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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

October 26, 2011

Sandra asks…

Which Foods Help Improve Vision Naturally?

admin answers:

Blueberries and grapes help improve vision naturally through a high content of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are antioxidants found in dark colored fruits & vegetables such as purple cabbage, beets, blueberries, cherries and purple grapes.

Their key role is in improving night vision. Just a cup of blueberries or 100 mg of bilberry supplement can increase night vision adaptability within 1/2 an hour.

Sharon asks…



admin answers:

In spite of all the prior suggestions including carrots which only help night blindness, the only thing left to improve vision is hard gas permeable extended wear contact lenses that can remove moderate amounts of nearsightedness in a few days in many cases.

Mary asks…

Is it impossible to improve your vision naturally?

i dont think it is

admin answers:

It’s not impossible. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely possible. Methods that promise fast and easy results do NOT work. Avoid methods that cost a lot, because there’s no reason to spend a lot of money. Also avoid methods that claim to improve not only nearsightedness but everything else including cataracts or eye illnesses such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Only a magic potion could do all that.
The ancient Bates method was written in good faith but it’s almost useless. After all you can’t expect much from a man born in 1860 when science was primitive.

I’m nearsighted and I found just one book that has none of the negative features I mentioned above. The title is just horrible in its pretentiousness (“The secret of perfect vision”, ) but I strongly suspect that it was chosen by the publisher, not by the author. The content is actually absolutely serious and down-to-earth. It promises nothing but hard work and most of it is devoted to the scientific explanations regarding how an eye works, how and why it becomes nearsighted and so on. This part is extremely important because if you don’t understand what caused your nearsightedness and if you don’t stop the bad habits that led to it, then the exercises alone won’t be of much help. It’s also extremely important to use undercorrections as often as possible, or no glasses at all if nearsightedness is moderate. So far I’ve improved my nearsightedness from -3.75 to -1 and I’ll go on until I have perfect eyesight.

There is also a forum about this method:

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Double Vision

October 25, 2011

Thomas asks…

Double Vision – what should be my next steps to find the cause?

I am in my mid 40s & female. A year ago I developed double vision suddenly. At this stage I did not wear glasses. I had numerous blood tests done by a general practitioner – no concerns found. I was then investigated by an Ophthalmologist then referred to an Orthoptist & a Squint Surgeon. The Orthoptist has provided me with prisms in glasses but in the last year has noted a change from 5 diopter to 14. The Squint Surgeon referred me to a Neurologist. 2 MRI scans have been done but according to Neurologist found no cause. Myasthenia Gravis & MS have been ruled out. I have also been to an Optometrist who has given me eye exercises – these helped only slightly. I was investigated by a Neuro-Otologist (inner ear) but he could find nothing. I note when I awake, still lying horizontal, I don’t have double vision in direct gaze, ie. looking above me. When I sit/stand up, it comes on. An experiment I’ve done shows that if I have been walking around in my double vision state then lie horizontal for 15 minutes, closing my eyes, when I look directly ahead at objects above me ie. 2.5 meters away they return back to single vision. If I then sit stand up gain, very quickly objects 2.5 meters ahead of me return to double vision. I’ve been in touch with the Neurologist again as the Orthoptist raised a concern that both MRI scans report a low signal from the ‘inner table of the left squamous temporal bone’. She is recommending further investigation with CT scan. The Neurologist was not happy to hear from me again, stating that about 30% of neurological disorders are never diagnosed & inferring I needed to just accept that. I don’t think I’m doing myself any justice by just accepting this. Driving my car or just being a passenger in a car is extremely difficult, as is going to a movie as my eyes struggle to track objects, they feel constantly under strain. My left eye is particularly feeling strained & I notice I get a dull pain in my head on the left side when I lie in bed on my left side. Do I go ahead with the CT scan? I have never been investigated by a Neuro-Ophthalmologist & am not sure whether to try this? Any ideas or similar experiences to be shared is most appreciated. I am in the UK.
I’ve been checked multiple times for diabetes – dont have. The Ophthalmologist, the Squint Surgeon & Optometrist have gazed into my eyes with their equipment, photos of retina taken but of course not discussed what they are check for so I dont know whether they would have checked for detached retinas. Is this a common thing they look for?
I should add in this process I discovered my left eye has very good distance vision & my right eye the exact opposite, it has good vision close up.

admin answers:

I would certainly go for the CT scan, and also have the eyes checked for a possible muscular cause for the double vision. Also, try and have the near vision eye corrected for distance, to see if that corrects the double vision (and takes away the prism correction in your eyeglasses). The bottom line is that there are many possible causes for your double vision, and it requires the scientific curiosity and the patience from the doctors treating you to find the cause and possible remedies. I hope this helps.

