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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 18, 2011

Thomas asks…

How to improve your eyesight naturally without the help of eye glasses or surgery ?

My eyes are getting blurry and have to squint my eyes in order to see things clearer. I want to bring back my vision before it’s too late. What is the best way to improve my eyesight ?

admin answers:

Nature has equipped human kind with a power to heal eye problems. Yes, you can make the best of it to bring back your eyesight condition.

The first thing is you have to understand the 2 basic elements : relax your eyes and eliminate eye stress. Eye specialists often tell their patients that good eye exercises mixed with healthy nutrition can effectively eliminate eye strain and stress.

The following are basic exercises on to how to improve your eyesight.

1. First start with palming.
Here is how to do :
– Sit comfortably then put your elbows on a table.
– Rub your palms to make them warm. Cover your eyes with your palms and
make sure that no light come through your fingers
– Breath deeply and remain relaxed during this exercise.

2. Do swinging to help your eye muscles to gain the flexibility.

Swinging exercise is known to help minimizing the rigidity of eye muscles. Below is how to improve eyesight through swinging.

Stand still with your feet slightly apart. Look straight to the front, and do not move your head nor your eyes. From the waist, gently swing your body to the left by lifting your right heal to perform easier movement. Your main attention is to let your eyes go to feel that everything move from the opposite direction of your swing. Go back to the first position then gently swing to the right side with the same method. Be sure to keep breathing and relax your entire body and repeat the swing approximately 20 times.

3. Sunning to energize your eyes.
Sunning will develop the eye’s ability to see in bright light as well as in darker light condition. You can feel the therapeutic warmth of the sun light that is beneficial to the health of the eyes and the ability to relax them. Before doing sunning, you should be aware the following :
- Avoid facing directly to the sun. Looking directly to the sun will harm your eyes !
- Leave your eye glasses and contact lenses while doing this exercise
- Do the exercises only in early morning or evening.

Here is how to improve your eyes with sunning :
- Stand in a shade then close your eyes
- Let sun light touch your eyelids and forehead
- Slowly turn your head from side to side
- Do the exercise for a short time only
Again, do not stare directly to the sun !

Complete the exercises with palming.

4. Blinking. People who do a lot of working on computer, reading or any other ‘close work’ without sufficient breaks may develop refractory problems. To avoid this do blinking often especially if your eyes feel dry. Blink your eyes rapidly six times then rest for a few minutes. Repeat this exercise four times. In this way your eyes will get moist and also can bring strength to the eye’s muscles.

For best result eye exercises must be combined with eating healthy food. Choose daily menu with sufficient nutrient for the benefit of the eye’s health. Consume lots of fish oil, vitamins such as vitamin A and C. Add vitamin E to reduce the risk of developing cataracts and age relating macular degeneration.

If you apply the above methods daily, you may get the positive effect in no time and you can enjoy the carefree life to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses.

Steven asks…

How can I naturally improve my eyesight?

I am in 7th grade and I am like blind (not literally). My prescription is -2.25 I believe. (I’m nearsighted.) I was wondering what I can do to help my eyes get better. Such as eating certain foods, exercises, etc. My vision is only getting worse and It’s really annoying! I already have glasses and I’m getting contacts soon. Thank you for all answers!

admin answers:

No. No foods, supplements, exercises, etc etc etc

glasses, contacts, lasik, ortho-k

Sandy asks…

What are some ways to improve my eyesight naturally?

i dont have very good eyesight and i really dont want it to get worse. i am wondering of ways in which i can improve my eyesight. tell me exercises and other stuff i can do to help my eyesight. please do not make this stuff up, but instead give me things that actually work or is from a reliable source. thanx!!

admin answers:

I think the best way is to wear your glasses, thats what the otptomotrist told me to do and it has been getting better. Hope this helps.

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Animation of Up and down (eye exercises)

December 17, 2011

Visit for instructions on this eye exercise and more… (eye exercises) using natural perfect vision methods: These methods naturally improves vision, 20 20 vision,eye exercises to improve vision
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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Strabismus

December 17, 2011

Nancy asks…

Any drugs that can induce temporary blindness in one eye?

I only know of atropane but that requires a prescription and I don’t know to extract it from datura species. This is for strabismus by the way, I don’t like wearing the eye patch and I require it for when I exercise. So yea, having an eye patch in public looks…weird to say the least.

admin answers:

Any drugs that can do that are strictly controlled.

