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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Astigmatism

January 26, 2012

Michael asks…

Natural Treatment for Improving Eye sight?

Hi guyz,
Just wanna know about the Natural treatments available for Correcting or Improving vision.I have a slight Astigmatism of less than 1 in both eyes. I am planning to have a career in Armed forces(may be flying). So i want to know about any Natural or Alternative treatment available for Rectifying this condition. I dont want to go for Surgical procedure like LASIK or PRK.Lasik and PRK are not a strict taboo in forces and they can be easiy detectable thru a test. I have heard about Bates method and Exercises, but dont know how much effective they are in correcting Astigmatism. Please advice.
Thanks in advance.

admin answers:


Exercises for a Better Vision – Palming

“Palming” was originally a yoga technique. After Bates noticed its beneficial effects on the visual system, he “borrowed” it and incorporated into his system of vision improvement.

Palming works by calming the visual system. Our eyes see by receiving light signals. If there were no light entering the eyes, one should expect to see nothing. Instead, in eyes with defective eyesight, there appears swirling patches of colours, creating pictures where there should be none. This is a symptom of the eyestrain causing defective vision.

The act of palming makes people aware of the strain. The warmth from the hands helps relaxes the tense eyeballs. Some people claim to be able to the “inner energy” or “chi” emanating from the palms. I think we can safely dismiss those claims.

How to do
Place your palms over your closed eyes, letting the fingers cross over at the forehead. Slightly cup your palms such that you are not pressingon the eyeballs. Feel the warmth of the hands radiate and diffuse gently into your eyeballs. Think of the most peaceful scene that you can imagine. Relax…

A few things to note

Do not press against the eyeballs with your palms. This will put pressure on the blood vessels in the eyeballs and reduce circulation of blood and nutrients. Make sure that as much light as possible is blocked out by the palms. The exact position of the palms is up to the individual. Crossing the fingers at the forehead usually helps.

Put yourself in a comfortable and proper posture e.g. Don’t slouch
Remember to keep your eyes closed, behind the palms.
And keep your hands clean, otherwise there will be the attack of the pimples!
The most important thing is to relax. Of course, one can’t try to relax. The harder you try, the more tense you become. The trick is to imagine pleasant scenery such as floating clouds in a blue sky, a peaceful sunrise at the top of the mountains.

Paul asks…

Natural / Alternative Cure for Correcting/Improving Vision (Astigmatism)?

Hi guyz,
Just wanna know about the Natural treatments available for Correcting or Improving vision.I have a slight Astigmatism of less than 1 in both eyes. I am planning to have a career in Armed forces(may be flying). So i want to know about any Natural or Alternative treatment available for Rectifying this condition. I dont want to go for Surgical procedure like LASIK or PRK. I have heard about Bates method and Exercises, but dont know how much effective they are in correcting Astigmatism. Please advice.
Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

I recently started trying eye exercises to help improve my vision. I created a blog so that people can follow my progress

The program I am using is called the Vision for Life Program. Actually, the founder of the program, Orlin Sorensen, was also interested in flying, which is what got him interested in eye exercises.

Nancy asks…

Unbalance eyesight~! help~!?

My old specs was sph: right -5.50 and left -5.25, worn for 8 years. I always sit in front of the class and didn’t really notice the changes in the power until this beginning of the year. Just recently I got myself a new pair of spectacles with:

Sph: Right -7.00, Left -6.00
Cly: Right and left 0.00
axis: Right and left 0.00

This year i will be turning 21 and I am really afraid of my eyesight deteriorating as i age. My friends told me that I am lucky that I do not have astigmatism which will cause blindness (as they say). However the right eye and left eye have a very large difference which worries me. My optometrist told me not to worry and eat more veggie, and exercise my eyes more by looking at greenery and trees. But still it is very unsettling, what do I do? It seems that i depend on my right eye more than my left~!
thank you for all answers~! ^^

admin answers:

LOL, astigmatism will not cause blindness. Anyway, eyesight naturally deteriorates with age anyway. It might happen more rapidly with bad eyesight, but it WILL slow down and eventually stop until you’re quite old. :P And yes, you are lucky to not have astigmatism, it’s rather bothersome.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 25, 2012

Daniel asks…

Is It Possible To Naturally Improve Your Eyesight?

admin answers:

This isn’t much of an answer, but it’s the truth…

Many say YES, you can improve your eyesight naturally with exercises and application of various methods…

Just as many (if not more) say it’s nonsense, and you cannot do anything to combat the natural visual acuity of your eyes…

Mmmmm, what to do…?

