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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Strabismus

November 15, 2011

Sandra asks…

What is the treatment for Strabismus?

Hey friends,
I am 17 and i have Exotropia Type Strabismus in my left eye,i have read a lot of article regarding Strabismus.All i wanted to ask is that,does Eye Patching help Strabismus,if Yes,How long should i wear it,If No,Suggest some other exercise,i do the exercise in which we concentrate on a compact object and and focus on it.Will This help ?And how long should I do this exercise?

admin answers:

Patching won’t help at your age. If patching is to help at all, it usually has to be done before the age of 8

You should see an ophthalmologist. Surgery is usually the only way to correct it.

Jenny asks…

REALLY WORRIED my right eyeball not moving inward?

REALLY WORRIED my right eyeball not moving inward?
I had a strabismus surgery on my esotropic (inward bending) right (lazy/amblyopic) eye 3 months back and right from the first day, my eye was not straight but going in opp. direction now i.e. outward + it WOULDN’T GO IN AT ALL now!!! …..The doctor said it may be because of eye muscles stressed up etc. and to do eye exercise daily for 3 months and now its 3 months but my eye is still the same as day 1…..i look MORE SQUINTED now because the inward squint wasn’t that noticeable…
i’m very depressed and don’t know what to do now…!!! pls help me!!!

The vision in my right eye is very less, from birth and I had a surgery on both eyes at the age of 1 also, which was a failure

admin answers:


Good luck

Betty asks…

Exercising the eyes?????

Do activities like drawing and reading strengthen eye muscles? I am not talking about vision here.

I am looking for answers to strengthen eye muscles. I usually do artsy stuff that seems like they would strengthen eye muscles since they are focusing on something for long periods of time.

And since the eyes move so much how is it even possible to get an eye disorder like Strabismus?

I am having a little OCD about getting an eye disorder like Strabismus… It’s stupid since no one in my family has it and my eyes look fine when I look in the mirror.

admin answers:

Strabismus usually occurs in infants because the muscles didn’t develop correctly.

One you are over 5 or 6 years old, the chances of it developing are very slim

It sometimes happens in adulthood , but that is a symptom of something serious happening, like a heart attack or a stroke.

So, don’t dwell on it happening to you. There is absolutely no reason for it to happen

No exercises are needed to strengthen the external eye muscles because they get all the movement and exercise they need just from every day life. Our eyes are almost constantly moving anyway.

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Your Questions About Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

November 14, 2011

Ruth asks…

Can I still wear glasses while trying to improve my eyesight naturally?

should I stop wearing them

admin answers:

You’re not going to improve your eyesight “naturally”, you’re just going to throw time and money away. But if that’s your thing, then by all means go for it.

Jenny asks…

Improving eyesight naturally?

Is it possible to improve your vision to near 20/20 vision? How, what techniques did you use? Any real, personal experiences here?

Please do not say it’s not possible to improve your eyesight (myopic) because our eyes are fixed in an elongated shape and it cannot be changed. At the start of last year, my eyes were examined and they were RH eye: -3.25, LH: -2.75 wiith -0.5 astigmatism. (My previous prescription was -2.75 in both eyes with mild astigmatism)

Then, towards the end of last year around end of October, after my university exams, I stopped wearing my glasses because throughout the year, I constantly find slight discomfort from wearing them. I started looking at distant green things, and a *little* bit of eye exercies, and also, one thing I forgot to mention is that, the main reason I stopped wearing them was I developed double vision which worsens after wearing them.

After, about 2 weeks of not wearing my glasses, I decided to go and see the optometrist and have my vision checked. To my surprise, my new prescription decreased to RH:-2.25(with -0.25 astigmatism) and LH:-1.75 (-0.5 astigmatism). I decided to wait and not get glasses as I was going overseas to asia for a holiday, and I thought I might get glasses over there as they are less expensive. I stopped wearing glasses, and spend slightly more time outdoors playing sports as my exams were over.

Around early December, I had my eyes examined in my holidays in China, and once again, my prescription decreased to RH:-1.5, and LH:-1.25 with similiar astigmatism.I decided to buy two top quality glasses from Levis, which costed quite a lot, and I started wearing the glasses. On February, back from my holidays, I decided to go back to my regular optometrst to have my eyes examined to confirm my prescription, and to his surprise, the presciption on my glasses was indeed RH:-1.5, and LH:-1.25 (with mild astigmatism). I asked him why my eyesight improved, and he cannot quite explain why either, he suggested maybe there was some sort of strain in my eyes when we did the examinations, which caused a non accurate prescription.

I am currently a tertiary student, and I got glasses ever since I was 13. I think my first prescription was around -1.75 with no astigmatism, and about one year later, it changed to -2.75, which was stable till start of last year.

