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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally Book

September 26, 2011

Donald asks…

Is Better Vision Naturally by- Wolfgang Rosenbauer a good book to improve yourt eyesight? Has Anyone read it?

Is Better Vision Naturally by- Wolfgang Rosenbauer a good book to improve yourt eyesight? Has Anyone read it?

admin answers:

It’s a load. Just a scheme to take your money from you and put it in Wolfgang Rosenbauer’s pocket.

There are some ways to improve your vision, but none could be called “naturally.” Corrective lenses and laser surgery are the only methods presently known to science.

Mark asks…

how to improve your vision without surgery?

well i have a small prescription for distance are there any books that will tell me how? what can i do to improve my vision naturally

admin answers:

Hi ,many people have myopia, especially students, when people yong, people get myopia, but when people old ,will get presbyopia,what i said is most of people .The following methods can regulate eyesight.
1. See more greenery as possible as you can
2.make sure rest your eyes after work and study
3.take an glasses that can regulate your eyesight
If the problem of your eyes is very serious, you can take some traditional chinese medicine, such as eye-protector polls ,which is good for poor vision and other eye-diseases

Helen asks…

Does prescription eyewear make your vision worse?

I’ve heard from several websites that wearing eyeglasses and contacts makes your vision worse. They cite a research project where several monkeys were fitted with lenses for mild and moderate myopia, even thought hey had none. Apparently the monkeys developed the type of myopia that the lenses were prescribed to heal. The websites claim that it is better to use a prescription -.25 to -.5 diopters below your subscription, or to wear your prescriptions only for dangerous situations.

I have severe myopia, with -7 D in one eye and -6.8 in the other.

1.) Do you think that this may actually work, and if so, for someone like me?
2.) Do eye exercises like the Bates method actually work?
3.) Is it bad for my eyes if I use long-distance glasses to read books or to browse the internet?


admin answers:

Look at the research you just cited and you’ll find a big flaw in it.

1. The monkeys saw perfectly fine without correction.
2. They were implanted with lenses to make them nearsighted.
3. Their eyes corrected themselves to the new lenses so they could see clearly again.

The research is about the ability of the eye to adapt, not any damage corrective lenses do (they don’t do any damage). It’s like when NASA did a research project many, many years ago where they fitted astronauts with lenses that turn everything upside down. After 30 days, they saw everything normal again. That was a study on how the brain adapts, not on the lenses.

That’s the problem with citing ‘research’. People don’t think when they read it and start taking it for fact. It pulls in thousands of people who just take it for fact when it really isn’t.

The website you are referring to and basing your question on is wrong. Glasses do not make your eyes worse. They do nothing but focus light where your eyes need the light to be in order for you to see clearly. If your eyes get better or worse it’s because of your eyes, nothing else.

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Vision Exercises Improve Eyesight Naturally! Seriously?,

September 26, 2011

Vision disorders are so common that we barely think about them as real health issues. For instance, according to the American Optometric Association nearsightedness is having an effect on “nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population”. To explain, every 3rd person you know can’t see well far away objects.

Well, right now I am that 3rd person wearing correction glasses because of nearsightedness. There’s only so much that medication can do for my declining eyesight. If you are like me, you most likely looked for alternative vision therapies. That’s what I did as well and there they’re – easy vision exercises, eye movement and targeting routines all claiming to improve vision naturally. “Vision exercises can improve vision naturally! Seriously?” I though and decided to discover more about these alternative approaches to vision improvement.

It all began with a book printed just about a hundred years ago. William Bates MD “The Cure of Imperfect Eyesight by Treatment Without Glasses” paved the road to quick profits for many corporations and self-pronounced vision therapists. Bates concepts are the backbone of just about all current vision therapies promising to naturally improve vision.

Contrary to scientific evidence, Bates visual acuity improvement strategies are primarily based on the postulate that some of the most typical eyesight disorders (myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism) are caused, not to the basic shape of the eye and its elements, but to functional problems of the action of the eye muscles. The reality is there is very small medical evidence to back up such claims.

I discovered that modern medicine knows for sure what the reasons for the most common eye diseases are. The bitter reality is that very few eyesight conditions are only caused by malfunction of the eye muscles and thus can be fixed naturally by “training” these muscles. Just one sane method of eye training and eye exercises – orthoptics, when carried out under professional optometric and clinical supervision can correct coordination or binocular eyesight issues such as crossed eyes and amblyopic eyes. For all else, although there might be individual success stories, the outcome of such methodologies are highly controversial.

On the other hand, I came across systematic evidence that many vision problems are strongly related to diet and way of life. For instance, the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS), sponsored by the NEI, found age-related macular degeneration as a “nutrition-responsive disorder”. Various other smaller medical trials and medical research find that individual diet and lifestyle patterns together with hereditary traits are among the top contributors to the development of specific eyesight problems. The keys to prevention, slowing their development or reducing their symptoms are also in correct nourishment and healthful way of life.

