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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

December 27, 2011

Susan asks…

Do eye exercises truly improve vision?


I’m wondering if eye exercises (e.g. the Bates method) actually work?
I’m willing to put effort into trying to improve my vision, because I’m sure it’s getting worse. I don’t wear glasses yet, but I’m scared I will need to very soon.

I am interested if you have tried CONSISTENTLY with any eye exercises and if they have worked for you. If you haven’t put much effort into them, I don’t really want your opinion.

I have read up some eye exercises and am not completely convinced. They seem a bit like scams, but I’m not really sure. I’ve tried some, but not consistently and not for very long

Thanks for your help

admin answers:

Yes I feel so. Consult an Ophthalmologist and allow him/ her to guide you better.

Good Luck…!!!

Lisa asks…

are there really eye exercises to improve your vision?

my eyes aren’t that bad, i just started wearing glasses a year and a half ago. last month i went to kaiser for another eye exam and my optometrist that my right eye got a bit better (at the slightest). i sort of think maybe it’s because the first eye exam might have been accurate, but my question is, is it possible to improve your vision with eye exercises, food, FRUITS, anything besides lasik vision correction ? i can’t afford it…

i heard carrots help eyesight but not the way i want it to… so what the heck does!?

admin answers:

Yes! Try the Bates method

The Chinese use Goji (wolfberries) berries for good sight.Check out your nearest Chinese store where they can be purchased cheaply(not the health food store).
They are one of the highest anti-oxidants in the world.
Accupunture and accupressure can be beneficial.

But one thing is for certain your eyesight will not improve with wearing glasses. Your eyes will accomodate with every new set of glasses you buy and your sight will progressively get worse

Betty asks…

Do you think eye exercises work to improve vision and can you give me some please?

admin answers:

There is a good possibility that Bates’ Method will help you. However you must be ready to work pretty hard.

The Method is a combination of several things.

1) Proper breathing and posture. It will allow your body to relax, breath more easily and have a better blood circulation.

2) Proper diet (What I do is sending my patients to a Professional dietitian I work with, you can find one close to the place you leave) – Proper diet will give your body the materials it needs to rebuild itself in a healthier way. You will get the vitamins you need and make sure they are absorbed in a right way.

3) Relaxation – will reduce the stress and help relaxing your eyes.

4) Vision rebuilding exercises.

This is not a very easy and “magical” way as most people think, but yet it is possible.

You can search for Bate’s Method or feel free to contact me. I can give you some more information

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improve your eyesight without glasses

December 26, 2011
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Your Questions About Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

December 26, 2011

Chris asks…

Is it possible to improve vision using pin-hole glasses/Bates method?

I’m thinking of trying to improve my vision naturally as I don’t really like glasses or the problem getting worse (since 2003 my right eye has been shortsighted and now has 20/200 vision). My left eye has normal 20/20 vision- because of this I can function entirely without lenses but my right eye can be annoying at times as the vision is not as good as it should be (I’m even cutting my fringe because of it!). I’m not keen on glasses because I get self conscious easily and I don’t like being seen in them. I’ve also heard of people improving their eyesight naturally and I’m interested to know what sort of exercises I should do help the problem.

ps- as I’m only shortsighted in one eye should I use a patch to help improve the bad one? I’m also 20 years old.

admin answers:

There is little hope that you can Improve your vision using the Bates method.
I asked my Optometrist uncle about this before i started Optometry school in 1960.
He said Bates was discredited in the 1920s. It’s amazing that it is still touted by some.
There are certain exercises and procedures that can be helpful when suggested by a doctor, but none of them is designed to eliminate myopia.

Pinhole glasses are great, but very few actually wear them. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen anybody wearing pin hole glasses?

Carol asks…

Do eye exercises work? if so, what can I do extra* that will add to the effect?

I’m trying to get my eyesight a little better, because at this point in time my right eye has -10.50 diopters of myopia, and I need to get it down to at LEAST -8.0diopters.

I’m trying to meet the eye standards to join the air force, and am desperately trying to improve eyesight naturally (they wont take you if you get surgery done…)

Thanks, in advance.
I read online about Euphrasia, and am going to also try that as well.

admin answers:

You didn’t give your age, but since you already have a high degree of myopia it indicates you must have a strong pull in that direction. This means your myopia will probably increase on it’s own until you get into your mid to late 20′s. Hopefully it will then stabilize and not get any worse.

One option you might have to reduce your myopia is orthokeratology hard gas permeable contact lenses, but you should first inquire of the air force to see if this technique will be approved and accepted by them.

Nancy asks…

Which book is better? What’s good about it?

I’ve been looking at a few reviews and these 2 books came up. I’m considering buying one but I’m not sure which one….Please only answer if you have tried / know someone who has tried these books.

Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!
The Secret of Perfect Vision: How You Can Prevent and Reverse Nearsightedness

admin answers:

Get which ever one is the cheapest. Since there is no real evidence any of those “eye exercise” schemes actually work, you will be wasting the least amount of your money.