I would research on the web (lots of info out there), and decide for yourself. I thought about trying some things, but wasn’t willing to spend over $25, which left me with limited options. Spending several hundred dollars on a “method” for improving eyesight naturally really turned me off.

What finally rang a bell with me was what one doctor posted on the web: If these “methods” really worked, why weren’t more people using them and improving their eyesight cheaply and naturally, and therefore NOT spending millions of dollars on lasik surgery and eyeglasses and contact lenses? Made sense to me..

Ruth asks…

Naturally improve my eyesight?

theres the thing with excersising your eye muscles. but how?

admin answers:

Ive heard carrots…

Chris asks…

Anyone read this book about how to restore your eyesight naturally?
it actually got 5 stars so im wondering if anyone tried it?

did it really help if you read it?

admin answers:

I read this book before. But I think “vision without glasses’ is much better as it gave me good results. I did some of the exercises from it and my vision has drastically improved. Now my left eye has -1 compared to my previous -3.5. So I’m sure that if you do these exercises daily and eat vitamin A rich foods, then you can achieve good eyesight.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

January 24, 2012

Daniel asks…

Exercises for short-sight (myopia)?

I heard that there are eye exercises to minimize short-sightness. Is this technique helpful? Or it is just a way to take your money?

Can you show me some websites or write down a few exercises for short-sightness ?

admin answers:

Myopia occurs when lens of eye isn’t flexing, but can try some exercises. Focus on fingertip of tip of pencil, slowly extend your arm further and further away, all the while keeping vision focused on object. Can use a piece of string to measure how far you are able to focus before it becomes blurry and to measure progress. Hold the string even with the pencil with the other end at your face allowing the string to slide between fingers at face. Mark the spot on the string (or measure it with a ruler).

Lasik surgery has proven successful in treating myopia.

Chris asks…

Again, how can I improve my vision naturally and free.?

List some websites that might help, list some eye exercises for myopia. I know that some exist because I found a website already.
Wad’ya mean by puttin a rose water
Guys, my eyes hurt, glasses would make them hurt even more, you say that looking at a computer screen changes the shape of my eye. You guys suck at these answers.

admin answers:

Myopia is caused by the shape of the front of your eye and/or how long your eye is. There aren’t any natural or free ways to change this. If there were, why would there be so many myopes out there wearing glasses and contacts and getting laser surgeries? Good luck to you, though.

George asks…

Plus lenses? Do they work?

I am nearsighted (-2.00 or something) and i’ve been using +1 reading glasses for all close work to avoid the near point stress. I’ve also been going around without my negative glasses 99% of the time (school hasn’t started). Can you give your opinion? I know this is scientifically proven but is there a better way to do this? I’m hoping to lessen my myopia. Eye exercises?

admin answers:

Probably does not work

the problem with what you’re doing is that you are, in fact recucing ACCOMMODATIVE nearpoint stress, but you are actually messing with your convergence, which causes other problems and is thought to also be a factor in some people’s myopia progression.

Doubtful that you are doing any good, and you may be making your myopia worse, depending on your ACA ratio (google it)

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 23, 2012

Mandy asks…

Is their anyway to improve my eyesight naturally?

Basically i have to get my eyesight up to 20 in 4 years, and dont give me that ” Eat more carrots turd because i know it dosen’t work. :)

admin answers:

Yes, people can relearn to see clearly and naturally without the crutches of glasses or other artificial corrections. Basically they need to upgrade their vision software for these complex times, or unlearn the incorrect vision habits which give us blur and reintegrate the correct vision habits.