So, is there a one hundred percent warranted strategy to improve vision naturally? Reading half-truths about eyesight and the “magical” outcomes of eye exercises, I made a decision that something should be done. The primary idea of the new blog I have created,, is to raise awareness about that debatable subject. It is an fair info source about the trustworthiness and effectiveness of the most common therapeutic techniques that claim to improve eyesight naturally.

If you want to Naturally Improve Eyesight, then you need to go to and find out the honest truth about eyesight and some proved paths to improve your eyesight naturally.

Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Farsightedness

September 25, 2011

George asks…

any effective eye exercises for farsightedness?

admin answers:

I’ve tried the eye exercises for farsightedness for about 3 weeks. I find it quite useful.

Laura asks…

is there a cure for farsightedness?

dont want contacts, glassges, or laser surgery. is there farsightedness night contacts?
i am take eye vitamins and doing eye exercises. i am i going in the wrong direction?
is there other cures to farsightedness ?

admin answers:

Yup. Totally wrong direction. You can’t cure. You can treat. With glasses, contacts, or laser surgery.

Maria asks…

PRINCIPLES OF HEREDITY (my last exercise for the class, need help to finish, stumped on these questions)?

1. In humans, farsightedness is inherited by possession of a dominant allele (A). If a man who is homozygous for normal vision (aa) marries a woman who is heterozygous for farsightedness (Aa), what proportion of their children would be expected to be Farsighted? _____%

2. A metabolic disorder call phenylketonuria (PKU) is due to an adnormal recessive gene (p). Only homozygous recessive individuals exhibit this disorder. What percentage of the offspring will be anticipated to have PKU if the parents are Pp and pp? _____%

3. A man obtained 32 spotted and 10 solid color rabbits from a mating of two spotted rabbits. Which trait is dominant? Recessive? what is the probable genotype of the rabbit parents? _____x_____

4. Tail length on a bobcat is controlled by incomplete dominance. The alleles are (T) for normal tail length and (t) for tail-less
What name could/would you give to the tails of heterozygous (Tt) cats?
How would their tail length compare with that of TT or tt bobcats?

5. Assume that that allele controlling brown eyes (B) is dominant over that controlling blue eyes (b) in humans. A blue eyed man marries a brown eyes woman and they have 6 children, all brown eyed. What is that most likely genotype of the father? of the Mother? If the seventh child had blue eyes what could you conclude about the parents genotype?

6.An (XC)(Xc) female marries and (Xc)(Y) man:
What is the probability of producing a color blind son?
A color blind daughter?
A daughter who is a carrier for the color-blind allele?

admin answers:

Basically, you need to do Punnett squares.

Valerie is wrong for #6. If colorblindness was dominant, then the mother would have colorblindness, and she wouldn’t be called a carrier. Valerie’s calculations are thus incorrect.

1. If the man is aa he can donate a or a to his child. The woman can donate A or a. So the possibilities are:

Aa Aa
aa aa

So 50% of the time they’ll be Aa, 50% aa. Farsightedness is Aa, so 50%.

2. 50% Its the exact same one as above, except insert Pp for Aa and pp for aa. For these types of problems, it doesn’t matter which one Pp or pp is the male or the female. The only time gender matters is if it is a sex linked allele, in which case they would use X and Y and then the letter for the allele instead of two of the same letters (see number 6.)

3.Spotted is dominant (there are more of them occuring in the same mating pair) Recessive is solid. Ss and Ss ( Would give you 25% SS, 50% Ss, and 25% ss. Since SS and Ss are both phenotypical for spotted, that is 75% total. There is about 75% spotted rabbits in the sample)

4. Since this is incomplete dominance, there is “blending” for instance if RR was a red flower, and rr was a white flower, Rr would make a pink flower. For this one since TT is a normal tail and tt is tail-less, Tt would produce a short tail since its inbetween the two.

5. For the father: bb and the mother: BB. The only way to produce a child with blue eyes is bb. This would not be possible then since only the father has a b allele. If the seventh child had blue eyes, the mother must have a b allele as well, so the father would be bb and the mother would have to be Bb.

6. Well the key to this problem is that color blind is recessive, so little c. The mother is a carrier. So they could have either a daughter who is a carrier (XC)(Xc), a daughter who has colorblindness (Xc)(Xc), a son who is color blind (Xc)(Y), or a son who is not (XC)(Y).

All of the probabilities in that question are 25%, since there are four different possibilities of children.

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Your Questions About Can You Naturally Improve Eyesight

September 24, 2011

Nancy asks…

Do you think you could naturally improve your eyesight by using your eyes more without contacts/glasses?

Its just that if you read a lot or use a computer a lot, you‘re more likely to get short sighted. I mean its kind of part of the geek stereotype that they need glasses. You don’t see as many sporty people (who would be using long range vision) wearing glasses. Maybe its because you lose your long range focus over time if you dont use it much, I just wondered.

