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Your Questions About Can You Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 14, 2011

John asks…

What are some homeopathic – natural ways to improve vision?

I’m nearsighted and would to know some ways I can improve my eyesight naturally.

And if you don’t believe in alternative medicine, please don’t bother replying to my question. Thank you.

admin answers:

The Traditional Chinese Medicine view, which I hold, is that the eyes are the window to the liver and that eye health can be aided by properly helping the liver be clear of obstruction and heat. Some Chinese herbs are favorites for aiding the liver. Some of my personal favorites are buplerum, milk thistle, schizandra berries, and the combination of chrysanthemum flowers and goji berries. These last two are used to make an herbal tea by infusing with hot water. This should be consumed all day and for some period of time until the relief you seek is reached.
A commercially available product for eye stress relief is called Oculax by the 3T Herb Company. While they cannot state that is may help near-sightedness in the US, studies in China have shown significant improvements in both reductions in eye pressure and increasing visual acuity in continuous use in a 30 day period. It would be worth trying.

George asks…

Is there anything you can do to improve your eyesight?

I mean naturally not with glasses, or contacts. If I avoided watching any tv, using the computer, or reading, and I spent all of my time outside, would that improve my vision?
Barbie what eye exercises?

admin answers:

Eat green vegetables and do eye exercise daily atleast for 5-10 minutes in early morning

Sharon asks…

Can you improve your eyesight without glasses or corrective surgery?

I noticed that my vision got progressively worse each time my prescription was increased. Now it has plateaued. I’ve had the same prescription for over 5 years. Is there any way to make my vision better, naturally?
I read some where that your eyes become lazy and that is the reason for increase in prescription. Maybe it was just a myth.

admin answers:

You have it backwards…your prescription increased because your vision got worse.

Your eyes didn’t get worse because the prescription was increased.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

December 13, 2011

Paul asks…

eye exercises to improve vision, can this be done?

is really any eye exercise to improve vision? is it really possible

admin answers:

Eye exercises to improve vision are finding favor with many people who do not want to wear lenses or spectacles. Studies have shown that more people are having problems relating to their eyesight as the amount of time spent in front of TVs and computers has increased.

There are a few different eye exercises that you can regularly practice to prevent any problems with your vision. One of these simply involves more blinking. This helps to keep your eyes free from strain and removes any dust or dirt. When we are focused on an object such as a computer screen we do not blink as much as we should.

Eye exercises to improve vision also involve a technique known as the figure of eight. It will help to promote flexibility in your eye muscles. To carry this out you need to imagine an eight foot wide figure of eight that is placed onto its side approximately 10 foot in front of you. You should then trace the outline of this figure with your eyes and change the direction after every minute. It can take quite a bit of time to get use to doing this but it is worthwhile.

Nancy asks…

Eye exercises to help improve my vision?

I’ve heard that there are eye exercises that people can do to improve their vision.
I am nearsighted, and have 20/40 vision. I hate taking out my glasses every time I have to read something small on the overhead or chalkboard in school.
What are some of these eye exercises I can do to improve my vision, even a little bit. Do they actually work? Has anyone benefited from doing this?
some links or examples would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

admin answers:

There are no excercises hat can be suggested for the purpose of reducing your myopia.

Lisa asks…

Eye exercises to improve vision?

My powers are like -6 for both eyes, and I really don’t want to get new glasses. My current glasses are -2.25. Also, I can’t avoid using computers. So any eye exercises that can bring up my powers a little bit? Thanks.

admin answers:

Eye exercises are good for your eye muscles, they do nothing for your vision. Glasses, contacts, surgery are your options.

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December 12, 2011
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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Exercise

December 12, 2011

Lizzie asks…

How to improve eyesight?

How can I improve my eyesight naturally? As in no surgery. I’m 14 and I wear reading glasses. Forgot what my vision is. I just can’t read things that are too far. Lately, I’ve realized that my eyesight have been worse then when I first got my reading glasses. Are there any exercises or food that I can eat that will help improve my vision? Also, I use the computer often and for a long period of time.

If you’re going to say get off the computer, don’t bother answering. The answer will be ignored.
If you need to know, when I lean back on to my chair, I can’t see what I typed clearly.

admin answers:

Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for “vision enhancing foods”.

William asks…

How to improve eyesight? is a surgery after 18 years safe?

i am 14 and wear glasses of no. -2.
how can i improve my eyesight and throw my glasses away
i have heard that i our iris cannot direct the light to the point on lens and we wear glasses to direct the point on the lens
can this point naturally get back onto the lens without glasses with some kind of eye exercise
please suggest the exercise
and is a surgery safe after 18 years of age? is it guaranteed

admin answers:

If there was some simple procedure you could do at home that got rid of near/farsightedness, even if there was a conspiricy, there would be no way they could keep it a “secret” for very long, pretty soon, everybody would know about it and all these places selling glasses/contacts would have gone out of busines a long time ago!

On the internet there are all kinds of special “eye vitamins” “eye exercises” special glasses, etc that claim to fix your vision, there seems to be no scientific evidence any of these things actually work, if you want to try them, they will cause no harm (other than to your wallet) but don’t expect much in the way of help either.

