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Your Questions About Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

January 13, 2012

Linda asks…

How can i Improve my eyesight naturally?

My vision is 5.0 and im getting sick of contacts and glasses and all of that, My friend told me his grandma had a vision of 5.25 and improved her eyesight naturally without laswer surgery. How is this possible, if so how can i do that and where can i find books on this? PLEASE HELP!

admin answers:

You can try doing exercises to improve your vision. I recently started doing eye exercises to try to improve my vision. I created a blog where I record my progress with the exercises.

My vision is 20/400, which is really poor.

I recently saw some improvement. Other people (who have also experienced improvements) have posted comments about their experiences as well. You can check it out at:

Hope this helps…

Paul asks…

How can i naturally improve my eyesight?

carrots? what?

admin answers:

Bilberry, eyebright, raw sunflower seeds. Ive read letters from people saying how raw sunflower seeds improved this or tht eye problem.

The others are herbs to be taken in a tea. You wiill not be dissapointed!

BTW, the carrot thing is folktale. They manufactured that myth in wartime to fool the germans into thinking we has some kind of advantage over them medically. I wont poopoo them but I havent found them to do anything for night blindness or anything.

PS: Russian eat LOTS of raw sunflower seeds, and ironically, have the best vision per capita……….

Robert asks…

How can I naturally improve my eyesight?

admin answers:

I believe eating carrots is actually an old wives tale started during one of the wars. One of the sides used it to cover up a new technology(radar I think) which was helping them shoot down more planes. They told everybody that their pilots were eating a lot of carrots to hold on to their technological advantage.

Our eyes do change their shape, they are changing all the time to give us clear vision. When we get blurry vision, this is a sign that we are using our eyes, mind, and body together incorrectly. We tend to learn incorrect vision habits during stressful times.

We can improve our vision by upgrading our vision software or unlearning the incorrect vision habits and reintegrating the correct vision behaviors. Our complicated times have interfered with many people’s vision, 60 to 80 percent of Americans have blurry vision.

Drinking plenty of water and minimizing sugar intake is always good.

Reading microprint by dim light and other similar words of caution are also old wives tales. They only harm us if we stare, squint, strain, or do other incorrect vision habits while we do challenging vision activities. Otherwise if we are using our eyes correctly they actually strengthen our visual system.

If you have heard about ‘Eye Exercises’ (eye pushups), let me save you some time and disappointment. Trying to improve your eyesight with eye exercises or eye pushups is like trying to improve your basketball game by just lifting weights and running. In order to improve your game you have to learn the principles of basketball and practice them as you play. Eye exercises don’t work. Most people practice them for twenty minutes and then continue with the incorrect vision habits for the other 23 hours and 40 minutes. Most people get bored and disappointed within a week.

So to improve eyesight look for learning the principles of natural eyesight, and avoid anything that talks about exercising your eyes.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

January 12, 2012

David asks…

Help, question about shortsightedness (myopia) exercises!?

I’m 13 and I’m shortsighted.

I only got shortsighted a few months ago and my degrees is currently – left eye -1.25, right eye -2.00. I used to have pretty good vision until I got normal flu in February. I went to the eye doctor and they said because of my sickness, my eyesight deteriorated. I now have glasses but only wear them when I need to see something like on the whiteboard ect. I try to use them as less as possible.

I really want my eyesight back, I was wondering if there are any exercises I could do to get it back. I mean some exercises that could really help. Even if you think eye exercises don’t work, i would still like to do them, because I know I am at least trying to do something about it.

Please help, I really would like my eyesight back, I am only 13.

Thanks for helping!!

admin answers:

The eye is elongated in people with myopia, you can google, what is myopia?, and get lots of information. Exercises will not change the shape of your eye, anymore than exercises will change the length of your feet. Sometimes a laser is used, or permanently embedded contact lenses. Or sometimes the eye ball is frozen and shaved, this works in people that do not have extreme myopia, but then you will get glare from lights and it will be hard for you to do night time driving. I have never heard of the flu changing the shape of the eyeball. I would see a good Ophthalmologist for the best advice and follow it. There are some attractive glasses made now. Any operation cares risk.

Mandy asks…

URGNT!!!! eye problem?

I want some websites that have free eye exercises for myopia, best answer gets full rating and a thumbs up. one eye is -1.00 and the other is -1.25.
It’s not only the shape of my eye, it’s also the strength.

admin answers:

If you are looking for excercises, thinking it will reverse your myopia…it ain’t gonna happen.

Excercises can’t change the shape of your eye, which is what is causing your myopia to begin with.