I’m asking this question because I used to read a lot and stuff when I was younger and my eyesight got pretty bad, but about a year ago I started playing football and doing athletics, and when doing these I didn’t wear my glasses. Anyway I just got back from the optician’s and he says my eyesights improved since last time.

Maybe its just that if you don’t use the eye muscles, they get weak and just need to be trained back. Kind of like if someone is bedridden for a long time and their muscles get weak and skinny, until they can‘t even use them at all.

Anyway, do you reckon it might just do me good to not wear glasses or contacts at all for a while and just constantly try focusing on far away objects to try regain my vision?

admin answers:

Umm eat carrots?

Joseph asks…

Is it true you can actually improve eyesight naturally, if so how?

I am nearsighted

admin answers:

Have bilberry, you can buy them in capsules i think from a vitamin store, they are supposed to help with eyesight, Also, don’t wear your glasses or contact lenses anymore. Stare out into the distance a lot, when you are looking at something up close, every fifteen minutes or so look out into the distance for a few minutes to stretch your eyes.

I’ve also heard that if you wear reading glasses instead of your near-sighted glasses, it strenghtens the eyes and helps you see better.

Linda asks…

Naturally improving eyesight?

Is there a way to naturally improved your eyesight? We know that if you don’t take care of your teeth and they decay, you can‘t get your lost teeth back. Is it the same with eyesight, or is there a way to improved it?

admin answers:

Hmm…u can improve it…for some people it works …if you are wearing glasses, you can lower your power by looking at anyhting that is green in colour…it is said that green makes ur eyes relax…when you are using the computer, every 20 minutes or so, look at something green….

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

September 23, 2011

Jenny asks…

How to improve Nearsightedness (myopia) vision naturally?

I’m a little nearsighted, left eye 20/50, right 20/80. I’ve heard of eye excercises to help improve the vision, to get it at least close to 20/20.
I hate glasses, going to avoid them as much as possible. So is it possible to improve vision naturally? What eye excercises can I do?

admin answers:

Girl! Omg i have the same thing! Lol, however i’m trying to find the solution as well. I’m sorry to say but i don’t think there is a solution according to :(

Donald asks…

Is there a way to improve vision naturally?

1-4 hours* <– typo
Yeah, I used to be an online gamer and I usually played 104 hours without eyerest. I wasn't very careful back then and sometimes I played in the night without lights on. I've stopped and came to think, wow, my vision is pretty bad compared to others. Now I feel like I want to improve my vision and and keep it good. Is there any natural way to do this without medications or glasses??? My family can’t afford anything.

admin answers:

Healthy food and exercises are two important factors that play a role in the eye health.

A. Healthy food
1. Vitamin A very important to keeping your eyes healthy. You can find good source of vitamin A in chicken liver, milk, cheese,
2. Essential fatty acids (such as the omega-3 EFA’s) which are important for good vision, among other things.
3. Beans and legumes. Many beans and legumes are rich in important nutrients for vision.
4. Garlic and onions. Garlic and onions are rich in sulfur, which is necessary for the production of glutathione, an important antioxidant for the eye.
5. Blueberries, grapes and raisins. These foods contain anthocyanins, which improve night vision.
6. Eat more fish. Fish is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, including DHA. DHA is known to be very important for the eyes and the brain. You can obtain it naturally in such fatty cold-water fish as salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines.

B Exercise
• Close both the eyes very tightly by shutting the lids firmly. Open them suddenly which allows you to feel the stretch. Once open arch your brows and stretch your face. Repeat this several times a day.

• Look as far as possible and inhale then look down as far as possible and exhale. Blink your eyes more than dozen times. Do the same procedure by turning to your left and right then diagonally up to left, down to right, up to right and down to left followed by rapid blinking.

• Rotate your eyes in all the directions. Slowly and steadily concentrate one eye at a time. Do this exercise more than dozen times and try doing this with your eyes shut.

Sandy asks…

How do you improve your vision naturally?

I have myopia and my prescription is -5.25 for my right eye and -5.75 for my left eye. I need to improve my vision because I’m joining the air force.
I can’t do laser surgery because it’s bad for my eyes.
Is there a natural way to improve my vision?

admin answers:

Yes you can and hope for the best, if you are determined you sure can improve it, i will give free support and advice on how to improve your sight,

here’s the websites –
or if you want to spend money use eyerelax, eyepower from japan, eye exercise device from china or accommotrac – –

there’s so many ways to improve your vision,

since you are shortsighted, you will be surprised by improving your near vision will also improve your far vision, with -5.25D and 5.75D you are very likely to put a book close to your eye to read it, so by putting book further that what you can see and try reading it (not to far, meaning completely blur out) force your eye to focus and rest your eye, keep doing it, and once your can see the distance you place put it further, you will be very surprise your distance vision improved too.
(read fine prints as much as possible) download a fine print eye chart, hand held one and a long distance chart to

or similar one’s

good luck, ask if you have question

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