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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Astigmatism

December 23, 2011

Mark asks…

Astigmatism for children ( Age 6 )?

My 6yr old son has diagnosed with astigmatism, power of -3 right eye and left eye -0.75 recently. I would like to know that before wearing the lens is it advisable to do the eye patch exercise for 1 or 2 months & then to wear the lens or should we start wearing the lens right away ?
Is it curable or is it we cannot avoid wearing the lens ?
Plz advise

admin answers:

The eye doctor who diagnosed your child would know best.

Donald asks…

Is it possible to correct my astigmatism and raise the vision to 20/20?

I was born with an astigmatism only in my left eye and it has always had extremely bad eyesight.
My right eye is actually 20/15, so I am only made to wear one contact for my left eye.
I am told that I can strengthen my left eye by doing exercises and patching my right eye, but I want to know if it is even possible to bring it to 20/20, ever.
I am 18 years old right now and my goal in life is to become a fighter pilot after I graduate 4 years of college.
I need to have perfect vision in order the ability to fly.
Does anyone know how I can fix this, or if it is possible?
Surgeries even?
Thank you.

admin answers:

You cannot correct astigmatism through exercises, but it may be correctable through surgery. Its possible for some people to have astigmatism corrected to 20/20 or better, but it depends on the shape of your eye. Some people have problems that cannot be surgically corrected. Make an appointment at a laser center. The screening is free. They generate a digital map of the eye surface to see if it is correctable. The link describes the best available technology for correcting astigmatism

Mandy asks…

Are glasses that are gotten online without a prescription dangerous for my eyes?

Are glasses that are gotten online without prescription dangerous for my eyes?

Let’s say that I got -1.50 diopters glasses for both right and left eye. My contacts are -1.25 diopters for left eye and -1.50 diopters for right eye. The glasses cost a grand total of $9 and look very good.

Vision is greatly improved when wearing the glasses. Focusing on objects both near and far is without problem. So is there any dangers to wearing these glasses please tell me specifically what they are instead of just telling me, “it’s bad for your vision.” I do have astigmatism but it’s very minor and I prefer slightly worse vision correction for a steep discount rather than a slightly better than what I have vision correction at a huge cost.

I had prescription contacts (from optician) before but stopped wearing them myself since I noticed small straight blood vessels growing around the cornea (corneal neovascularization) and I even followed the directions and never wore them overnight even though you could.

If I do not wear the glasses when on the computer but only when driving, going places, watching a movie, would it still be as “bad” for my vision if it did damage my vision?

And once again, please don’t just say that “it’s bad for your vision.” That’s like saying being too close to the TV is bad for your vision or eye exercises helps your vision, all myth. If it is bad for my vision, tell me specifically why it is and documentation to support it.

“This is called overcorrection, and will make your eyes weaker, faster.”

My eyes aren’t over-corrected because the astigmatism is very minor (about or less than .25 dia effecting vision) and the rating on my contact lenses are for the treatment of the myopia and not astigmatism.

Also please tell me WHY overcorrection will cause eyes to go weaker faster. Don’t just make such statements without backing them up.

admin answers:

Nemisis maybe needs one more year of experience..

Over correction can only cause problems trying to focus for near , it can’t damage your vision or make your eyes get weaker faster…that is false.

A – 0.75 – 0.50 doesn’t equal – 1.25 for contacts…it equals – 1.00
A – 1.00 – 0.50 = – 1.25 , not – 1.50

Only 50% of the cyl is added to the sphere power, not the whole thing.

The only possible problem with ordering like you did is that your vision may not be as sharp as it could be with the minor astigmatism correction included. If your astigmatism correction was just – 0.25 in both eyes, you will never miss it , but if it was – 0.50…you will be missing some sharpness.

But, if you are comfortable with the vision you get with them , then there is no problem with it.

Glasses , no matter how wrong they are can’t change your vision for better or worse.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Exercise

December 22, 2011

Susan asks…

Does my eyesight have any chance of improving?