Mark asks…

What is your opinion on natural eye care (for example exercises and pinhole glasses) when dealing with myopia?

Serious answers please.

admin answers:

I think eye yoga exercises and its varients tend to stop myopia progressing. If the person is generally happy and has an active lifestyle i think they can go forward and maybe recover some of their orginal level of eyesight.

I think however there are other factors that can effect the positive results of these methods. If that person cannot relax during the day and suffers stress easily then any previous work will be undone. People who are myopic tend to stay indoors more and watch tv so it can become like a lifestyle choice.

I found plus lenses and eye exercises beneficial to the eyesight and psychology. (wearing strong stength plus lenses while appearing to improve eyesight dramatically can however leave me feeling down and irritable (if wearing them all day). Eyesight can actually get worse if its overdone.
Pinhole glasses seem benefical too but they make you feel antisocial when you wear them as you’re hiding your eyes all the time. It will appear to everyone you’re wearing sunglasses even though its dark and rainy outside. Its also easy to think the effect they have will continue as long as you keep weaing the glasses. But if wearing them all day i will probably forget everything and become irritable and fustrated. I remember once losing my temper big time while wearing them. So any relaxing quality they have doesn’t necessarily benefit other people or your actual natural eyesight…
(pinhole glasses actually guarantee good eyesight even if your natural eyesight gets worse (for whatever reason, stress or mood change). So wearing them can be misleading to the wearer

But its good to be informed on what research is out there on the subject. Nobody has genuinely proven that myopia is genetic. If you look online its only mentioned as a guess as to why myopia is becoming more common. Its usually offered as an answer alongside ‘people are now reading too much’ etc.
But this is a worthless and unscientific opinion. There is no point in relying in guesswork. Only scientific studies with real results/conclusions should be trusted

Its also worth noting what effect glasses have on the wearer. I wore today for the first time in months a understrength pair of glasses to correct myopia. I wrote down the changes it had on my psychology:

‘i have become a single minded bastard,
No time for niceness because people around me seem cut off. I dont pick up any signals from other people so there is no time spent considering their positions. I live in my own world. I dont spend any time thinking about anyone other than me. I become obsessed with the current goal inside my head and forcing through the result. (could be a goal of buying a candy bar or using a lift/elevator (small thing but it becomes the big issue in the head)
This makes me appear cut off from people, forceful and impatient

I become overly-conscious of body, without glasses i was able to forget what my body does when i walk (i would just focus on keeping my head still), with glasses on its like my arms and hands are the biggest deal in the world. Ive become concious of my body, not my head.
(i think to myself maybe this is the reason why some girls who wear glasses become EXTREMELY conscious.of their body in a negative way) While walking around my head could be tilting any way whatsoever instead of being steady (which is more natural.)
Also if i come across a member of the opposite sex wearing glasses i notice the difference between the sexes has gone and i could easily be a woman and the woman could easily be me.’

Head is ignored and bobbles around while consciousness of arm and body takes takes presidence

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 11, 2012

Mandy asks…

Can I naturally improve my eyesight after I am forced to glasses?

admin answers:

No, if you dont want glasses, get contacts

Maria asks…

how do you Improve eyesight naturally?

I don’t like my glasses and I would like to get rid of them for ever. Dose any one know hou to to that?

admin answers:

You don’t. The “natural” method is to go through life with poor vision.

Aside from glasses, your only options are contacts and laser surgery.

James asks…

Is it possible to improve your eyesight naturally?

And has anyone done it before? No laser eye surgery?
But if they promoted the idea that it WAS possible to improve your eyesight naturally, they would lose consumers wouldn’t they?

admin answers:

TEK33 is correct. Dont know why so many people “thumbs-down” a correct answer. Some uninformed people voting, i guess. Not surprising. I voted you UP, TEK.

There is no way to improve your eyesight “naturally” w/o surgery. If there was some way to do it, the World Health Organization would not be putting myopia near the top of their worldwide health concerns. Plus there wouldnt be near as many people out there wearing glasses & contacts.

Its all genetics & eye shape/size.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Double Vision

January 10, 2012

William asks…

in your opinion, is there cause to believe I have myasthenia gravis (MG)?

