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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

February 24, 2012

Joseph asks…

So I have horrible vision in my right eye, how can i fix it?

I have lazy eye in my right eye, but perfect 20/20 vision in my left. It’s been this as long as I can remember and every time I go to the ophthalmologist I fail miserably.

I wear glasses which do not help me at all, and I used to patch when I was younger but I think it’s a little late for that.

Is there any sort of surgery I could get? Any exercises I could do? Please let me know!!
when i say i fail i mean I fail the eye test for my right eye. I think the last time I had my eyes checked my vision was 20/100 in my right eye.

admin answers:

It is never to late to wear your eye patch. I know a guy who is 38 yrs old and the eye specialist told him to start using a eye patch again.
What do you mean you fail when you go to the ophthalmologist? They are there to help you and answer your questions, and let you know
what is happening with your eyes. No tests to fail! You need to ask him about exersizes and surgeries.

Charles asks…

what is lazy eye?

my 5 yr old kid has been diagnosed with it and doc told her for there any cure for it pranayam,medicine,dietry supplement,lazer treatment at some age,exercise etc..pls advise.

admin answers:

Hi the correct term for ‘lazy eye’ is actually called amblyopia.


From experience at the clinic i use to work at, the younger someone is diagnosed with Amblyopia the better the chances of it being corrected. Read the article and research about it.


Steven asks…

Eye problems? KILL MYSELF ! SERISOUS!?

;) now i have your attention lol … im 17 and male and i have my lazy eye in my right and it goes < into my nose only a little bit but can i do exercises? AND! do i qualify for free lazer surgery or anything that the doctors / hospitals can do for LIFE!? to make me BINOCLOUR VISION!?? i really want straight eyes. IM SOOO LOW SELF ASTEMM DONT SAY DONT WORRY CUZ I HATE MYSELF! i can see without my glasses and they pull me down TO BE THE GEEK! in my family ;( i hate my life.. can i ??xxxxxxxx
thaks guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

admin answers:

Sounds to me like your you own toughest critic. First, there are exercises that can help straighten your eyes. Contact lenses are a possibility. If you are farsighted and I am guessing you are, wearing some sort of prescription will help straighten your eyes.

Second, most people are attracted to someones personality not their looks. Believe it or not one’s attitude changes the way they look. Be interested in others and don’t worry what they think. Your true friends will like you for who you are. But you need to like yourself if you expect others to like you. Find things you are interested in and get good at them. People will respect you.

You get what you intend to get.
See an optometrist for your eyes.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

February 23, 2012

Sandy asks…

are there any good exercises and foods to improve my eye vision?

i really have bad eye sights…

admin answers:

There’s a few exercises that helped me and eating certain foods like carrots, i used this guide:

it really helped me, like before i couldn’t even see writing 15cm away ( it was blurry) now i can see it at about 30m away, so hopefully it will keep improving

Sharon asks…

It is kind of hard to believe that laser surgery is the only way to improve eye vision…?

If eye exercises don’t work, like many people claim they don’t on Yahoo, then why are there so many 5 star reviews on eye exercise books on Amazon saying that it gave the customer better and clearer vision? They can’t possibly ALL be lieing (there are over 100 4-5 star reviews on just two or three books)

And some ophthalmologists do believe that they work (the other who don’t just want money)

admin answers:

They may work to some degree, but if you have 20/200 vision the exercises aren’t going to get you out of glasses. Laser surgery can do that immediately. I wore glasses and contacts since I was a child and fixed it all with the touch of a laser. I went from 20/200 to 20/30 with no complications and it took about an hour from the time I walked in to the time I left.

Betty asks…

How to improve eye vision or prevent deterioration?

Is there any exercises I can do? and please don’t link me to a website that charges me money to learn the technique and says it “may” improve eye vision.

I heard ginkgo biloba increases blood circulation for the ey. Is this true?

admin answers:

Sorry the jury is still out on most trials that improve and preserve vision. These are the suggestions that I’ve heard most.
Eat foods that are high in beta carotene
There are now ophthalmic multi-vitamins, like I-Caps and Occuvite.
Yes, there are supposedly eye exercises to improve vision, but they are mostly myth.

Do not smoke. This is fact. Youir vision will deteriorate if you smoke tobacco.

Check out this website, it has some pretty interesting information on it regarding vision improvement myths and they don’t ask you to join anything. Http://

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

February 22, 2012

Sandra asks…

will eye exercises help to improve my vision where I don’t need them any more?