Why does a patch in public look weird ? It simply indicates an eye problem, like someone wearing a cast on one arm indicates a broken arm….nothing weird about it.

Donald asks…

How do I increase my spacial awareness for Parkour?

I have a decent amount of spacial awareness but I want to work on it as much as I can.
Clinically speaking I have a slight strabismus. I have had it since birth so I have no issues with walking into things or having trouble with hand eye co-ordination of any kind.
However, I would like to know if there are any exercises I can practice to increase my spacial awareness.

admin answers:

Wear a hat w/ side mirrors

Mark asks…

sudden drooping eyelid – help!?

yesterday i noticed that my left eyelid had suddenly began to feel heavy and droop, there is an extra crease in the lid and it is noticeable. i also suffer with strabismus but i keep that under control with exercise and contact lenses and have had that all my life and have never had this drooping. i do wear waterproof mascara and do rub my eyes a lot also during make-up removal, but i have been wearing this for years. could it be damage? i’m really really worried it’s permanent!

your thoughts?
thanks :-)

admin answers:

A sudden onset of ptosis could be a few different things. Beings that you have strabisums this could have something to do with. Believe it or not contacts also could cause this. But most of all there could be an underlying condtion like a nerve palsy or paresis. I would see and ophthamologist of and Oculoplastics Doctor they specialize in these sorts of issues.

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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 16, 2011

Daniel asks…

how can i improve my eyesight?

im really short sighted and i want to improve my eye sight but i don’t know how. i do wear glasses but i want my eyesight to improve naturally.
Is there any way without surgery? Thanks (: x

admin answers:

Mom always said to eat more carrots.. But i have always questioned her advice…

Donald asks…

How can I naturally improve my eyesight?

I got my eyes checked at the nurses office at school and she said I have 60/60 vision. I already knew it was really bad though. I can hardly see 5 feet in front of me. 3-4 feet is most comfortable for me. 2 feet or closer is best. Plus even reading a book or close up feels kind of strained…well it constantly feels a little strained when I’m looking at anything no matter how close or how far. I don’t have glasses or contacts and don’t want them. They make your eyesight worse and I can’t afford that. I know it’s not genetics. My grandma and Grandpa on both sides still have good vision and don’t need any glasses, my mom can see WAY far away. It’s like hawk vision. My dad has 20/20 and so do almost all my aunts, uncles and cousins. I am on the computer a lot, play video games a lot and drink 6-8 cans of soda a day + no water except for maybe 1 glass every 6 months when I feel like I’m going to die without it. Because I hate water. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it… Oh, I also pretty much only eat microwave and instant stuff since my mom can’t cook because of health conditions and every time I attempt it I burn myself, burn the food or catch something on fire. (I’m serious T_T.) I also don’t exercise much. Okay, none at all. I have no idea if exercise or nutrition can effect your eyesight, but some people say it can…

Any thing that could help? >_<

admin answers:

First of all, knock out the junk food. If your body is not getting proper nutrition, you will not be healthy. You are what you eat! Knock out the soda, microwave meals, anything made with white sugar or white flour! Eat lots of veggies (especially carrots) and fruits, whole grains. You will be able to improve your eyesight some just through diet. See your eye doctor though for a thorough exam.

Helen asks…

How can i improve my eyesight naturally?

my right eye is -1 nearsighted &-1.5 irregular astigmatic
my left eye is -2.5 nearsighted &-.025 astigmatic
i hate wearing glass and i dont like to go out with glasses on my face,i dont feel relaxed with them on my face.
i tried to get used to them for one year but couldnt get used to them
ive visited several doctors in a year but none helped much.
i havent tried eye contacts .ive been told its way to hard to maintain them .
ive been told i cant have lasic because of irregular astigmatism.
now the only alternative left for me improving my eyesight with natural method i guess.
do you know any natural method that could help?
ive heard something about bates method.
does bates method help me see good again?or is there any other method that can help?

admin answers:


Most people do not feel comfortable wearing glasses. It isn’t natural. It would be like holding a magnifying glass up in front of your face while walking around all day and staring through it at everyone.
Its fundamentally antisocial, As i said youd be staring at people and this wont be appreciated. In the longterm it causes many dysfunctions in the functioning of the eye and the rest of the body..
Yes It is possible to improve your eyesight and there are many people who did.

