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Tips To Improve Your Eyesight Using Herbal Eye care Product

November 19, 2011

Tips To Improve Your Eyesight Using Herbal Eye care Product

Article by Manu Thomas

Nowadays most of the people are suffering from bad vision irrespective of the age and sex. There are so many reasons for this cause. Symptoms for poor eye sight include blurred vision and pain. You can improve the eye sight by following some simple tips. Most of the people take less care to their eyes and do not spend time for the wellness of the eyes.There are certain natural herbal supplements that can improve the eyesight and the scientists have now developed special herbal formulations that can improve the height sight. These herbal supplements help to improve and rejuvenate the fluids around the eyes and revive your vision. These herbal supplements are safe to use and eyes are delicate part of the body they can be used with 100% safest product for eye care.

The herbal eye care supplements are formulated to build in better visual power and help the nerves to the eyes to function smoothly and prevent the smooth flow of blood to even the smallest nerves surrounding the eye. This prevents the eye from experiencing strain and stress and help to restore the usual fluidity of the eyes. The herbal supplements prevent in from dryness and keep the eyes cool. Herbal eye care supplements prevent the eye diseases including cataract and helps improve the vision. These supplements help the blood circulation to the nerves and provide nutrients to the eyeballs. The capsules contain all the essential nutrients that can supplement the essential factors for the smooth functioning if the eyes. Herbal eye care supplements are 100% safe herbal products.

Nowadays most of the people are suffering from bad vision irrespective of the age and sex. There are so many reasons for this cause. Symptoms for poor eye sight include blurred vision and pain. You can improve the eye sight by following some simple tips. Most of the people take less care to their eyes and do not spend time for the wellness of the eyes.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

November 18, 2011

Donald asks…

I need two simple eye exercises to strengthen eye muscles, 1 for myopia (nearsightedness) 1 for astigmatism?

admin answers:

I don’t think there are any eye exercises. But there are a few things you can do to help improve your eyesight.

You need to take vision breaks i.e. After looking at near objects like when reading or on the computer take a break and look at far away objects like trees or buildings far away.

I practiced a few facial/eye massages but I’m not sure if that helps eyesight. It will probably help your eye bags and dark circles. Close your eyes, apply eye gel underneath your eyes. 1st massage the area just above the brow. Start from the area above your nose and go outwards. Then massage your temples. Go in circles, slowly. Next pinch the flesh underneath your eyes. Do it gently, not hard. Then using the ball of your pointer and middle finger, gently yet firmly massage horizontally 1 inch below your eyes. Start from the nose outwards.

Then following the curve of your eyes, start from your nose, go outwards. You should feel the bones of your eye sockets.

At no point should you touch your eyeballs with your bare hands.

Lizzie asks…

can you tell how much worse your eyes got? exercises for myopia?

is there a way to tell how bad your eyes are without going to the eye doctor? When I wear my glasses, I can’t really see the words my teacher puts on the projector but i sit in the last row. Does this mean my eyes are a lot worse? Is it about -50 or more? I am very scared!
does anyone know any free exercises for myopia and what to do to prevent further damage? please tell me!! thank you very very much!

admin answers:

Your eyes have obviously changed since your last exam and glasses.

You need to get another exam and have your lenses updated. Only the results of an eye exam can determine how much they have changed.

And there are no exercises that are going to help restore your vision. It has changed because you are growing.

Mandy asks…

are there any eye exercises one can practice to prevent the power from increasing for myopia?

admin answers:

Myopia is a condition that is related to the size of the eyeball – not to muscular function. It has been suggested that exercises could help prevent the deterioration of ciliary muscles that change the shape of the lens but this would only help in accommodation – seeing things up close. Unfortunately, unless you can change the shape of your eyeball, myopia can only be corrected through lenses or surgery.

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Exercise and Relaxation -Tricks to Improve Your Eyesight

November 18, 2011

Exercise and Relaxation -Tricks to Improve Your Eyesight

Article by Beulah

By covering your left eye to let only the right eye focus on an object and then do the opposite, you can have a check on your eyes to know whether both of your eyes are in good condition and which eye is stronger. You can wear spectacles, contacts or even have a laser eye surgery to correct your vision. But you must not know your eyesight can be improved in a natural way. That is eye exercise.

The main reason why our eyes are in bad condition is the excessive stress on eye muscles. Overworked and stressed people are more likely to have eye problems. Staring or squinting at one object all the time is a horrible thing for eyes. You can take a break, either closing your eyes or looking out of the window as far as you can for a while.

Yoga exercise can make a fabulous effect on eyes from the long term, such as a perfect comedy for double vision, myopia and diplopia eye problem. The key point is you should stick to it regularly.

Exercise is one trick to improve your eyesight. You can lie down straight on your back with your legs slightly apart. Close your eyes and do inhaling and exhaling simultaneously. Hold on the position for 15 seconds. After that, you can focus on the stationary object above your head for a while. Close your eyes again to image the object you just saw as if you are still looking at it. Also hold on the process for 15 seconds. Repeat the process several times. It is a good exercise for keeping your eye muscles elastic and strong.

Relaxation is the other trick to improve your eyesight. After a long time working, you must relax for some time to keep stress away, either closing your eyes for a while or having a little sleep. Keeping stresses away from you and to be relaxed, you can have bright thoughts, as well as having bright eyes.

