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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 31, 2012

Paul asks…

How can one improve his/her eyesight?

How can one improve his/her eyesight (naturally)?

admin answers:

You can’t.

Foods & exercises don’t work.

George asks…

Has anyones eyesight naturally improved?

Mine has but for some reason no one believes me, at one point I almost needed glasses and now I don’t :)

admin answers:

My brother needed glasses for being farsighted when he was a kid. He doesn’t need them anymore, his eyes improved.

My eyes improved once. The doctor said it happens sometimes that people’s eye get better. But they said it is more likely that I was overscripted.

Joseph asks…

improving eyesight naturally? or lasik??

ok, obviously, naturally is easier….but does it work?? besides…i cant get lasik til im 18 so thats a 5 year wait…..

the thing is, if anyone out there tried either of those solutions 4 bad eyesight, plz tell me if they work and if so, where u got it


admin answers:

You cannot naturally change the focal length of the eye, there are no muscles that you can exercise that will change the shape of the eye. When you squint, looking through narrow slits, you artificially change the focal length by narrowing the beam of light entering the eye, but that is a very unnatural way to look at the world. Lasik works by changing the shape of the eye permanently, but because your eye will be growing as you do, you cannot do it until you stop the accelerated growth in adolescence. Personally, if you can wait till you are 18, Lasik worked for me and I have had no problems since, no longer would I walk into walls if i didn’t have my glasses on.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

January 30, 2012

Ruth asks…

Is it possible to fix the turn of lazy eye?

Hey guys! I have a couple of questions about lazy eye!

1.) I’m 18 and I wear corrective lenses. I was wanting to get some contacts for them but would that be able to correct the look of the lazy eye? I am aware my vision can never be fixed but it’s embarrassing having my right eye turn in.
2.) Is there any way I can do some therapy exercises to make it stop turning? I’m not sure if it turns or not when I have my glasses on.
3.) How do I know it’s turning for sure? When I take pictures it seems like sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. Nobody has ever told me it looks like I do with my glasses on but with my glasses off I get made fun of.
4.) Is it possible to seem like my eye is more lazy far away? I was recording myself and far away my eye looked bad lazy but up close it was not so bad. Thoughts on that, please

I really just want to know if there is any way I can stop it from turning. It’s so embarrassing and it’s making me so insecure. I sometimes feel like just keeping that eye constantly closed…

5.) Also is it possible for my eye to seem lazy in film and pictures more? I have heard that people notice it more in filming/pictures and i notice it a lot too

6.) Is there any type of surgery for this? I don’t have any insurance and I live by myself. I could make payments for it but how much do you think it would cost?

admin answers:

I believe you are referring to Strabisum which is often incorrectly called “Lazy Eye”. Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes appear to be looking in different directions. The danger with strabismus is that the brain cones may come to rely more on one eye than the other and that part of the brain circuitry connected to the less-favored eye fails to develop properly, leading to amblyopia (blindness) in that eye. . Strabusmus surgery, eye exercises and corrective lenses are used to treat Strabismus.

Amblyopia aka Lazy Eye, is an eye condition which causes reduced vision not correctable by glasses or contact lenses and is not due to any eye disease. The brain, for some reason, does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the amblyopic eye. This almost always affects only one eye but may manifest with reduction of vision in both eyes. It is estimated that three percent of children under six have some form of amblyopia. Treatment for Amblyopia includes eye drops, eye glasses with blurry lenses and patching, which is not very popular now a days.

You need to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist who is familiar with, or specializes in Strabismus for a comprehensive eye exam, definitive diagnosis and all your treatment options. An optometrist can certainly diagnosis your problem and suggest treatment, but if surgery is your best option, only an Ophthalmologist can preform the necessary surgery. Fees for surgery can vary from Doctor to Doctor and area to area, but most U.S. Hospitals and ophthalmologists would arrange a payment schedule in keeping with your income and may even reduce their fees.