I looked on the net to see if it would but there’s too much information out there that I don’t know if anything is a scam. Can anyone tell me about an eye exercise that really works and improves your eye that I don’t have to have glasses any more and I can see clear thanks.

admin answers:

No exercises are going to reverse near or far sightedness.

Charles asks…

Eye exercises seem to be improving my vision?

ive been doing eye exersises for about 2 weeks now. Ever since I started, whenever I blink I seem to have 20/20 vision for 5 seconds before it goes back to 20/40 when I blink again. I kept doing the exercises and my vision seems to stay 20/20 for a longer time now. Should I continue doing the exercises? Or should I just try relaxing my eyes because that seems to help more.

admin answers:

Eye exercise?! Theres such thing?!
Maybe its all in your head..?

Ken asks…

Can eye exercises/therapy actually give you better eyesight?

My friend asked me this because she wears glasses and was wondering on ways to improve her eyesight. She searched and found that there were such thing as eye exercises and how it can help improve your eye sight. What do you think about this? Before you can deny, try searching and you’ll see there are some such things on websites!!! It amazed me, but I wasn’t entirely sure if it’d help or not.

admin answers:

It has been shown that certain eye excerises can in fact help improve your eyesight just like eating carrots improves your night vision…your eye is a muscle and just like any other muscle in your body the more you work at it the stronger and more healthier it will get…however unless the screen thing in the back of your eye, i dont remember the name of it, is not working then there is nothing you can do! But for people who wear glasses and contacts eye excersices can be very effective

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Astigmatism

February 21, 2012

Michael asks…

Is it normal to have blurry vision with contact lenses?

I just got contacts after wearing only glasses for years. I find that at times throughout the day, my vision gets blurry when I am wearing the contacts. It happens sometimes when I am looking at the computer screen and it also sometimes happens when I am exercising, or sometimes I feel like I am doing nothing to bring it on.

I called the optometrist and he said that it’s the nature of contact lenses that this happens. He said that the lens sometimes moves out of alignment in the eye and vision may blur somewhat until it moves back into alignment. Sounded logical. But, I prefer my glasses I told him because everything is always clear. He again reiterated that the glasses don’t have the same issue with coming out of alignment. The coverage they provide is whole, but the lens can shift somewhat. He also mentioned that dryness can cause it, but I sometimes get blurry vision in the morning when I just put them in and they are still moist.

Is this right? Do all contact lens wearers experience blurry vision sometimes? I have astigmatism if that matters.


admin answers:

I wear air optix and they’re supposed to be the best contact lenses out there but even these lenses get blurry, when your staring @ the pc it dries them out and when you blink your eye closes over the dry contact and produces a smudge also like hitting a bug in your car then turning on the wipers, or it can be that your not cleaning both sides of your lenses long enough. Make sure your hands are clean and air dry them before cleaning

Robert asks…

Could I have a tumor? What’s wrong with me? Please help.?

I am 13, I am of average weight, fairly slender. I exercise [my dad taught me how to exercise properly so, it's not that] I am tall too 5’10.
My vision is terrible 20/-4.75 [I think, it changes about every month or two; contact wearer]- no astigmatism

*Have experienced sensations where everything goes dark [eyes open and their don't seem to be any correlation with what I am doing/time of day/where I am, and these occurring]

*I tend to be a klutz, I have great balance and an avid martial artist, but for some reason I will trip or fall for no reason.

*I experience mild to severe pain in my joints, back, shoulders, neck, and pretty much everywhere. This pain is almost constant and the pain arises with no trauma occurring.

*I get headaches quite often and have extreme light sensitivity [even fluorescent light bulbs hurt my eyes, they begin to then water.]
Sun, computer/TV/cell phone screens also cause watering of my eyes [sometimes my nose too]

*pain all over my body<primarily joints, neck, and back<Long, Long time.
*rapid vision change; not for the better about every month a new prescription is required<as long as I can recall
*being a klutz although I have a strong core<as long as I can recall
*blacking out for no apparent reason<as long as I can remember
*breathing normally then suddenly having extra air to exhale<fairly recent
*light sensitivity<This started within the past couple tears

I am under a lot of stress, primarily because of my parents fighting. When they fight I do feel weak in my knees and sometimes they collapse because of this.

I don't drink, or do drugs, and I eat healthy.

I ya'll have any ideas of what is going on, there are some other things, but these are the main problems. Any help is appreciated; Thank-you

[No, I can't just talk to my doctor, my parents won't listen and they think nothing is wrong]

I also have trouble getting my eyes to focus.

