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Baba Ramdev -Yoga for Eye Diseases (Netra Rogon Ke Liye)

January 22, 2012

Yoga For Eye Diseases

Your eyes are often called the windows to your soul. The only time this organ gets rest is when we sleep. We work our eye muscles all the time, yet fail to exercise them. Here, Baba Ramdev shows some easy ways to exercise your eyes and keep them healthy. Also, some home remedies to soothe and lubricate tired eyes are mentioned in this video. Yoga helps to strengthen vision, relax and tone eye muscles and alleviate stress. Click to watch more Baba Ramdev Videos.
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Yoga For Eye Diseases

Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 21, 2012

Chris asks…

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally?

Hello, My eyesights are little week, my doctor recommend me specs but I dont like to wear them or to take those side effect medicines. My friend told me that there are some natural exersises for eye and which really works better than hope. So please if you can suggest me some exersises or method to naturally fix my eyes.

admin answers:

NATURALLY you should EXERCISE your IMPROVING good judgement & go to an eye doc & FIX your eye sight with lasik, glasses or contacts

Richard asks…

improve eyesight naturally?

how do i improve my eyesight naturally. Any ideas

admin answers:

L-Taurine 400mg, Bilberry Extract 100mg, Luteine 20mg, Lycopene 20mg, Ginko Biloba 50mg, Vinpocetine 20mg and Zeaxanthin 1mg.
Vitamin A,C,E – zinc and copper.
Full hand of whole dried Lycium Barbarum berries.

Lycium should be avoided during pregnancy and nursing, because it contains betaine, which may act as an abortifacient

These once a day should do in the health improvement of your eyes.

Laura asks…

Does anyone know how to naturally improve your eyesight and lessen your dependence on glasses?

admin answers:

Try to take a vitamin called lutein…great for the eyes. If you have trouble seeing far away leave your glasses off for a few hours a day and try to read or focus on things that are far away. If you have trouble seeing close up try to read books or magazines with your glasses off for a few hours a day and things may improve. It worked for my brother.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

January 20, 2012

Laura asks…

Are there any institutions in India for practicing eye exercises for squint and sight?

Are there any institutions in India (preferably in Andhra Pradesh) for practicing eye exercises for squint and sight problems?

admin answers:

Perhaps you could ask an eye specialist in your town?

Sandra asks…

what are some examples of eye exercises?

what are some examples of eye exercises? for how long do you exercise?

admin answers:

There are many actually. One way is to move eyes in every direction, thus exercising extraocular muscles. Other way is to focus on an object that is close to your eyes and than focus on object that is far away and repeat the process – this is for exercising ciliary muscles and accommodation.

Than there are relaxing exercises like looking at green and distant objects, covering your eyes with your palms (also known as palming), etc.

You can exercise your eyes as long as you want, but you don’t need to exercise more than up to 30 minutes per day. If you are reading much, or working on a computer much, you may want to do exercises for a longer periods of time and more often.

You can find more information here:

Hope this helps!


George asks…

What kinds of eye exercises can improve your eyesight?

I am a sophomore in high school and my vision is about -3.75 on both sides right now. I am afraid that my visions would grow worse and worse. When I wear my contacts or even when wearing glasses, my eyes feel dry and irritated. How can I stop this irritation? Also, what are the exercises that will improve eyesight and what other things are good for getting better eyesight? Thank you. =)

admin answers:

Try the Bates method. It teaches you the correct vision habits used by people with perfect sight. To be used 24/7/365. It works much better than eye strengthening exercises that require something like 25 minutes a day and then you go back to your old bad eye habits.

Many people who do eye strengthening exercises find that they have limited success, and later on say they should’ve gone with the Bates method instead. The Bates method is based on the findings of a doctor who also discovered adrenaline… This man was so smart that he was as high in the optometry world as one can get, during his time.

Here is the Bates method in a nutshell:

Dr. Bates tested thousands of schoolchildren and found that he was able to improve their eyesight back to 20/20 or better.

He understood eyesight better than any eye doctor that has ever existed, believe it or not. He knew how to help people not strain when looking in the distance or up close, and understood the role the mind plays in vision.