I put some links below that you can read freely: (Eye Relaxation Techniques) (Eye Exercises) (Pinhole Theory) (Clinic using Pinhole Glasses)

Thats a wide range featuring relaxation, eye exercise, pinhole glasses and more.

Popular books on natural vision improvement are:
“Relearning to See” by Tom Quackenbush
“The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses” by William H Bates
“The Secret of Perfect Vision” by David de Angelis
“Natural Vision Improvement” by Janet Goodrich

The bates method will only help if you have regular trouble with moving your eyes around. The eyeballs should be able to look in all directions easily, with no struggle. Doing a circle with your eyes should come out nice and smooth with a steady pace. If that isnt the case for you it might be worth your time investigating that.

Myopia is not caused by a flaw in the front of the eye, the internal lens or the ciliary muscle.
Its caused by the eyeball as a whole elongating and changing shape. The eyeball CAN change shape. A sphere shape is the optimum shape for good vision. Increasing the distance front to back of the eyeball just messes up the focusing distance of the eye. Its like if you shine a torch at walls further and further away the beam of light spreads out more and is less focused.
The book “Secret of Perfect Vision” has lots of research on this topic. The author has been certified as having perfect vision by an independent optometrist.

Sorry this person called pennybar puts alot of stuff in this site and her motives are not helping anyone. Its becoming clear its a promotion for an alternative treatment called ortho-k.

“Your vision may get worse until you reach your early to mid-twenties, at which time it should stabilize.”

The average person’s vision never stabilizes during their whole life time. From the age of 20 onwards the amplitude of accommodation of someones eyesight descreases by 2 diopters every 5 years. Near vision will also consistantly worsen (due to inflexability of the crystalline lens)

“Maintaining contact lenses is not really difficult if you are mature and responsible enough to follow instructions. They must cleaned daily and soaked overnight using the recommended solutions and only worn for the length of time directed by your eye doctor.”

Again the focus of her answer is related to the promotion of her product “ortho-k”.
Yes maintaining contact lenses is kinda simple. But natural vision is 100% simple

“Having to wear eye glasses is much better than being blind, so get used to the glasses.”

Well is she suggesting any avoidance of glasses would result in her poking you in the eye? To ensure youwill never be able to see again? Well lets thank god none of us know this person or have to go anywhere near her.

“I’ve been wearing them since I was 7, my three nephews 7, 10 and 35 have worn glasses since they were 2 years old and don’t seem to have your problem with wearing them.”

They live in their own world. Screwed up as each other

“There is no scientific proof that eye exercises (like the bates method), eye vitamins or eating foods high in beta-carotene (carrots) or lutein will improve visual acuity.”

Yes there is no scientific proof that eye exercises help someone with normal eyesight. Thats because they already have eyes that function normally and any”exercising” happens naturally. We know there are muscles in and around our eye. If they were not to function then the results would be as follows. You wouldn’t be able to close your eye correctly. Tears would not be allowed to flow into the eyes. And there would be an inablity to move/turn your eyes around properly.
Muscles are also used to adjust the crystalline lens to allow the switch between near and far vision.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

December 15, 2011

Ruth asks…

Myopia exercises – Do they really work ?

I’ve been suffering from shortsightedness for years and I want to try some eye exercises to treat my vision. Do they really give benefit ? I don’t want to waste my time in doing something that are worthless. Please give my advice.

admin answers:

They may give you benefit for your eyes if you are persistent and give a little patience. My uncle has been trying to perform daily routine in exercising his eyes and surprisingly his vision starts getting better. There are lots of people I heard have achieved good result by performing eye workouts.

Linda asks…

Where can I get some free eye exercises?

I know the exercises won’t cure Nearsightedness (myopia) but it does improve muscle strength for the muscles moveing the eyeballs.
I’ve also heard that there are exercises for Peripheral vision.

admin answers:

All i know is focus on close object for ten seconds then focus on really far object for ten second..

Ken asks…

Are there eye exercises to cure nearsightedness?

I was diagnosed with nearsightedness which means I can barely see distant objects. But I have no money for glasses let alone surgery.and my job provides us no health insurance. I have been searchin for natural ways and saw about some eye exercises but it doesnt go into detail about how to perform them. Does anyone know about this. How are they done and how long does it take for myopia to dissapear. I would get me some glasses but I barely have money for rent and to eat. I am lookin for cheap options .

admin answers:

Try the Bates Method or get this book,Improve Your Vision Without Glasses ir Contact Lenses.

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