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Lukes eye exercises

September 19, 2011

Eye exercises with luke

Ways to Improve Your Eyesight in This Modern Digital Age

September 19, 2011

Ways to Improve Your Eyesight in This Modern Digital Age

Modern innovations have allowed most people to connect to each other through the digital world. Because of this, you will find many individuals can conveniently work from their computers at home. With mobile units, you will most assuredly see individuals intently focusing on their laptops to chat with friends through Skype in cafes or see them using their iPad to make updated posts in their Twitter or Facebook as they are walking or commuting in the streets.

Truly, the world has come to the digital age. The bad effects, however, is that many have begun to suffer and experienced visual problems. A lot of people experienced eye-strain that has lead to the prevalence of their headaches. Others have started to developed blurry visions and will need prescription glasses. The severity of their discomfort and problem often increases with the amount of time that they pour in to their digital gadgets and equipment.


The health of your eyes is very important. If you do not take care of them, eventually you will suffer and may not come to enjoy the conveniences of your digital world. If you come to lose these valuable parts of your body, your world will definitely turn into a darker place. Hence, below are ways you can do to improve your eyesight in this modern digital age.

First is to get enough sleep. Take a break from your Twittering or browsing through the web. Find enough time to rest your eyes. A good amount of sleep will help alleviate the eye-strain that you feel.

Don’t forget to eat healthy. Fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements can help keep your eyes healthy by delivering to them the essential nutrients that they need. It will benefit the general parts of your body, too.

Do eye exercises. Conduct near and far focus to improve your eye flexibility. You can also perform scanning exercises for your eyes.

Perform relaxation techniques in between hours of digital use. You can do this through the Palming technique. In this technique, you rub both palms together and have them cover your eyes in a cupped position. Do this for a minute or two to help relax your eyes.

Finally, don’t forget to make a visit to your eye doctor. Austin optometrist suggests that you have your eyes checked once a year. If you notice any blurring, irritation, dryness or sensitivity to the light, then make a visit to austin optometrist right away. That way, early corrections and measures can be given so that your eye problem can’t get any worse.


Visit us now, austin optometrist provide full-service exams and comfortable eyewear that allows you face forward whether meeting someone for the first time or staring at your computer all day.

Fitness Tips : Facial Exercises for Eyes

September 19, 2011

There are some great facial exercises that people can do for their eyes as they get older. Keep those muscles tight with help from a professional trainer in this free video on facial exercises for the eyes. Expert: CarolAnn Bio: CarolAnn has more than 19 years of professional fitness training experience and holds a Master’s Degree in exercise science and health promotion. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Keeping up good daily fitness on all levels is important for anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Get in the best shape of your life with help from a professional trainer in this free video series on fitness and exercise.
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Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

September 18, 2011

George asks…

Are there any ways to naturally improve you EYESIGHT?

im not talking from glasses to not but just from like 20/20 to 20/13 or 20/24 to 20/20

admin answers:

No, not really.

A refractive error is a function of the power of the eye’s lens, the curvature of the cornea, and the length of the eye. That’s the way it is. If there was a natural way of fixing the error we wouldn’t need glasses, contacts, or LASIK surgery.

Contrary to popular belief, carrots do no help your vision per se. Carrots have retinol, which is converted to retinal, and is used in the photo sensing cells of the retina. Going without any retinol (which would only happen in the extremely malnourished), would harm vision, but in the normally nourished, extra retinol rich carrots don’t help.

Some foods, including green, leafy vegetables, can promote retinal health by decreasing likelihood for macular degeneration.

Eye exercises can help very particular vision problems, such as accommodative dysfunction and eye-misalignment issues, but do nothing for reducing a prescription. These programs are scams and I’d save your money, unless you were diagnosed with one of these issues which could be helped by vision therapy.

The absolute ideal clarity of vision possible varies per person and is completely dependent upon your macula’s density of cones. You can’t histologically increase cone density by exercising muscles surrounding your eyes.

Couple things you can do…if you suffer from dry eyes, that can cause corneal stippling which can blur vision. Use artificial tears to help. Smoking can also disrupt corneal epithelium, so stopping that can also help vision.

Mary asks…

What are some ways to improve your eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

Try the bates method. Isnt it funny how doctors say what our body can and cant do. If there is problem with your body only it can correct its self. The eyes are apart of this they can heal themselves. Football teams and athletes use eye exercises to get their vision above 20/20. I am currently trying to find an eye doctor who doesnt use corrective lenses but rather natural eye habits. Its important to note that eye exercises don’t provide a permanent fix but rather a short one. You need to re learn eye habits and relax your muscles so your eye can reshape. The bates method is a great introduction.

Linda asks…

Are there any ways to improve eyesight?

hey, i was wondering if there are ways of improving eye sights naturally, by eating, drinking or doing something, excercises maybe. and could you also tell me if wearing glasses makes your eye worst, or keeps it same as it is. i have bad eyesights, left eye, -2.50 and right eye -2.75 which is really bad in my opinion, are there ways of improving this. and could you also tell me whats the max eye sights a person could have.

admin answers:

Vision Therapy is being used successfully with kids on the autism spectrum.Just google vision therapy.

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Your Questions About Can Eyesight Improve Naturally

September 18, 2011

Helen asks…

How to improve eyesight naturally?

I can’t see clear without wearing my eye glasses or contact lenses. Anyone can tell me how can I improve my eyesight without having eye surgery or keep changing glasses every year ? Thanks.

admin answers:

Here I found some tips to help improving your eyesight.

Step 1
Give a soothing massage to your face as well as the area around your eyes. Rub your temples and forehead gently, you can use aromatic oil to add the relaxation. Feel the tension go away from your mind and body.

Step 2
After relaxing your eyes, start with exercises to strengthen the eyes muscles. For example, lower and raise your eyebrows or rolling your eyes slowly. The shut your eyes and cover them with your palms. While training your eye muscles, it is important to give them a relaxing condition.

Step 3
This is another step on how to improve eyesight naturally: take enough sleep.
Getting the proper amount of sleep every night will help your eyes see more clearly the next day. Lack of rest and sleep will affect on the health of your eyes. Make sure that you get a restful sleep around six to eight hours each night.

Step 4
Minimize using corrective lenses. Eye glasses will actually making the eye muscles weaker. There are certainly times that you may not need to wear them. If you are sure that it is safe to be without them, take them off often to help build the muscle up again.

Step 5
After working in long hours, have the habit of covering your eyes for several minutes. First rub your hands together and make them warm, place them over your eyes. Try not to press the eye balls, your fingers should block the light from entering your eyes.
I hope the tips above will improve your vision’s condition.

Lisa asks…

how can i make my eyesight improve naturally?

besides eating carrots…

admin answers:

You cannot actually improve your eyesight. All you can do is to slow down further deterioration.

Foods that are good for eye health are carrots, corn, bilberries and blueberries.

Carrots, bilberries and blueberries will actually improve your night vision but only temporarily so to get the maximum benefits you have to eat them every day.

Sandra asks…

how can i improve my eyesight?

i just came from the eyedoctor and my vision score thing is 3.00 and 3.25 :(
how can i make my eyesight improve naturally?
i can‘t have surgery cause im not old enough yet.

admin answers:

No. And carrots do not improve eyesight, that’s a myth:

Your options are glasses or contacts. Welcome to the club.

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