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bWare Speed Reading Exercises: Level 3 (400+wpm)

October 31, 2011

Train Your Eyes And Brain To Read At Much Faster Rates. Increase Your Perception Of The World Around You. reading Speed test available at Hello You have stumbled upon some old videos I made awhile back they seem to have become a bit popular in the time I’ve been away these video were not hard to make but a little time consuming. I working on making newer versions of these video and updating them with higher quality and better more complete content. I would also Like to Add a Website that could track a user progress and help them navigate the exercises. I’m good with video program and can handle the animation No Problem However the website is a little bit more than I understand If there is anyone out there willing to help with the coding and any of the development I would really appreciate You Can Email me at I believe in free content and will always keep everything done on this project in the public domain

Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

October 31, 2011

Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

Article by James Johnson

Some people have an issue getting their head around the idea of eye exercises, and not such a long time ago it was said to be a new age fad with no systematic backing. New research, has shown that bad vision is not necessarily caused by genetics; lifestyle and environment can play a serious part in the health of our eyes.Man is naturally a hunter, and the eyes of a hunter are designed to find and identify at some considerable distance. It is a known fact that people like farmers and sailors who spend a lot of time looking into the distance regularly keep good eye sight well into old age. In a natural environment we exercise our eyes all the time. When we study the horizon, for instance and then look at something close by, our eyes or automatically refocus. The tiny muscles that control our eyes are just like any other muscle in our body, they have to be exercised regularly. Unfortunately, most people when they public when they begin to be afflicted by myopia reach for the glasses. This is a good short term solution, but is really damaging in the long run. This is rather like going everywhere in an automobile instead of walking. Your health practitioner would counsel you to exercise rather than taking the auto. When you visit the optician though he’ll prescribe glasses and tell you eye exercises will not work.Our environment also has a lot to answer for when we consider some of the causes of nearsightedness. Computer screens are made from thousands of thousands of pixels. Over time this will cause strain and strain on the eyes. The American Optometric Association has labeled this condition, “computer vision syndrome”.Staring at a PC Screen for any period proscribes the blood flow and freezes the energy and muscles. The good news is that just five to ten mins spent on eye exercises every day can have a major enhancement. Get into the practice of looking away from the screen at regular intervals and if possible, look at the most distant object in your environment.For this situation there are special optical exercises and vision improvement strategies that may help to regain the flexibility and strength, restoring the clear vision previously enjoyed. Folks now enjoy better health and fitness well into old age, there is no reason why their vision should not remain clear and sharp as well.At as we become more mindful of how eye exercises can help us keep our vision and improve the health of our eyes, doing eye exercises will become an important part of our fitness regime. Most of us take our eyesight for granted and never give it any thought. Only when our eyesight starts to fail do we start to go looking for solutions, by then it is all too straightforward to use spectacles as the quick-fix option.Certain nutrients such as chromium copper gluconate and lutein can help to keep our eye sicknesses like glaucoma and muscular degeneration in check. Vegetables and vegetables which are a bright orange, red or yellow in color are a good source of lutein which explains the old theory of why carrots are so good for the eyes.Eye exercises can do much to reduce strain and improve visual acuity. It is a natural healthy way to keep vision and eye health. With consistent practice there is no reason why you should not keep good vision well into old age.

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Would you like to discover more eye exercises to effortlessly and permanently improve your eyesight?

Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

October 31, 2011

Susan asks…

Are there any eye exercises to improve vision atleast A little bit?

if so, can you give me the details? Is there anything i can eat to get better vision

admin answers:

The answer is quite simply … No.

A person has less than 20/20 eyesight because of the shape and length of their eye. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the eye do Nothing to correct the structure of ones eye. There are scams galore out there that will take your money and still leave you seeing blurry.

There is nothing you can eat to “improve” your vision. However, eating foods containing beta carotine and leutein like carrots and green leafy veggies will aid in the Health of the eye but still won’t make your vision better since it is the structure of the eye that causes less than perfect eyesight. That is why LASIK works because it changes the structure of the eye.

