism

February 1, 2012

Robert asks…

Is this really astigmatism? Is there any way to permanently correct it?

I have had perfect vision, my whole life. (except for severe photophobia)
Now at age 26, they tell me I have astigmatism. Is it really possible for the shape of my inner eye to suddenly change shape? Is there any permanent thing I can do to correct my vision without a prescription? (Surgery, exercises, etc.)

Before I hear anything about taking surgery over glasses, I’ll tell you that my photophobia requires me to wear sunglasses, constantly. They get scratched up, and have to be replaced frequently. As this is a pre existing condition, I would be forced to pay for prescription sunglasses upwards of five times per year, at 1-2 hundred US dollars each pair. Clearly that would be unacceptable. (I currently buy cheap- but attractive non prescription glasses, regularly because my work and family cause them to scratch and or break, often.)
Contacts are also out of the question (they make my eyes even more sensitive to the light.)

Would really appreciate your advice.
Yes things are getting blurry. I think it’s a minor prescription, not a major one, and no, it is not a matter of being careful with the lenses. The frames break and the lenses get cracked or scratched. It’s not really avoidable. If it were, I’d avoid them. The glasses wouldn’t bother me otherwise. (hazards from work)… (and toddlers at home). Thanks anyway.
Everyone tells me they are hard to break/crack. They aren’t.

admin answers:

I hear that lasik eye surgery can fully correct astigmatism, I have an astigmatism also and my eye doctor said I could get lasik,

I also have photophobia too! I also have to wear sunglasses a lot.

But as far as I’ve searched around, only lasik seems like a perfect fit.

The surgery will correct the astigmatism but not sure about the photophobia.

Donna asks…

vertigo, blindness in both eyes?

end of nov 2010 i went blind out of nowhere for 15 minutes. i woke up at first and saw fine, but after walking for a min i slowly but rapidly lost my vision.. as it were “disintegrating” away into black. i doubt you went blind like i did, but this is how i felt: i had vertigo. my body went numb. i feel a little nauseous, i couldnt walk right or couldnt hold my head up without it feeling heavy. the whole room was spinning. i started to sweat and i think my heart beat got faster but after 15 minutes, i slowly got it back “disintegrating” again

i got mri’s and cat scans and apparently everything came back normal. i have white spots on my brain but apparently “theyre just spots of liquid” which i think is bs. they think i just have migraines so im on painkillers when needed. but yesterday at 2:40 i woke up to blow my nose, and i went blind again. i was trying to get back to my bed before i went completely blind. i knocked things over trying to get there. but after 4 mins it came back

I think the neurologists diagnosis is complete im going to another doctor to get a second opinion. do you guys have any ideas what it could be? and when i lose my vision.. its completely gone. not partially.

OH! i also have 3 kinds of lyme disease. they were all treated. i have exercise induced asthma, and acid reflux. i wear contacts. i have 2 different prescriptions cuz my left eye as astigmatism. (-1.50, -1:00)

i know. im a mess lol :(

when i lose my vision, i am still awake. i did not pass out. i can still walk around and hear things correctly..

heres the mri side view and i circled the spots spots that are shown –>

admin answers:

This article about Lyme disease indicates that repeated courses of antibiotics may be needed to cure it.


Nancy asks…

Left eye got irritated and cloudy after putting a contact in after 3 days of being in solution, why?

I have astigmatism and wear 30 day contacts, which I take out for cleaning about every 2 weeks. I put them in solution on Sunday and have been wearing my glasses. Before I was going to work out tonight I put them back in and my left eye had a bad reaction that was of a stinging pain and got really irritated. I figured this was probably just from the solution and kept the contact in until the pain went away, and it did. Then as I was starting to look around I noticed that my vision in the left eye was kinda cloudy. So I took the contact out and cleaned it again, but the cloudiness didn’t disappear. When I came home after exercising I took them out again and put my glasses on and the cloudiness has reduced significantly. Whaaaat is going on?!
@Jared – I put them in a new a case following the same logic, we shall see
@the mom- I use Renu solution

admin answers:

There are a couple possibilities. Anytime you wear contacts for an extended period of time, they become coated with proteins from the tears of your eye. Over days, that coating thickens- which is why you need to remove them and get them into the enzyme solution. Sometime, you just have one that gets coated a little thicker for some reason and the solution may not be able to get it all off. But it is able to loosen it. Putting it in your eye may have just mechanically removed enough of it to bug you. The stinging could also mean your solution is not as well buffered pH-wise, and the difference caused it to sting. As it got diluted in the tears, the stinging went away. Not knowing exactly what type of lenses you wear, or your solution, it’s hard to give you a better answer. However, anytime a contact causes a problem, the best thing to do is dispose of it and start with a fresh lens. I know, the expense can be an objection- but your eye and vision are worth it. You might also want to change out solution, and check the expiration date of the bottle you used. It’s not a good idea to have a bottle of solution open for months either, so if you bought the giant size and only use it once a month- it may be time to replace it. Also, the case itself needs disinfecting and drying as well. When you remove contacts and put them in your eyes, you should dump out the old solution, wash and airdry the case. Each time you put contacts in a case, it should go into a previously dry case, with new solution. You also need to use the solution your doctor recommends, and not change it without speaking to him/her first. Best way for now is to discard those contacts, clean the case, and replace the solution. If the vision cloudiness persists, see the doctor.

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