I just turned 16, I’m very active have no health problems take daily vitamins and keep in shape for sports, I’m shortsighted -2.50 in my right eye and -2.75 in my left. Despite getting told that with glasses my eyesight was 10/20 will my eyesight naturally improve by doing simple exercises? should I go and seek advice from a local optician? or will my eyes just not recover..
I just turned 16, I’m very active have no health problems take daily vitamins and keep in shape for sports, I’m shortsighted -2.50 in my right eye and -2.75 in my left. Despite getting told that with glasses my eyesight is 10/20 will my eyesight naturally improve by doing simple exercises? should I go and seek advice from a local optician? or will my eyes just not recover..

admin answers:

Unfortunately, no. The reason that your eyesight is the way it is is because of the shape of your cornea. The way your cornea focuses light, it focuses the light in front of your retina. This causes nearsightedness. It’s easily correctable with glasses or contact lenses. You could get Lasik surgery, which is a very safe, common procedure that uses lasers to change the shape of your cornea. However, if it is not covered by your eye care insurance, it could be expensive.

Just be glad you have eyesight… I went blind in one of my eyes last year, and my eyesight will not get better, and it’s not even correctable withglasses.

Laura asks…

What are some natural exercises/remedies I can do or take to improve my eyesight without medical treatment?

I’ve heard there are things that can be done to sharpen vision, our vision is naturally weakened by watching television and the computer screen, perfect vision before the technology age was about 20-15. Does anyone know any sites that can provide exercises that can provide real results to eyesight?

admin answers:

I have been using the Rebuild Your Vision Program ( for some time now… I did see some improvement. However, I haven’t been doing the exercises on a regular basis, so I have probably negated any improvement.

You can read about my progress on my blog –

This is also another popular eye exercise program –

Proper nutrition is also important… You can read about that in this article –

Hope this helps….

Nancy asks…

Do eye exercises work to improve vision?

Are there any out there that can naturally improve you’r eyesight? No carrots.
Footprintz: Have you preformed any tests, studies, experiments that otherwise prove that there aren’t any real exercises or are you speaking from past knowledge?

admin answers:

The problem is that we live in a bad, bad world and there are many bad people who will try to rip you off by selling you uneffective methods. But exercises do work, just not all of them. It’s hard to tell which one really works unless,of course, you try them , but it would quite time consuming and expensive. A few tips: don’t even consider methods that promise wonders, they are a scam. Do not trust methods that guarantee fast results, it’s not possible. Whenever something appears quick and easy, it doesn’t work. Avoid expensive methods, there’s no reason to be expensive.

If you’re looking for something that has been scientifically proven, you won’t find anything, because these things are simply ignored by science, therefore no experiments are conducted. I’ve heard of just one experiment made 65 years ago, the “Baltimore project” of 1944-45 and results were not good. In my opinion just one experiment made 65 years ago doesn’t prove that no exercise will ever be effective. It simply proves that what they did back then was not effective,that’s all. For thousand of years men couldn’t fly and it was considered impossible (and innatural, too). If they hadn’t tried and tried we would still consider it impossible. The same applies here. You can’t say eye exercises don’t work just because some kind of exercise didn’t work 65 years ago.

My personal experience is that it’s possible to improve nearsightedness but it takes time and patience. I found a book that promised nothing but hard work and explained a lot of important things besides the exercises. I liked that and decided to give it a try. So far I’ve reduced my nearsightedness from -3.75 to -1.00, and I’ll continue until my eyesight is perfectly normal. It’s not difficult, but you have to re-learn how to use your eyes and your glasses, otherwise the exercises alone won’t be enough.
Since many people want to see perfectly clear at once and without any effort, it’s obvious that eye exercises, even the most effective ones, are worthless to such people and they’ll always prefer glasses, contacts or surgery.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

December 21, 2011

David asks…

Ways in which i can improve double vision/lazy eye/vision in general?

Hello, i am 15 years old and i suffer from seriously poor vision
my left eye is -13.5 and the rights 17.25
i also have double vision and an a slight astigmatism
My right eye likes to look inwards when i look at things up close, it doesn’t happen that often and to the untrained eye its hardly noticeable(most of the time)
ive been told its something to do with messages from my brain and the muscles in my right eye

Ive been wearing glasses since i was 1 or 2 , cant remember (they broke too much ha ha)
ive been wearing contacts of a lesser prescription, a 12 in both
and I’m getting new contacts which aren’t fitted to my eyes but are of perfect prescription (new technology or something)
Are there any ways i can get high prescription contacts fitted?

I was wondering if there were any ways in which i can help combat this at my age (i.e. – surgery or eye exercises), i know ask eye surgery (optometrists recommended this rather than laser eye surgery for me)
Ive been to a specialist who said something about catarac surgery
i was young at the time and ive since forgotten

Thanks for any help

admin answers:

Only an eye doctor who has personally examined your eyes and so knows exactly what is wrong with them can give a accurate answer to this question.

