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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Strabismus

September 22, 2011

Steven asks…

Treament for intermittent strabismus (wandering eye)?

I have intermittent strabismus in my right eye. It causes my eye to wander slightly when I’m exceptionally tired or stressed. For example, I’ll turn to look at something & my right eye will take a split second longer to move around & focus along with my left eye. It’s infrequent, but it still bothers me a lot. At 23 years of age, I’ve been told by my doctors that it is too late to treat – it should have diagnosed & treated when I was still an infant.
My question is, are there any ways to treat it myself? Any eye exercises, or perhaps wearing a patch might help?
Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated!

admin answers:

Wear a patch! Arrgghhhh!

George asks…

Do you know any good eye muscle exercises for a person with ”crossed eyes”?

I have not really a ”crossed eyed” form of strabismus, but one of my eyes diverges slightly outwards instead of inwards. It’s very troublesome for me to read even with the current glasses I got now, and I’m ordained to use my eyes as much as possible to train them (without straining them too much).

Do you know any good eye muscle exercises I could use?

admin answers:

If you have an exotropia, it can be fixed with a fairly simple procedure. The surgeon gets them close, the brain then lines them up. See a good Ophthalmologist.

Carol asks…

What are some exercises you can do for Strabismus?

Also known as eye turn or tropia.

admin answers:

You should have vision therapy sessions supervised by an opthalmologist or optometrist.

The specifics for this and your other question can be found on the following website:

Best wishes! I hope you can get your problem fixed!

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How to Improve Eyesight Naturally – How to Get 20-20 Vision Naturally ,

September 22, 2011

Looking to find out how to improve eyesight naturally? Having to wear glasses or contact lenses to get through every single day is frustrating to say the least. Having worn glasses from a young age and later on contact lenses, I can safely say that depending on them to get through life is annoying to say the least!

When it comes to learning how to improve eyesight naturally you need to understand that traditional methods for vision correction only make your eyesight deteriorate overtime. How many times have you gone to for regular eyesight test only to be told that you will need strong lenses?

There reason we are required to constantly upgrade the strength of our lenses and contact lenses is because their use overtime allows our eyes to become lazy. Although they help us get through and function in our daily lives, as we get older the problems only increase with the help of mother nature.

If you are trying to discover how to improve eyesight naturally, say goodbye to poor vision and throw away your glasses and contact lenses forever keep reading.

Changes in modern society has lead to most people being stuck in front of a computer or many hours watching television. This is why there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people wearing corrective glasses and contacts. Our eyes are getting lazy but you can turn things around and discover how to improve eyesight naturally.

One of the most critical component to helping improve your vision is to do eye strengthening and relaxation exercising. One of the most popular exercises in Palming. Palming requires you to sit comfortably and cover your eyes with your hands, make sure you rub your hands together to create some warmth before covering your eyes.

Ensure there is no light coming through, if you see any traces simply imagine that it is completely dark. Focus on your breathing by taking slow deep breathes. Do this for 3 minutes at a time while and visualise something interesting.

Diet and exercise play a critical part in the health of your eyes. Ensure you get physical exercise and have a balanced diet, chock full of vitamins and minerals. Having a balanced, healthy diet slows down the aging process but it also provides the best nutrients possible for the health of your eyes.

Certain cultures have a lower incidence of poor eyesight amongst their population. One of these countries is China where children are made to do eye relaxation exercises in the classroom that were devised over 100 years ago by Dr William H Bates. The Bates Method as it’s commonly called, has been used world wide for over 100 years with amazing results.

Dr Bates also showed patients how to improve eyesight naturally, throw away their glasses forever and in most cases restore eyesight to 20/20 vision regardless of age!

While not every vision problem can be cured using the Bates Method, vision problems such as being shorted sighted or far sighted can be easily corrected by following these techniques a few minutes per day.

how to improve eyesight naturally
using the Bates Method today. Say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses and the temptation of risky and expensive eye surgery.