No, I am not sexually active [idk if that matters, but it might]
I don't go to school, well, I do, but it's a Charter School so I only go once a week. No school nurse. And I can't go to a dr because I'm 13 [parental consent and I can't drive]
My pupils are often larger than other people's, people often mention that they are abnormally large.

admin answers:

Just go see a MD for an exam. If you parents have their head in the sand, go tell the school nurse.

Laura asks…

Recommended contact lens for extended wear?

wearing softlens toric66 but they cant last long, eyes get dry after max 12hrs.

would like to know any brands of contact lens (with Astigmatism) that enable me to wear for extended hours even throughout the nite…

heard that there are some extended wear contact lens for up to 6days or 30days…considering these, but i will also take them off when going to sleep, cos i only wan better breathable contact lens to last from morning till late nite after work, to go exercise or even midnite movies, clubbing etc.

COmfortable brands?

admin answers:

Soflens 66 lenses are cheap and will dry an give you short wear times.

You want a lens with silicone in, for example purevision toric or acuvue advance for astigmatism.

I would not recommend sleeping in contact lenses unless you really need to. The only people I would fit is soldiers or people who work in the emergency services and have to get up in the middle of the night. If you don’t need to sleep in them you are just being lazy. The risks are dramatically higher with extended wear (the risk of complications and serious infections).

You sound responsible. Wearing an extended wear lens as a daily lens is the healthiest option. They let a lot of oxygen through to your eyes and contain very little water so they tend not to dry much (if at all), so they’ll be comfortable. They cost more but they are the healthiest lenses you can buy.

Speak to your optician, they can advise you on the best lens for you because your prescription and eye shape will affect the lens options available to you.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

February 20, 2012

Robert asks…

help,I developed a software which applied to protect the eye sight.but how do i sell it?

it is a share software( has been proved to be effective for protecting the eye sight, especially for children.
how do i sell it?
descript as follows:
it will remind you of protecting your eyes or protect your eyes compulsively. The method using software to protect one’s eyes is developed in Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Cure Institute and is extended to the whole country by ten sections or departments under China’s Education Ministry. Experiments have proved that, with the combination of the Eye Exercise and eye sanitation, it is possible to control the amount of new cases of myopia, reinforce the circulation of blood around eyes, activate blood, improve the nutrition for nerve, decrease eye fatigue, protect eyesight and cure myopia.Several hundred million Chinese are adopting this method to protect their eyes.

admin answers:

Patent your idea and sell it to a pharma company.

Mark asks…

how can i reduce myopia as much as possible? URGENT please read?

first of all, i am legally blind. my vision is worse than 20/200 and i am ONLY 12 yrs old. :(
Here’s my dilemma:
Basketball season is still a long time away (near November). However my bad vision may prevent me from playing the best I can. The stuff that have failed:
1. glasses-are a hazard in a rough contact sport like basketball
2. contacts-have trouble putting them in
3. orthokeratology-even if i could wear contacts, my insurance doesnt cover it this year and basketball season is this year
4. surgery-too young
5. eye exercises-take too long to get results
6. prescription sports goggles-not comfortable w/ them
4. nutrients-i noe carrots and other nutrients are good for your eyes but they benefit another part of the eye and it wont achieve the results i want

if you have anything else please PLEASE halp!! thanks

admin answers:

It sounds like you’ve listed your options. You may want to try again with the contacts. Considering that you’re highly motivated, you may just need a little practice putting them in. (Just relax when you do it; it quickly becomes second nature.)

By the way, you aren’t legally blind. You’re only considered legally blind if your eye doctor can’t get you to see well with glasses or contacts, not without.

Mary asks…

If I get glasses for Myopia, how often do you think I’ll need to wear them?

If I did the eye vision chart test correctly, then I have 20/70 vision. I stood 20 feet away, but the chart I used didn’t say how far away to stand, so I hope that’s what I was supposed to be standing at. I think that was right.

I have Myopia…I do a lot of close-up work on the computer and things like that. I’m 15 years old.

I am currently trying several eye exercises and the Bates Method to see if that helps. But if that doesn’t, and I have to get glasses, how often will I have to wear them? I guess 20/70 is pretty bad, but I really don’t have a problem in every day life. The only time I have trouble is if I sit in the very back of a classroom and have to read the board, I can’t.

I guess I’ll need glasses for driving–if these eye exercises don’t help.

But my question is…if I get glasses to see far-away things better, how often will I need to wear them? I am assuming not much because I don’t have too many problems seeing things in every day life.

admin answers:

You better get used to the idea of glasses now, because Bates exercises won’t make any difference.

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