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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

October 4, 2011

John asks…

Can eye exercises improve your vision?

I’m thinking of buying the eye exercises off a site (rebuildyourvision) for $100 but I’m not sure if it’s just a scam. If any opticians see my question, I have a question for you too: Were you taught anything about this in university? Have you actually tryed these exercises yourself and know for sure it doesn’t work? Why would they offer to let you try it out for one month free, and then give a one year money back guarantee?

admin answers:

YES!!!! Also, the sky is pink. There is ocean front property in Arizona. And if you hold a chicken over your head it will cure baldness.

Donna asks…

vision eye exercises to improve eyesight?

I have pretty terrible vision, and it’s getting worse! Anyone know some good vision eye exercises to see if i can improve my eyesight?

admin answers:

Hi there, yes there are many different eye exercises to improve eyesight. They are all very easy to do and once you learn how to do them you can do them anywhere and at anytime. Check the article below for some ideas!

Ruth asks…

Improve vision with eye exercises? Can they really help ?

I have find difficulty in seeing far away objects and to be able to read I have to position news papers at arm length. My eye glasses and contact lenses help me to see things clearly but I think life would be easier if my vision gets back to normal condition and I can get rid of my glasses and contacts. A friend told me that eyesight condition can be improved by doing eye exercises. Can they really help? What kind of exercises are they ?

admin answers:

On the internet there are several types of eye exercises, performing strange rituals, eye vitamins, eye drops, etc that claim to fix your vision, but there is no scientific evidence any of them work.

It sounds like, if you can’t see near of far, you might need bifocals. Even if you get the laser vision correction, it would only solve half the problem, you would still need reading glasses.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Fast

October 3, 2011

Mandy asks…

How to improve your eyesight naturally and fast?

Hi, I really need your help. my eyesight is really getting worse and worse and I’m only 14 years old. Before I have perfect vision but now I use 225 glasses and i think its getting worse. first time I went to the doctor and she gave me a 150 glasses and she told be if I wear them all the time and take it off only when sleeping and going to the shower, then my eye eye sight will improve and get better. But after a year, I went back and she gave me a 225 glasses. I was dissapointed so I decided to not wear my glasses because I heard that they make your eyes worse. I only wear them when I have to copy off something in the board from school and watching tv. but still i noticed its getting worse.

Is there any way to improve my eye sight? I heard that eating a lot of vitamin A will help. Can you give me examples of food I can eat that will help my eye sight? Should I or should I not wear my glasses all the time?

Thank you so much for your time and answers ans I hope I can still improve my eye sight.
If you can, please give me serious answers and I dont want surgery now…….. Thanks

admin answers:

I’m kind of in the same boat as you, I’m 15 and I noticed that my eyesight has been getting worse since the 4th grade. Anyways, there’s not too much that you can do but here are some things that might help (no guarantees though, sorry!):

~avoid anything with aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in sugarless gum, diet sodas, etc. Not even good for regular eyes.

~wear your glasses only when you need to look at from afar (like the blackboard) and not for close up stuff like reading

~although carrots have alot of vitamin A, it won’t magically ‘restore’ your eyes, but they’re good for eyes and body, so load them up!

~pears are also good for the eyes, a good pick if you don’t like carrots

~after about half and hour of TV or computer, take a break and look at something that is at least 6 feet away from you. Concentrate on that for a few minutes. It will give your eyes a rest and prevent eyes strain. It will also prevent the eyes from getting ‘use’ to seeing only up close and worsen your vision

These things are suppose to help your vision if you do them on a daily basis. But I can’t promise your that your eyesight will improve the next time you go for an exam. However, these are still good for your eyes so why not do them? I hope this helps and best of luck! :)

(p.s. Try not to use your glasses for TV, because they are not needed (unlike copying stuff from the board!). Let your eyes ‘train’ themselves to focus on the TV, instead of letting the eye get lazy and dependant on the lenses. Just don’t squint!)

Ken asks…

how to improve eyesight fastt and naturally!!?

puhleezz!! dun suggest surgeries or lenses. i want to improve them naturally. eating carrots is one way but carrots are not available nowadays in market. any other way to improve eyesight fastest?..lolz

admin answers:

By eating spouts(ankurit anaaj) daily in the morning.

Steven asks…

How can I improve my eyesight naturally?

So i am only 15 and i already have a -3.50 farsigthed…at night i cant see anything farther than 5-7 feet away clearly and during the day only small details are missing really frustrated since at age 13 i didnt need glasses and it worsened so fast while i was wearing glasses constantly ..please help me i dont want any surgery or anything any natural way ?

admin answers: -

there are a lot of yogic eye exercises..just google it. I found this quickly on line. Just make it a regular practice..don’t over do ..just like brushing your teeth make it a thing you do. Over time it s said to improve vision etc.

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

October 2, 2011

Daniel asks…

How can I improve my vision naturally and free, I just want the scoop?

I need to improve my vision because I’m nearsighted. I don’t want those nerdy crappy things on my face.
But when I look at something that is too bright for too long it gets worse, I did an exercise that helps for a few minutes.

admin answers:

Eat carrots!

John asks…

What are the ways to improve vision naturally?

Any eye exercises like those from Dr.Bates will be helpful..
Any eye exercises like those from Dr.Bates will be helpful..
Can someone give me the Dr.Bates methodology or something relevant to correct vision..

admin answers:

Your eye has the natural ability to adjust by itself.
There are some exercises though that u can try…
1. Try to look at your nose for 5” and then look straight it for 5-10 times
2. Look left without turning your head and then right for 5” each side
3. Look up & down same way above
don’t turn off the lights while working on your computer or watching tv and don’t go often to clubs with “quick altered lights”.
Vitamin A & E helps

Lizzie asks…

How can i naturally improve my vision ?