These schemes are far better at reducing the thickness of your wallet than the thickness of your glasses!

If you really want to try it, convince a friend to get the book, then borrow it from them!

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

December 25, 2011

Chris asks…

Any exercises to reverse Nearsightedness/Myopia?

I can’t see images far away clearly, and its something I’ve lived with for a while but I’d like to reverse. I play a lot of tennis and I wish I could pick the ball up early and see where my shots are landing and track the ball better. I’d also like to be able to just see everything better. I have prescription sun glasses for day and regular glasses for nigt, but I don’t like wearing glasses all the time.

I’ve considered contacts, but I’m really afraid of an eye infection and don’t want to go through the effort of putting them in every day. I have an auto immune disorder so I really don’t want any kind of infections, and all the news about the contact lense solution has scared me away from them.

I remember years ago there was a comercial for some kind of eye exercise program that was supposed to improve vision. Where can I find info on that or anything else that might help?

admin answers:

I recently started doing eye exercises to try to improve my vision. I created a blog where I record my progress with the exercises.

I havent’ noticed any improvement as yet, but other people also post comments about their experiences as well. You can check it out at

Betty asks…

eye exercizes for myopia?

if u do not believe in natural eye exercises, do not answer….if you are charging for them, do not answer. do not take me to a site that charges for them…do not take me to a site that says they are free but offers the “full prodcut” for pay. Id preferif you just said them in your answer actually.

admin answers:

If you can get hold of a record player, put a coin on it, turn the record player on, and try and watch the coin.

William asks…

Anyone had eye exercises work for them?

Have eye exercises helped you or anyone you know get better vision? I have myopia, and am looking to change it. I’ve had glasses for the past 3 years, but really don’t like wearing them cause they make my eyes hurt, and i feel like I’m damaging them. Plus I just don’t like wearing them. I’ve tried to stick with eye exercises for so long, but I always do them for 20 minutes a day for a couple days and then quit cause I get discouraged.

admin answers:

The yoga practitioners attach special importance to eye exercises, for two reasons.

Firstly, a lot of eye problems in later life are due to a loss of tone in the eye muscles. These muscles become rigid, and this loss of elasticity reduces the ability of the lens of the eye to focus at different distances. It also causes the eyesight to become weaker. These exercises tone the eye muscles up and keep them elastic. If you already have eye problems when you begin these exercises, you will find your eyesight improving after a few months.

Secondly, any eye tension present will tend to produce a general feeling of tension, due to the eye’s connection to the brain via the optic nerve. What happens is that eye tension produces an increase in the nerve impulses in the eye muscles. This increase in nerve impulses travels along the optic nerve and bombards the brain, causing a general feeling of tension and anxiety. The eye exercises will reduce tension in the eye muscles, as well as reduce general tension.

It is best to do these eye exercises while lying down after you’ve finished the asanas. This way you’re resting after the asanas and doing the eye exercises at the same time, thus reducing the time taken to do your yoga routine.

When doing the eye exercises keep your eyes open and don’t move your head.

Sitting (as in the exercises for the neck given above), open your eyes, then check on your posture. Is your spine erect? Hands on the knees? Body relaxed? Head straight? That is how you should always remain while doing eye exercises. The whole body must be motionless; nothing must move except the eyes.

Raise your eyes and find a small point that you can see clearly without straining, without frowning, without becoming tense and, of course, without moving your head. While doing this exercise look at this point each time you raise your eyes.

Next, lower your eyes to find a small point on the floor which you can see clearly when glancing down. Look at it each time you lower your eyes. Breathing should be normal. In other words, you don’t have to do deep breathing.

Exercise 1

Move your eyes upwards as far as you can, and then downwards as far as you can. Repeat four more times. Blink quickly a few times 1 to relax the eye muscles.

Exercise 2

Now do the same using points to your right and to your left, at eye level. Keep your raised fingers or two pencils on each side as guides and adjust them so that you can see them clearly when moving the eyes to the right and to the left, but without straining.

Keeping the fingers at eye level, and moving only the eyes, look to the right at your chosen point, then to the left. Repeat four times. Blink several times, then close your eyes and rest.

Exercise 3

Choose a point you can see from the right corner of your eyes when you raise them, and another that you can see from the left corner of your eyes when you lower them, half closing the lids. Remember to retain your original posture: spine erect, hands on knees, head straight and motionless.

Look at your chosen point in right corner up, then to the one in left corner down. Repeat four times. Blink several times. Close the eyes and rest.

Now do the same exercise in reverse. That is, first look to the left corner up, then to the right corner down. Repeat four times. Blink several times. Close the eyes and rest.

Exercise 4

This exercise should not be done until three or four days after you have begun eye exercises given here.

Slowly roll your eyes first clockwise, then counterclockwise as follows: Lower your eyes and look at the floor, then slowly move the eyes to the left, higher and higher until you see the ceiling. Now continue circling to the right, lower and lower down, until you see the floor again. Do this slowly, making a full-vision circle. Blink, close your eyes and rest. Then repeat the same action counterclockwise.