It is everyone’s dream to have bright eyes, and people used to make mistakes on regarding eyeglasses or contacts as the only way to correct vision problems. Actually, eye exercise is a natural way to improve your eyesight effectively. So do not be too pessimistic on your eyesight improvement. If you stick to the principle of eye relaxation, you will surely get better eye vision.


*Be careful of vision-improving eye exercise programs

*A healthy way to improve your eyesight

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Your Questions About Can You Naturally Improve Eyesight

November 17, 2011

Carol asks…

how can i improve my eyesight naturally?

my right eye is -1 nearsighted &-1.5 irregular astigmatic
my left eye is -2.5 nearsighted &-.025 astigmatic
i hate wearing glass and i dont like to go out with glasses on my face,i dont feel relaxed with them on my face.
i tried to get used to them for one year but couldnt get used to them
ive visited several doctors in a year but none helped much.
i havent tried eye contacts .ive been told its way to hard to maintain them .
ive been told i cant have lasic because of irregular astigmatism.
now the only alternative left for me improving my eyesight with natural method i guess.
do you know any natural method that could help?
ive heard something about bates method.
does bates method help me see good again?or is there any other method that can help?

admin answers:


1. Avoid sugar which causes the body to deplete rather quickly of chromium.
Therefore a simply remedy is to reduce sugar, aluminum use, fluoride toothpaste.

2. Oral Chromium (e.g. Chromium picolinate or chromium polynicotinate, which is chromium attached to vitamin B3): Take 200 micrograms at least three times a day, for four to five days a week, for a couple of weeks. Chromium is a required mineral for the muscles in the eyes necessary for focus.

3. Oral vitamin D (in the natural form D3 Cholecalciferol) (necessary for muscle growth): Take 20,000 IU of vitamin D for a couple of days (to a couple of months for more severe cases). And keep rooms well lit, especially with the natural light of the sun, as constantly dark rooms can initiate myopia..

Give it two weeks to see results.

Maria asks…

can you improve your eyesight naturally? If so, how?

admin answers:

Most definitely… I know that everyone has their own opinion on this subject but I am living proof that by implementing some eye exercises into your daily routine that you can start to improve your eyesight naturally.

I have been wearing reading glasses for the past 9 years. Knowing that one day soon I would be wearing them permanently, I started researching this very same topic. I found a course that explains why we have eye problems in the first place, why artificial lenses do nothing but hurt us and how you can start doing something about it to reverse the process.

Since doing these simple and easy exercises, I no longer wear my glasses when I do computer work (which happens to be all day long), read normal print and drive at night. I still need them sometimes for very fine print and I say that because my eyesight is improving in that area as well. I know it won’t be long before I can put my glasses aside for good.

Hope my story was helpful and thank goodness there is a natural cure for this.

Ken asks…

How can you improve your eyesight naturally? What kind of remedies are there?

admin answers:

You can try doing exercises to improve your vision. I recently started doing eye exercises to try to improve my vision. I created a blog where I record my progress with the exercises.

My vision is 20/400, which is really poor.

Other people have posted comments about their experiences as well. You can check it out at:

Here are some articles with some useful tips:

And here is a good vitamin/nutrient supplement for your eyes:

Hope this helps…

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

November 16, 2011

Helen asks…

How to improve eye vision without glasses or surgery?

I don’t want to wear contacts too. I want to improve my eye vision naturally with some good exercises and home remedies. What are they, I am looking for some proven one which actually works fast and safe.

admin answers:

Find in the below site for tips and remedies for improving your eye sight without glasses and surgery, but naturally. They are just proven eye exercises, I have used them and I was very successful in correcting my vision problem. You too can see better after using their tips and exercises. Good Luck.


Paul asks…

Can you improve your vision in any way naturally?

admin answers:

Sorry, but there is no scientific proof that eating carrots and foods rich in beta carotene or other vitamins and eye exercises will improve your vision. Remember that the websites advocating these vitamins, herbs, eye exercises are trying to sell a product and make money.

In order to maintain good eyesight, do not smoke and try to avoid second hand smoke and see an eye specialist every few years for a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Eating a healthy diet containing lots of red, yellow and green leafy vegetables might help maintain good vision and prevent other diseases.

In the United States, there are two different types of licensed vision care professionals: the optometrist and the ophthalmologist. The optometrist is a doctor of optometry (O.D.) who diagnoses and treats visual health problems as dictated by state law. Some optometrists specialize in vision therapy. The ophthalmologist can and does provide all the services of an optometrist but is also a doctor of medicine (M.D.) who specializes in surgery and diseases of the eye, both common and complex.

John asks…

Can I improve my 20-40 vision to 20-20 naturally?

I currently have 20-40 vision and I would like to improve it to 20-20 naturally. Is it possible? Any eye excercises? Vitamins? Anything?

I am trying to join the Air Force to become a Pilot. I have lost nearly 17 pounds and quit smoking. I am very serious about this and I implore all those who plan to answer to please give me real answers keeping in mind that this is my future and I plan to take your answers seriously


Sorry if I came out a bit rude I am just a bit concerned about my vision.

Also I do not have glasses or contacts and I have never had corrective eye surgery.

admin answers:

Consider LASIK eye surgery,

anyway. I found this, , not so long time ago. It’s about correcting your eye vision naturally, mainly focusing on eye exercises.

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