Sandra asks…

Lazy eye ruining my high school life.please people with experience?

please help.
I’ve been asking this question for days and I don’t seem to be getting any good answers please help.
my lazy eye is ruining my high school life. what exercise can I do to align my lazy eye with the other, please be specific.
eg. take…….. do…….
please I’m looking for therapy, some work outs I could do. surgery is too expensive and it’s not permanent plus it only aligns my eyes buy does nothing to help my vision. don’t get me wrong, I wanna align my eyes but just like I said the surgery is only temporary.
I already wear prism glasses but I don’t see the doing anything, I’ve had them on for 2years now.
it’s not actually ruining my high school life but I’m a guy and I have zero confidence. people ask me where am looking at when I talk to them.sion. don’t get me wrong, I wanna align my eyes but just like I said the surgery is only temporary.
I already wear prism glasses but I don’t see the doing anything, I’ve had them on for 2years now.
it’s not actually ruining my high school life but I’m a guy and I have zero confidence. people ask me where am looking at when I talk to them.

admin answers:

I am sorry but you are not going to make your eyes straight and improve your vision with eye exercises at this point. Probably a better approach would to get counseling that would guide you to not attach so much of your self worth to the appearance of your eyes. You probably also need some guidance on how to respond when people bring the subject up. Some people can comfortably make jokes about this kind of thing while others find a boring clinical explanation does the most to keep the heat down. You may need some help in reading people to understand how best to respond to them. Just because your appearance can’t be fixed does not mean your high school years need to be ruined.

Sharon asks…

I think my 9-month old baby has intermittent lazy eye…?

Once in a rare while, my 9-month old’s eye will roll a little bit inward. I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid, but I think it happens with both eyes. He was too wiggly at his first eye exam last week for any conclusions to be made, but the doctor looked at him and didn’t see anything overly worrisome at that time. She said we can wait until his 12 month checkup to try another eye exam, or we can bring him in earlier if we feel it’s a real problem. Any advice? Any exercises you recommend in the meantime to help both eyes focus better while I check his progress over the next months? I don’t see it happen often (though my mom claims she sees it while she’s babysitting), and I have also seen it in one or two recent pictures of him.

admin answers:

I had a friend who’s son had the same thing…it only happened when he was getting tired. Have you noticed that? He ended up needing glasses and hasn’t had a problem since…not sure why, but that is what happened.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 29, 2012

David asks…

Improving Eyesight naturally?

I have strong aspirations of becoming a military pilot in a few years and only one thing unsettles me about that. My eyesight isn’t perfect and I wear contacts. I am -1.50 and -1.25 in the other. I have seen many things online about naturally improving eyesight but it all seems bogus. One thing seemed central which was not to wear corrective lenses. Which I haven’t for about a week now, i printed out an eye chart and have measured it for the past week and it has seemed to have gotten slightly better. Whether that is just my eyes natural ups and downs, I don’t know. I was just wondering if anybody has any personal experiences or medical advice to this. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated, and I’ll be flying regardless so don’t go easy.

admin answers:

Most eye problems are because of the shape of the eyeball and there is nothing short of surgery that you can do to fix it.
There will be those who will answer and tell you all kinds of supplements or homeopathic medicine or other stuff to ‘naturally’ cure your eyesite but frankly that is BS. None of that can change the shape of your eyebal.

George asks…

How to improve your eyesight?

So how do one improve his/her eyesight, naturally, without the surgery.
Thanks in advance

admin answers:

As opposed to buttsight?

It’s called vision.

Robert asks…

Has anybody ever improved their eyesight naturally?

One of my friends used to wear glasses and he says he doesn’t need them anymore. He doesnt wear contacts and he didn’t get lasik. He says he just started to notice his eyesight get better and now he doesnt use them. So how is this possible. And his myopia was severe too.

admin answers:

I don’t normally like to agree with the skeptics, but as much as I wish I could say otherwise, glasses, contacts, or surgery are the only way to improve your eyesight. I think your friend is either lying (he may have contacts) or it was some weird fluke that he got glasses (which maybe he didn’t need) and his eyes fixed themselves… Although I’ve never heard of that happening unless the person didn’t actually need glasses.

I’ve been looking for other options for over 20 years since I first had to get glasses and I have found things that improve the health of your eyes (which can help them from getting worse), but they can’t make the actual visual acuity better. Most of them are natural herbs (like Lutein, Bilberry, and Eyebright) and vitamins (A and E among others) that help maintain the health of the eye, but unfortunately couldn’t improve vision.
The main reason is because vision problems are a physical problem (the physical distance between the retina and lens), not a chemical problem that can be changed with drugs, herbs, or supplements :-(

I’ve heard of eye exercises that some people try, but based on a lot of research I’ve done on them, there is no basis to say that it will improve your eyesight at all long-term. All that’s left after all that is surgery or glasses/contacts. Sorry.
Also, there is an article at that points out some of the common myths about eyes. Some of these are included in there, but it also verifies that reading in the dark or watching a TV/computer screen too close doesn’t negatively affect the vision long-term. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

January 28, 2012

Donald asks…

can you tell me what eye exercises to improve vision and some vegs or fruits be serious and how long it takes.?

admin answers:

Eat carrots, take vitamin supplements, not sure of any exercises but staring at computer screens probably doesn’t help

David asks…

Is there any way you can improve eye vision without having to spend money?

i kinda have bad eye vision for a teen, so is there a way to improve your eye vision without spending money?
btw, do those eye exercises on the internet work?

admin answers:

Yes and not for eye exercise, if people just use eye exercise it won’t work, just like our body if we keep exercising and never stop to rest, it will not be good for you

eye exercise works if you use it correctly and know which one to use for the problem you have, if you use a wrong exercise it will not help your condition

another things is. You must be committed, i mean 100% committed no half hearted, you have to do your best to not wear glasses, only wear it when there is a life or death situation, other condition you don’t need it.

