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Yoga for Your Eyes

January 17, 2012

Yoga For Your Eyes brings you Yoga for Your Eyes.
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Yoga For Your Eyes


Your Questions About Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

January 17, 2012

Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

Lisa asks…

How can i improve my eyesight naturally?

Mainly night vision? also what foods should i eat more of and which should i try to avoid?

admin answers:

Check out this video i saw last week on

Is a pretty good tutorial on how to improve your night vision, most of them really do work, i was taught a lot of them in the army.

Also avoid eating Junk food, red meat etc and eat lots of leafy vegetables and carrots.

Donna asks…

How can I naturally improve my eyesight?

no glasses contacts surgery

admin answers:

Drink Borage tea

Use cool fresh Eyebright tea (one tablespoon Eyebright tincture to one cup boiled water) as an eyewash daily.

Take Ginko Biloba

All are available at your local health food store…

Richard asks…

how can i improve my eyesight?

i an 15 and i got messed up eyesight its not super bad. its just alright the doctor said my left eye is 100. and right eye is perfect 20. how can i improve my eyesight naturally? also does wearing glasses weaken my eyesight? i want facts not opinions

admin answers:

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, glasses, contacts, or surgery are the only way to improve your eyesight.
I’ve been looking for other options for almost 20 years since I first had to get glasses and I have found things that improve the health of your eyes (which can help them from getting worse), but they can’t make the actual visual acuity better. Most of them are natural herbs (like Lutein, Bilberry, and Eyebright) and vitamins (A and E among others) that help maintain the health of the eye, but unfortunately couldn’t improve vision.
The main reason is because vision problems are a physical problem (the physical distance between the retina and lens), not a chemical problem that can be changed with drugs, herbs, or supplements :-(

I’ve heard of eye exercises that some people try, but based on a lot of research I’ve done on them, there is no basis to say that it will improve your eyesight at all long-term. All that’s left after all that is surgery or glasses/contacts. Sorry.
Also, there is an article at that points out some of the common myths about eyes. Some of these are included in there, but it also verifies that reading in the dark or watching a TV/computer screen too close doesn’t negatively affect the vision long-term. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

January 16, 2012

John asks…

Eye exercises to Improve Vision – is it possible?

admin answers:

Eye exercises to improve vision – is it possible that after all these years of glasses and contacts prescriptions, that if you could have simply made a few changes to your daily routine you would be able to see clearly again? According to some rumors floating around the internet and other places in the public domain, the answer is an indefinite “maybe.”

Michael asks…

Eye exercises to help improve vision?

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out why my vision is worstening and im looking for a natural way to help solve this problem..if you know of any eye exercise that may help improve my vision id really appreciate the help! thanks! :::::serious inquiries only:::::

admin answers:

As you can see, many people have different opinions on causes. But since you asked specifically for eye exercises, here are some I found useful for myself and some patients who are willing to follow through. I worked with computers a lot for a few years and my vision got really blurry and tear often, so you can see I needed to help myself, too.

What I did was to, as someone mentioned, to occasionally look into the distance. Then refocus back to something close in front of you. This retrains your eyes in focusing in all distances.

The second exercise is to relief the strains of the muscles that actually move the eyeballs. They do have some impact in the vision. Move your eyeballs slowly in all directions by simply looking into all corners without moving your head.

Lastly, close your eyes and massage them with your hands. Slight pressure induces some parasympathetic activity. That may reduce some stress. Also, massage your facial muscles can be quite good because as we stare for a long time at a screen, our facial expression tend to be “stuck” too.

Maria asks…

How do you do eye exercises to improve your vision?

I was wondering the CORRECT way to do them, because my eyes aren’t perfect but near perfect and i wanted them to be perfect so yesturday i tried doing them, only to find that afterwards they actually made my eyes worse than they already were. My eyes are sort of back to normal today, but I was wondering what was the correct way of doing them. I tried googling it, but you had to purchase all these books and stuff which I didn’t want to do.

p.s I have done eye exercises before and they have made my eyes better, but the site I read it on (which I forget) said not to do them everyday, should I do it everyday and what were some of the ways that you got your vision to improve?

admin answers:

Eye exercises are a bit difficult to understand and if you do it wrong it may have a bad effect (of course not permanent, except for the sun exercises which I don’t like)…

Still, if you are 100% sure you want to try these exercises you should be at least ready to work with a professional who does the exercises (at least online). There are some teachers in USA, one pretty good in Utah, the rest I don’t really know where they are from but I could make a list with contact info for you with those who I spoke with.