Can someone please help explain this eyesight change?
My opinion is maybe when I went to get my first prescription checked, my vision was blurry because I was suffering from computer vision syndrome. And hence, a false prescription?

Or because, I was a teenager, and my eyesight was constantly changing?

Right now, my glasses is once again feeling a bit uncomfortable, and I always have trouble wearing contacts(I tried 4 types a already). So, do you think it’s still possible for my eyesight to improve my eyesight to 20/20 if I stopped waering my glasses? Has anyone been there and done that? And can anyone suggestions why my eyesight changed for the better?

Any helpful comments will be very much appreciated! Thank you :)
@ LSN: Then can you explain why my eyesight improved (without using artifical methods)?
@ Barbara:
Yea, I will, thanks! Although now, since my busy tertiary studies have began again, I have to wear contact lens to see clearly, and haven’t noticed any big vision improvements.

I still found my eyeglasses with prescription: RH eye:-1.5, cyl:-0.25 and Lh eye:-1.25,cyl:-0.5 a bit uncomfortable, especially when Im reading, I cant seem to concentrate.

Ive been to the optometrist 4 times in just over 3 months, and as a tertiary student with a tight budget, I cant afford to make too many appointments for another new pair of glasses, so I decided to order contact lens online instead.

I ordered contact lens online with a prescription of -1.25 with my usual base curve, and so far, although a little blurry, its working great. I am planning to stop wearing glasses again in my long summer holidays to see if my eyesight improves again, which I hope it does because I have negative visual experiences with them! ~ Ty.

admin answers:

I guess you are right. Who could argue with that?

When it gets down to zero, let us know.

Sandy asks…

how can i improve my eyesight naturally??!!??!!??!!?? HELP ME PLS.!!?

i really want better eyesight. please tell me step by step on how to improve my eyesight.

admin answers:

Perhaps you could try vision enhancing foods such as carrots, bilberries, blueberries and a few others recommended in

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

November 13, 2011

Chris asks…

sir i have a very poor vision what shall i do to improve it naturally?

please send me some alternatives to improve my vision

admin answers:

Start by juicing carrots daily. Also, cut down on your intake of cooked, processed foods. Start eating more raw, uncooked fruits & veggies, which are high in antioxidants. You may also want to go to your local healthfood store & buy a quality antioxidant supplement.

Steven asks…

How to improve vision problem naturally?

Without Glasses or contacts, but naturally?

admin answers:

Find in the below site for tips and remedies for improving your eye sight without glasses and surgery, but naturally. They are just proven eye exercises, I have used them and I was very successful in correcting my vision problem. You too can see better after using their tips and exercises. Good Luck.


Laura asks…

How do you improve your vision without glasses?

i am short-sighted and wear glasses. I don’t like wearing glasses and i am too young to wear contact lenses. I also don’t want to have surgery. Is there any way i can improve my vision naturally?

admin answers:

I and my students have improved our vision by first recognizing and unlearning the blurry vision habits of staring, squinting, and diffusion. Then we had to relearn and bring back the clear vision behaviors of movements and centralizations with dynamic relaxation and continuity. These are the principles of natural perfect eyesight. Along the way we did many self healing activities like palming, swinging, neck rolls, and closed eyelid sunning. These self healing activities helped to draw off the tension and strain of blurry vision habits and artificial corrections(glasses, contact, surgery).

In order to be able to get to this stage we had to wade through all the confusions, ignorances, deceptions, lies, and scams in the eyesight and vision field. We had to realize that eye professionals are not necessarily going to want us to find other options other than Artificial corrections and their care. We also had to learn that eye doctors care a lot, do the best they can, and want us to have the clearest vision, but just because they say that eye exercises don’t work doesn’t mean that natural perfect eyesight isn’t possible.

We also had to learn that most of the information out there on natural eyesight (95%) is ignorance and scams based on the ideas of eye exercises(eye pushups, eye drills) or eye nutrition(eye potions). We learned that blurry vision comes from effort and strain and tension. Because of this, eyes under the influence of artificial corrections and blurry vision habits are many times stronger than they need to be, and are bulky and sluggish. They don’t need to be bulked up any more by eye push ups. We also learned that nutrition is important for eyes, but will not change the way we use our eyes, mind, and body together.

The best ways to learn about natural perfect eyesight is by reading the best books. The bests ways to return to natural perfect eyesight is with the help of the best teachers.

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How to Improve Your Eyesight Without Surgery

November 13, 2011

How to Improve Your Eyesight Without Surgery

Article by Noel Johnston

Eye surgery is a risky option, no matter how safe they say it is. Not only is there a chance that you might lose your sight, there are the risks of dry eyes, poor night vision, scarring, or infections. Even glasses are better in my opinion.