Here’s the websites –
or if you want to spend money use eyerelax, eyepower from japan, eye exercise device from china or accommotrac – –

good luck it’s free and it works, it worked on me, so you must try and see

Steven asks…

Can eye exercises improve eyesight? Did anybody ever try, and improve their eyesight?

I was wondering because my 12 year old sister cant see far, and i wanted to know if some eye exercises will improve her vision. Did anybody ever try eye exercising and actually have their eyesight improved?

admin answers:

Wow sumbody actually asked. Yes it does work. After only two months my doctor saw a significant improvement. My eyes go a little worse but he said the results were amazing! Since i am still a preteen, most myopic kids my age would have had almost added half of their already existing prescription. But i have a theory of why my eyes did not improve. Last year, i was check with -3.15 . However, i was at that stage when i hated wearing glasses because of my ugly look. So i went completely without my glasses for the whole summer. When i was checked in september 05, my doctor had said i had strained my eyes so much. After two months of eye exercises, my myopia had improved from my state of strain in the summer to what i am now even though it is still a little worse than my prescription 2 yrs ago

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 27, 2012

Mary asks…

How can you improve your eyesight naturally (Bates Method) ?

So I happened to stumble over this website: and it got my hopes up. I’ve had glasses since 3rd grade and so now my vision is really bad. It’s horrible and it keeps getting worse per year. Have anyone ever used this program of Vision Without Glasses before? The website says that it’s a success, but it doesn’t mention HOW to improve your eyesight. And I really can’t afford this right now, I’m only 14. It really sucks because I’ve always wanted to join cross country in High School and it’s a pain to run with glasses. But if I take them off, I would definitely trip over. This probably sounds kind of desperate, but I’m really hoping this program will work for me. So how do you improve your eyesight and get a 20/20 vision using this program? It’s supposed to work in about 3 months too (: And, is it a book, or something else?

Thanks a lot !!!!!

admin answers:

There is NO serious science showing that any eye exercises (Bates, etc.) will ever stop the need for eyeglasses or contacts.  The Bate’s subculture continues to propogate their concepts that boil down to old wive’s tales, really no proven science.  Watch your wallet.

On the other hand there is good science behind staying fit, not being obese, exercise regularly, eating fruit and veggies to help prevent age related blindness like macular degeneration, a serious problem

Richard asks…

Improving eyesight naturally?

My glasses always become to blurry and clash with my clothes and my contacts irritate my eyes. I can’t afford lasik surgery or ortho-k lenses and I’m worried that my vision will deteriorate more over time. My contact replacements said I have -2.00 and -1.75 vision. I want to improve that with eye exercises. I want to know if anybody on here has improved their eyesight naturally this way or has had another way of fixing their vision naturally. Does this work? How soon will I see results?

admin answers:

No amount of exercises will return your vision to 20/20. Most cases of nearsightedness are simply due to the fact that your eye doesn’t have the correct shape. So it would be like trying to exercise to correct the fact you have blonde hair. Sure exercising may make your hair appear a little healthier, but you’re still a blonde. You only have the option of wearing corrective lenses or getting lasik surgery (and that’s only if they determine you’re a good candidate). If contacts irritate your eyes, you could try different brands of contacts. When I wore contacts, some brands did irritate my eyes more than others. Some glasses can also be quite fashionable and some guys including myself find glasses on women extremely attractive. If they get blurry, just bring a microfiber cloth with you to clean them. If they’re getting scratched up, perhaps you aren’t getting the protective scratch resistant coating? It’s almost not worth getting glasses without that coating.

Joseph asks…

how do you improve your eyesight?

how do you naturally improve you eyesight?

admin answers:

There are only a couple of things available such as lasic surgery and orthokeratology gas permeable contact lenses that are proven to be effective, but they probably don’t qualify as natural. Eye exercises such as the Bates system probably qualify, but they never caught on because the results don’t live up to the hype since it is based on a faulty premise.

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