Learn how to how to improve your vision without glasses today

Improve Eyesight Naturally in 1-3 months,

September 22, 2011

Improve Eyesight Naturally

How would you like to Improve Eyesight Naturally. I for one have wore glasses for many years. They are to say the least a pain. Always having to have your glasses or contact lenses with you, keeping them clean, not breaking them all are a daily chore.

If you could Improve Eyesight Naturally and it was easy would you not do it. I think everybody would answer yes and be happy you did. Not having to wear glasses or contacts on a daily basis would be a great improvement in life. It can be done and if you want to Improve Eyesight Naturally keep reading.

I would like to go through 1 day without glasses. I am sure anyone who wears glasses or contact lenses would say the same. There is a method for doing this and best of all it is done naturally. The reason we glasses wearers are always in need of a new prescription is that our eyes get lazy wearing glasses all the time. The reason being is that more and more of us are sitting in front of a computer, looking at our smart phone and other eye straining activities for long periods of time every day. Discover how to improve your eyesight naturally and say good-by to your glasses or contact lenses.

One of the most critical things in this program to improve your vision is doing eye exercises and relaxation methods. This along with eating a diet high in vitamins and minerals will get you on the path to Improve Eyesight Naturally and put your glasses or contact lenses away for good. Oh what a relief that would be.

Our eyes are aging as the rest of our body is so do something about it and slow the aging process of your eyes with natural methods. This method of exercises were discovered over 100 years ago and have been used all over the world improve your eyesight naturally, throw your glasses away and in most cases improve your vision to 20/20 for all ages.

Check out the link below I thing you will be amazed on how easy it is to Improve Eyesight Naturally and throw your glasses away for ever. It sure would be nice to not having to wear glasses everyday and be free from your glasses and contact lenses once and for all.

Act now by clicking the link below and free yourself from your glasses or contact lenses.

55 year old Male wearing glasses for years.

More Information!

Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision Naturally

September 21, 2011

Sandra asks…

How can I improve my 20/600 (roughly) vision?

I am near sighted and have -5.50 in my left eye and -5.25 in my right eye. How can I improve my vision naturally (i.e. without laser surgery). I’ve heard about things like the Bates method, exercising eye muscles etc but I don’t know if it will help or not. And which exercises do you recommend I do to get my vision improved (quick, if possible)?

And please can someone recommend to me on how many times a day I should do a certain exercise, how long I should do the exercise for (each time), and if I did those exercises for the durations you recommended each day, how long do you think it would take for my eyes to get back to 20/20 vision?

Thanks :D

P.S. I spend a lot of time on my laptop and my iPod Touch if that helps. :)

admin answers:

Bates Method is not only about the exercises. The exercises are only a small part of it, and them alone are not so effective.
You have to maintain good posture, right breathing and proper diet to succeed.

In addition, the method is not only about training the muscles of the eye, it is more about re-learning to see.

Contact me for assistance, as you are familiar with the method it should be easier for you to understand some things.

John asks…

eyes and wearing glasses?

i wear glasses permanently, all the time during the day everyday. but i want to know if there is any way to get rid of them. is there a possibility of improving vision naturally by exercise or yoga? i want to know. please don’t suggest laser treatment. i want to know about any natural remedies that can one day make you remove your glasses. thanks

admin answers:

Its Not Great Help But Carrots Have A Sorce In Them That ImProve Your Eyes I Dont If This Works ZBut Apprently Its True .. I Dont Really Like Carrots.

This Is Not A Quick Process But .. Hope It Helps

Sharon asks…

How can I improve my eye site – any techniques?