Call your doctor.

Michael asks…

What could help curing a lazy eye?

Hi, I’m 18 now, recently I’ve got new glasses and found out that my right eye can’t see clearly with them. I went to a doctor who said that I needed more time getting use to it. She also checked my eyes and told me that my right eye is a little lazy (“lazy eye“). I was told to patch my stronger eye and try getting use to my new glasses. So I have a few questions about my problem:
What exercises you know for curing a lazy eye?
Should I exercise with my new glasses on or off?
How watching stereograms affect my vision?
What do you think about Bates method?

admin answers:

Well the patch is a great idea. The downside however is that it may look silly or make you pratically blind which can be off-putting. If you are spending time with that eye and you can’t make any sense of what you see its likely your eye/brain will just give up in the end.

If that’s the case then wearing a lens of some sort to correct the vision will give the eye some chance of being useful. That’s a good idea. Another solution is pinholes glasses. They may give that eye a good work out. Using them also encourages you to relax your body and mind properly and move your eye around more effectively. There are a couple of videos about them on YouTube. Anyone can wear them and research shows training with them alongsie being relaxed provided positive results for people.

The problem you have with mentioning the word ‘Bates’ is that he wrote a very successful book called ‘The Bates Method For Better Vision Without Glasses’. A lot of salesmen who rely on selling glasses to make a living must be horrified by such a titled for a book. If you look online at comment made by customers who bought the book MOST of them report having better vision after picking the book. Nearly all the negative comments are by optometrists/glasses salespeople who make up false facts about the book. If you look at there’s one guy leaving lots of comments insulting the book and saying its dangerous. I remember one point he made was that this book teaches you to stare at the sun.

He obviously didn’t read the book and for most people its the case they didnt read it first hand. To know if it works for you can just try it out yourself. However if you have no probkem relaxing your eyes and have no problem with moving your eys in any direction then you already seem to be using your eyes in a correct fashion already and the exercises may be of limited use to you. Also people different ages/gender may feel more comfortable with different types of methods.

The book by Dr.Bates was written 100 years ago. If it was unhelpful to people then nobody would be buying a book for so many years.

Anyway I’m sure with some time and patience you’ll make progress and make a success out of it.

I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Joseph asks…

Does Anyone Else Here Have A Lazy Eye?

Hello everyone!

Ever since I was little, I have had what was said to be a “lazy eye.” My right eye drifts out occasionally, and it worsens depending on how much I strain my eyes, or how tired I am. When I was younger, I was given glasses and an eye patch, but neither of these methods seemed to do anything to help me. I opted out of surgery when I was about eight, because the eye specialist told me that there were chances that my eye would correct itself over time. Well here I am, seven years later, and I’m still stuck in the same hole.

I do not plan on getting surgery, for several reasons, but I am still very self conscious about my eye. I cannot look people directly in the eye, as I can feel my eye drift. I don’t know whether this is common in people with normal eyes, but with me sometimes I feel as though my eyes aren’t aligned properly? Sort of, that they aren’t both in sync?

Anyway, I was just asking whether anyone out there has any experience of a lazy eye, and basically what they are doing about it?
I would appreciate any answers that give me some advice about it; like exercises to strengthen my eye perhaps, or even some advice to help with the fact that looking at people can be terrifying at times?

Thank you – I would really appreciate some answers, I just want to rip my eye out sometimes, I wish it wasn’t the way it was.


admin answers:

I have a very slight lazy eye, no one else has noticed except my husband, because he looks at me often. I never noticed until I looked in the mirror for a little bit. And I have it when I’m tired. It’s not that bad either.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 20, 2011

William asks…

Is there actually a way to improve eyesight naturally?

I don’t want to wear glasses and so i would like to know a way to improve my eyesight
i found this, would it work

admin answers:

No eating carrots does not improve eyesight.. It has never been proven to do this. There’s no natural was to improve your eyesight. Maybe slightly, but you wont notice much of a difference. If you don’t want to get glasses, wear contacts. I wear both, because when wearing contacts you have to let your eyes rest for a few days. If not, then i guess you just wont be able to see correctly.

David asks…

What can I do to improve my eyesight naturally?