People should do a little more research before they defame a person.

In 1885 William H. Bates graduated with a medical degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Bates became a successful and well-respected eye surgeon in New York, where he was an instructor of ophthalmology at the New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital from 1886 to 1891.

He discovered adrenalin and his work was published the New York Medical Journal in 1886.

He discovered that we interfere with our perfect eyesight and that that interference gave us blurry vision. He helped many thousands of people return to perfect eyesight without artificial corrections, many of whom did not have the means for treatment. The Optometric Society did not like him interfering with their business so they kicked him out in 1891, all this before he disappeared 1902 and was found with amnesia/identity loss.

Because of his success many people tried to copy him. Because they did not ask him what he was doing, the best they could come up with was eye exercises or eye pushups. Eye exercises like those taught by The See Clearly Method do not work. Most optomotrists and their patients today confuse Natural Eyesight Improvement or The Bates Method with Eye Exercises.

Linda asks…

How to improve my near eyesight naturally and practically ?

admin answers:

Practically- get corrective lenses.

Michael asks…

Are there any ways to improve my eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

I use eyebright and bilberry herbs.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

January 22, 2012

Joseph asks…

Any Eye exercises for Focus/Accommodation?

I see double vision trying to focus on a small object about 4 metres away and onwards, and i believe its cause I use the computer so much, much eyes have gotten lazy and forgot how to accommodate properly.

Please can anyone help, it gets very annoying seeing double.

admin answers:

I saw a specialist for eye strain as a result of using a computer 10 hours a day at work and then another 4 at home. He had a unique recommendation that worked well for me. He had me take a ruler (regular 12″ wooden one) and tape pennies to it with about a 1/4 inch gap between then. He said to spend 10 minutes a day looking at the pennies and then focus at a distance looking between the pennies as I moved the ruler back and forth in front of my face about a foot away from my eyes, then look at the next penny then focus at a distance. This excercises your eyes and forces them to focus near, then far, then near, then far. It is supposed to aid in keeping some of the elasticity to the eye that you loose as you age past 30 years old. Not sure if it really works but it appears to have helped me. Try it, just do it in private or people will think you’re really wierd.

Ruth asks…

embarrassing problem, please help with a lazy eye?

i have a lazy eye and im sooo disgusted by it. i dont know what to do. its not that noticeable, but its noticeable. surgery isnt an option because its expensive, and my family doesnt really have the money. i know a lot of people say it cant be fixed after 6, but ive done some research and theres exercises. the problem is all the exercises are in some program you have to pay for. i really need to fix this, but im broke. please help me.

admin answers:

Well i have a lazy eye too, but my doctor told me that if i where glasses
it will correct it and its helped so far. I would reccomend it if you really need glasses though

Paul asks…

Do I have myopia one eye is near-sighted vision the ther is not?

One eye is near-sighted vision and the oher is not.That means one eye is for reading and the other is for distant objects .The one for distant objects has trouble raeding do to blurry vision and the one for reading has trouble for distant objects .

The eye doctor was saying I need eye glasses.After doing a search on the internet some say wear eye glasses to fix the problem and others say to cover up the good eye so you see out of the bad eye to fix the problem.They say you need to exercise your eye and make sure you do not have a lazy eye that where you look out of the good eye not the lazy eye .

They say people who read alot and in front of the computer or TV alot get this problem.

admin answers:

My right eye has normal vision and my left eye has moderate astigmatism. My left eye had between 20/50 and 20/60 visual acuity last time I was checked. I also have strabismus and was patched as a child. Patching can be successful until a person is about 8 years old. It would not do much good for you at this point. The vision in my left eye has been weaker than my right since I was a child.

It is really your choice if you want to wear eyeglasses or not. I was prescribed eyeglasses as a teen and did not start wearing them regularly until I was in my 30s when I started getting headaches while driving and during other activities that require good distance vision.

I usually wear eyeglasses when needed for activities such as driving and watching TV. I suggest that you get the eyeglasses and wear them when you need to.

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