David asks…

My mom suffering double vision?

My mom is suffering with double vision. She is 60 year old. She is diabetic but it is under control. 120- 130 before meals and after meals it is 170. CT brain scan is done and says “No significant abnormality in CT brain and incidental chronic right sphenoid sinusitis “. She is been given Neuroboin forte tabs daily morning 2 and evening 2 for a week and now she is taking 2 / day since a month .. She is taking B 12, tablets. There is no improvement from her condition. Is there any solution for this diplopia . She is doing eye exercises also.
Do you think Solumedrol will work for her also ..Please suggest any medicine or therapy

admin answers:

Besides an obvious need to take her to an opthamologist ….is it possible she is dehydrated and or low potassium level?Any sugar level over 100 will prompt diabetic symptoms…the main one is excessive urination…AND you said she is on b-12 tablets which are water soluble which means…more peeing!

Maria asks…

My eye sees double, please read!!!?

OK so I am near sighted but not by that much, I could see fine without my glasses but about 3 weeks ago I was playing lots of video games and my left eye started to get worse, PS that was the stronger one by a lot. So after about 2 weeks I stopped playing video games for a week, that would be this week. But midway through my no playing my vision went slightly double. Instead of a slight blur around objects now it is a holographic semi transparent double hanging about a cm below it. Now when I wear my glasses the double image goes away, so I know I should wear them… But I need to know why the double images appeared over 1 night (good vision one night, next morning holographic double, but I am nearsighted so there is no double up close, only far and it is more of a lingering fade off. It is not 2 images not toughing, they overlap making each other blurry and the stronger image is crystal clear.

So I need to know why the holographic double appeared and how to get rid of it (like wearing my glasses for a week or eye drops or exercises or whatever will work BUT NOT wearing my glasses full time)
I forgot to mention that It is double in each eye too when I cover up the other

admin answers:

I have a similar problem and have a prism in my glasses to correct it. It comes from not having your eyes act together properly particularly when your weaker eye gets tired. Now video games are appalling for making your eyes tired in this way – its the movement across teh screen. You need to give your eyes proper breaks from the screen and make sure that the screen etc is adjusted correctly. Once your eyes go to double vision they really need a couple of days away from the strain. I would advise going to the optician to discuss is though as there may be other causes and anyway it does really help to have a prism put in your glasses.

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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

October 24, 2011

James asks…

Is there any way to improve my eyesight? (Nearsighted)?

Hi, I’m 12 years old and wear glasses. My eyesight is bad (I can take them off and not be able to read words on the computer screen. I want to know if there are any ways to naturally improve eyesight. I really don’t want to spend any money either.

I am nearsighted (Meaning I can’t see far but I can see close).

Thanks to everyone who answers. (except or the acai berry bots.)

admin answers:

Oh Cameron, it sounds as though you are very nearsighted. Unfortunately, there is no proven way to improve myopia, but from experience, I can tell you that your eyes will continue to get worse before they actually stabilize. And yes, they will stabilize when you are in your twenties, and at that time you can probably consider surgery to correct your vision.
In the mean time, I would suggest that you take your glasses off when you’re doing close work such as reading.

Ruth asks…

Is there any way to improve eyesight without surgery?

I have glasses and contacts which is fine but my vision is horible I dont remember what it is but lets just say if I werent wearing my glasses everything is like a blur. How can I improve my eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

Besides glasses and or contacts there is no other way besides surgery, i have contacts and i occansianally wear glasses and they dont bother me

Jenny asks…

Is there any way for me to improve my eyesight naturally ?

I am 15 this year.. , on my left eye , the power is about 200 + … but at my right eye its about 100 – 150 .. So … i m wondering is there any way that i can improve my eye sight without using any concave or convex lens to improve my eyes… but naturally .. be it consuming some herbal medecine or any sort .. but naturally … and also pls tel me about the thing i should and i should not do that will effect my eyesight .. thx guys !

admin answers:

Yes, there is. There are eye exercises and healthy diet that will improve your vision. Eye exercises require persistence, but are worth every bit of it!