To properly improve your vision without surgery you first need a little bit of background. People assume that eyesight gets worse with age, but that’s just because they constantly use corrective lenses, which actually worsen your eyesight. The real cause of it is your eye being reshaped due to constant strain being put on it by your ocular muscles. This habitual stress is what eventually causes vision problems, as the distance between your cornea and retina is less than ideal. So the first step to vision correction is to let go of tension in those muscles.

To do this, we use a technique called palming. Sit at a table and place the palms of your hands over your closed eyes, being careful not to let your hands come in contact with your eyes. Focus on letting the muscles of the eye and face relax, and the complete blackness before you. Once you have achieved this hold it for a few moments to habituate yourself to this new feeling of relaxation.

Keeping the relaxation, now its time to get used to using them like this. Try swinging first. Move your eyes from side to side as if you were following a pendulum. Do this for a few moments while being aware of the muscles in your eyes. If you notice any tension coming back go back to palming for a minute. You can also try noticing things of a certain color on a given day. This is a bit different than physical exercises, but it helps perception.

If you keep these routines up consistently you will notice an improvement in you eyesight fairly quickly.

About the Author

Before deciding which natural vision program to go with, take some time to look over my reviews of popular programs toimprove eyesight without surgery. I’ll even let you in on the a key fact about vision you need to know before starting at

Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

November 12, 2011

Maria asks…

lazy eye/eyelid. Anything I can do for this?

I’ve noticed in the last few months that my right upper eyelid has started sagging. It’s not that noticeable, or at least no one else has noticed it, but it is bothering me! Plus, it feels like the muscles around the eye and the eye itself have gotten weaker, which makes it sort of hard to focus and it’s almost like my eyes are always wanting to sag/look down.

I was at the eye doctor 3 months ago, had my contact lense prescription checked (hasn’t changed in 5 years) and according to the doctor, my eyes themselves are very healthy (he dilated them).

Are there any facial/eye exercises I can do that will help with my drooping/lazy eye?. Help! I’m 24…I don’t want to start looking old yet.

admin answers:

I found a good website which can help you with online answers to medical queries from medical practitioners…. Www. Proctoraid .com

Jenny asks…

help me with my lazy eye?

my parents can not take me to an eye docter for a few months to help fix my lazy eye!! is there any eye exercises or anything i could do at home without going to an eye docter to get rid of it? please help!!

admin answers:

Wear a patch on your stronger eye, It’ll make your weak eye work harder.

Mark asks…

Strabismus (lazy eye but not really)?

I’ve been saying that I’ve had a lazy eye for years, but apparently that term only applies when one has Amblyopia, where the brain suppresses the vision in one eye.

I have strabismus, my vision is fine in both eyes, but my left eye (sometimes my right, but mostly my left) turns outwards a lot. It’s something that I’m quite self-conscious about. I vaguely remember being told to do eye exercises as a child, but at some stage I stopped them. I’m twenty-seven now, is there any chance of being able to improve my condition at my age? Or is surgery my only option? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

admin answers:

It sounds like you have alternating strabismus. I have this.
Strabismus is a vaugue term for when the eyes dont alighn together and so they dont work together. The alternating part comes from you using one eye and it getting fatigued and so the other takes over. You are always only using one eye because the eyes are not alighned so the brain does in fact surpress the images from the other. (The brain can not decifer 2 different focus points at the same time)
As far as the eye exercises I personally and professionally think its a load of crap. Most of these high dollar programs consist of doing things on a computer screen. Vision is a learned skill that starts developing in a 3-D sense and as we learn to perfect that we progress to a 2-D field such as reading, tv, and computer screens. 3-D vision deals more with our ability to track things in moving space (around us) ability to judge depth (like with stairs and curbs) and things like that. To jump directly to the 2-D field when we havent mastered 3-D is just retarded in my opinion.
Our district spent thousands of dollars on a program called PAVE and it has taken me 7 years but I have finally convinced them its a waste of time and money.
There are some vision programs that are good however. They go back and take a more developmental approach to vision and prescribe excersises that try to retrain the vision to be used in a 3-d field. But the thing is UNLESS the eyes are in alighment this does no good…so surgery has to be done first.
I work in Occupational Therapy in the schools and cant tell you how many times my supervisor would write OT goals for eye excersises yet the kid had jacked up alighment just like me or you. Finally after alot more research I flat out started refusing to do this. My arguement was it was useless and often painful. I am an OT not a surgeon!! Also these type of execises can actually cause more damage such as double vision. Stepping off my soap box
On another note sometimes glasses help pull the eye in alighnment and also taking the strain off the eyes, reducing pain a fatigue. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes but have glasses for this.

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