Hi i want to know how i can naturally improve my vision through effective techniques that really work ( and plz mention if it worked for u ) cuz i dont wanna wear glasses anymore . My prescription is like –2.75 and my other eye is -2.50 and i cant see far away (i guess im near sighted)and without contact, glasses, surgery etc. ………………………………………. 1 more thing anyone ever hear about walking in grass bare feet will improve your vision???


admin answers:

This is the best I know from my 30 years of study of alternative health, herbs and nutrition

get the book bates method of better eye care and follow his suggestions

If you are still young, you might try a doctor who uses vision therapy..when my son was small, he was found to have 20-200 vision and an eye doctor told me this would never improve. I read the bates books and though I could not find anyone trained in using it, I called the state university and they referred me to someone who used another type of vision therapy. I drove my son 40 miles for 20 weeks once a week and he did what they told him to each week (eye exercises).

His vision was improved to 20-40 in one eye and 20-60 in the other. The school was saying things to my son like “your mom doesn’t mean to be mean to you..try to convince her to get you glasses” which make me mad. I knew glasses made your eyes worst. It was with real satisfaction I mailed the report to them showing them that I was not a crappy parent but a caring one and the new vision he had attained.

This gave him over 20 more years before he finally got glasses in his mid 30s

Also get the eye formula here.

Https:// on left on page scroll to eyes and click on eye wash and read it.

You can also make this formula yourself using bulk organic herbs

read this and then this

the latter has the formula, you can increase the 1/8th part cayenne gradually to 1/4 then 1/2 then 3/4 then one part and more. It has been used safely in doses over 100 parts cayenne witch is 800 times the original dose and he got wonderful results but at the normal dose of 1/8th part It just stings a minute or big deal. Use bulk organic/wildcrafted herbs if making yourself.

I would suggest using his formula for directly in the eye and making your own for the internal use part of it. You can also make a tincture which is what I would do

An alternative to making your own tinctures is to buy the bayberry bark, eyebright herb, golden seal root, red raspberry leaves, 1/8 part cayenne in tincture form I use herbpharm brand and use one bottle (one ounce) of each and 1/8th bottle of the cayenne tincture for an easy way to do it and it will be cheaper as you will get over 4 ounces. This is an easy way to not have to mess with making tinctures but making formulas from one ready made and it tends to be cheaper too.

Then here is what you do in addition to reading bates book and doing his recommendations like reading the eye chart daily, palming, etc

Use the eyewash formula in an eyecup is his direction (schulze form herbdoc) “My patients would mix 2 to 10 drops of the tincture into an eyecup and fill it with room temperature distilled water. They would hold the eyecup up to their eye, tip their head back and open their eye under the solution (it would burn a little at first). Then they did eye exercises while under the solution, looking left and right, up and down, circles left and right.” — Dr. Schulze

Also with this take 60 drops of the eyewash formula internally 7 times or so a day.

Drink 3 cups of fresh raw carrot juice made in a juicer..drink your doses within 15 minutes and make each batch not hold in the refrigerator.

Take 60 drops of organic ginkgo biloba tincture 5 times a day internally (herbpharm is a good brand)

Also take rosemary organic tincture and cayenne (brain herbs)

Then use a slant board once or twice a day..also eat a good, healthy diet and a good lifestyle with it.

In addition to improving eyesight, this regimen has cured glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and even blindness

If you wake up in the morning and eye i glued shut just wash with a warm washcloth..this is the junk coming out of the eye not infection or anything

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Double Vision

October 1, 2011

David asks…

My diabetic father has double vision in his right eye from last two months.He is very depressed,any advice?

My father is 85 years old, he has diabetics from last 25 years. He did not have any kind of complications until now. His family doctor has prescribed him some medicine for his double vision problem six weeks ago, but he does not feel any difference.

He is also using a patch on his right eye. He is doing exercises regularly.

Do you know anyone else same problem? What options are available for the treatment? Thanks

admin answers:

Diplopia or Double Vision

An occasional complication that diabetics may have is double vision. This is caused by a paralysis of one of the six muscles in control eye movements. Double vision is very bothersome to the patient, but it often resolves over several weeks to months.

The key to diabetic vision loss is to prevent it through early detection and treatment. Diabetes can have a vast range of vision problems. Once vision loss occurs, the low vision specialist can aid the diabetic cope with many of these problems.

Chris asks…

What are the treatments for double vision?

I went on a fast for nearly two months and then I started vomiting green bile and had to spend a week in the hospital.I have double vision now because of it.Its awful I read on wikipediathat there are eye exercises that you can do to correct it.but they wouldn’t tell me.Do any of you eye doctors know of any that can help to correct or at least improve it.Please its awful I wish I had never gone on that fast

admin answers:

No, see an optician or doctor.

Thomas asks…

i put light pressure on botom of my eye lid and double vision from trauma goes away.. Why?

about 6 months ago i was hit with a broken disk grinder wheel in the eye with full force, point blank, bad stuff! any way i was reading online that my eye may be misaligned i was sitting here playing around and pressed on the bottom of my eye and everything lined up for the most part????? i was wondering if this would correct it self or if there were exercises i could do to strengthen my eye? corrective lenses? anything to get rid of this horizontal Double vision. i still have floaters. ive been to an optometrist but my insurance ended shortly after the incident. any help would be appreciated.

admin answers:

Your extra-ocular muscles may be the cause. You could have a tropia / strabismus condition. Usually corrected with prisms in spectacles.

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