Okay, so I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis last year after noticing a substantial difference in my vision (I couldn’t wear both contacts/no contacts without experiencing severe double vision). I’ve goe for CAT scans, MRIs, had multiple blood tests, and even underwent a single fiber EMG. Everything but the EMG came back negative. The EMG noted an abnormality in my nervous system, with 6 pairs (or packets, I forget the exact term used). I’ve taken Mestinon with no effect, and also started on Prednisone and Imuran before deciding I wasn’t fully buying into the MG theory. I’ve been to three different neurologist, one of which believed I had MG (and was treating me for it). Another, who specializes in MG, had me go through a pretty hefty exercise (like the other doctors) and, checking out my symptoms, said he had no reason to suspect me of having MG. The third doctor is in between–he actually wants to do another single fiber EMG. The result of that test is: if it’s positive, I’m back to the meds. If it’s negative, more tests.

I need some other outside opinions on this: what do you think?

My main reason for doubting it’s MG is that they all keep asking me the exact same question: “Does your vision get better or worse throughout the day?” It’s always no. My eye does turn outwards, but it never gets better or worse. It’s always exactly as it is. Head trauma was ruled out, by the way.

I’m now just wearing prism glasses (which give me some fairly intense headaches when I do too much in them) and one contact lens, which is the most effective solution right now to the double vision. I do feel slightly tired at times, but never to the point where I simply can’t do anything. I work at a restaurant making pizzas just about every night, and I can go work out at the basketball court for an hour or so before going into work.

I know I’m probably missing some points, so if you hve questions feel free to ask. It’s not so much that the EMG is uncomfortable and slightly painful (or very, depending on how much you love needles in your muscles and forehead), it’s that I feel like we’re just in the same circle and no one wants to explore other options.


admin answers:

Man that sucks. I have had EMG and I will drink ground glass before I have one again. You are quite brave. Anyway this is what I think. If the three neurologists have all stated different consensus I would contact your state university medical center. The biggest one there is. Speak to the neurological department and have a consultation with a department head. Get to the bottom of this with those who see this often and not just once in a while. The other idea is to approach the specialists at Mayo or Cleveland Clinic. That’s where the docs go when they or their families get in trouble. And finally whatever you do become an expert. Read all you can and know as much as you can. Start to be able to speak at the level of the docs and take control of your problem. Best of luck to you I understand your frustration.

Helen asks…

Really sick in Mexico DF, CFS Like Symptoms follow, then Coxsackie B4 Antibodies Discovered… Advice anyone?

Okay, so here’s the deal. It’s a long strenous deal so bear with me, please.

In 2005 I got really sick in Mexico. I had one of the worst illnesses I had ever had in a lifetime: super high fever, naseau, vomiting, “burning” sensation in the CNS, major fatigue, the chills, and double vision.. I might be leaving somethings out. Okay, so, the illness lasts for about 2 weeks and I was bed ridden for two weeks. I recovered about 80 percent and then I traveled back to the United States.
While back in the states, I expected my health to improve, but it did the opposite. Day after day my health declined on a very gradual level. First, I couldn’t exercise as much and my strength was less and less. Then, I couldn’t eat. Next I couldn’t breath and then my eyes started to hurt. Third, my brain felt like it was disentigrating. Fourth, My muscles began to hurt. Fifth, Double vision. I began getting dizzy and seeing double. Now, all these symptoms came one after another in about a years time and the onset was slow, but very debilitating. I suffered from this from 05 to about 08 and then I discovered some things.
I ruled out parasites, bacteria and current viral infections, and all my blood tests showed my body was fine.
The only thing the doctors found was that I had antibodies for a Coxsackie B4 virus. I read that you can get the virus from eating raw pig, which is exactly what I did 4 days before my illness in mexico… I ate a pork sandwich.
I also read that the virus can cause this onset of latter symptoms. Unfortunatly the doctors I went to don’t agree that this would be the cause of the problem, but they didn’t really heed to investigate my condition either. Now, my condition following the illness in mexico seems to match the characteristics of a strong coxsackie b4 infection, and the antibodies seem to confirm it.. in my mind it’s a slam dunk.
So, I googled the term “coxsackie b4 testimonial” and got the testimony of an athlete of who was diagnosed with virus during the actual initial infection. His explaination was exactly the way I discribed my symtpoms and they were exact even to the onset of the latter symptoms. He said he used a protocol designed by Dr. Petrovic consisting of a large amounts of antioxidants.. and they have been working

I have been on this protocol for about 3 months and it has substantially improved my condition. I also found vitamin Bs do a really good job and improving the condition. I also found this group of people who are able to get an amino acid that causes the body to release large amounts of antioxidants. I took that and felt significantly recovered.

Here’s an article by Professor Pall explaining why antioxidants help the body recover from CFS.