If your thinking about getting Lasik surgery, make sure your vision is definitely not changing any more before doing it, many doctors will want you to wait until your early 20′s just to be sure. If you do the procedure too soon, and your eyes get worse afterwards, you will either have to re-do the operation again (and who wants to go through that again!) or wear glasses again (which would really suck after spending big money specifically to not have to wear glasses!). Check out the reputation and sucess rate of any Lasik place you are thinking about very well. Don’t worry about the cost so much, you will only be paying once, but you will be living with the results for the rest of your life!

David asks…

Why do eye exercises have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight?

I’ve read this several times when the topic is about improving eyesight naturally.

admin answers:

The question should be “Why do eye exercises have anything to do with natural perfect eyesight?”

Most people who talk about eye exercises are coming from the premise that we have blurry vision because our eye muscles are weak and need to be strengthened. Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) are supposed to strenthen the eye muscles and improve focus and function.

In one of the eye exercises the person is supposed to look as far as they can to the side or up or down or in all the directions of a circle without moving their head. This supposedly stretches and strengthens the orbital eye muscles. In another eye exercise a person is supposed to look at the tip of a pen or pencil and move it around, back and forth, side to side, an up and down. This supposedly strengthens the muscles of focusing.

Most people with blurry vision complain of eyestrain and other tension. This is more indicative of overuse or incorrect use than weak or lazy eye muscles.

Many people confuse self healing activities with eye exercises/drills. Palming, Closed Eyelid Sunning, Swinging, etc., are self healing activities that are very beneficial when done with a knowledge of the principles of natural perfect eyesight. When done without the principles their benefits are only temporary at best.

Eye exercises are like trying to get better at Basketball by going to the gym and lifting weights for twenty minutes a day. In order to get better at basketball we have to practice the principles of basketball and apply them on the court.

These exercises were some people’s attempt to copy the Bates Method of natural eyesight improvement and its success without asking Bates or natural eyesight improvement teachers how it worked. Optometry likes to reference eye exercises because they don’t work and often patients will not question the possibility of natural perfect eyesight any further.

Natural perfect eyesight is about the principles of how we use our eyes all the time. Most people can return to natural perfect eyesight by unlearning the incorrect vision habits of staring and diffusion, reintegrating the correct vision behaviors of movement and reconnection, and undoing the damage that comes from blur and artificial corrections.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

December 11, 2011

Nancy asks…

eye exercises wuold really help in improving the vision..if it so would you please suggest me the eye execises?

i searched about the eye exercises in the net but i found nothing because we need to buy those eye exercises…can’t there b any facility where all exercises are being thought so that one can really feel better and suggest others too for their betterment and improve the country in the field of vision……

admin answers:

There are no exercises that are effective in improving the vision.

Those exercises for sale are scams.

James asks…

I am 14 years old. How can I improve my eye vision?

Am I still growing? My eye vision isn’t that good, but its not THAT bad. I mean, I can make out what things are without glasses, but I just can’t see them as crisp clear with my glasses. I am also using a book called “improve your vision without glasses or contact lenses” it has a routine of exercises. If I do these exercises for about a month (in the book it says in a month), will my eye vision get better?

Also, I will cut down using the computer and I will only wear my glasses when I really need them.

admin answers:

Sorry, Dear Heart, but if those exercises worked everyone would be able to go without glasses. They just don’t work. It’s your decision to cut down using the computer…it might ease eye strain. And going without your glasses…that’s between you, your optician, and your parents. Normally, though, once you’re in glasses, it’s a forever thing. And your vision will change throughout your life. The most important thing is keeping your eyes healthy.

Helen asks…

Is it better to wear a slightly weaker or a stronger eye prescription?

My optometrist is giving me the option of changing my glasses lens to either a “perfect” vision prescription (-4.00 in one eye and -3.75 in the other) but this seems to make me feel dizzy when I look at closer objects. Otherwise, she said she can give me a slightly weaker prescription that will be easier for me to get used to (-3.75 in one eye and -3.5 in the other) but this is not as clear when looking at objects at a distance. My question is this: Is it better for your eyes to wear a weaker prescription or a stronger prescription? If I wear a weaker prescription, will my eyes get tired and eventually get worse? If I wear a stronger prescription, will my eyes get weaker bec they are not “exercising” and also get worse? My optometrist said it was up to me but I just want whats best for my eyes in the long term!

My sight had not changed for years until a recent job change where I spend +9 hours a day on the computer – can they get better if I take more breaks and exercise them more?

admin answers:

Ask your optometrist for a mid range prescription, sometimes called computer glasses. The focal range for this is 30-36 inches instead of the 18 they use for reading.
It is best for your eyes to wear the correct prescription, neither weaker or stronger, the only practical exception for this is if you have never worn glasses and have always needed a strong prescription, then it might be hard to get used to.
It sounds like what has happened to you is you need one prescription for distances, like driving, walking, watching TV.
And a different prescription for reading, and now that you spend so much time in front of a computer, you need those mid-range glasses.
Your vision is relevant to the shape of your eyeballs, your eyeballs don’t exercise, the muscles that control them do and you will do nothing more than tire them if you constantly make them work to do something they cannot do.
They will not get better, they will not get worse. You will become more aware of how you see if you don’t wear glasses, but it will not change the problem.
In the long term, get a pair to keep at the computer.
Get one to read with,
Get one to drive with.
I know its a pain, but I think you and your eyes will be happier in the long run.

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