You can find out more about the method at

Or get this brilliant book covering a wide range of things about vision improvement, including the unknown history of the optometry schools:

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 19, 2012

Paul asks…

How would i improve my eyesight naturally?

What about carrots? Is it proven that they can improve eyesight?

admin answers:

You wouldn’t. Poor eyesight is *itself* natural.

Carrots are worthless when it comes to improving eyesight. Your options are glasses, contacts and laser surgery.

Joseph asks…

how can i improve my eyesight naturally?

i cant really see my tv from 30 ft away with my right eye but my left is fine. how can i naturally improve or restore it? is there something i can eat or something i can do? and i don’t want glasses or laser eye surgery! please help me

admin answers:

Nutrition (vitamin A, etc…).

John asks…

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally Step By Step?

admin answers:

How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally Step By Step.?


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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

January 18, 2012

Susan asks…

What are some non-surgical, not glasses or contacts ways to improve my eyesight?

Right now my eyesight isn’t too bad, but I do need glasses for distance. I heard there are eye exercises you can do that can help improve vision. Anyone know of these? I plan on going into the air force but if I don’t have really good vision I won’t be able to fly.

admin answers:

All these answers: exercises and carrots are the reason why 60 to 80 percent of Americans have blurry vision. Optometry has us trained well.

Most people are supposed to have natural perfect eyesight. Maybe 25% percent of people are legitimately supposed to have blurry vision from disease and 75% of those people could return to natural perfect health and have natural perfect eyesight by supporting the body in its healing and not cutting, burning, and poisoning.

We should avoid eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga), they have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight and have wasted so many people’s time and hope. Carrots and nutrition are very important for health but will not change vision behavior or bring us clarity.

Natural perfect eyesight is all about unlearning the incorrect vision habits, reintegrating the correct vision behaviors, and undoing the damage of artificial corrections and blur.

The best way to start learning about Natural Eyesight Improvement is to read the best books. I have a referral link to one of them on my website. Most people do best by getting the help of a local teacher. I can interview a teacher you may be interested in to make sure that they are teaching correct principles and not eye exercises or potions.

William asks…

Is they’re any medication or exercise that will strengthen the eye?

I would like to make my vision stronger. I have noticed my vision is not that great. I have problems looking at things from a distance. Is they’re any exercise that will make my vision better? I do not want to buy glasses and I don’t have the money to pay for costly medication. I am a teenager and I am red-green colorblind. Thank you!!!

admin answers:

Glasses and contacts do not improve vision, in face they worsen it. This is becuase the eye are under worked – it is why peoples prescriptions get stronger over time.

Eye exercises work by relaxing and strengthening the eye to help change the shape of the eyeball (similar to what LASIK eye surgery does). A regime of 25 minutes of eye exercises a day would help your condition in 30-60 days.

A website below will start you off with a few eye exercises. I hope i helped :)

Donna asks…

Worser vision caused by stress?

For a few months I have had nearsightedness, today I can see almost clear now. Was my vision worse because I was stressing so much? For five years I was very stressed, and last year I had severe depression, I was thinking about suicide. This suicidal depression went on for about five months, I am not going to say why I was so depressed, but it was something very serious life changing thing. That’s when I have gotten very bad vision. About two months ago everything worked out in my life, because I finally got to do something I wanted to do for so long that will change my life forever. I’ve been never happier. I have seen changes in my vision, it becomes clearer and clearer every day. I also do eye exercises. Today, my vision is maybe not as great as it was five years ago but it’s much better. Also I am not suicidal anymore, I am ashamed of myself now, because I though about commiting it. Is this maybe the reason why my vision was bad?
No, that’s impossible because back then the TV was all blurry, today it isn’t.

admin answers:

Stress really does make your vision worse. It strains the eyes and is generally unhealthy anyway. With more sleep and healthier foods your eyes should get a little bit better. Try not to stress so much (i know what kind of advice that is, i used to be the queen of stress, i had 2 ap classes, dance, and a job), try to relax more often and try to get in a different atmosphere where it isn’t so depressing, get more in touch with your family and friends they wouldn’t want you to have a burden so heavy anyway that you might be considering suicide.. Trust me… But i’m glad that you didn’t :)

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