So, my question is, can anyone provide any other helpful information.
AND.. if anyone is suffering from what I just described, please contact me so I can give you my findings asap to help you recover.
Thanks a bunch

admin answers:

Ok so this doesn’t seem like a question more like spam… If you wanted to really ask a question you would have just said has anyone out there had Coxsackie b4? And that would have been the end of it. You could have emailed the rest of this novel. Also i did some reading up on the Coxsackie viruses, there is no cure only pallative care, like most viruses it has to run its course. So there you go:

Thomas asks…

Can anybody tell me what’s happening with my body?

There are so many things going on and so many reasons why i think they might be going on. I’m going to list them:

Things going wrong:
1. The sight in my left eye is slightly darker than the sight in my right eye.
2. When my heart starts beating really fast (from crying too much or from exercising) i start to feel like I’m about to faint.
3. My back feels tight when i stand or sit up straight.
4. I feel tired all the time.
5. I’m dizzy when i wake up, and randomly through out the day sometimes.
6. I’m never hungry anymore.
7. I feel light headed constantly.
8. I forget a lot.
9. The last time i smoked pot
10. My ears are ringing.

Things that could be wrong:
1. My liver: I use to be addicted to cough medicine (triple c’s, robitussin max, delsum) but I’ve been off it for almost two weeks (it sounds really bad but please understand it’s a really popular thing in my town and everybody does it… I’m never touching that shit again even when i’m sick because last time it my vision was doubling and i was blacking out)
2. My brain could be swelling: i fractured my skull ten months ago and i got a bad concussion and my brain or something i don’t know swelled and caused some fluid release from my nose.
3. I could have iron deficiency: I’ve been a vegetarian for six years.
4. I smoked cigarettes but my dad is allergic. (that’s why he thinks this is happening)
5. I might have radiation poisoning: the ct scan at the hospital i went to for my fractured skull was giving off excessive radiation.

My Nero surgeon told me that it was just a nasal infection but i didn’t tell him that i did cough medicine.

p.s. i didn’t know who to ask or talk to about this because everybody thinks that I am a hypochondriac, ever sense i started talking to people about this. t-t

admin answers:

Go to a different doctor, make sure you tell them everything in the past. Try going to a nutritionist, it may have something to do with your diet. Go to your opticion. If your doctor says it’s a nasal infection or something which has to do with our past, demand a solution.

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Your Questions About Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

January 9, 2012

Jenny asks…

Glasses ?! what do you think ?!?

Ok, I felt that my eyesight is deterring and I went to check them, and I was right, the optometrist told me that my eyesight isn’t that bad, and he gave me glasses for reading subtitles on Tv, night driving & for lectures at the university.

here is the deal, I really hate wearing glasses or contact lenses, is there anything I can do to improve my eyesight naturally !!?? …
Maz I think eating carrots doesnt actually help improving ut eyesight ! at least not significantly ! :P

admin answers:

Yep, look up google and type in eye exercises. There’s a swag of them to do. Make sure you have the necessaryy vitamins and minerals [type in on google also. You can get pinhole glasses also that are a sheet of tiny holes [not lenses] they work if its with enough light to see through them.

Daniel asks…

How can eyesight be improved?


admin answers:

Carrots and some eye exercises can help naturally improve vision that is not severely impaired. If your vision is -1.00 or more, or +1.00 or more, the only correction can be achieved with glasses, contacts, CRT, lasik, etc. If you have an astigmatism that’s more than approximately -0.75 along with nearsightedness or farsightedness; well you out of luck in the natural department also. Farsightedness is caused by a shortened eyeball length, nearsightedness is caused by an elongated eyeball, and astigmatism is caused by a “football” shaped cornea. So as you can see, the eyesight largely depends on the shape of the eyeball, and you can’t change the shape with natural remedies.

Helen asks…

short sighted, glasses.?

hi, i’m 13 years old and I got my first pair of glasses yesterday! I am short sighted and I have a agestism (sp?).

My eyes are -1.00 and -1.50 is that bad or good?

I’ve been told I only need to wear them when watching TV and looking at the board in school, will wearing them then improve my natural eyesight because they are not being strained? If not, how can I improve my eyes naturally? Thanks

admin answers:

Your prescription is good because it is quite low. You should only wear your glasses when you need them and remove them when you are doing near work such as reading or computer. Also when you are at the computer you should take regular breaks every 20-30 minutes if you want to avoid eyestrain.
You can try improving your eyes naturally by using pinhole glasses (they are like sunglasses with holes in them) and/or doing eye exercises or the Bates method but you need to be committed and do them for 15-30 minutes daily if you want to see results. They are several eye exercise programs on the net and many people have benefited and have improved vision after doing them.

Look at the link below to find out more!

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