There are many different types of exercises for vision improvement like moving eyes in every direction, moving focus quickly between close and far objects, some techniques for relaxation of your eyes, etc. You may need to practice them for several months to achieve considerable improvement.

Best regards,

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

October 23, 2011

Lizzie asks…

How can I improve my vision naturally and free?

I have Computer Vision Syndrome and myophia. How can I improve my vision naturally and free?

- I can cut off my computer time.
- I can eat carrots…
- I will never have surgery.

Are there really any exercises that can help? If so, are there any that are free and no need of signing up for something?
I tried to review other yahoo answers, but they mostly said carrots. Just carrots. What is in carrots that improve vision? Can I find it any other foods? Does the carrots have to be raw? I am clueless… I basically want a long a understandble answer that may help me.

admin answers:

A breathing exercise called ‘Anulom-vilom Pranayam’ is extremely good for your eyes. But you should practise it regularly for years to get rid of myopia.

Helen asks…

How to improve eye sight naturally?

I dont think i need glasses but for the past few months ive used the computer a bit more often at the appropriate distance and recently im starting to feel a bit dizzy?? its hard for me to read things from far away. any advice on how to improve vision naturally???

admin answers:

You can read allll about it there :]

Susan asks…

Can your vision improve naturally?

without doing anything but living your normal life, can your vision just come back if you have myopia (near sightedness)
thx for an answer

admin answers:

Yes, some people can become naturally less nearsighted. Its possible.

Actually its REALLY COMMON for people in their late 30′s/early 40′s…right before they need reading glasses & bifocals. MOST nearsighted adults become less nearsighted in their late 30′s/early 40′s.

For those not in that age group, other factors can be involved: if you are a student or have a job with HEAVY reading & computer work…and then you graduate or get a job with very little reading/computer work…those people usually get less nearsighted as well.

Also, if you are a heavy plastic soft contact lens wearer & some doc switches you to silicone contact lens wear, almost all of those people “improve” in nearsightedness a little (b/c a portion of their Rx was chronic corneal edema).

So…yes. A person can improve.

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New Studies Show That Cross-Linking Helps Keratoconus

October 23, 2011

Unfortunately one in every thousand people suffers from Keratoconus, a progressive degenerative eye disorder which results in the cornea thinning out into a curve instead of its original cone shape. However, now a successful brand new system called cross-linking helps keratoconus by halting the regression of the disorder.

Affecting the patients vision, symptoms typically show themselves by sensitivity to light, seeing multiple images, and blurring or streaking of the eyesight. As it is often diagnosed in the earlier years of life, usually during eye examinations, it unfortunately, until now, gradually but progressively worsens with each passing decade.

If it affects both eyes then this can have a serious effect on the quality for the sufferers life having adverse outcome such as the ability to drive or read. In most of the cases, especially if the patient only has the condition in one eye, contact lenses, or corneal ring segments are sufficient enough to address the problem short term, although if the condition becomes worse than surgery will be the only option.

Now for the first time ever there is hope in the form of Corneal Collagen Cross-linking which slows and even halts the progression of this disabling condition.

The procedure itself is quick and simple. It uses a special light known as UVA which reacts with a solution of Riboflavin to produce new stronger collagen strands in the stroma. A topical anaesthetic is enough to carry out the operation in about an hour. The solution of Riboflavin is dropped into the eyeball after the cornea has been gently scratched to allow faster absorption. The UVA light is then shone directly into the eye which begins the process. It is reported to be painless although there is the same sensation as having a foreign body inside the eye and the eyeball itself can become a little red and sore.

After antibiotic ointment is applied the corneal surface heals very quickly. The patient needs to wear an eye pad overnight but any mild discomfort only lasts for 1-2 days and can be managed easily by over the counter pain relief.

Studies have all shown that cross-linking helps keratoconus and that it halts the decline of the cornea. With this positive news, corneal transplantation surgery might become a thing of the past.

Rajesh Khanna, M.D. has more interesting articles on keratoconus treatments, checkout his keratoconus help site and checkout Lasik correction at Khanna Institute