Do this five times then blink the eyes for at least five seconds.

When rolling the eyes, make as large a circle as possible, so that you feet a little strain as you do the exercise. This stretches the eye muscles to the maximum extent, giving better results.

Exercise 5

Next comes a changing-vision exercise. While doing it you alternately shift your vision from close to distant points several times.

Take a pencil, or use your finger, and hold it under the tip of your nose. Then start moving it away, without raising it, until you have fixed it at the closest possible distance where you can see it clearly without any blur. Then raise your eyes a little, look straight into the distance and there find a small point which you can also see very clearly.

Now look at the closer point-the pencil or your finger tip then shift to the farther point in the distance. Repeat several times, blink, close your eyes and squeeze them tight.

Exercise 6

Close your eyes as tightly as you possibly can. Really squeeze the eyes, so the eye muscles contract. Hold this contraction for three seconds, and then let go quickly.

This exercise causes a deep relaxation of the eye muscles, and is especially beneficial after the slight strain caused by the eye exercises. Blink the eyes a few times.

Exercise 7

This exercise is called ‘palming’ and is very relaxing to the eyes. It is also most important for preserving the eyesight. Palming also has a beneficial, relaxing effect on your nervous system.

It’s an ideal way to finish off the eye exercises.

Remain seated on the floor. Draw up your knees, keeping your feet on the floor and slightly apart. Now briskly rub your palms to charge them with electricity and place the cupped palms over your closed eyes. The fingers of the right hand should be crossed over the fingers of the left hand on the forehead. The elbows should rest on your raised knees and the neck should be kept straight. Don’t bend your head. Do the deep breathing while palming your eyes.

If you are going to do the palming for longer than a few minutes, better sit down at a table, place some books or pillows in front of you to support your elbows so that you will be able to keep the neck straight, and palm the eyes in this position. If the palming is done for only a short period one can do deep breathing for half a minute or so at first, gradually increasing it every week.

This exercise helps to do away with eye strain, and tension. Your vision will get better and clearer as the ophthalmic, or eye, nerves receive a richer supply of blood. Some people use this to improve their vision.

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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

December 24, 2011

James asks…

How to improve eyesight?

I have poor eyesight and I would like to improve it. It was fine when I got my license 2 years ago but now I see blury. I once almost ran over a kid in his bike as I was driving home from work but I just slammed on the break and clutch and I would have hit him by a couple of inches.. I don’t wanna go to the eye doctor to have to pay for glasses. Is there a way to improve it naturally? Otherwise I could soon get into an accident. I am poor and can barely pay the bills and food so I can’t afford glasses.

admin answers:

No – all the “natural” methods have been shown to be failures in objective tests – even when the subjects insist they see better.
If you can’t afford to pay for an eye exam (about $35) look for a place that offers free eye exams (often deducting the cost from the glasses) and buy small lens (big ones cost more) and plain frames. If you can’t afford that, then call your county health office (or equivalent) and ask about programs to provide free glasses.
The cost of killing someone is a lot higher than glasses If you can’t afford them, stop driving.

Steven asks…

Improving Eyesight?

My eyes are really quite bad. I haven’t been to the opticians for quite a while but I am quite sure myself that they are certainly not as good as they should be. People see things that I can’t.
I can read books no problem – it’s long distance I can’t read.

So I was wondering. There is of course ways of stopping your eyesight getting worse. Not watching as much TV/Computer etc but are there actually ways of improving your eyesight?
I really do not fancy glasses. (If anyone watches Lost, I’m a bit like John Locke and wheelchairs).
So other than glasses/contact lenses/laser treatment can I actually improve my eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

There are of course no ways to keep your eyesight from getting worse. Computers and TV can cause eyestrain and fatigue, but they don’t change your cornea, and therefore don’t change your eyesight. Nothing natural (other than your genes) changes your eyesight either. Get some new glasses or contacts, so you can see clearly.

Lisa asks…

how to improve eye power naturally ?

hi im 18 i have eye power of -1.5 at both eyes . is there any natural ways to improve my eyesight. nowadays i have stopped working long hours in front of system i want to get rid of my goggles without lazik surgery and all is there any natural way or ayurvedic treatment ?? please help

admin answers:

Diet for improving eyesight: The diet should include vegetables and fruits that are green, yellow and red. Increasing the consumption of Vitamin A is important for improving eyesight. Also foods such as spinach, milk cream, fresh milk, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, dates, soya beans, blueberries and oranges are the best source of vitamin A.

Exercise for improving your vision:
1.Rub your palms together and lay them lightly on the eyes. The warmth from the palms will sooth the nerves and increase blood circulation.
2.Eye stretching exercise – Close both eyes shut and then open them suddenly.
3.Close your eyes and circulate them in all directions. Do this slowly but steadily. Concentrate on one eye at a time.
4.Sun bathing is good for your eyes. Don’t try to look at the sun directly. Exercise your eyes by looking both sides, up and down trying to allow as maximum sunlight.

You should also visit the following websites.

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