Betty asks…

Any eye exercises to improve my vision?

i have a really bad eyesight. I was wondering if anybody online knows any eye exercises to improve the vision?

admin answers:

Hello SuperMom Do U have I Dr. Maybe Low Vision therapist?

Thomas asks…

Can eye exercises actually improve your vision?

If so, by how much? And if not, what does it actually do? Is there any way to improve eyesight without Lasik eye surgery?

admin answers:

Short answer, no.

Long answer, also no.

Those who perpetrate this myth are frauds. You cannot manipulate the visual system into better sight. It just doesn’t work that way. If it did, manufacturers and retailers of optical corrections would have been out of business decades ago.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Exercise

October 30, 2011

Steven asks…

improving eyesight naturally if one eye is strained?

My right eye is strained and if i close my left eye, its pretty blurry and shortsighted…but my left eye is not too bad..

just wondering if anyone knows, apart from prescription glasses and laser eye surgery, if theres anyway to improve eyesight naturally, or strengthen the eye up again? is it possible, with eye exercises, even with some vitamins/supplements etc?

admin answers:

When you get up in the AM keep you good eye shut and make the weak eye work harder

Ruth asks…

Is it possible to improve vision naturally with exercises or other ways?

I’ve seen books and online programs that claim to improve eyesight

admin answers:

This is some health benefit to training your eyes if you have slightly imperfect vision, you may be able to correct it simply with exrecises. I have read biographies about people doing just that, but most people don’t want to spend extra time each day exercising their eyes.

William asks…

Are there any ways of naturally improving eyesight?

I am trying to cure my nearsightedness instead of having to get glasses and or surgery. Are there any things I can try like eye exercises, foods, drugs? Please answer only if you know of anything?

admin answers:


Get laser surgery. It only cost me about $4000, and I had a relatively high correction profile.

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Protect Your Eyes With Carnosine Eye Drops

October 30, 2011

If there is one thing that men and women take for granted quite a bit, it’s their vision. This is why there are people who tend to abuse their eyesight by doing things to harm it like reading in the dark, reading in the vehicle, watching far too much TV or spending far too much time in front of the computer. As a person ages his vision will also decline and a good number of the elderly develop cataracts. There continues to be a lot of research done on the right way to remedy this debilitating disease that affects the eyesight. Among the latest medical breakthroughs is the use of carnosine eye drops.

Carnosine eye drops first came about when the US based firm working in Russia named Innovative Vision Products, or IVP, ultimately finished their study which required several years. They discovered that a new type of carnosine known as the N-acetylcarnocine or NAC is important in the treatment and potential protection against cataracts. IVP is accountable for developing a system of making pure NAC which is a suitable ophthalmic drug so that people with cataracts do not need to go through surgical treatment anymore. Their study also demonstrated that NAC exhibits high efficacy in addition to very good physiological tolerance.

Just what are the benefits of carnosine eye drops? First of all, this solution has been established to lessen the onset and also the growth of senile cataracts. Studies have additionally shown that this solution has the ability to lessen the level of intraocular pressure that is connected to the onset of glaucoma. Apart from these, it’s also very beneficial for people who are suffering from contact lens problems and corneal problems. It will help various other eye ailments like eye strain, computer vision syndrome, and dry eye syndrome.

There are different brands of this product readily available in the market at this time. One of them is CAN-C Eyedrops which utilizes the original unadulterated carnosine eydrops formula that was used in the IVP clinical trials. The makers of this particular product assure results in just a matter of a month. To be certain that it will be effective, users will need to apply it twice per day for a time period of three to five months. CAN-C may be necessary on a regular basis in order to help maintain the eye’s natural antioxidant defenses as well as to help in stopping the reappearance of senile cataracts and other degenerative eye problems.

An additional brand that offers this solution is the Vision Clarity eye drops. These eye drops include purified 1% NAC which is very effective for treating cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. The benefit of using this product is that it is made with really low pH levels so that it doesn’t cause the eyes to sting.

And so if you’re on the lookout for a great product that can safeguard your eyes from disorders and ailments while you grow older you’ll want to try eye drops that contain NAC. Apart from that, make certain to take good care of your eyes simply because having great eyesight is essential to be able to function effectively in your every day activities.

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