My eye site is atrocious I am 16 and I am not wasting money on Laser Surgery. I have heard that Carrots improve the eye site? Is this a mere myth or fact? And what other exercises and food can you recommend to improve my vision – I want to get 20/20 naturally again.
Ed – how do I know that your not trying to boost more customers into your industry (obviously). But I will look into it some more – I was using this Indian Herbal medicine for a while called ‘Ramdev eye drops’ from India. Some people said that makes your eyes better – but I didn’t use it enough and it has expired now it seems that is my last resort, and if that doesn’t work I will have to go with lasik because to be honest I can’t stand glasses at all.
Edit: Abcxyz – alright no need to be a smartass!

admin answers:

Myth. Everything you have heard about improving visual acuity is a myth, except Lasik Surgery. There are no exercises or other treatments that will improve visual acuity. A healthy diet will help ensure the health of the eye but that will not improve visual acuity. If there was something, everyone would be doing it. Sorry to disappoint.

First Edit:

Do you really think that we could devise such a conspiracy within the optical world to keep something like that a secret? No, believe me, trying out things you don’t know about and are not tested for purity can do much more harm than they will ever do good. The best thing you can hope for is they do you no harm.

I take vitamins and other herbs for my health but I also belong to that independently tests “health food” products on the market and you would be surprised what some of these things contain (like lead). So be very very careful. As a matter of fact, save your money – you’ll need it for lasik once you turn 21.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

September 20, 2011

John asks…

Eye exercises for better vision?

do they work?
i’ve noticed that my vision has been kinda off lately. ohh and no one in my family wears glasses,soo it doesnt run in the family.

admin answers:

There are, as in many other fields of medicine, controversies. There is a severe lack of clinical studies that prove/disprove this but a few sources report that people with myopia (nearsightedness) yielded significant improvement when using the exercises.

If your vision’s been off lately, i’d suggest you’d visit an Optometrist. There are some things that can’t wait and vision problems is a big one you honestly shouldn’t skimp on. Even if no one in your family wears glasses, you can still be one of those exceptions.

It’s possible it’s eye strain or fatigue that causes your eyes to feel off. Acupressure exercises had you applying firm pressure to specific points surrounding the eyeball. You would press for just a second, then release, and continue this pattern. Basically, it was a massage for the muscles surrounding the eye (click link for picture diagram:

James asks…

Does EYE EXERCISES really Work?Can It Help For A Better Vision?

IF YES HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR GETTING A GOOD VISION………..If not How can i increase my longsight vision

admin answers:

Exercises for myopia work very well, but not all the exercises are equally effective. I found the method by Dr. W.H. Bates extremely effective ~> Here. I’ve lowered my prescription from -3.75 to -1.00 in about a year and I keep improving, but I admit I’ve been doing the exercises quite infrequently. “How long” depends also on how high your prescription is.

Lisa asks…

Wearing eye-glasses constantly (and regularly) IMPAIRS or REPAIRS your vision?

I have recently had an eye checkup and the doctor prescribed me glasses as I had short sightedness with -1.25 diopters. Is that number too much for any teenager? Secondly, I searched about the cures of short sightedness on the Internet and found various resources…some of them said that wearing glasses constantly makes your eyes worse with the time, whereas other resources suggested to wear ‘em if the sight is really weak!

I personally hate glasses…and my doctor recommended me to wear them constantly, for about 3 months at least and visit him again.
What should I do? wear ‘em regularly or try some eye exercises for better vision? Any tips and suggestions?

admin answers:

I strongly recommend to follow his/her advice. If you are not confident, you should try a second opinion. I do not think it would change, till you are forty.

The main problems related with refraction are 3:
-Problem in the shape of the eye
-Problems in the cornea
-Problem in the lens.
The shape of the lens is affected by some muscles around it, and humans have a poor control of such muscles. The cornea and the eye shape can not be controlled by any muscle. The eyeglasses will not affect the shape of the eye, but they will focus the image in your retina.

There are three solutions:
1-Follow you physician advice
–Further advices (personal advices):
—Recheck within a year, six months or earlier if you notice that you sight decreases
—Look for more cool eyeglasses frames.
2-Use contact lenses. However you should be very careful with hygiene, since an eye infection is a real pain (I mean literally).
3-Surgery: I personally do not recommend it, but you should ask for an experienced surgeon and you should have post-op care.

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