I am a Bate’s Method teacher from Israel, usually I only give advice.

Exercises are only a small part of the whole method. You should practice it everyday all day long… Not focusing on the exercises but on the breathing, diet, posture and overall health improvement. Our body is a whole body, working only on a small part of it wouldn’t be that beneficial if the rest of it isn’t functioning the right way.

You can do exercises as much as you want, but remember to focus on the rest of the method.

Contact me for some advice.

Best regards,
Eli Gal.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 15, 2012

Betty asks…

Would you like to tell me which program can help to improve eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

There is program can help you to improve eyesight naturally by Dr William Horatio Bates

Paul asks…

Is there any way to improve your eyesight naturally?

I really don’t want to hide behind glasses and contact lenses my whole life. And laser eye surgery is out of the question. So what can I do?

admin answers:

It seems like a great idea but vision therapy is bogus. (Sorry to spoil it!). Vision has to do with the length of the eye and the shape of the cornea (the clear dome above the iris).

When light passes through a medium (water, window pane etc.) it is called refraction. The light passes through the cornea (refraction) and comes to a point (imagine what an ice cream cone looks like- see first link below for an example). Ideally, that point is supposed to land directly on the retina (the back of the eye that contains photoreceptors responsible for vision). BUT…

If the eye is longer than the “normal eye” (around 22 mm or so), the light doesn’t make it to the back of the eye (hence the need for lenses to “move” the light further back onto the eye.

If the eye is shorter that the “normal eye” the light would come to a point beyond the back of the eye– which is impossible hence requiring lenes to “move” the light closer to the front of the eye.

Tell me how eye exercises can shrink or grow an eye?

The front surface plays a role in astigmatism….ever see a warped window. Light doesn’t pass through clearly…it’s hazy. How can eye exercises reshape the front surface of an eye?

Those people selling those “cures” are snake oil salesmen! Do not hand your money over to them! It’s just not anatomically possible!

Donald asks…

what can i do improve my eyesight naturally?

actually from a couple of days i get headaches while watching tv or the comp and my eyes pain?i cannot see the blackboard from the last bench but i dont want to wear galsses or lens.guys plz help me.i need help desperately.

admin answers:

Drink carrot juice three times in day & continus 7 days .after 7 days 1glass drink carrot juice daily& also morning walk on green grass

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

January 14, 2012

Steven asks…

How often should I do eye exercises?

My vision is suddenly blurry and I cant read far distanced text.
I can see everything far away (objects and stuff).

I’ve been told to do eye exercises, if not take eye drops. I’ve seen the eye exercise and how many times I repeat, but how often should I do them!? once a week? a month?

admin answers:

Who has told you to do eye exercises? Normal vision problems cannot be fixed with eye exercises. If this is not yoru problem and you have been told by a reputable eye doctor to do this then you need to consult them, however it seems to me that you probably need glasses. There is no evidence that eye exercises cure poor eyesight.

Susan asks…

Know any eye tracking and strength exercises?

I’ve heard athletes do eye exercises and drills to help them improve their ability to track mast moving objects, improve their peripheral vision, etc.

Does anyone know such exercises that can be performed without hi-tech machinery?

admin answers:

Last year, my dad got double vision and had to get bain surgery for it. After that, he had to do exercises to work his eye muscles. I don’t know if this will improve performance but it can strenghthen them. He would simply close one eye and stick his thumb and index finger together and out. He would follow his fingers as they moved from the left to the right. Then he would do it with his other eyes. You can try that, might or might not work though. I just tried it and it does work your eye just don’t move your hand too fast.

Charles asks…

Do I do various eye exercises with glasses on or off?

I have worn glasses for most of my life and recently read some articles about improving vision naturally through eye exercises. I was just wondering, am I supposed to do some of these things with my glasses? Or am I supposed to do them without my glasses?

The exercises I’m talking about are like focusing on something close and the focusing on something far, palming, zooming, etc.

admin answers:

Some are meant to be done with weak correction (weaker glasses), others must be done without glasses, some it doesn’t matter.

Only exercises won’t help you as much as overall health improvement if at all…

The Methods themselves are more about overall health improvement then working only with the eyes.

Most people don’t know it as traditional medicine likes to prove it wrong without even checking the whole method. And the test only short time progress while for most of the patients it takes months-years to improve but the overall benefit is huge, not only for the eyes.

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