I have serious short-sightness and astigmatism about 400.What can I eat or what eye exercises can I do 2 improve my eyesight?PLZ help!!!

admin answers:

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, glasses, contacts, or surgery are the only way to improve your eyesight.
I’ve been looking for other options for almost 20 years since I first had to get glasses and I have found things that improve the health of your eyes (which can help them from getting worse), but they can’t make the actual visual acuity better. Most of them are natural herbs (like Lutein, Bilberry, and Eyebright) and vitamins (A and E among others) that help maintain the health of the eye, but unfortunately couldn’t improve vision.
The main reason is because vision problems are a physical problem (the physical distance between the retina and lens), not a chemical problem that can be changed with drugs, herbs, or supplements :-(

I’ve heard of eye exercises that some people try, but based on a lot of research I’ve done on them, there is no basis to say that it will improve your eyesight at all long-term. All that’s left after all that is surgery or glasses/contacts. Sorry.

Ken asks…

naturally improve eyesight?

Ok, so I’m a little nearsighted, I’ve just got my first pair of glasses -1.25, -1.50.. and they’re really uncomfortable to use. I don’t want contacts or ortho-k–

In search of a natural way to improve eyesight, I’ve found 2 books that seem to be quite promising. They advertise the use of certain eye exercises to improve vision.

I just want advise on which book to get–

The Secret of Perfect Vision: How You Can Prevent and Reverse Nearsightedness[search:+49,parse:+203]&searchData=productId:null,sku:null,type:0,sort:null,currPage:1,resultsPerPage:25,simpleSearch:true,navigation:0,moreValue:null,coverView:false,url:rpp%3D25%26view%3D2%26all_search%3Dthe%2Bsecret%2Bof%2Bperfect%2Bvision%26type%3D0%26nav%3D0%26simple%3Dtrue,terms:all_search%3Dthe+secret+of+perfect+vision&storeId=13551&sku=1556436777&ddkey=http:SearchResults

Improve Your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses: A New Program of Therapeutic Eye Exercises[search:+21,parse:+36]&searchData=productId:null,sku:null,type:1,sort:null,currPage:1,resultsPerPage:25,simpleSearch:true,navigation:5185,moreValue:null,coverView:false,url:rpp%3D25%26view%3D2%26type%3D1%26nav%3D5185%26simple%3Dtrue%26book_search%3Dimprove%2Bvision%2Bwithout%2Bglasses,terms:book_search%3Dimprove+vision+without+glasses&storeId=13551&sku=0684814382&ddkey=http:SearchResults

Thanks in advance for your help :) xx

btw please don’t say its impossible to improve eyesight naturally, because I know it is possible (eg. my dad) .. so yeh.

admin answers:

HEre u go just google it ;)

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises

December 19, 2011

Steven asks…

Is it normal to get really bad eye pain after doing eye exercises?

I do eye exercises every night and lately I’ve been getting really bad pain behind my eye. It feels like it’s on the nerve that connects our eye… Should I stop doing the exercises? Am I using to much stress? Is this normal?

These eye exercises are what has kept my perscription the same for the past 2yrs, if I stop, it will get worse which means I’m all that nearer to legal blindness.

admin answers:

What are ‘eye’ excercises?

I recommend talking to ur doctor

Ken asks…

what are some good eye exercises to help relieve tired eyes?

Both my eyes are heavily prescribed. around -500 and -5 for both eyes. What exercises can help relieve stress on the eyes, especially when you tend to spend long hours in front of the computer. please do not say take breaks…i need actual eye exercises thanks!! 10 points guarenteed.

admin answers:

My guess is that you wear your glasses while you work on your computer? (as without glasses you can only see out to ~ 25cm or about a foot).

Also, what is your age?

If you’re over 40, then you need to start thinking about getting weaker glasses just for computer work, or progressive lenses, because focusing on your computer is now too stressful for the focusing system of your eyes.

If you’re younger than 40, then… Exercise your eyes this way…. Close both your eye lids…. Think about the moon… The stars…. Slowly open your eyes… And look at something extremely far away (preferably out a window)…

Repeat again… For 5 minutes…
Return to work.

The only way to ‘exercise’ your eyes to relax them from computer stress is… To look at something a lot further away than your computer screen. That’s it. And blink regularly.

David asks…

Are there such a thing as eye exercises?

I was wondering if there is a way to increase the strength and clearity of my vision by doing eye exercises. If so, please describe how or where to find out how.

admin answers:

The best answer is top of me so just choose that one.

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